The worlds oldest and most evil cult: The Roman Catholic Church


There is a clear pattern here. Everywhere the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) operates, there is thousands of cases of child abuse, rapes and other atrocities committed by priests who work for them.

These monsters rape children (boys and girls), they rape nuns and women who work for the church or are part of their congregation. Then they forced the nuns who got pregnant after getting raped repeatedly to have abortions. Some of the nuns even died from AIDS as a direct result of getting raped by priests.

Now if this isn’t a clear and sickening pattern, I don’t know what is.

What baffles me is that they get away with this everywhere, for centuries. Why isn’t there a government in the world who kicks these bastards out of their countries?

They should get sued till they are out of business. They should be put on trail, starting with the Bishops, and sentenced to serve time in jail for their deeds.

How can people believe in a god that allows his “employees” to do this?

How can people still go to these churches? It is insane!

If the RCC really does serve a god, then that god is a sick and twisted bastard. I say put him on trail too, and if he doesn’t show up in court, then dismiss him as a ghost.

It is time to label the RCC for the evil organization it is. They are nothing other than a sick cult.

The RCC is definitely not a place to take your children. Or anyone you care about.

28 thoughts on “The worlds oldest and most evil cult: The Roman Catholic Church

  1. /signed
    to add fuel to your fire, go look at The Knights Templar, the Illumanati, and the NWO,
    The Knights templar and the Illuminatti are the “Thugs” for the NWO
    and it spreads out from there to infinity like a disease or plague you might say!!


    • And Christianity is not idolatry Heidi? Ever wondered why everybody is walking around with crosses around their necks? If Jesus lived in California in modern time, christians would be walking around with little electric chairs around the neck.

      Bottomline: One mans religion is another man’s idol.


      • “…christians would be walking around with little electric chairs around the neck.” That’s bloody funny! I must get myself a little electric chair and string it on a necklace. Tell people my saviour is Ted Bundy.


      • “Ted [Bundy] occasionally exhibited disturbing behavior, even at that early age. Julia recalled awakening one day from a nap to find herself surrounded by knives from the Cowell kitchen; her three-year-old nephew was standing by the bed, smiling.”

        Yikes! Now we know where they got the Chucky character from.


  2. As a catholic, I am offended (not to mention a little amused by your spelling and grammatical errors). Not every priest is a rapist and pedophile. Have we had dark times? Yes. Do we have men in our Faith who do evil things? Yes, and they should be punished. But our Faith does not condone these crimes, regardless of what our leaders do.
    Before you judge, take a look at any other religion or belief. They have all had their dark under bellies, as humanity has in general.
    Your lack of knowledge of my faith and the fact that you have insulted it when you don’t know a thing about we teach downright sickens me.


    • Alli, why don’t you inform us as to the reasons why your gods did not protect the children from these animals? Too busy or just plain lazy. Regarding respect for your dogma, sorry girly, zero of that stuff from me. Religion does not deserve respect. Not even a teeny weeny bit….


    • “Before you judge, take a look at any other religion or belief. They have all had their dark under bellies, as humanity has in general.”

      True. 700 – 800 years ago Christians went on a rampage and killed as many Muslims as they could find. Now it is the latter’s time to repay the dues. Isn’t religion beautiful? And Catholic priests raping children is sort-of-ok because only some do it. Jesus-fucking-Christ you godbots are delusional!


      • There should be another term for the level of delusion of the average godbot, Savage. Delusional does not do justice to the level of ridiculousness that these guys stoop to. The things they state is simply too incredulous to describe it as “delusional”. Stark raving mad; batshit crazy; brain-dead AND delusional – a term that encompasses all of the aforementioned – now that will work for me.


        • Great Malherbe, how about calling these assholes STAMATZY BRAIDEL(s) from
          STark rAving Mad; bAtshiT craZY; BRAIn-dead and DElusionaL

          Johannie, you are a stamatzy braidel.


        • FOR “MALHERBE’ and the other tortured, twisted, angry souls who have posted their bile on this forum…how SAD for all of you! Smug, superior…I could continue…but why bother? “Godbots.” How PATHETIC! You’re not clever…just bitterly SICK!


    • By the way Allison, on the topic of spelling: The correct spelling of the word “pedophile” (sic) is “paedophile”. Except if you are from USA, where they also spell colour as “color”, etc. Put your foot into it, did you not?

      Anyway, Ally, have you ever noticed how poorly the general grammar and spelling of the religious nuts are? Visit some of their blog-sites and judge for yourself. Alternatively, you may want to check out guys like Johann and Analfa on this site if you want to witness poor, and typical godiotic, spelling and grammar. No contest when compared to us infidels.


