Prometheus Ongebonde gets “deleted” from WordPress. Was this done by hackers?


Prometheus Ongebondewordpress-logo

The authors have deleted this blog.

The content is no longer available.


9 thoughts on “Prometheus Ongebonde gets “deleted” from WordPress. Was this done by hackers?

  1. Play: The Hackers at McBrolloks.


    Hacker 1: Joe
    Hacker2: Pete
    Hacker3: Steve

    Mission: To hack McBrolloks’ atheist, godless blog.
    Act1; scene1

    Joe fiddling with the dials.
    Joe: Ok, we’re in; what now Pete. Just remember, McBrolloks said any hacker is in for a surprise.
    Pete: McBrolloks was just talking big. Head sets on, power on super frino, here we go.
    Steve: Testing, testing. Can you guys hear me? Ok, great. Now delete the entire blog and post the following: “This blog has been deleted by true Christians. Christians who believe in the Holy Book of our Lord. He who shows the way to Truth and Salvation.”
    Joe: Is that all? Shouldn’t we mention who did it? I mean, the Lord would probably bless us.
    Steve: No! The Lord knows who did this good work; and remember, He said those who brag will sit in the back seats at the festival.
    Pete: He-he, what’s wrong with sitting at the back; you’re closer to the bar that way.
    Steve: Come on, guys, concentrate.
    Joe: Here goes. Blog deleted. Now to enter the phrase.
    A deep voice enters Pete’s earphones.
    Pete: Shit, who is talking in between here? Joe, Steve, do you also hear this?
    Joe: No, I only hear you.
    Steve: Same here.
    Pete: Fuck guys, there is a voice here saying I’ll turn into a rational, godless person in ten seconds. What does that mean? Don’t you hear this? McBrolloks is it you who is fucking around! You know Jesus will protect us.
    Steve: Come on, Pete, stop the arsing around. Let’s get things wrapped up.
    Pete: Hey guys, I feel great. All of a sudden I see how stupid we were believing in ghosts and what not.
    Joe: Holy shit, it’s saying the same thing to me now!
    Steve; alarmed: I can’t get these fucking headphones off!

    Act1; scene2
    Joe, Pete and Steve having restored McBrolloks’ blog, leave the building.
    Joe: Who was that great author we were told to read? Except Darwin, of course.
    Pete: Dawkins, I think.
    Steve: I have a long list of books I made a note of NOT to read, so let’s go and look.
    Pete: This McBrolloks is a dangerous man to cross swords with if you’re a fundie. But I think we owe him a beer. Let us go and look him up.


  2. Have you guys heard anything new on this? Has anybody got an estimate as to when Prometheus might be back online?

    If the blog was hacked, it would of course reflect the true colours of our xtian friends. But let’s reserve judgement until we know what actually happened.


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