Angus Buchan and his faithfull sheep phenomena


Ok, my guess is, by looking at the footage and photo’s and reading all the articles I could find about Angus and his Mighty Men Conferences, is that the average age of the men who visit there is between 45 and 55.

That puts their birth dates between 1954 and 1964.

Ok, so then by the time these men were ready to go to high school, the years were 1966 – 1976.

During that time in South Africa’s history, all the afikaans schools were segregated, the churches were segregated, and just about every thing in the country was segregated. The dominees were all using the bible to explain why the Afikaners were god’s “chosen” people, and why appartheid was right. The afikaans schools were all aggressively preaching the same doctrine and successfully brainwashed just about everyone who went through that system.

The foundation had been laid.

Then South Africa became a full democracy. All of a sudden the schools are for all citizens, the churches open up to all races, and the dominees start changing their tune. Mostly without an explanation or apology. This leaves a couple of million completely delusional people in the country, for whom no good change came, but instead they feel that they were sold out. Their religious leaders lead them down the wrong road, and everything is falling apart in their little world.

So of course they are looking for a new leader. Their De La Rey!

The foundation for brainwashing and delusional belief has been laid, so when a guy like Angus comes along, and he sings the right tune, it all kicks in.

Angus has the right tools.

He has the bible and jesus christ. One of the most important foundations for any Afrikaner.

He has a “true” story where god saved him because he had faith. Also very important if you want people to follow you.

He promises change and hope. One of the most important things the people are looking for.

He tells them god speaks to him. Say no more!

He gathers masses of them together. It creates a warm fuzzy feeling and unity. How could this be wrong?

Then he can tell them what ever he wants to, and they will not doubt him. Remember, the foundation of faith and belief is deeply rooted in the core of these people. You just have to stimulate it right, and they will follow you down to the ends of the earth right up god’s arse, and never question it.

This is a phenomena that has repeated itself many times in the history of man. A recent example is the Nazi’s in Germany. They bought Hitler’s ideology hook line and sinker, and millions died. Today when you talk to German people you can hardly believe that really happened. They are smart people, successful people, but it happened to them too. Their system for brainwashing was copied by the South African government during the apartheid years. And it worked! It worked damn well.

Angus is getting more and more dangerous. Like Hitler did when he started to get more and more power.

Angus now truly believes that god talks to him. He truly believes that god has given him divine power. He truly believes he can save his followers. He truly believes he can cure diseases. He truly believes he rose from the dead. And so does most of his followers.

Watch out for this nonsense. People get hurt. But they also get pushed back into obscurity by not addressing the real problems in their lives because they believe a spook is going to fix everything. So as long as the Afrikaners are going to believe in ghosts, spooks and messiahs like Angus, they are not really going to achieve as much as their potential could allow them.

The Germans got a real rude awakening during and after the war. Those events as well as the truth when it became clear to all who was still alive, was enough to scare the hell out of them, and make it quite unlikely that they will fall for another con like that any time soon.


18 thoughts on “Angus Buchan and his faithfull sheep phenomena

  1. Very good article. And so true. No wonder a great many people have no bullshit detectors; they were removed at childhood.


  2. Yes, I went through that system, like you did too I am sure. I saw it all from the inside. It takes years and years, and everyone has to be “in” on it. That’s why dissent was not tolerated, as it never is by any regime.

    I guess I was lucky that it didn’t stick. I hated their system and the arseholes running it.


  3. I was well before your time. In my time, in the 50s and 60s the Blacks were not even seen as much of a “threat” then. The only problem I had at school was the fucking cadets every Monday morning. Luckily I was in the band and we had a marvelous teacher training us. When all the other “soldiers” were marching up and down like morons on the hockey field, we practised under the trees far away on the cricket grounds. When the teacher got fed up, he told us to go off and smoke but no one must see us. We would say: “But Sir, we didn’t bring our sigarettes with us.” He would then dish out a few which we shared.
    The only shit (apart from the normal) I got into was when I got kicked out of the Bible class for good when in st. 9 because I asked the teacher to proof the Bible was true without using the Bible, as well as heavy arguments about evolution and Darwin. I must say I never missed the class.


