‘God told me I’d be raped’


‘God told me I’d be raped

2010-02-11 09:29

Neels Jackson

Pretoria – The wife of gospel singer Louis Brittz, who was raped by a robber on Monday night, has told how the Lord had warned her that she was to be raped.

A beaten-up Hettie Brittz told how the Lord had not left her alone and how she had felt her soul and spirit had been undamaged by the experience.

Despite her nightmare experience, which came after armed robbers overpowered her family in their home in a security complex in Centurion, she was still planning to swim the Midmar Mile this coming weekend.

She said she had been looking forward to it for a year and would not allow this incident to take away her enjoyment of life.


Her husband was still working when the robbers stormed into their house on Monday evening. They took him to the bedroom where Hettie was already in bed.

In the room, Louis told her “in the name of Jesus” (and in English so that the robbers would understand), that the men would take their things but not hurt them.

They were forced to lie on the floor where Louis told Hettie that if this was the end, they would see each other again in heaven.

Later the robbers took him away. One stayed with Hettie where she lay with her hands tied, half under the bed.

She said while she was lying like this, she heard the Lord tell her: “Hettie, you are my bride”.

She answered: “Yes, Jesus, I know.”

She said the Lord then told her that the man would rape her but not hurt her. The rapist was also not violent.

Antiretroviral treatment

But the examination that she had to undergo in hospital afterwards was bad. She had to drink medication that made her very nauseous. She was also given anti-retroviral treatment to fight HIV infection.

But for her, these were “battle scars in a war which we can’t lose”.

Louis too saw the event as an attack in a spiritual war.

The Lord existed outside of time and space, said Hettie. What had happened to her now was relevant 2 000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross for the rapist too.

It will also be relevant in ten years’ time when they bear witness to all that has followed the attack.

She said this didn’t mean the rape was unimportant. It was also not unimportant to the Lord. He said after all that he collected people’s tears and that the blood of believers was precious to him.

She knew the Lord was not unfeeling. He had prepared her and she had felt him holding her undamaged soul and spirit despite what had happened to her body.

Not bitter

She said she knew people would say she was living in denial. She herself was a therapist, however, and knew what trauma involved.

She knew there would be times when she became angry but she suspected she would not become bitter. The Lord would protect her against it. Bitterness would do nothing to the rapist but would eat at her.

Both she and Louis felt sorry for the rapist. They thought he was pathetic. He probably had never experienced the love of a woman.

– Beeld

18 thoughts on “‘God told me I’d be raped’

  1. Looks like god is all for rape. It is in the bible a lot too. It’s a shame that people believe this bullshit! Imagine how gullible their children are going to be? It is a shame that religious people bugger up their own children’s critical thinking capabilities. It is even worst when they try to bugger up other people’s children’s critical thinking capabilities.

    I feel sorry for this lady. But this article is proof of how delusional these religious fundies become after practicing religion from childhood.

    Religion is evil people! Can’t you see it?

    Best con job ever!


  2. Ek bid vir julle, Louis en Hettie en familie. Onthou al die woorde van ” In die Hemel is die Heer.” Deur die Kragvan die Kruis wys ons Vader Wie regeer. Ek bid vir julle die belofte in God se Woord soos in 1 Johannes 5:4-5 : Want enigeen wat ‘n kind van God is, kan die sondige wêreld oorwin.En die oorwinning wat ons oor die wêreld behaal het, is deur ons geloof.Wie anders is dit wat die wêreld oorwin as hy wat glo dat Jesus die Seun van God is. Ek bid dat die Heilige Gees julle elke dag versterk sodat julle tydellike letsels weer heel word. Klee julle met Jesus se Wapenrusting, en staan sterk in jul geloof.


  3. I read Neels Jackson’s articles in the Burger and could not help to feel sceptical on this report. On the same page two articles appeared – one an interview with the husband and the other with the wife/rape victim. What struck me is that no interview was conducted with the police. Zero follow-up by Neels regarding police confirmation and their take on it. No reference even to a police spokesperson, medical practisioner or authorities confirming the rape. I am not suggesting that the whole story is a fabrication, but cannot help noticing the martyr mentality so typical of many Christians. I know that if my wife was raped and reacted the way this woman does, I would be an extremely worried man and without hesitation send her for psychiatric evaluation. Come-on, you are raped and all you have to say is that you are not hurt, on even on a psychological level?….but low and behold, the medical examination was traumatic? This is plain crazy!

    No, sorry, the smell of a rodent hangs in the air. My sincere apologies to the victims if I am wrong, but in my defence it should be stated that Mr Jackson’s one-sided reporting carries significant weight in my sceptisism.


