Roman Catholic Church sex scandal in Ireland


What a bunch of monsters.

The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) was given a free hand for decades to do what they wanted. They were protected by the government and the police. The individuals who made complaints and dared fill out reports were silenced in very humiliating ways.

The RCC’s liability from law suits were capped, by the government, to a very small amount. This is seen by the RCC as the cost of collateral damage.

It is an outrage. The RCC and the government of Ireland should hang their heads in shame. They let this happen, and even worst, they let the RCC get away with this for decades.

There really is no justice for the victims here.

No wonder in most parts of Ireland a priest won’t dare walk in public in his uniform. There are a lot of youngsters who will gladly beat the piss out of them. They have lost all respect from the younger generation. Something that is obvious when you look at the dwindling church attendance these days in Ireland.

Fewer and fewer young people go to church today than ever. Some will do the communion and confirmation for their children just to prevent the grandparents from having heart attacks and strokes.

The RCC in Ireland is losing it’s brutal iron grip on the people of Ireland. And good riddance to them. They have not done a good thing during the history of Ireland.

They locked their gates during the potato famine, and even capitalised on the dying people’s misery by starting work camps, better know as slave labour camps, for the desperately starving. If you gave a hard days labour on one of their properties, you got a bowl of soup, that was more like boiled water with scraps in it. Not even enough nutrition to replace the calories lost after that days work.

They stood by and watched over a million people die. All god’s will, as they put it. This was one of the richest and most powerfull organisations of that time. They folded their hands and watched one of the most brutal chapters in Ireland’s history unfold right in front of them.

The RCC also stood to loose a lot if Ireland got their independence. They wanted to see the people of Ireland oppressed and ruled by an outside empire, namely England. It is easy to control poor and ignorant people who are not allowed to rule themselves. Especially if you are peddling horse shit as gorme food.

The RCC is been exposed bit by bit for the brutal monsters they are and always have been. When we look at their long long list of sins, over centuries and centuries, how can people still have any faith left in them or their god?

Luckily the young people today are not buying any of this horse shit. My guess is that in 20 – 30 years from today, the churches will be relics in Ireland. There will be very few people gullible enough to fall for their bullshit.

This latest report exposing more details of the scandal was just another nail in their coffin. Unfortunately we will need a couple more nails.

We need the politicians in Ireland to come on board and draw up legislation that allows people to sue the RCC properly.

Then, the criminal justice system have to prosecute the child abusers properly, even if what they did happened decades ago. The top brass have to be in the docket booth, because this happened under their watch, and was their responsibility. If they knew what was happening, they should go to jail as well. All the priests who got moved to the Vatican to protect them from prosecution, should be extradited back to Ireland and the USA to face trails. There are many Bishops who moved pedofiles from parish to parish knowing damn well they raped children. These Bishops should go to jail as well. They might just as well have done the raping and molesting themselves.

Well, my guess is the politicians are not going to do much. The church is going to ask for forgiveness, and then just carry on like nothing happened.

People of Ireland and across the world, take note of this. These guys are not going to change, and if their god was real, he would never allowed this long long list of sins they have been committing to have ever happened. The days where people believe in ghosts are numbered, thank god!


3 thoughts on “Roman Catholic Church sex scandal in Ireland

  1. McBrolloks, thanks for the very thorough report you gave on these very sad happenings. You end very aptly,

    “People of Ireland and across the world, take note of this. These guys are not going to change, and if their god was real, he would never allowed this long long list of sins they have been committing to have ever happened.”

    with which I can’t agree more.


  2. “ In his installation service as the new leader of Catholics in England and Wales, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols called for a greater respect of religious belief.

    “He said that attempts to marginalise faith must not be allowed to succeed if the country is to overcome its problems of social cohesion.

    “Secularists, such as Richard Dawkins, who try to rubbish religion are encouraging intolerance, the archbishop told a congregation of 2,000 at Westminster Cathedral.”

