Masturbation is a sin? – Gretha Wiid is truly and amazingly stupid.


Masturbation is a sin?

Lili Radloff isn’t impressed with the “female Angus Buchan’s” latest preachings.

Article: Lili Radloff

Both the NG and Hervormde (reformed) church spoke out against this, saying that men and women should be equal partners in a marriage. Now, for crying in a bucket, if the Hervormde Kerk thinks you’re taking things a little far that should really be a sign to take a step back and breathe a little.

Ms Wiid, of course, didn’t. In this week’s Huisgenoot this self-styled expert speaks openly about her ideas (read commandments) about sex. In the article she mentions that sexologists (you know, the people who’ve actually STUDIED human sexual behaviour) will probably disagree with her. Here I have to pause and grudgingly congratulate her on that uncharacteristically astute observation.

Why? Because she says alone masturbation is wrong. In fact, she reckons any sexual exploration done before or outside of marriage is wrong. Thus, you are allowed to touch yourself ONLY when you are already married and your husband has an active part in your masturbation.

Now while this can definitely spice up your marital sex, I can’t help being shocked and horrified on two levels: first, in a country riddled with HIV/AIDS, unplanned pregnancies and sexual abuse, Ms Wiid slams the one sexual practice that has no negative personal or greater social effects.
Is she totally deluded or just criminally stupid?

Second, as someone who deals with literally hundreds of letters every month from women who get almost no pleasure from their marital sex beds because their husbands/partners are either too self-involved or too ignorant to understand their wives’ bodies, I think it is wildly irresponsible and counterproductive of this woman to go round actively discouraging women to explore what makes them tick sexually.

She actually suggests that women hand over their sexuality, their bodies and their sexual decisions completely into the hands of men.

And although her idea sounds somewhat quaint in a 1960’s Mills & Boon type of way (just so you know, I think my husband would be a great custodian of my vagina) the reality is that most South African women live in a society where female sexuality is still kept very much in a chokehold by the grubby male paws of patriarchy.

So I can only come to one conclusion: Ms Wiid who has handed the ownership of her own vagina into the hands of her husband (who is also her master) must be one kinky cookie.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe masturbation ruins marriages every day. So own up wankers! Do you think masturbation adds or detracts from your sex life…


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  1. Masturbation is the main reason my partner and I have such great sex. If it weren’t for figuring out what makes me tick in the privacy of my own body, I don’t think I would have ever had the courage (or knowledge) to tell my partner what turns me on.


  2. Masturbation enhances my sex life. It is great fun to have my man walk into the house and there I am playing. It has helped me to learn my body and what I enjoy. There makes sex all that much more intense when I get to teach him what I enjoy.


  3. I agree with Greta Wiid. All her statements and comments are based on biblical fact. Something that we sorely need in today’s world.

    So like you said sarcastically, “Maybe I’m wrong…” Yes indeed you are sir!


  4. Pete, the fact that you support a wacko like Greta Wiid speaks volumes. Biblical Fact, Pete? Is there such a thing? I suppose you also believe in the Biblical facts of:
    1) 6000 year old earth,
    2) earth formed in 6 days
    3) Virgin births, talking donkeys
    4) death by stoning for picking up wood on Sunday
    5) Raping of virgins in the name of your God
    6) Killing your neighbour because she comitted adultery
    7) Stoning your daughter to death because she had sex out of wedlock.

    Do you apply those “facts” from the bible in your daily life? This dishonestey (with yourselves) that Christians apply in their daily lives is to me the most difficult to understand. I can understand most peoples yearning for a skydaddy to get through their lives, but I fail to understand the double standards and dishonesty that goes with it. Or is it OK with your god if you are dishonest with yourself? Is your god happy with the fact that you teach your children that rape and slavery is wrong, but in the same breath talk about “biblical fact”? You are delusional Pete. Had it not been that the majority of people believes in some sort of skydaddy, you Pete, would probably find yourself in a mental institution or at the very least receiving intensive psychiatric treatment. There is zero difference between you and someone going around worshipping the FROG KING – the only difference is that our FROG worshipper will find himself probably in the looney bin, while Mr Pete is regarded as sane because of safety-in-numbers.


