‘All I got was lies and deceit, I was bullied and threatened’


‘All I got was lies and deceit, I was bullied and threatened’


By Marie Collins

Friday November 27 2009

IF only they had stopped him then.

But I was surprised to find out how much was known about my abuser.

The auxiliary bishop at the time wanted him reported to gardai because he considered child sexual abuse one of the worst crimes a priest could commit. John Charles McQuaid overruled him.

I was staggered that the church hierarchy knew so much. And that here was an opportunity within a year or two of my abuse in 1960 to have reported him to the gardai.

We know that others were abused in the years afterwards and it is just appalling to me that a known abuser was allowed to continue.

I am horrified by the fact that the gardai knew about it at the time and did nothing.

In fact, the gardai took the case to Archbishop McQuaid instead of dealing with it themselves. They abdicated their responsibilities, handing it back to the Church to deal with it.


I am disgusted to think that someone else could have been spared abuse at the hands of my abuser.

That the gardai did nothing at the time about it; that the archbishop did nothing about it and when he (McQuaid) did nothing — the gardai did not follow it up.

It was all brushed under the carpet and my abuser left free to go on abusing children in the future. I was so naive when I reported my abuse to the diocese in 1995. I thought at the time this concern about whether I should proceed with my complaint was kindness on their part — that they were worried about me.

But as I began dealing with the gardai, with the support of my husband Ray and son Peter to whom I am eternally grateful, all I got was lies and deceit from the archdiocese.


I was bullied and threatened.

Their legalistic approach was devoid of humanity. Morality and justice didn’t come into it.

All that simply because I wanted a man, who I knew was a danger to children, to be taken out of contact with them. I didn’t care if he went to jail or got a long or a short sentence.

I could not believe that the men at the very top of the diocese were fighting me and looking on me as the enemy. I had to go public because, if children were to be safe, other people had to know what the reality was.

How could they sleep at night knowing they left so many abusers on the loose?

It was like putting a wolf into a chicken coop.

I would like the men at the top who did all of this covering up to actually come out and speak for themselves.

They committed, in my view, equally criminal acts by protecting the abusers.

They knew what these men were doing and, as the insurance policy shows, they knew what child abuse was.

There is no escape for them now.

Marie Collins was abused by a cleric identified as Fr Edmondus in the report.

– Marie Collins

Irish Independent


One thought on “‘All I got was lies and deceit, I was bullied and threatened’

  1. I really battled reading through these articles of the horrifying atrocities committed by the Roman Catholic Church. How evil can an institution be when from the highest authority, (the Pope) down to the lowest, (the priests) all new what was happening and turned a blind eye? And these evil acts were done to children in their care. Children who needed love, nurture, and education were sexually abused and mentally tortured. How can such an institution who proclaims to believe in God be responsible for these horrific acts? How can people still go to their churches instead of burning them down? How can government who is voted into power to, amongst other things, ensure the nation’s children are protected, allow these atrocities to go on unabated?

    These revelations are only from Ireland. Could anybody in his or her right mind even contemplate that this is not a worldwide phenomenon? Certainly not! How do you stop these bastards? Well, one way is to do exactly what the Irish press is doing at the moment; delving deep into the abyss of the cover-ups by the RCC, the police, and the Irish government. Let people worldwide know what is happening at the RCC institutions; it might be happening in your neighbourhood. The RCC must be brought to justice, the culprits charged and those found guilty thrown in jail. And the RCC must be stripped of its riches and substantial compensation given to the victims of their crimes.


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