God’s will shall be done.


Whenever I hear some religious leader telling his or her flock that god wants this, and he doesn’t like that, it reminds me of the time I grew up during the apartheid era in South Africa. The vicars/priests all preached that what the Afrikaner people were doing to the people of color in SA was right. It was all god’s will, and he had a plan for them. The Afrikaner people were all god’s chosen people, and what they were doing to the other people in the country was fine, because they had it coming. Now they have swept that duzy nicely under the carpet, and nobody talks about it anymore.

Those fucking fundie wankers keeps blaming the devil for everything that is wrong in their lives and the world. They are so fucking superstitious, that it is quite an embarrassment to call them my fellow Afrikaners. It’s always god this and god that, god’s will, it’s all part of his plan, etc etc etc. Quite tiresome.

But they, as all fundamentalists, believe that what ever they want, is their god given right. Still today, these wankers are forcing their religion down other peoples children’s necks in the public schools, and they are going to fight for what they “believe” is their right to keep doing this.

The poor buggers. Like all fundies, they fight for their right to remain ignorant and just plain fucking stupid. Quite astonishing. Talk about a self inflicted wound!

The thing I have a huge problem with, is that they try to inflict this wound of being a fucking ignorant dumbass on other peoples children. There has to be a line drawn. Oh, wait, there is a pretty clear line. It is called the South African Constitution. But try and explain this to a gorilla. The gorilla would have a better chance of understanding this than a fucking fundie.

Yes, good luck to you dumb fuckers out there. Fall on your knees and pray all you like. Your god is nothing but wishful thinking. Wishful thinking never solved anything. The longer you fuckers believe some fairytale creature is going to help you to do this and do that and cure this and sort that one out, the longer you are going to be seen as a big fucking joke.

One thing I can tell you, yes you bastards who believe you are all doing this for your fucking god, is that none of your problems are going to go away because you believe, have faith, or pray. All those things that bothers you, will still be there staring you in the face tomorrow morning when you wake up. You have to do better than just pray or believe or have faith.

One last thing, when a scientist invents something new that changes your life for the better, don’t be so fucking arrogant as to give the credit to your god. Your god is only a figment of your imagination. It had nothing to do with what a scientist invented somewhere else.

And for fuck’s sake, if I have to sit next to another fucking wanker on a plane who fucking prays before takeoff and before landing, and after landing, and during turbulence, to some fucking god to please keep the plane in the air, then I am really going to start laughing my arse off. You people are fucking pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. McBrolloks, don’t be too harsh on people who pray on aeroplanes when in distress. Once I flew from Java to Borneo in one of Merpati airlines’ dilapidated planes. (At Banjarmasin airport there was one of their planes standing off the runway. It was pushed out of the way when one of the engines fell off during landing. (Probably beyond repair.) So you can imagine the confidence one had flying with them.)

    Anyway, we hit a severe storm and the plane “rattled and rolled”. Suddenly it felt as if the plane dropped out of the sky. I could just see another engine coming off, or worse, a whole wing, when it hit solid air again. But we survived. And why? Because next to me sat a nun and when I looked at her hands, I could see her Rosary Beads running red- hot. Now if that was not the hand of God keeping those plane engines and wings attached, what was it?


  2. Yes, McBrolloks, if Jesus didn’t want the nun alive, I would be posting now from Lucifer’s e-mail cafe. But I believe He has only got dail-up connections, so it would be slow. (Also, seeing I was sitting next to the nun, a lightning bolt would also have been to dangerous at that specific moment.)


  3. Very ironic. It must have been quite embarrassing for the powers in heaven when they realized their mistake. They could have gotten you for the price of one nun. You are one lucky heathen!


  4. I will not try to convince you of anything, but I do hope that you come to your senses before you die. May some experience cross your life that makes you realise that God is real, He is almighty and with Him nothing is impossible! May the power of prayer awake you.