  5. I’ts actually quite sad how some people still don’t believe!!!! I’m all for Greta Wiid. She inspires me.

    “Malherbe” You are so wrong.
    Why is it that such a large % of people, who don’t believe, turn to GOD when times are tough. Why then is he real enough?

    I pray that your eyes will see so clearly the love of God.

    Have a great day


  6. Jax, your comments so typical of a non-thinking, uncritical, programmed mind. What o you base your statements on? You do not explain or justify any of your remarks. I would like to suggest you attend a very basic debating course where they will teach you that unsubstantiated comments is very much like pissing into the wind – you are bound to end up urinating on yourself. Lets go through your comments:
    – “I’ts actually quite sad how some people still don’t believe!!!!” – I disagree. Religion is at the core of many of the problems we have today. You are a case in point: an obviously broken person incapable of distinguishing the wood from the trees.
    – “I’m all for Greta Wiid. She inspires me.” – I’m happy for you. If she inspires you, you are obviously scraping the bottm of the barrel. This woman is a brain-dead ignoramus that belongs in the Dark Ages. Do you know the meaning of the word inspiration? Can you enlighten us as to how she inspires you? Personally I find more inspiratgion in my Golden retriever than somebody like Ms Wiid.
    – “Why is it that such a large % of people, who don’t believe, turn to GOD when times are tough. Why then is he real enough?” – This is so typical of the lies that Christians tell – lies for jesus. Where id you get this “fact” Jax? In my experience, this is more true for believers – they tend to turn to their gods when things get rough and n my pinion usually when they do not want to take resonsibility for the result of their own actions. Here’s the thing Jax: I have not come across one non-believer that turns to religion when things “get rough”. Not one. Interestingly I have experienced the opposite: in general, atheists tend to live life to the full and take responsibility for their actions. In other word, they do not look for excuses for inherint weaknesses but istead tend to own up and move on.
    – “I pray that your eyes will see so clearly the love of God.” – Ahhh, there we go. Always the little prayer at the end. Such a nice way to wrap an insult into a silky blanket of “I care for you”. Does this give you a fuzzy feeling Jax? Make you feel good about yourself? Give you a bit of self-worth?

    Jax, your god does not exist. He/she nly exists in your mind. If you were born in India, you would today pray for a different god. That is fact. Lastly, I put it to you that you are also a non-believer. You are an atheist, when it comes to the gods Isis, Ra, Prometheus, Zeus, Allah and many more. When you understand why you do not believe in those gods, you will understand why I don’t believe in yours.

    My wish for you is to have an enlightened day. May it dawn upon you that you are delusional and in dire need of psychiatric treatment.


  7. Meh. Bottom line. To each their own.

    Masturbation is a healthy recreational activity for both men and women. I just wrote a huge blog article with links for stats and research, and medical evidence as to why masturbating is good for one’s long term health. (

    I think it is crazy in this day and age for people to be embarrassed about sex and masturbation. Seriously… for in my opinion (please notice I wrote my opinion) if people are against masturbating.. that is the sin. Ya got it, use it. And if god/God/Dominating Alien Species whatever you choose to beleive in… if they did not want us to feel pleasure by touching ourselves then why the hell would so many nerves be in my clit? Or on the head of a penis? Or around the rim of my anus? Or my nipples? Come on. Seriously.


  8. Masturbating and screwing can’t be wrong, because my grandmother, who was very religious, approved of both. We were youngsters on the farm (boys and girls) sitting behind the kraal wall one morning. My grandma looked out the kitchen window and , not being able to see where we were and what we were doing, shouted: “Savage, Doreen, Alice, what are you doing?” We shouted back: “We are masturbating and screwing, Grandma!” She replied: “That’s nice, children, as long as you don’t smoke.”


  9. Yeah Savage. Smoking is far worst than masturbating and screwing, and not as much fun. Not that there is anything wrong with masturbating and screwing. Depending how you do it.


  10. For Pete, Jax and other Greta’s followers : find below some great tips and ways to mastubate !
    By the people, for the people right at your fingertips !

    Studies have shown that physiologic signs of sexual arousal occur in ALL children from very early infancy onward. There is nothing inherently harmful to the child about masturbation itself. It neither causes nor is a sign of any physical or emotional problems whatsoever.