  4. Renè, jy en jou trawante kan maar bid tot julle blou in die gesig is, maar dit sal niks aan hierdie wêreld verander nie. Moord, doodslag en verkragtings sal voortgaan totdat die mens as spesie uitgesterf het. Niks sal van julle gebede kom nie want daar is nie ‘n god om na julle te luister nie. Julle lewe in ‘n droom wêreld, en die enigste manier hoe julle die teendeel kan bewys is om vir ons julle god te wys. Maar julle kan nie. Julle haal maar net weer uit julle boek van fabels aan en dink ons moet daardie nonsens glo.


  5. Nee-wat mense, christene het ‘n blok in hulle koppe.

    Dit wat hulle saam met moedersmelk ingekry het, is die waarheid vir hulle.
    Hulle het gestagneer tov hulle denke.

    Die sadste is dat hulle kiddies ook met die duiwel bang gemaak word.


  6. Well, yes, the fact that the article read “God told me I will be raped” does not make sense at all. Whether it was written badly by the journalist I am not sure about, but if this is in actual fact what Hettie said or heard, in my opinion, and having grown up with Christian values, I can only interpret this as a denial and shock reaction. I do however belief that Hettie will be able to deal with this trauma better than “non-believers” as the Lord, as she is a child of God, will carry her. I am also realistic to say that there could be times that a women that has been raped could be going into depressions and crying and some psychological trauma, and one should go through this because if you surpress this and live in denial the psyche will just one day split up and the person breaks down. So yes let us not be to “Christianlike” and become like machines and delusional. I have no sympathy for the rapist and he should get the death penalty as raping and violating the soul like this is murder. I am tired of Christians who excuse criminals because they did not no know better or do not know Jesus which is famous comment of Christians. Plainly, wrong is wrong and right is right and most criminals know right from wrong but they have been overtaken by evil and corruptness. Living outside RSA is for me heaven as if you live in RSA the chance is 90 percent or 100 that you will be raped or murdered. If Hettie live in Australia or Singapore this I tell you would not have happened. So if you choose to live in RSA what do you expect.? Sorry if this sounds harsh but the people who has left RSA is intelligent. Many Christians would say but that is where we need to stay to safe souls. Well God wants us to live in safe countries and will sent those in for periods of times to do the mission work, but I am sure God does not expect us to be murdered or raped in order to save some souls because some of these people are unsavable but yet so many Christians throw their pearls in front of the swine and they are prepared to die as martyrs for a rapist or a murderer – yes this is delusional. For the person called Savage ” I pitty” you, as you are more delusional than some real delusional Christians as yes there is a God who has created you and this earth, you are just a mere human being mocking creation and God. Im sorry that you have been so disillusioned with live that you have become an atheist. I personally had my own trauma and have reason to not to belief in God, but I have seen to many beautiful things that confirms my logic thinking that there is a God. Christians wake up and smell the coffee…(God told me im going to be rape- give me a break) and atheists there is a loving God.


  7. Karen,

    Please tell me where is your God ? Where do you find him/her/it ?
    Perhaps, in the growing trees or in the sun shining, the birds singing, the wind, the thunder, … perhaps in the earthquake, the tsunami, the volcano eruptions … perhaps in signs like songs, poetry, a loving person or helping hands, ,,, perhaps with the suppression of freedom or rights, differences in opinion, culture, wars, …
    Please would you tell me, Karen, where is your God ?


  8. If any of you have the guts to have coffee with me, the delusional raped lady, it would be an honour for me! Just Google my name, find my site and contact me. I would love to answer any questions you might have, and if you don’t have any (which seems to be the case!) and if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask a few questions too, so I can tap into your amazing insights. blogs are too safe for real conversations, don’t you think!?


  9. Hettie, I am very sorry what happened to you and cannot imagine the trauma you must have gone through.

    But what I can imagine when I read your words: ““Hettie, you are my bride”. and: “Yes, Jesus, I know.”, is that you are delusional and “bat shit crazy”, to use McBrolloks’ words. People like you are a danger to children, and it is a pity that you and your kind are left alone to corrupt and infest young people’s minds.


