Religion in South African schools


Ok, now here is the fundamental question:

How come religion is still practiced openly in our schools when it is not part of any curriculum anymore? Isn’t it enough for god’s people to worship him in their churches?

I guess not, because reading the comments from the religious on this blog and in the papers, these fundies INSIST on jamming it down every child’s throat the minute the poor kids step onto the school grounds. They see it as their fundamental right. Which is scary. These are other people’s children. They are trained and paid to give them an education. Not to brainwash the children with some bullshit ideology and religion.

Just like in the GOOD OLD DAYS.

Talk about RADICAL FUNDAMENTALISM in the first degree. The poor Afrikaner. Still clinging on to his gods in the 21st century. Apartheid was enforced on these CHRISTIAN PRINCIPALS. Now they want to teach it to every child, even today, in the schools, like they did for decades. How could they talk about the love of jesus after what they did to the people of colour in South Africa for so long with a bible under one arm and a sambok under the other?

You guys who want to teach your bullshit in the schools are very dangerous and delusional and completely full of shit. And it is not your job or place to do this. Not as teachers under the employment of the government of South Africa. It should be grounds for dismissal. And it should be illegal and treated as such. Don’t you wankers have churches you can howl and worship your ghosts in?

And remember, you guys never explained how come jesus and god was on your side when you buggered up everybody else in the country in their name, and now god and the boy is on everyone’s side today.

To hear your dribble about the love of jesus, god’s forgiveness etc. makes me sick. You guys really believed they were on your side helping you keep your apartheid regime in power. Now you made your peace with the rest of South Africa, and you guys decided that the rest of South Africa can also worship your gods now, since we are all pals today. Lets forget about what happened yesterday, because jesus and god already forgave us all, and if you like, they can save you guys too.

You fundie bastards are pathetic. A pathetic bunch of arseholes who’s brains stopped working properly a very very long time ago in your lives.

It looks like this fight will turn in the courts. And you wankers will all howl at the moon: “we are been persecuted oh lord!!!! Help us from the heathens!!!!!”

Before you pathetic bunch of arseholes used your jesus and god to bugger up the people of colour, and now you are using your spooks to fight the atheists and people of other faiths and other preferences, like gays and lesbians and unmarried couples and women who has had abortions and people who are just demanding a proper education when they send their children to school. Anyway, it is the parents job to educate their own children in spiritual guidance, not the schools job. Not the teachers job, not the headmasters job, but the parents job. Stick to your trade. The last thing South Africa needs at this stage is more fundies to run the show and decide for us what is best for our children. Look around you. It was your brethren and your previous ideology, which you shared and built upon god and the boys “love”, that caused a hell of a lot of the shit everybody sits with today in South Africa.

Leave the children alone!

But all this is way too hard for any caveman-fundie-pig shit for brains-jesus freaks to ever understand. If there really was a god and if the boy really cared, he sure as shit would be embarrassed when he sees what you bunch of idiots have all done in their name. You should all be very ashamed of yourselves. For what you have all done directly and indirectly, as well as for letting all of yourselves to be fooled like this.

Leave the children alone, leave the schools alone. Save your religion for your churches.


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