    Of course, Masturbation is far older than your two tomes’ tale !
    I bet Zeus could tell you all about it since he is known for his erotic escapades ! No need to get too disturbed by our own Human Nature ! Enjoy those great real-life stories and … See You Later Mastubator !


  11. Why is it always necessary to attack Christians? Greta Wiid never forced anyone to believe whats she’s saying. If you dont agree, then you dont agree. Tough shit! But dont go out there and attack ppl by your words. Maybe we all are actually dillusional. Who knows?


  12. Lanie, Greta Wiid is a real horrible cunt. She goes to high schools in SA and she tells the girls that they will go to hell if they let the boys smootch them etc. Greta should be banned from talking to other peoples children. If that crazy loon of a cunt comes near my child I will call the cops and have her arrested. It is pure child abuse the clap trap she pushes onto kids.

    You and Greta can go and howl at the moon and not play with your pussies without your husbands’ permission. Go ahead, that’s fine with me. But leave other people alone. Especially other peoples children.

    BTW. do you believe masturbation is a sin. One you can spend an eternity in hell for?

    You fundies are bat-shit crazy. Vaginas are dirty in your gods eyes. I wonder why that is?


  13. Jerry Coyne had a nice blog about the size of the penis. Nothing new when he reported that the self-measured-length was not remotely in step with the scientific (or womanly) measurements. Like 7 inches became 5 inches. (Poor guys who self-measured 4 inches.) What about the clitoris? As John Steinbeck wrote in Cannery Row that the twenty’s generation knew more about a the workings of the model T Ford’s carburettor than the workings of the clitoris; has anything changed?


  14. Lani,
    I agree with you. To each his own, I say…..BUT do Christians extend the same courtesy? Do they keep their ridiculous ideas to themselves? Do they keep it in their churches where it surely belongs? As Mcbrolloks mentions, Ms Wiid is allowed to spew her ridiculous dribble in our school halls. Would the headmaster of a secular government school allow me to hold a talk in his school on the dangers of religion? You know the answer to that one.

    Christian dogma is forced down our throats on a daily basis and from a very young age. My 6-year old have to listen to his teacher praying in class every single morning. On top of it he has to hear that a god created earth. And I am referring here to a government school, so please don’t argue that I can put my child in another school – an argument I often hear from christians. They are quick to grab for the constitution when Julius Malema wants to touch property rights, but apparantly the “majority rules” when it comes to their religous practises in a secular system.

    But Lani, I do not understand why you mention that “attacking people with words” is a bad thing. Or would you prefer attacking with weapons like Christians did through the ages and still do today under the name of their gods? Or perhaps you suffer from martyr-syndrome so typical of Christians society. If the latter is the case, then surely you should be thanking us for attacking you…..


  15. Well said Malherbe.

    I put some more Gretha Wiid gems on the blog.

    This bat shit crazy loon of a cunt Gretha Wiid believes we are at the end of days, and she praises Muslims for their violence in the name of their god.

    What more can we say? She is insane!


  16. Mcbrolloks, I think the time is ripe to start an atheist school in RSA. A school where ANY form of religion practises is explicitly forbidden. A school where the dictum is “We put our trust in nothing supernatural”. Where liars like Buchan and Wiid can be openly critised and where the dangers of religous indoctrination can be emphasised.

    Note that the suggestion above goes against my principles, because it implies indoctrination, i.e. making myself guilty of the exact practises I dispise about our christian society. But when I read the crap that my volkie eats up for breakfast, I have little hope for the future. Good, healthy brains are being programmed by brain-dead zombies like Bobby van Jaarsveld and Wiid and Buchan….and anyone that sees the gap to make money. Makes me want to scream.

    The only hope we have is the information age and the fact that we are living at a time where novel knowlege is growing at an exponential rate. I cannot see how religion will be able to withstand this knowledge wave in the long term. I cannot see how a Greta Wiid can have the same impact on the youth, say twenty years from now. Perhaps I am being naive, or hopeful, but the fact of the matter is that Europe is already halfway there and as always, the rest will follow…..with USA, the Muslim world and RSA (in that order) probably the last ones to see the light.


  17. Hi Malherbe,

    I agree with you.

    Schools that are strictly secular will be very popular. I bet you will have a long list of applications every year from parents who want their kids to get an education that focus on learning, not brainwashing.