  10. Dankie vir die uitnodiging van ‘n praatjie Hettie. En sterkte vorentoe – ek bedoel dit opreg glo jy het dit nodig. Jy is welkom om my op te soek wanneer en indien jy ooit die Kaap besoek – ek het die uitnodiging op jou webtuiste gerig en my kontakdetails verskaf.
    Ek het toe jou en jou man se webtuistes (www.evergreenparenting.co.za en http://www.louisbrittz.com) besoek en moet jul gelukwens met jul innoverende idees. Ek is self ‘n besigheidsman en het groot waardering vir innovering wanneer ek dit raakloop. Ek kan sien julle is uitnemende entrepeneurs – ek meen, al die geseënde, CD’s, boekies, salfies, botteljies en balletjies wat in jesus se naam aangebied word. Hy gee seker nie om dat julle sy handelsmerk so openlik gebruik nie, ne? Dis mos in sy naam. Tot ‘n afslaghoekie, amper soos ‘n properse jesus Pep Stores. Julle gee my heelwat idees.


  11. What if you die? What will you say to God to let you in heaven. It is only by HIS grace. Who are we to judge other people if we don’t want to be judged. Hettie is a woman with more guts than all of you together. I you are a man have coffee with her and face her. You are raping the name of God’s children. You are just like the rapist. Without a soul that don’t know better.


  12. Fritz, you don’t get it, do you. We don’t believe your god exists, or the Greek gods, or any other god. There is no heaven.

    “It is only by HIS grace”, my ass.

    Why hasn’t anybody ever returned after death to warn atheists of their “impending doom”? Because when you are dead, you are dead. No soul left to go anywhere. Just the worms eating your flesh.


  13. Believe what you want, Fritz, believe what you wish !
    We live somewhat in a free world !
    Some people still do want to live in a stagnant beliefs world system where a 2thousand-year-old scripture is their remedy – no questions must be asked – forced and/or thought at early childhood for centuries.
    All for the good of humankind !
    Fortunately, others used their natural abilities of critical thinking, always searching, questioning, finding cures, creating laws, etc. to better our living conditions.
    Rape is an horrible act and the offender should be pursued ! In dangerous, unbearable-to-face situations, it is known that the brain/mind find ways to escape from reality.
    Believe it or not !
    This is evolution ~ Atheists have morals, have a thinking mind/soul ~ we are good people – but don’t be mad or offended – we just don’t believe what we were told ~ we looked beyond ,,, outside the box …


  14. Hi Fritz,
    I will try my utmost to answer your questions, but somehow I get the feeling you’re not really interested in my comments. Your main interest is to inform me of the difficult times that lies ahead of me the day I peg. But since I am the optimistic type, here goes:
    1) What if you die? – What do you mean IF? I hate to break it to you, but death is a certainty. Its going to happen sooner or later. Does this scare you Fritz? Is this the reason for your belief in the supernatural? – in order to have hope for everlasting life? You see Fritz, non-believers like myself tends to live life to the fullest. We live it as though it really is our last day on planet earth. We do this because we know, when the lights go out, the ride is over. Finish and klaar (to quote Mr Selebi). We do not live for one day. You know – one day I will have money, one day I will travel, one day I will retire, and of course one day I will live forever next to my god…..Yeah, one day I’m dead and spent my life dreaming of ONE DAY. Religion is all about hoping for better times…one day.
    2)What will you say to God to let you in heaven? – Nothing. I will be dead. Kaput. Death will make it impossible for me to speak. Very simple fact Fritz. Think back, your st5 Biology teacher taught you this. Remember now?
    3) It is only by HIS grace. – That is presuming “HE” exists. And he does not. Just like Zeus, Allah, Ra, Hermes, and many other gods does not exist.
    4)Who are we to judge other people if we don’t want to be judged? Please point out where I judged Hettie. I simply think she is delusional and in need of psychiatric treatment.
    5) Hettie is a woman with more guts than all of you together. – Perhaps. And your point is?
    6) I you are a man have coffee with her and face her. – I have doen exactly this, Fritz. Used the e-mail address on her website and invited her. No reply from the lady. Perhaps she is too busy selling pink booklets and making loads of money in the process. Anyway, if it will make you feel better, here goes: Hettie, will you have coffee with me?Tell me when you are visiting the Cape and I will do my utmost to fit you into my schadule. You nam the Coffe shop.
    7) You are raping the name of God’s children. You are just like the rapist. Without a soul that don’t know better. – That is a mouthful, Fritz. Hope you wiped the foam from your cheeks after penning down this gem. You just confirmed what us non-believers already know: religion has the power to make good men do and say evil things. And I am making the assumption here that you are a good person. Either that, but seriously affected by religous dogma, or alternatively you were born with a few screws missing.
    On one issue you are quite correct though – I do not have a soul. Neither do you, or any of us. But we do hve a brain, you know, that organ positioned in your cranial cavity. And guess what – this organ may be used for thinking. Note that I use the word MAY, because obviously the choice is your’s to make, Fritz. The problem is only that it is probably more difficult for people like yourself and Hettie to make this choice because your religous dogma insists that “you must believe like a child”, i.e. don’t make optimal use of your grey matter.