    Who can have respect for the Catholic Church and its evil brethren who abuse children? How can they preach about cohesion when they are the patron saints of acts of crime against those who need to be protected? Richard Dawkins is right in rubbishing religion because, apart from the latter’s crimes, they are the ones who are intolerant. Intolerant to children and intolerant to us who do not believe in their man made ghosts.


  3. Please contact me. I have been fighting these horrific crimes here in Pennsylvania without much support. Someone must be answerable with financial restitution. The Cardinals have been on a run for the past 20 years with closing Roman Catholic Churches in the U.S. and taking all of the gold, jewels, etc. to Rome. They do not want to pay for their viciously brutal crimes. Please give my e-mail address to as many victims as you can. I have lost everything I own and was almost murdered for standing up to the Roman Catholic Diocese in Pittsburgh, PA. — Here is a site I am working on but it is not yet completed. I hope that it will be possible for me to send it to you through this blog site.



    Why is it, that this SILENT HOLOCAUST of our children, is still continuing and growing by leaps and bounds (the media most guilty of protecting these influential, highly powerful, faux dignitaries) … even here in the United States of America? Why is it that this SILENT HOLOCAUST is being ignored unlike the holocaust of Hitler? Why is it that the Roman Catholic Church’s horrific sexual assaults and torturing of vulnerable children, world wide, for over a century, has been and still is being ignored? Virtually no amounts of retribution have been made and, what meager monetary payments were made to just a scarce few, cannot even begin to heal/repair the amount of damage sustained by these mentally and physically harmed victims.
    More and more judges are being elected to sit on benches … chosen from a flock of greedy and depraved attorneys who have repeatedly supported, represented and vehemently defended these pedophiles/sexual predators/torturers in the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant Churches, schools (both parochial and public), clubs, camping activities, sports’ activities, bands/orchestras, radio/television media, investigative/law enforcement agencies, politicians, etc. These professional predators choose these professions so that they may obtain relatively easy access to God’s hope of tomorrow … our defenseless children.