    As for criticizing religion and hoer-poesse like Wiid, that comes naturally with the development of critical thinking capabilities. These wankers deserves to be criticized. They are the ones who open themselves up to it. They are the ones who ask for confrontation. They are the ones in the public domain spewing their hatred and ignorance and they are the ones who are trying to brainwash other peoples children. And bok-dose like Bobby van Jaarsveld who uses their star status to brainwash teenagers, well, that donkie-hol needs to be openly criticized as much as possible.

    I can just see the fundies from all religions shitting their pants when an openly secular school opens up in their city. The protesters will all be from different cults and sects and religions, but how dare you not bow down to some supernatural being? They will all stand together for their “rights” to fuck with other people’s children’s minds.

    If I had a ton of money I would open up a school like that, and it will grow nationally fast. There are so many people who would love to send their children to a school where they are free from brainwashing and where their critical thinking capabilities are developed from an early age. Also, to be sure your child is out of reach of delusional hoer-poes-deur-die-kak teachers who believes the earth is 5000 years old, that is worth serious consideration.

    This way you keep quality teachers and a quality curriculum.

    Fuck uniforms too. Conformity is the building block of the fundies. Encourage individuality. Who cares what a kid wears to school, as long as they go there to learn.


  18. Mcbrolloks, who nows, perhaps the opportunity to start such a school will arise. The ingredients yu require is:
    1) A bunch of like-minded individuals with the same goal
    2) A demand for what you have to offer in order to build a solid business case
    3) Investors that believe in the business case

    The starting point is always talking about it, then dreaming and then doing. Perhaps one day…


  19. A few years agao I attended my 25year school reunion. Also attending was this one girl, reknown (during our highschool career) for being “lekker los”. Those days she had zero scruples, but at the reunion she was telling everyone that wanted to listen, that “she had found god” and how wonderful it was, and (here comes the irony) that she is bringing up her two daughters with a “strictly christian value-system”. According to her, her two teenagers are two little angels that can do no wrong. I asked her if she was brought up with religous principles. “Of course,” the answer came swiftly, and went on to elaborate how religous her parents were. My next question was if her parents knew everything about her personal life as a teenager. A long silence, and the gem: “Yes, but that was different, my daughters shares everything with me.” I looked at her, smiled and walked away.


  20. Hi Malherbe,

    Yes, you see that a lot. Legs in the air for years, then all of a sudden it is like that vagina got sewn shut by the holy ghost and jesus. (God does not like vagina’s, except that once, but that was for a special purpose)

    My mom’s best friend from years ago was like that. She was a real slut. She fucked anything that she could get her legs around. Her poor husband. They had two children, who me and my sisters were friends with. At almost every party mom would just disappear, sometimes more than once that night, and then reappear later with a big smile on her face. She even shagged my cousin who was in the army, visiting us for a weekend, on our lawn, where my sisters and their friends were watching them. (She did not know anyone was watching, he-he).

    Then a couple years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. She survived. It was all because jesus saved her. She became the biggest bible basher ever. No more sex with strangers. Her marriage was already wrecked and I have lost contact with her children. Now it’s just her and jesus. Nobody wants to be friends with her anymore because she only talks about jesus.

    I hope I never find jesus!!!!! Sounds like a brain sickness that totally destroys a person over a long period of time.


  21. Yes Mcbrolloks, if it wasn’t so sad it would actually be funny. My own brother’s story sounds very almost exactly the same as the woman you mention above. He used to pomp anything with a heartbeat, then at the ripe old age of 38 turned around, got married to a real koek and now preaches to all and sundry about the terrible sins of the world. Even started his own church. The saddest of all – in the process I’ve lost a brother and friend. He was replaced with a judgemental know-it-all on one massive ego-trip. Good example of what dear jesus does to families.


  22. Great discussion. When we moved to America, it was like the middle ages! The nuns actually believed! The priests knew it was a crock, but it paid well and they got 3 squares a day, and probably banged the kids.


  23. Precisely Minnie. Now take off your blinkers, look around, and see who is enforcing their religion on others. E.g. do you know what a secular school system supposedly entails? No religion in education, Minnie. Religion belongs in a church or in the privacy of a family home, not in a school and certainly not in a governmnt school with an official policy of secularism. Is this the case in RSA? You know the answer, so Minnie please tell me who is enforcing their belief on whom? Get it miss “Wanna Minnie”?