  4. He-he!!!! I joined the brand-span. No more marching up and down the square like a fucking brain dead moron on Mondays anymore either.

    The similarities between the apartheid days schooling and the Hitler youths are not a coincidence. They are mirror images of each other. And we also did mass performances like they did. Fucking unbelievable!!!!!! We spent fucking months practicing for a 5 minute event. And it was all compulsory! What a waste of everyone’s time! Fucking PW Botha. What a moron!!!!!!


  5. Yes, if you added Verwoerd, Vorster and PW Botha’s IQ’s you would get a figure that is less than 100.


  6. I also got into a non religious class during my last two years of high school. When the teachers were thumping their bibles drilling to word of god into all the kids, we were allowed to go and sit in a classroom with all the jehova witnesses and the jews and any other kids who didn’t want to be saved. This was a great opportunity to get all the homework done the teachers gave us over the weekend.


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  8. I studied science. I am a believer. Revival is coming in SA, and the mighty men of God’s army will rise and live the holy and righteous lives that God intended for them. You can see it as whatever you want, but at the end of the day, the Lord of Heaven and Earth will reign supreme, and no human being can stand in His way. Death has been conquered, the way to the Father is open and free. All our sin and shame can be washed away by the blood of Jesus. God is alive, He is well. He doesn’t need us, but He wants us. We often don’t want Him, but we so need him. It takes many years sometimes to finally come to this realisation. It took me many years. But I know this now. He is alive, and He speaks to those who want to hear. I am a child of the Most High, and eternity will be glorious for all those who confess the name of Jesus Christ!


  9. Britta Rilby-Smith, you never studied science as it should be studied. Science observes, makes predictions, adjusts, and verifies. You and your brethern think you observe Nature in what your holy book tells you, you make predictions that have not been verified, you don’t adjust, and you want to tell scientists this is how Nature works. You are as delusional as all your cronies you mentioned in your post. Go and read what science is all about, and then tell me you were misguided what science studies are all about.


  10. Britta Riby-Smith studied science… Creation “science” isn’t science! “God is alive” – it seems like you was supprised by that one as well, me too!


  11. All our sin and shame can be washed away by the blood of Jesus. God is alive, He is well.

    You are arguing that we wash away everything modern morality must depend on, accountability.

    Good post.


  12. I had been to MMC last year and white, black , indian, colored men from high school to old age had been there. I am in my thirties. It was amazing and just 100% true!



  13. Hi Pikkewyn!

    On the science note-Check out the DVD, Expelled from Ben Stein.

    He is not even a Christian, but he seeks to find the truth. a sure eye opener to see the facts.

    Lots of Scientists lose their Jobs about this socalled CREATIONISM idea, but Any scientist would be looking for the truth , right? The bad news according to some scientists in molacular biology are that there are Major problems with Darwins theory on evolution, because it is only a theory that Darwin wrote before they had the information on how DNA operates.

    Do not believe me, check it out on Google or Ben Stein’s EXPELLED DVD.

    Really eye opener


  14. Hi Believer,
    If that’s what you believe, good for you ! If you also wish to jump off a cliff to follow some kind of belief of yours, go ahead, fine with me.
    I can understand that your MMC experience might have been a 100% true and amazing but never forget to ask yourself what is the reason why you felt that way ?
    I can feel the same 100% true and amazing uplifting feeling going to a rock concert or a festival ! There, no god is involved, only music. The sweet and beautiful sound of powerful music; all man-made.

    Just like that conference; man-made ! Just like that fantastic feeling of yours believing there is something greater in the air; man-made ! or should I say the mind is a powerful tool and you have a very wild and active brain working on your imagination and making it believe that it’s all real.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but give it a shot, think about it. You’ll see … it works wonders. You might then realize that you are part of a herd under the leadership of one man that is using you and a 2thousand-year-old book of principles or obsolete guidelines to only satisfy his own desire for fame, wealth and power.

    Returning your Blessings ! You might be needing them on your god searching journey ! Here is a hint try going within, find your balance, light up your fire 🙂 always put any beliefs or movie/documentary in questioning mode and free yourself from being a sheep !


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