  5. There will come a time when every knee shall and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ, Son of the Living GOD, is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. It is not an opinion, it is not a theory, or ideal, or notion. It is simple fact, Truth. He is a loving, all knowing, all mighty, all powerful GOD, and HE is REAL. I pray that before you see Him you will come to this truth for yourself. However, I will admit that not everyone who confesses to believe in GOD is always doing GOD’s will. History is rife with leaders and individuals abuse, murder, disrespect and defile the fellow human beings and claim this to be GOD’s will. GOD is love and He commands that we treat our neighbors as we would want to be treated. He tells us to love our neighbors and our enemies. I don’t know what happened to you or to someone close to you for you to feel as you do but whatever it was I am sorry. GOD would have it that you would be at peace. I also wanted to mention that you don’t know who has been praying for you, for your safety, for your well being. As a believer, I pray that you would one day realize that GOD is real, Jesus is His only begotten son, and He would that you would have eternal life, and HE loves you. All of the cursing and profane language is unnecessary, sir, It solves nothing. I did not say this to force it down your throat, but to tell you the truth and you must decide what to do with it. One thing you should know about the LORD GOD…. HE IS IN NO WAY FORCEFUL. HE gave us free will for a reason and HE expects us to use it. There has been alot of misinterpreting and abusing of GOD’s Holy Word over the generations by those who claim to be doing HIS Will. I am truly sorry if you have experienced this. I sincerely hope that you see the pure unadulterated truth that is Jesus Christ for yourself.


  6. “HE gave us free will for a reason and HE expects us to use it.” Mikel, clearly you are not using the reasoning skills your gods provided you. Give us some proof, my man. You wax on about your god’s existence being a “fact” and the “truth”. Really? Facts require evidence Mikel – One of the very basic requirements. Where is your evidence? You have nothing exept the rubbish that’s been programmed into your skull since childhood and that, unfortunately does not prove anything.

    One of my favourite phrases are the follwing (not my own word): “I contend, Mikel the you are also an atheist. You are an atheist considering you do not believe in Issis or Allah or Baal or any of the thousands of gods that existed through time. I further contend that I only believe in one less god than you and when you understand why you don’t believe in all the other gods, you will understand why I don’t believe in yours.”

    Lastly, I find all this predictable “praying for others” that you fundies are so fond of indulging in, mildly irritating. If you have an inferiority complex, go see a shrink. Praying for others is a short-term solution to your phsyco-problems.


  7. What I know to be true no man has shown me. I am no mindless robot who gobbles up every word dished out to me. I have heard the Word of God from countless individuals over the past 15 years of my life. Over those years I have seen wrongs committed and right done as well. Through my own personal study and my own experiences, I have come to understanding that I have. I have seen for myself, personally, His Love for me. It did not happen in front of a crowd or in a church or a gathering of people. It happened in my own home, in my own time of study while I was alone. You ask me for evidence, all I can do is give you what I know for myself, not what a man has “programmed” into me. It is of utmost importance that you not take the words that come out of people’s mouths, including my own, as the final word. You are to take what you hear go home, study for yourselves, use your own mind, study the word for yourself…how else will you know if what you here someone tell you is truth or not? You must develop your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. No one else can do that for you.

    The only and most important difference between Baal Issis Allah Buddha etc and the One True Living God is the simple fact that He lives. I know this for myself. You have the choice to believe in whomever you so choose however I must say the others are false…gods of stone and metal. The All-mighty is living and breathing.

    When determining the validity of an idea or entity, it is man’s nature to first find everything possible to discount it. It is the basis upon which scientific discovery is founded. So naturally, when one, for themselves, must decide if they believe in a All-mighty All encompassing God, they will find everything wrong to discount His existence, hence the requiring of evidence. The evidence you seek is obtainable however you must first have faith that He exists. Without faith that He even exists, you may never know Him. I found my own evidence because I first decided within myself to believe that He exists…without evidence, without proof. I read the Bible went to church( oh and btw Im not a fundamentalist, or a catholic, or a pentacostalist, or presbyterian or anything…I am simply a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ) and studied on my own. Then He began to show me truth, love, and life. Not first in a church or in a building or even in a group but alone. Then He used other people to simply CONFIRM what He had already shown me.

    Also let me be clear as far as me “praying for you.” Me praying for you is because I am not there to sit down with you dialogue with you speak to you face to face. I am limited by distance and the simple fact that we do not know each other outside of a post on the internet. So since I cannot establish and build a face to face relationship then I am forced to speak to you through this medium and other than that pray for your safety, your livelihood, and well being. I would prefer that my actions be able to speak for me instead of just my words a post. Then you would be able to see with your own two eyes. But perhaps that is not for me. Perhaps you will meet someone else in your life who will be an example of I’m talking about that way it would become more real to you just as it is real to me. I am however not saying prayer is not important for it is a necessity. I am saying there does come a time when those prayers must take to life ad become action. He is a LIVING God after all.