  24. Brothers and Sisters in God, if you believe in the power of prayer, and I know you do because you said you do. Would you please get out your checkbooks , or proceed to a bank and make it out in my name. I am praying that you will do this. Since you believe in the power of prayer, you will feel the power of the Lord rising in you , compelling you to pick up that pen and send me a check.


  25. As mense van kerke dalk net geweet het wat in die bybel staan en daar volgens wou lewe, so die klomp nie Gretha Wiid veroordeel het en self so sondig soos almal gewees het nie! Maak oop julle oe! Die kerk moet jou nie al die goed leer nie, maak self jou bybel oop en kyk self wat da in staan, want julle word beskryf as low christine! Gretha Wiid jy is wonderlik!!!!!!!


  26. Ai toggie, nog ‘n moroon wat nie twee samehangede sinne kan skryf nie. OK Heinrich, kom ons slaan jou kakhandleiding oop by Deuteronomium 22:28 – 29: Hier verklaar jou gotte dat indien ‘n man ‘n maagd verkrag, hy verplig is om met haar te trou en ook haar pa 50 shekels moet betaal vir die ou wandaadjie.

    Verduidelik asseblief Heinrich. Het jy ‘n suster of dogter? Verkieslik ‘n maagd asseblief. Ek belowe ek sal die geldjie betaal na die daad gepleeg is. OK met jou? Nie? Ag nee man, ek dog dan jy kry jou morele waardestelsel uit jou huilerige kakhandleiding.

    As jy wil, kan ek vele versies vir jou aanhaal waar jou gotte die vlg aanbeveel:
    1) Slawerny (het jy geweet liewe jesussie verduidelik mooi hoe jy jou slaaf moet slaan?)
    2) Verkragting – jou gotte beveel dit nie net aan nie, maar gee opdrag daartoe. Ek kan stukkies aanhaal (indien jy dit vereis) waar jou gotte opdrag gee dat alle mense en spesifiek die mans en die seuntjies doodgemaak moet word, maar die maagde moet gespaar word – by hulle kan die mans lê- jy weet seker wat ‘lê’ in hierdie geval beteken ne Heinrich?
    3) Kindermishandeling – jy het seker al die storietjie gelees van Abraham wat vir Isak moes opoffer? Absoluut skokkend dat jul christinne dit aan die kapstok van “edelheid” hang. Al ooit gedink wat sou gebeur indien jou pa jou op ‘n brandstapel plaas met die vuurhoutjies gereed? Behalwe vir die feit dat hy vir kindermishandeling aangekla sou word (met reg, sou ek skat), al ooit gedink watter permanente skade aan jou as kind aangerig sou word?

    En so kan ek tot vervelens toe aangaan, Heinrich. En dit sal geen verskil aan jou siening maak nie, want daar word van kleins af van jou vereis om “te glo soos ‘n kind” en dis wat jy tans as grootmens (my aannname) steeds doen. Dit is dus geen wonder dat ouens soos jy slegs die gedeeltes uit jul huilerige handleiding “cherrypick” wat met jul wollerige dogmatiese denke saampraat nie. Die waarheid maak eenvoudig te seer en julle hou dus maar vol om te “glo soos kinders” , terwyl die waarheid julle daagliks in die gesig staar.

    En dis OK so. Jy kan doen net wat jy wil en glo net waarin jy wil, maar wanneer ‘n aartsdoos soos Gretha Wiid haar stront by sekulêre skole in kinders se kele gaan afdruk, dan is dit verkeerd. Julle het geen reg hiertoe nie – inteendeel, dit is onwettig. En asseblief, indien jy nie verstaan wat sekulêr beteken nie, gaan slaan dit na alvorens jy reageer. Anders loop jy, soos Analfa, die gevaar om jou naam dubbel en dwars met ‘n plank te slaan.


  27. Snaaks hoe die godbots heeltyd antwoorde en bewyse vereis wanneer dit by bewese feite soos evolusie kom, maar wanneer mens ‘n eenvoudige vragie rakende hul Huilerige Handleiding vra, daal ‘n dawerende stilte neer.

