My wife donates too much money to the Church……


Following a problem with our son’s drug addiction and descent into theft and abuse, my wife suddenly got involved in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (the Brazilian money grabbers), hoping it would be a path to salvation for our son. I work away from home for long periods and so am not there to support her enough. I suppose this is what led to her dependence on the Church. She donates almost every cent I send her in support money, and as far as I am concerned the situation is totally out of control (she has now given at least 500,000 Rand and we now have no savings), and detrimental to our other two kids. She gets agressively defensive when I mention that these are tough times and that we should be saving. She also has major guilt as the son in question is her son (my step-son) enough though I have cared for him since he was very small. Regardless of what I say, she can’t get rid of this guilt of what “she” has brought on the rest of us.

What can I do to stop this. On top of all of this, she knew even before we were married that I am an atheist. before this crisis (four years now) she was religious only once or twice a year.

Tks for any advice.


3 thoughts on “My wife donates too much money to the Church……

  1. I.S.O worrying about the money – why don;t you as a parent rather focus on your child being addicted and take ACTION to get your child some help.
    you can always replace money but never a child.


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