    What I know, what I have seen, is truth. Not because I was forced to swallow doctrine or traditions or dogma. But because I have come to this realization for myself, using my own faculties. What I have seen and experienced you may not believe because you were not there so you will have to see for yourself experience His Love His Power His Truth for yourself and that comes only from your own study your own endeavoring to seek because that is how I came to it.

    All I can do tell you what I know, then you as your own intelligent person must then seek to find truth for yourself. That is how it works. I looked into buddhism, toaism. I even dabbled into meditation, tai chi for a time. But i found them all to be empty, void of substance. That is how I can say those gods are false. Iv’e always been fascinated by the religions and beliefs of other peoples cultures nations. From the egyptians, romans, greeks, japanese, etc. over the years I have read about all of them. Compared to Jehovah, they all strove to offer and provide the one thing that He gives freely…LIFE, and it isn’t some ideal but it is living breathing tangible life. Life that you can see working everyday. From how you treat your neighbors, to applying principles that He teaches and actually seeing them work right before your eyes. And I’m talking about hours, and days not months and years or lifetimes like some of the other religions require.

    Because He, the Creator, loves us He sent His son to die for all of us then, all of us now, and those of us to come, yet to be born. That we may have a chance at life not just in heaven but also here on earth. All He requires is that we believe in Him. Take the Bible, go into your private place, and read study. Do not take what men say as the unadulterated truth. But seek it out for yourself.That is what you would do in any other case. There are those who would say that that very statement is flat out heresy. But so did some of the jews, even their own High Priests, Pharisees and Sadducees (teachers of the law), members of the Sanhedrin, etc. That is the very reason why they killed Jesus. They were afraid that His message would take their power and influence over the people away. Yet i ask you do not seek to discredit Him but think that perhaps there may actually be an All-encompassing, all-knowing, all-mighty living breathing GOD and He does exist. Find out for yourself And that is just the beginning…

    I hope my words help in any way. please I hope you choose to continue to dialogue with me. I am completely open to any discussion what so ever even the most specific topics. Have a good day.


  8. Mikel, how are you so sure it is a he ? … he this, he that !
    In my view, that god of yours is a very disrespectful character ! and again disrespectful is a very mild word and picture for all the insanities you may find in your 2 books of tales. Believe what you wish, believe in your tales. Personally, I think It’s time for a brain check on your part ! In my searching, there is no need for the “smoothing” and “empowering” words of a fantasy character called god to be a good loving human being !
    “To be or not to be, that is the question ” a human playwriter wrote it ! It does speak more to me than any of your rules, ordely ways of living and your curtsey to your so-called creator !
    If I had to pray to anyone I would do it to the mother and the daughter and the holy / sacred spirit of evolution and changes from the old-dated mentalities ! hahaha … of course I am joking here, though, it would be a great happy and loving story … well may be always gotta add some guns, car crashes and the end of the world hehehe !


  9. “I am no mindless robot who gobbles up every word dished out to me. I have heard the Word of God from countless individuals over the past 15 years of my life.”

    Yes you are mindless. You “know” but you give no proof. In your delusional brain (if one could call it a brain) you hear the word of your god. It is not his word – it is the ramblings of an ancient tribe of goat herders instilled into you as fact by ruthless grownups when you were young.

    “You ask me for evidence, all I can do is give you what I know for myself, not what a man has “programmed” into me.”

    O yes, you have been programmed with insidious (and/or aggressive) indoctrination by grownups when you were young. You were never taught the beauty of critical thinking and analyses.

    I only got to the end of the first paragraph of your rant, but I know one thing: leaving young minds in your care can scare any rational person shitless.