    Enige ander godioot daarbuite wat my kan uithelp met Deuteronomium 22:28 – 29? Komaan ouens, dit kan mos nie te moeilik wees nie. Die Geeste het mos die verborge raaisels van jul lawwe handleiding oopgemaak. Ons wag op jul diepe insigte.


  28. Ja-nee Savage, maar dan word ons daarvan beskuldig dat ons vrae “dodge”. Ek het Natasjjjja se poste weer gaan lees en kon nie ‘n enkele sinvolle frase teekom nie; van ‘n direkte vraag nog minder. Maar miskien is ons net onnosel – miskien bestaan die woord “chalange” wel, maar die betekenis is vir ons verborge. Amper soos die betekenis van Deut 22:28 – 29.

    Hierdie tipe blatante oneerlikheid by christinne (en Moslem godiote…. om Natasjjjjja tevrede te stel) fassineer my. Lyk my hulle glo hul gotte sal hul di leuens vergeef solank dit in die naam van die gotte en tot voordeel van die gotte gepleeg word. Slim gotte hierdie…


    • Are you seriously going to tell me you never rub one out yourself? That you believe a ghost cares what you do with your vagina in your own house by yourself? You must be bat-shit crazy!!! Or your a liar, like all people who say they don’t wank. Ha-ha!!


    • Michele, are you for real? Let me illustrate the word of your god (as I’ve done so many times before to other godiots):

      Deuteronomium 22:28 – 29 states that if a man rapes a virgin, he is obliged to marry her as long as he pays her daddy 50 shekels for the deed. What do you say, Michele? You and your dad OK with this? Just remember, you must be a virgin, otherwise this rule will not apply. O, and by the way, there are some other nice rules for married women that might rock your world, coming to you straight from your Holy Babble.

      I find it quite astonishng that females cannot see that their holy book was written by a bunch of male chauvanists.


  29. Michele, ma belle …
    Are you afraid of experiencing pleasure ? Do you feel your “moral standard” has been violated ?

    ~suum cuique pulchrum est ~ to each his own is beautiful~

    Here are some good fun fresh straight out of the oven facts !
    just for you and yours bat-shit-crazy-loons friends,

    Studies have found that masturbation is frequent in humans of both sexes and all ages. Various medical and psychological benefits have been attributed to a healthy attitude to sex in general and to masturbation in particular, and no causal relationship is known between masturbation and any form of mental or physical disorder. Acts of masturbation have been celebrated in art worldwide since prehistory. While there was a period (from the late 18th to the early 20th century) when it was subject to medical censure and social conservatism, it is considered a normal part of healthy life today. There have been masturbation marathons and health service slogans such as “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”. It is commonly mentioned in popular music as well as on television, in films and in literature.

    ~An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away~ great motto !
    McBrolloks, is there any way we could add this well-being advice into the Manifestation for Basic Human Rights. Either under Sex Education or under #10 safe sex or under it’s own. Masturbation is such a big guilt moral power trip among purist radical religious fundies and their followers also a total brainwashing scary ugly tactic used upon the children.
    Something like this would do, please review & rewrite if needed :
    Every human’s right to masturbate and to educate themselves about their own body.


  30. Have you heard the joke about Van participating in a “draadtrek kompetisie”? Wel, Van came 1st, 3rd, 7th, 31st and 89th. Now thàt takes some doing!


  31. The Christian anti-masturbation doctrine is a contender for the most sadistic concept ever devised by man. To deny singles and the lonely the right to relieve overwhelming hormonal pressure upon the body, (lest the God of OMNIBENEVOLENT, UNCONDITIONAL love sends them to an eternity of torture should they fail to repent – and after he has imbued them with those desires, independent of their own request and without providing them with a partner simultaneously) is truly unconscionable.

    Of course this is the same God who endorsed slavery, the beating of slaves to death, copious acts of genocide, infanticide, smashing little babies against rocks and the destruction and displacement of others, the rape of innocent women, animal cruelty and let’s not forget the aforementioned torturing people eternally for failing to believe absurdities during a FINITE life!

    What angers me more than anything is that these born-again Stockholm Syndrome sufferers continue to peddle this savage, Bronze Age totalitarianism whilst living it, and enjoying the privileges laid down by a democracy. Traumatized minds or not, can’t they see that this is the practise of Jesus’ ultimate peeve – HYPOCRISY?