  3. Malherby you’re a devil controlled God rejecting infidel who is on his way to hell. Get saved man, HELL is HOT, and it’s Forever, don’t act cocky you’re what the Bible calls a Fool. The Bible says – “The FOOL hath said in his heart, there is no God. They are CORRUPT, they have done ABOMINABLE WORKS, there is NONE THAT DOETH GOOD (Psalms 14:1).”


  4. Sam Young,

    The bible also says: “Blessed are they who smash the babies’ heads against the walls” ….. Or something like that. Go read it and then correct me please.


  5. German priest admits 280 counts of sexual abuse

    A German Catholic priest has admitted 280 counts of sexual abuse involving three boys in the past decade, saying he did not think he was doing harm.

    Named only as Andreas L, the priest told a court in Braunschweig that he had first abused the nine-year-old son of a widowed woman parishioner.

    After being banned by his diocese from making further contact with the boy, he abused two brothers, aged nine and 13.

    Thousands of Germans have left the Church over revelations of abuse.

    About 180,000 renounced their Catholicism in 2010, up 40% from the previous year, the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reports.

    Disneyland Paris

    The priest on trial in Braunschweig faces a minimum prison sentence of between six and six and a half years.

    He was arrested during the summer, after the mother of his earlier victim reported him to the authorities.

    She acted after her son, now aged 17, revealed to her the abuse he had undergone for two years.

    Sexual assaults were made on the three boys in various settings: at the priest’s house, on skiing holidays, in a parental home, on a trip to Disneyland Paris and at a church shortly before Mass.

    The priest, who covered his face with a ring binder as he went into court on Thursday, said that while working in Braunschweig in 2004, he had begun a close relationship with the widow.

    When Fr Andreas was moved to Salzgitter, her son often spent weekends with him, and the two would go off on short trips.

    He would give the boy presents such as a camera and a mobile phone.

    Abuse would often occur three times a weekend.

    The priest said it had not been his intention to get close to the boy sexually, and that it had never occurred to him that he was doing harm.

    Pornographic images

    When the mother began to suspect her son’s relations with the priest were inappropriately close, she approached the diocese of Hildesheim, the priest’s employer, which forbade further contact with the boy.

    The abuse of the two brothers then began under similar circumstances, the court heard.

    After contact with these victims was also forbidden, the priest approached his first victim again, writing him a letter.

    It was then that the truth about the abuse emerged.

    “It was never my impression that the children did not consent,” the priest was quoted as saying at the trial.

    When asked in court if he was a paedophile, he replied, according to local newspaper Braunschweiger Zeitung: “It would be wrong to say No but to say Yes would also fall short of the truth.”

    When a prosecutor asked him in court if he thought a “father would do this to his children”, he was silent.

    About 2,800 pornographic images were found on the priest’s computer, including several of his victims.

    Correspondents say members of the public who were in the courtroom watched the trial with faces rigid from shock.

    They included parishioners from St Joseph’s Church in Salzgitter, where Fr Andreas had once been a respected priest, according to Germany’s Spiegel magazine.


  6. Give, Mcbrolloks a break.

    English probably his second language just as me.

    Seriously, all you can moan about over one word?


    • I’m also fed up with the gay bashing. Gays are often amusing and interesting people who give a lot to their community. Very sociable, they’re often good business people and give great parties. It’s good that they can finally be open about their sexuality and be a normal part of society. They are just as normal as heterosexuals.


  7. I don’t know if you are mentally handicapped? You ask if they serve a God. Which shows you don’t think they do serve a God. Then you go on to curse God and reject him. Only a mad man would do that.
    You are not wrong about the Catholic church. What you don’t seem to fully understand is that the Catholic church is religion, which means it is man-made. RCC has absolutely nothing to do Christianity and is completely separate from Jesus Christ Lord God Almighty. The evidence is all there clear as day, but you fail to see it or understand. That’s why I asked if you are mentally challenged. I wasn’t being facetious and i have nothing against handicapped people.
    The evidence is the RCC truly believe that Mary(, the female gender of the humans) is the actual mother of God. They also call the Pope(clearly the male gender of the humans), holy father. They also make people confess their sins to a priest whom they believe has the power to forgive sins. The RCC has convinced people by evil deception that the pope has the power to make saints.
    The RCC faith believes that Mary is the mother of God. Therefore they reject Jesus as the son of God who is truly one with God. And if you know anything about the holy word of God. Anyone who denies that Jesus is the son God is the ant-christ. The ant-christ and the RCC are one and the same.
    The RCC belief is not just a lie but an evil lie. Created to destroy hundreds upon hundreds of millions of souls, condemning as many souls to hell. From the time Satan was cast out from heaven, his sole purpose is the destruction of God’s creation. The RCC is Satan’s most powerful and efficient weapon of mass destruction in his war against God.


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