  10. Mikel,
    You are living proof of the danger of religion. Your “reasoning” (if you can call it that) speaks volumes. Since you like studying so much, why not study the dribble you are writing? Your argument has so many flaws, I don’t know where to begin. You make the o-so-typical errror that all fundies make – you have decided that your skydaddy exists and then afterwards start looking for evidence for his/her existence. This is fundamentally incorrect. Furthermore you argue that your god is a living one. The other ones are not alive. On what do you base this statement? The fuzzy feeling you get when you pray to your ghost? Eeeeh, sorry not good enough….and since we are on that topic let me explainto you what other arguments are not good enough:
    1) Your so-called relationship with ghosts does not count for evidence. If anything, it only proves that you are delusional and in dire need of professional help.
    2) The “love you feel”…. Sorry, won’t do. I also experience love in this world (as well as sorrow, of course), but you will not catch me running around proclaiming the love is forthcoming from the Pastagod, now, do you?
    3) “I have studied” …….What? What exactly have you studied? A dusty old book written by goat herders 2000 years ago? Get an education and study something worthwhile e.g. “On the origin of Species” by Darwin, or if that is too much to ask of your rancid brain, start with “A short history of nearly everything” by Bill Bryson.

    The above are just a few points – believe me there are many more. But Mikel, where you give your game away, is in the paragraph where you state: “I even dabbled into meditation, tai chi for a time. But i found them all to be empty, void of substance. That is how I can say those gods are false. Iv’e always been fascinated by the religions and beliefs of other peoples cultures nations. From the egyptians, romans, greeks, japanese, etc. over the years I have read about all of them. Compared to Jehovah, they all strove to offer and provide the one thing that He gives freely………” Do you truly want to tell me you cannot see the massive potholes in this ridiculous argument? Sorry Mikel, but anyone that has the audacity of presenting the above as an argument is either criminally stupid, or in dire need of serious help….or both. The mere fact that you were “dabbling” in alternative religions, tells me you are obvously a very sad person and searching for something to fill the gap. You found these alternatives to be “void of substance” and therefore according to you they are false. I happen to agree with you on that, but with one little difference – their is zero difference between your god and the alternatives. You are not searching for the truth Mikel. For whatever reason, you are trying to find something to make you happy, or whole, or whatever you want to call it. But here is the thing: The mere fact that an alcoholic feels great/happy and escapes reality after a few drinks, does not imply that he is experiencing reality. The alcohol helps him to escape and fills the void. No difference between him and you Mikel. None at all.

    But as a matter of interest, and since you are so keen on “studies”, do you care to explain the following examples straight from your “loving god’s” handbook?
    1) Your god ordering rape and pillage (Remember Jericho?)
    2) Your god killing the (innocent) first borns in Egypt because their parents were naughty. Very loving, is it not Mikel?
    3) Still on the topic in 2) above – would you care to explain why it was necessary to mark the doors with lambsblood in order for this omnipotent god to recognise whom to kill and whom not? I mean, sure he will know? Can you honestly tell me you do not find this absolutely rediculous, if not bisarre?
    4) Your god torturing and killing his own son in order to “save the naughty humans”, who, by the way, he has created himself. Why not just create perfect humans that will not sin? Should not be a problem for an omnipotent ghost, should it?
    5) Your Jesus elaborating in detail on exaclty how to punish your slave. One would have thought that he would teach the wrongs of slavery?

    An so I can go on. With no effect on you or your brain, Mikel. You have made a decision that your ghost exists. I predict that you will keep on trying to find evidence for this ridiculous notion. I also predict that you will shut your mind to rational thinking. I base this prediction on the nonsensicle dribble you presented above. Rational, honest thinking is simply too scary for individuelas like yourself. The mere fact that you only have this life, is apparantly not enough for you. No, you want something better…..and everlasting. And you and many likeminded people are willing to spend a lifetime lying to yourselves in order to fullfill this need. The mere fact that you have this need, does not make it the truth, Mikel. If you are capable of being honest with yourself, you will realise that you are truly delusional. But I am not holding my breath on that one. Guys like you have spent a lifetime lying to yourselves. Why would you stop now?