    In the case of Mrs Wiid, I find it equally twisted that such a beautiful, sensual woman would preach to highly libidinous teenagers that masturbation is sinful and should be abstained from. It has to be one of the most twisted BDSM fantasy scenarios I have ever heard of.

    The real danger is that people like her are still out there, inflicting untold trauma on the innocent, the uneducated and the credulous. Let us not forget Kip Eliason and other children who have been driven to suicide by this horrendously cruel teaching. These monsters are potential murderers among us, and they are not going to go away unless we band together to speak out against them.

    The Bible is always the finest weapon to use against a Christian terrorist!


    • Well said Tanya.
      This hipocrisy is the thing that gets me most about religion. You can replace the word democracy with scientific innovation and come to the same conclusion. It always amazes me that the religiose are quite happy to accept their cellphone technology, but when the same principles applied supports a theory proving their religious dogma wrong, they jump up and down and appose it.


      • Absolutely, Malherbe, and thank you. They are all creationists until they fall sick! That’s when they temporarily embrace Darwinism by visiting a physician.

        On the masturbation issue, I do have comprehensive knowledge on the subject. My husband was broken by a religious sect when he was a teenager and suffered horrendously at their hands. It’s a pity there isn’t a hell for them to go to!

        We jointly wrote a paper on the subject which we use to challenge Christians who peddle this sadism.


  32. The Lord saith,”Thou shalt not masturbate another woman with a cigar even if thou art married.” The devout believe this is what caused the downfall of arch-sinner President Bill Clinton.
    The Lord also did saith,”Thou shalt not perform oral sex on a woman while chewing a cud of tobacco, for this shalt maketh her privat parts smell like a cuspidor.”
    The Lord saith,”Even if thine wife is at the ‘Unclean Time’, thou shalt not chew a cud of tobacco, preferring its scent to thine wife’s lust organ.”
    The Lord saith, “Even if masturbating a woman with a cigar is considered good practice in the New World, it should only be used as an air cleanser in case of excessive flatulence. The cigar should be inserted into the anus of a gentleman suffering from this affliction. A goodly supply of water should be on hand as this practice has occasionally been the cause of an explosion. (as the cigar should be lit).


      • ARE YOU CURSING (= invoking misfortune or evil upon someone or something) IN THE NAME OF YOUR SPOKE ?
        OhOh … Laaiza ! run, run right away to your confessional booth … sure enough, all will be gone and forgiven with your nice lovely priest, a little water and a few verses to recite. Then MAGIC appears Your lord will make you clean. You will be clean. ha-ha … What a deal ! You don’t really have to think for yourself and keep going on with your same insane bat-shit-crazy ways !
        Thankgod-s for showing the one and only path … my own !


        • Thankgod-s ..he-he.. of course … all of them god-s at once : the Aliens, Thor, Zeus and his crew, all the Egyptians bunch, Superman, Spiderman, YHWH or Yəhōwāh in its hybrid form (since I just learned those letter are forbidden for any jew to pronounce)

          [ he-he Can’t make that shit up !!!! ]

          and his Holy Yeshua son, without forgetting the Messenger Mo and Wonder Woman ! Homer & Simpson may be and all the Hinduism Deities trivia …

          YYeSS … Poor trouble child me !!! with all these strange fairy scary stories worldwide ,,, what and whom to believe ,,, what rules to choose …

          ARGH ! = exclamation of annoyance and exasperation …

          Thanking Human Evolution for ~E.~FL. & ~C.
          = Education, Fun-Learning & Curiosity !