  15. Dear Malherbe,
    I want to start off by saying,if Hettie is not taking your Coffee invite,may I please?
    Pity Fritz,Hettie (en al die ander spul nole) is too stupid to understand and appreciate you.
    I also live in Cape town.
    Liefste Hettie,
    Ek voel uit my hart uit jammer vir wat met jou gebeur het maar,jy is donners kens,stapelgek!
    Ek hoop jy het sederdien by TARA/Witrand aangemeld?
    Moenie immigreer of uit Centurion trek nie,dis net die afrikanerdom wat dink jy is okei in die kop om die
    verkragting as ligte vrugte aftemaak,want Liewe Jesus het dan jou voorberei en terselde tyd gevra om te trou?Is jy ernstig of is dit n business boestertjie?
    Selfs die 10 miskien 20 Christene(Britse nie Afrikaanse) wat oor is hier in UK(Dankie tog,baie skaars),will run for the hills,as hulle hoor watse kak jy kweit raak!
    Ek kom oor n maand terug na SA,en al wat ek kan se is, dankie tog ek woon nie in Centurion,waar die algenmene denkwyse is dat Hettie het al haar varkies en nog meer!Ek hoop en vertrou op evolusie,nog net 2/3 geslagte dan is Centurion se primitiewe denkwyse soos die res van die wereld.Komons hou almal styf duimvas!
    PS.Hettie jy kan weereens jou sterre dank jy woon in SA waar atheist so skaars is,dat jy ons net op die internet ontmoet,sodat jy oor n koppie koffie in ons wereld in kan tap…..In SA word julle vieslike,vuil,spul gemors Christen wereld in ons kele afgeforseer…….however it is changing,slowly but surely.


  16. Ha! Ha! Ek sien ek het weer die laaste se. In die eerste plek dis moerse hartseer om te sien hoe mense nog bly vasklou aan gekighede soos geloof in god. Kyk God is darem ‘n baie narsisistiese, wreedaardige sadis. Hy weet duidelik nie hoe dit is om mens te wees nie. Hy ken ook geensins justice nie. Sy wereld is opgefok wat hy gemaak het, hys incompetent. Die interresante ding is dat christene vir mens altyd se dat god nie ‘n volmaakte wereld kan skep nie maar terselfde tyd glo aan hierdie wonderlikke volmaakte plek waarheen mens gaan as jy nice was en jy gaan dood. Vir julle ruggraatlose, papbroekigge klomp christene, uit ‘n christen se perspektief ( Of soos dit behoort te wees) – Die Here help die wat hulle self help! Julle moet daai klomp donners laat les opse! Wat hulle gedoen het is in die meeste gelowe se oe ‘n verskriklikke ding. Dit is teen die wette van enige land! Hulle kom in julle huis in en kom doen dan nog so ‘n verskriklikke ding aan julle. Daar is ‘n tyd en plek vir alles! ‘n Tyd vir vergelding ook! Ek se bring terug die doodstraf!!!!!! Wie is ons om te besluit wie moet leef en sterf? Ons is die goverment en ons maak die reels! Ons sal besluit wie leef en wie sterf!!!! As jy nie doen wat die wette se nie sal jy hard kak fokker!!!! Ek se moet nie net doodstraf terug bring nie maar bring terug die elektriese stoel! Laat julle konte kan smeul wat moor en verkrag. Hulle moet sommer ‘n video maak daarvan en vir alle prisoniers wys! Amper soos op green mile. Hierdie stront gaan nie ophou tot ou sparky kom kuier nie. Sparky is al lus vir ‘n braai in Suid – Afrika. Drastic times call for drastic measures!


  17. Net sommer n joke. Twee boys kom bymekaar, een se – How was the sex last night? Die ander se – Eish it was good! Die ander een vra – Then whys your yes always so red? Die ander se – I think its the peppaspray! Nee Mcbrolloks ek dink jou sites is alles in vain. Want hierdie klomp christine wil nie met hulle stront ophou nie! Ons moet nou maar net hulle kak verdra soos al die ander kak in hierdie wereld. Dit is mense wat ander mense se lewens kak maak. Mense is die mees fucking terrible goed wat ooit bestaan het! Wat het evolusie gedoen? Of soos christene behoort te dink, wat het daai monster van ‘n god gemaak? ‘n Ding wat die mees destruktiewe creature ooit is en dan na sy ewebeeld ook nog boonop. Wat se dit van hom?


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