Shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, all of you people who believe in some sort of fairytale, and who then try to force your fairytale’s rules on others.

Shame on all of you who try to pass laws that rapes other people’s basic human rights.

Shame on all of you who try to teach our children the same fucked up doctrine that you are brainwashed in.

Shame on all of you who try to lie about the findings of science because it exposes your fairytale for what it really is: a fairytale.

Shame on all of you who are willing to use violence when your doctrine gets the treatment it deserves when you try to force it upon others: namely lots of laughter and ridicule.

Shame on all of you who will lie and use deceit in the name of your fairytale master, for your own selfish purposes.

Shame on all of you who withhold basic medical treatment to people because of some bullshit written in your ancient fairytale book.

Shame on all of you who maim your children because some fairytale creature demands it.

Shame on all of you who piss on my childrens’ right to get a proper education without your fairytale creature’s doctrine in our schools.

Shame on all of you who believe you are doing good, while you are actually making the world a much worst place than it has to be, because of your bat-shit crazy beliefs.

Shame on all of you who are actually supporting doctrines that are responsible for the manslaughter of millions of innocent people, all because you don’t believe in condoms or birth control. And a big: “Go fuck yourself” if you believe that condoms and birth control is wrong, and that it is right for your bat-shit crazy church to tell poor people it is wrong, while you and your spouse are using it yourself. You should be really fucking ashamed of yourself.

Shame on you all who give money to religious organizations who protect their own pedophile employees and actually assist them in raping more children in other unsuspecting communities all over the world.

Shame on all of you who pretend that your fairytale creature is a force for good in other people’s lives.

Shame on all of you who bow down on your knees and pray for the salvation of others, whom you actually despise, but feel inclined to because your fairytale creature is all about the “love”.

Shame on all of you who choose to remain ignorant about the world around you, and believe that intolerance is your god given right and duty.

Shame on all of you who followed your religious organization blindly while they were brutally killing people who were different than you, because they told you your god says it is the right thing to do.

Shame on all of you who refuse to listen to reason.

Shame on all of you who believe you can do anything at all, no matter how wrong, and then get the slate wiped clean by a prayer and a ritual, and then start all over again.

Shame on all of you who leave reason and accountability to others who will decide for you what is right and what is wrong, and what you can and cannot do.

Shame on all of you who give your children a crutch and believe it is the right thing to do for them, because your fairytale creature will look after them when you can’t.

Shame on all of you who are so fucking ignorant that you truly believe a prayer to your fairytale creature will keep the plane you are about to take of in stay in the air.

Shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. ~ Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Mohammedanism — these are only ideologies, dogmas, creeds; they are only cults. The true religion has no name, it cannot have any name. Buddha lived it, Jesus lived it — but remember, Jesus was not a Christian and Buddha was not a Buddhist, he had never heard of the word. The truly religious people have been simply religious, they have not been dogmatic. There are three hundred religions in the world — this is such an absurdity! If truth is one, how can there be three hundred religions? There is only one science, and three hundred religions ? by Osho ~


  2. Juliet K.: A very good speech by Geert Wilders. Scary, indeed. He is also a brave man. Theo van Gogh was assassinated by a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim because he was critical of Islam. The Netherlands have always been a country where free speech was underwritten, but with Islam moving into Europe, that seems to be in jeopardy. If you immigrate to a country, you must accept the culture of that country, or else go somewhere where you feel at home with the culture. You can’t go killing people if you don’t like what they say. It is going to be an interesting world the following 50years with the energy crisis, global warming, religious fundamentalists, population explosion, and worldwide famine.


  3. Yes, pretty scary !!!
    Education and knowledge might help the muslim society and their new generations to come. Hoping though that the European people and politicians won’t be cowards nor stand for these crying babies & grinches.

    It is definetly an interesting time we live in, Savage !
    Already Charles Martel pushed the muslims back and defeated them … here we go again in a different setting.

    ~ “I distrust those people who know so well what God (Allah) wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.” – Susan B. Anthony ~


  4. Reminds me of the time I grew up during the apartheid era in South Africa. The vicars/priests all preached that what the Afrikaner people were doing to the people of color in SA was right. It was all god’s will, and he had a plan for them. The Afrikaner people were all god’s chosen people, and what they were doing to the other people in the country was fine, because they had it coming. Now they have swept that duzy nicely under the carpet, and nobody talks about it anymore.

    Those fucking fundie wankers keeps blaming the devil for everything that is wrong in their lives and the world. They are so fucking superstitious, that it is quite an embarrassment to call them my fellow Afrikaners. It’s always god this and god that, god’s will, it’s all part of his plan, etc etc etc. Quite tiresome.

    But they, as all fundamentalists, believe that what ever they want, is their god given right. Still today, these wankers are forcing their religion down other peoples children’s necks in the public schools, and they are going to fight for what they “believe” is their right to keep doing this.

    The poor buggers. Like all fundies, they fight for their right to remain ignorant and just plain fucking stupid. Quite astonishing. Talk about a self inflicted wound!

    The thing I have a huge problem with, is that they try to inflict this wound of being a fucking ignorant dumbass on other peoples children. There has to be a line drawn. Oh, wait, there is a pretty clear line. It is called the South African Constitution. But try and explain this to a gorilla. The gorilla would have a better chance of understanding this than a fucking fundie.

    Yes, good luck to you dumb fuckers out there. Fall on your knees and pray all you like. Your god is nothing but wishful thinking. Wishful thinking never solved anything. The longer you fuckers believe some fairytale creature is going to help you to do this and do that and cure this and sort that one out, the longer you are going to be seen as a big fucking joke.

    One thing I can tell you, yes you bastards who believe you are all doing this for your fucking god, is that none of your problems are going to go away because you believe, have faith, or pray. All those things that bothers you, will still be there staring you in the face tomorrow morning when you wake up. You have to do better than just pray or believe or have faith.

    One last thing, when a scientist invents something new that changes your life for the better, don’t be so fucking arrogant as to give the credit to your god. Your god is only a figment of your imagination. It had nothing to do with what a scientist invented somewhere else.

    And for fuck’s sake, if I have to sit next to another fucking wanker on a plane who fucking prays before takeoff and before landing, and after landing, and during turbulence, to some fucking god to please keep the plane in the air, then I am really going to start laughing my arse off. You people are fucking pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!


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