  11. What I sense from you is anger. I do not know why but the purpose of my posts is not to try to convince you of His existance, nor could I even if I wanted too. No person can force another to believe something within themselves (unless devious means are utilized) unless that person within themsleves chooses to. It is no different than sitting down and discussing Newton’s Laws of Gravity, or as you pointed Darwins Theory of Evolution. You are presented with “evidence” supporting the theory, and then the individual must choose whether or not believe that the “evidence” is valid based upon a predetermined basis of thought. I am not saying that the forces in the physical world do not exist. Gravity, Electromagnatism, the fact that we do not fly off of the planet based upon centrifical forces caused by the rotating of the earth generating gravity, light that exists in both particle and wave form, quasars pulsars black holes, etc. I do not deny their existance it is quite plain to see them Therefore one can sumis that they are real. I understand where you are coming from. What is required to believe that beyond all the science and mathematics of a finite world, once one has discovered this, it is human nature to then look beyond that into the area that is no longer finite but infinite. But the challenge then arises, do continue to believe that man is the ultimate? That we are in and of oursleves gods? Do we believe the existentialists the romantics? Or do we dare to believe that there may be One that exists beyond our finite means of discovery, beyond our bounds of reasoning that we have spent lifetimes and generations developing? Is it possible that there may be an entity that orchestrates and put into place what we witness what we touch and feel and see? We look into the heavens and witness events and processes that dwarf anything we could ever imagine. Witness outbusrts of energy so devestatingly powerful, origintating from the most minute of atoms neutrons, electrons quarks, that it would wipe out our existance in less than a blink of an eye. We have “meausured” the expanse of the universe even and come to the realization that it is vast beyond human comprehension. We did not create any of it. According to Darwin we are the result of millions of years of base compounds and elements, originating from giant gas clouds remnants of the big bang, settling on earth in a primordial pool that by chance happened to be in the proper alignment at just the right temperature at just the right climate under the perfect atmospheric pressures at just the right location at the precise time that these compounds needed to from single cell amoebas , the first arguable life form. From there through ages and generations it is said man evolved. Now I also must agree that based upon all that man has discovered which based upon both physical evidence as well conjecture, for one to believe in all powerful GOD who created all of this and put all of these processes into place, would be hard pressed to say the least. However what is not to say that there is a One who orchestrates all of this and put everything in its place. Someone in an opposing position would say that is a feeble attempt at explaining what, at the time, has yet to be explained. At the current time all we have is conjecture theory and hypothesis as to how all of what we see in the physical world actually got here especially since it was here long before us. But that is where the choice arises. Do you believe that there is One who put all of these things into place in a finite world and that there is an inifinite being who exists outside of human comprehension OR do you believe that what we see is all that there is? I see and feel and kow the physical world just as you do and know of the formulas theories hypothesis that man has come up with and in addition to all of that there is an All-Knowing All-Powerful GOD who orchestrates it all. I admit throughout the ages there have been priests, churches, movements that have gone overboard miss construed manipulated twisted and outried lied using GOD as there justification. They have caused an enormous amount of damage, confusion, anger, resentment but that cannot be changed. However Im sorry for their mistakes their lies their abuses their manipulations.

    To answer your above questions:

    1( Jericho was the result of warfare. The Isrealites were invading the land of Canaan and as any war strategist would, the major strongholds and strategic points of control would be targeted. Jericho was one of them. Inorder to ensure that no surivors would be able to escape and inform allies of the Hebrew’s military strength, numbers, supplies, strategy etc. everything had to be destroyed. And the manner in which they performed this battle was based upon psychological warfare.

    2( Let s be quite honest. Several times He agve the egytpians oppurtunity to allow His people, the Isrealites to leave peacefully. Several times Moses asked pharaoh let the nation of Isarela be set free from slavery. But pharaoh refused. The the egyptians’ mathmatecians, scientists, magicians called the Isrealites GOD a fake & false, so He had Moses show them signs to prove His existance, they still didnt believe. In reponse pharaoh made their work harder. So to finally get the message to him, GOD told the Israelites to put lambs blood on their house because the Angel of Death not God Himself would take the first male of everyhouse. The blood was so that the Angel of Death knew what house to visit. If they had done as they were told then i believe some of the hebrew children would have been killed as well but they did it so they lived. The children died becuase the parents treated His people with hate and slavery but gave several chances to just let them go and they did not.

    4( Let me be clear it was not GOD who tortured and killed His Son and He did force Jesus to come either. Jesus came of His own choice because He loves us. He could have never come, could have never allowed Himself to be killed thereby saving us and giving us a chance at truly have Life. Jesus came of His own choosing and then when He got here it wasnt GOD but very own poeple who killed Him, the Jews. It was the High Priest, a man, who told Pontius Pilate to have him crucified, it was the roman soldiers who flogged and mutiliated His body not GOD. If you ahd everything in the world, treated people justly and did good but outside your house there people who hated you wanted nothing to do with you and thought you were a fraud but you knew better, would you be willing to send your own so that they could then have you have? Then on top of that those people who you were trying to help killed your only son? Would you have been willing to do that? I don’t even know if I would have but He did it for all of us already.