    These predators should be held accountable and be punished AT LEAST three (3) times OR GREATER of what the punishment would be for just the average citizen … because they violated a bond of distinct trust and protection, by deceiving these children’s parents (many times using their wealth and stature in society as a vehicle of accessibility). These heartless torturers should be arrested, indicted, prosecuted and sent to prison for a very long time (and in some cases forever) because of these heinous crimes.
    Unfortunately, these abominable crimes, in most cases, prove to victimize the victims even further, should any of the victims attempt to take any type of legal action …. the victim receiving threats against their family members if the victim does not refuse to cease with taking some kind of recourse. These predators have the power to destroy the victims’ families’ jobs/financial livelihood, reputations, credit, safety, etc. When their family’s subsistence is destroyed … their family members’ homes, their personal belongings, their self respect, their self esteem are then gone and some family members even end up taking their own lives (what the predators and their attorneys and corrupt judges really want to happen … even participating in these schemes … as was done at the last law firm that I worked at which involved the evil hand of the Roman Catholic Diocese in Pittsburgh with Bishops Bevilacqua and Wuerl) when the victimized believe that all hope is gone.
    If any of us, as parents, were to do just 1/1000 of what these faux statuesque, high-profile figures have done and are still doing, we would be immediately arrested, indicted, prosecuted and sent to prison for a very long time, in no time flat. Is it, as it is in Pittsburgh (Allegheny County)/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that the judges are in collusion with the Roman Catholic Church, law enforcement officers and agencies (including ultra corrupt FBI agents), attorneys, powerful businessmen, ultra corrupt politicians, educators, medical personnel, et al … and are able to constantly get the elections for judges “fixed” (present sitting corrupt judges secretly conspiring with and arranging political set-ups to insure that these unsavory attorneys, as in Allegheny County’s latest Primary Election, will be selected on their first run) with even concealing damaging background evidence on these judicial candidates (especially when these judicial candidates claim to be highly recommended by the Bar Association and have worked for the FBI, Mary Beth Buchanan in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, etc.)?
    If an individual intends to run for any judicial position or if the committees for the Courts have decided to select an individual to fill an opening, there must be a law that states that these selected candidates MUST each post, at their own expense, a large notice in at least three (3) of the largest circulated newspapers in that County so that if someone knows of some reason why someone should not be appointed or elected to a judicial position, it can be brought out for an immediate investigation. The announcement should meet these recommendations: (1.) A minimum size of 9” x 11” ; (2.) A minimum text print size of 14 Point in a bold font of Century Gothic; (3.) A minimum size of a 3” x 4”photograph that is certified as having been taken within the past three (3) months of the posted announcement; and (4.) Must include the following personal data which can be in 12 Point bold print size: (a.) True Age with Date and Place of Birth; (b.) Education including institutions’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and specific dates; (c.) Work history with names, addresses, telephone numbers and specific dates; (d.) Any arrests (misdemeanor/felony), ever in lifetime, including charges and exact dates (not excluding any sealed records and expunged records); (e.) Full disclosure of a File No. that can be accessed at the Board of Elections which includes a certified/notarized copy of a consecutively numbered page listing of all assets and liabilities; (f.) Be responsible for seeing that their personal data is immediately placed correctly on the Internet by the Board of Elections; and (g.) Etc.
    Remember, these individuals will become judge and jury and they may be deciding a case involving you, your family members, friends, et al. No judge candidate should think that upon becoming a judge that he/she can sit above the Law. And, believe it or not, their past history and present demeanor will profoundly affect their decisions in cases that will be affecting peoples lives, forever.
    Just how many judges, now, are there, presently, involved in this endemic ring of perversion and/or other types of unsavory, illegal, unethical, and criminal activities? I have the names of plenty. How about you? Pttsburgh/Allegheny County appears to be a breeding ground for them with Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh condoning their appalling behavior supported with phony awards, dedications, etc. And, so sadly, the media is well fortified to promote repeated faux publicity.
    The statutes of limitations must be lifted on cases of the above nature … not tomorrow … but now. Try to understand how long it takes for one to emerge out from their invisible shield to express what happened to them … to overcome their fears (the source of fear being from what is unknown … what will transpire out of their speaking out, publicly?). Imagine if that was you with all of the post-traumatic conflicts that you would be faced with. Some victims never obtain the courage required to break out from thier faux protective shield which imprisons them for their entire life. Not only was their innosence stolen from them, but their life was short-circuted, all the way around. The instruments of abuse, in many instances, are/were similar to many of the torture items used at Nurenberg/Bavaria during the reign of Hitler. Yes, today, here in America and not just in Ireland.
    Have any of you ever wondered what has happened under the Roman Catholic Church, in Italy, for the past 100 or more years? I surely have. If the Roman Catholic Church has maintained such a ruling iron fist in Ireland, all these years, do not you think that the same iron fist has been ruling in Italy and, maybe, even under worse conditions? Yes, it is possible. How about the Roman Catholic Church in Poland? How many victims over the past 100 years have there been there? What about these religious culprits presence in Haiti (I was told about what has happening to children there in the 1980’s, enough to make one’s toenails curl.)? It is CONFESSION time, NOW, for the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy! With dates and the names and titles of all of the guilty involved! Time for “TRUE TRANSPARENCY!” Time for “TRUE CONFESSIONS!” Time for “TO TELL THE TRUTH!” Time to get out of the dark closets of ill repute and publicly (as it states in the Holy Bible) CONFESS all of the dirty little secrets witin the confines of the Roman Catholic Vatican … with names, places and dates. The entire world should be outraged with how the Roman Catholic Church is not revealing who all of the perpetrators of these horrific crimes are and were, in Ireland. Why, all nations should be demanding full ACCOUNTABILITY from Pope Benedict XVI, NOW!!! These crimes have been just as evil as those of the Polish/Jewish Holocaust so why are these crimes being locked in a dark safe?
    We must all take responsibility to expose all of these shameful and hideous crimes because, unless we all work together to squelch these numerous pervasive acts, they will soon overrun in nature and overrule the morals, ethics and principles which our society is suppose to be based upon.
    Please submit your feelings on this subject. You may also contact me at: Thank you.
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