    5( It was not GOD but man that created slavery. We created the institution of slavery. Jesus informing them that if you have slaves then you should treat as you would want to be treated. Don’t derail them or disrepect them or treat over harshly. Once their debt was paid off then they were free from their obligation and if the debt couldnt be paid within 7 years they were to be released from their debt free and clear.


  12. ” he – the one – he did – god – his son – his people – the one – his diciples – he – an inifinite being who exists outside of human comprehension – he – an all-knowing all-powerful god who orchestrates it all ”

    It is the same song over and over !

    ” I admit throughout the ages there have been priests, churches, movements that have gone overboard miss construed manipulated twisted and outried lied using GOD as there justification. They have caused an enormous amount of damage, confusion, anger, resentment but that cannot be changed. However Im sorry for their mistakes their lies their abuses their manipulations. ”

    Mikel and friends, Dave and Isabella,
    1) Are you answering and justifying for your supreme he the one all knowing all powerful god who orchestrates it ?
    It is so much easier to blame mankind “using falsely” the words of your god for all the crimes, slavery, rapings, killings, et cetera .
    2) Do you feel insulted for him and in need to apologize for him the one ?
    3) Is he afraid, scared or too shy to defend himself in the present tense since he is and he orchestrates.
    It seems to me that he and his enjoy suffering, blood shed, war, anger, scary cruel tactics on innocent minds, and much more.

    … and you are very right to take a stand and feel sorry for your inifinite being who exists outside of human comprehension since he seems powerless to do it for himself and his flock. He seems deaf, mute, blind,he has no smell and cannot be touched. He is not.

    “Jesus came of His own choice because He loves us”

    … sorry to burst your bubble but jesus came and died quite a long long time ago and never quite put his foot back on planet earth unless he was reincarnated but christians don’t quite go there they’d rather go and spend their sweet time rejoicing in one paradise in the deep blue sky with not too much clouds … picture perfect !

    There was no electrical light or cordless telephone at the time only the saying of some uneducated peasants telling gossips from village to village exaggerating and changing the story on how they perceived or understood it.

    It still amazes me how many human “responsible” adults are still so naive and gullible after more than 2000 years of our Gregorian calendar.


  13. Mikel,
    Albeit with some effort, I can more or less follow your reasoning in the first section of your answer above. By the way, I’m quite a happy individual. I just find the dishonest, delusional arguments of fundies like yourself frustrating. Go and read through your answers regarding incidents in your holy book and then tell me you are an honest person.
    1) Jericho – you omitted the part where your loving god ordered the Irealites to kill everybody, except for the virgins, whom they can have “lie with and use for their own pleasure”. You OK with this Mikel?
    2) Egypt/death of first born sons – so I suppose it sits well with you that your loving god decided to kill innocent children. The children did nothing wrong!! Good heavens, man, you are warped! Just proof again of the dangers of religion. You Mikel, are a dangerous man should deinitely stay far away from my children – one never kows, just now you justify killing them, because I do not belive in your god.
    3) Your pont on jesus that came down by himself – well, thats a new one. I am sure many theologians will differ with you on that one. I was always taught the god sent his son down. But what the heck, no matter hw you put it, it’s a warped and ridiculous concept dreamt up by man. Your god din’t cteate humankind Mikel; no, we created the gods. many of them fr centuries. Your gods are just one of the latest ones.
    4) Jesus and slavery – go read your Bible and stop lying. Your jesus instructs people how to PUNISH their slave. Simple. Many examples in your holy ook that proves that your gods are quite in favour of slavery. Read Exodus 21:2-6,7-11,20-21, Efesians 6:5, 1 Timothy 6:1-2. And if you want to read about loving jesus’s word n how to punish your slave, read Luke 12:47-48.

    But Mikel, I bet you will justify everthing in your ridiculous handbook. Your warped mind will assist you with that. But I tell you what, why not go one step further and follow your bible literally? If you are of French decendance (lets assume this for arguments sake), your forefarthers were forcefully chased out of France (ironically because of religion), fled to Holland and from there immigrated to Africa. I suggest you assemble a bunch of like-minded madmen, get on a plane and attack France. I mean, this is your right. Just like the Irealites have stayed for 400years in Egypt, your forefarthers have stayed for 400 years in Africa. Just like the Irealites were a minority group in Egypt, you are of a minority in RSA (my assumption). I therefore deduct that you are justified to get on a plane, attack France, kill every male, but not the virgins. Those you can keep for your own pleasure – exactly your gods instructions to the Irealites prior to their plundering of Kanaan. Plundering and rape will sit well with your god, Mikel, so go ahead. I will be watching the newspaper headlines…..


  14. George Tamarin, an Israeli psychologist, conducted a study on genocide with Israeli children between the ages of eight and fourteen. The study tested the children’s response to genocide as described in the Bible, to genocide where the religious connotation was removed. The results showed the horrific tendency where religious people have no problem condemning genocide committed by Hitler, or Stalin, but they will bend over backwards to try to justify genocide in the Bible. The difference between children condemning and condoning genocide, was caused by nothing other than religion.

    The reason young people cannot distinguish between the facts that biblical and political genocide are both hideous crimes, no matter how you look at it, is as a result of the crime committed by grownups polluting their children’s minds. Young people (that includes you, Mikel) are not taught how to develop critical thinking and analysis, but are indoctrinated into the hideous principles of religion.


  15. Above is a piece from a write-up I wrote for my daughter who asked me to give her ammunition to answer people like the Mikel’s. It was one of the best (or personally satisfying) projests I have ever done and ended in a 18 000 word story. It will be issued free of tjarge (soos ons boere sê) on e-books soon.


  16. Savage, I would appreciate it if you could post it here (if McBrolloks does not mind). Alternatively, I could you supply the specific link to e-books? On another topic, I notice Hans Pietersen has published a book n religion in schools. Good to see he has not given up. Still think a gap in the market exists for a private school that specifically and openly bans all religion from its curricula and activities.


  17. Pleasure, Malherbe, I’ve sent it to McBrolloks for comments and he can e-mail it to you. It’s called “Light a candel for the atheist”.


  18. And you know my sentiment on spelling…
    Thanks a lot Savage. Wonder what the chance is of anyone in RSA lighting a candle for an atheist though. But what the heck, I’ll light some candles tonight for the atheists. The wife will interpret it differently, and I will benefit bigtime. Whopee, just proved the atheist god exists!


  19. Thanks a lot for putting it on Amazon e-books, McBrolloks. I see it costs US$5 – that is way too much for this essay – it is not a book, I think. Is it possible to make is 1 $? But thanks again. Daniel Boone Savage is going to be murdered here where he lives!! Fun times ahead.


  20. Savage, I assume Daniel Boone Savage not your real name? Or are you related to the Texan (I think) wrestler of way back with the same name? If so, no reason to fear being murdered at your house!


  21. Malherbe, Daniel Boone Savage came to our small little town on the platteland with other prize fighters and, he in particular, put on a show of some undeniable class, strength and finesse. (In my eyes anyway.) I loved this man – he fought dirtier than anyone else, he could take more punishment than anyone else, and he charmed the crowd more than anyone else. We started our own wrestling club then and my pseudo name (I had a mask on – not than anybody had any doubt to my identity) was Daniel Boone Savage. It stuck and still today I am called Boones by my old friends and also my grand children. (Geen fokken oupa hier rond nie.)

    Did you see him wrestle?


  22. No, never saw him wrestle – in my childhood days, Jan Wilkens fought against Big John Srongbo from USA (vicious-looking blond guy. I do recall my dad talking about Boone.


  23. I saw Mike Schutte and Jan Wilkens in the flesh when I was a boy. They wrestled two yanks and beat them in a nail biter during the last minutes. What a team. They were giants.


  24. Mikel wrote above:

    “To answer your above questions:

    1( Jericho was the result of warfare. The Isrealites were invading the land of Canaan and as any war strategist would, the major strongholds and strategic points of control would be targeted. Jericho was one of them. Inorder to ensure that no surivors would be able to escape and inform allies of the Hebrew’s military strength, numbers, supplies, strategy etc. everything had to be destroyed. And the manner in which they performed this battle was based upon psychological warfare.”

    Go read this: “How religion condones genocide.”



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