          “No, I don’t believe in anything, How many times must I tell you that? I don’t believe in anything or anyone; only in Zorba. Not because Zorba is better than the others; not at all, not a little bit! He’s a brute like the rest! But I believe in Zorba because he’s the only being I have in my power, the only one I know. All the rest are ghosts. I see with these eyes, I hear with these ears, I digest with these guts. All the rest are ghosts, I tell you. When I die, everything’ll die. The whole Zorbatic world will go to the bottom!”
          ~Nikos Kazantzakis


      • We call this time, “The Time of the Whirling Christ” because it begins and ends with “Christ Whirling”.
        In the First Century, it was wrote that, “Christ whirled and the faithful started whirling in homage”.
        Now this “whirling” did not commence during the “Earthly Lifetime” of The Saviour.
        It did in fact commence at the time we call “The Commencement of the Whirling of The Saviour.”
        This would probably be as good a time as any to preclude any confusion, by stating frankly that, even though “The Whirling Christ”, and “Whirling Dervishes” have the word “whirling” in common, the causes of the “whirling” are completely different. One being a result of a natural physical phenomena, transitioning into a religious ritual (in the fullness of time), and the other being (whirling) to induce a type of transcendent state.
        Additionally, there is an abundance of archeological evidence, (indeed this “abundance of evidence” telling in itself,) is attributed to “in-experienced whirlers” becoming dizzy, loosing their proper equilibrium, knocking over various household, house of worship, and public place vessels and furnishings, thereby creating this “Bull in the China Shop” type of chard heap. A sort of “embarrassment of riches” to any archeologist laying an eye on it.

        The cause of this “Christ’s Whirling”, is also writ in the “Gospel of the Whirling Christ”.
        Now the actual physical or mechanical cause was this: The lazy crucifiers who crucified Christ did not in fact re-fill the hole into which Christ’s cross was installed with dirt or rocks. They were tired from digging three cross hole that day and just flung the cross in, then took a nap.
        (an aside)
        These fellows were obviously not the top-shelf type of “Proffessional Crucifiers” on duty during the “Golden Days of Crucifixion”.
        Of course Roman general Marcus Crassus’ crucifixion of the 6,000 rebel gladiators led by Spartacus springs to mind, (73-71 B.C.E.) making the historian Flavius Josephus account of 800 crucified by King Jannaeus (88 B.C.E.), and the crucifixion by Quintilius Varus, of 2,000 who had rebelled against Roman rule, (4 B.C.E.), seem like slightly smaller potatoes. But probably not to those who were being crucified.
        Josephus tells us, “Many a stout fellow was rendered useless by the exhausting “Dig-dig, hammer-hammer” regimen of those days.
        Now it is writ in “The Events in the Weather at the Time of Christ’s Crucifixion” that:
        At the time of Christ’s death there was a “great earthquake” which rent the rocks in the vicinity of Jerusalem and “opened up many of the graves of the saints”.
        On the western slopes of the Mount of Olives is a very extensive graveyard. But of course this is not the only burial place around Jerusalem. Many of those graves were opened at that time in conjunction with the earthquake. The bodies of those in the tombs did not come forth until after our Lord was raised from the dead. Those coming forth appeared to many with Jesus in Jerusalem during the forty days of His stay after the resurrection. (It is written,….”The Lord did sayeth to those saints coming forth from the tombs,…’Thou shouldst wear a piece of gauzy cloth in front of thine eyes to shield them from the sun, or use thine hand to cast a shadow upon them, to avert squinting, and causing thine face to acquire an excessively wrinkled appearance which might scareth away the children.”)
        Now during the First Century, it was writ, (by the female apostle Mary Magdalene), that “The graves opening up of the saints, and the bodies in the tombs appearing after The Lord was raised from the dead.” was in reality because, “The ‘saints had never really been dead.’ in fact ‘they were hanging out in the ‘Tombs’ with Jesus, (because inside the tombs, the temperature was much cooler than in the blazing heat of the city) playing cards, getting fat eating loaves and fishes, gambling, attending; ‘locations where women of “dubious repute” were alleged to loiter for “no reliable purpose””. In fact, (Mary Magdalene reported): ‘the wives of “The Apostles hired quarry workers to roll back the huge stones which sealed the tombs and evict “the Apostles” because, since they did not have a saviour to follow, they could get jobs like normal men, and fix up the house. They had weaseled out of their household duties long enough, and their wives were poised to make their lives “a living Hell” if they even mentioned the words “Messiah” or “Son of God” again.


  33. The Ten Commandments

    1 And God spoke all these words:
    2 “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

    3 “You shall have no other gods before[a] me.

    4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

    7 “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

    8 “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. 9 Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is a sabbath to the LORD your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. 11 For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.

    12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

    13 “You shall not murder.

    14 “You shall not commit adultery.

    15 “You shall not steal.

    16 “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

    17 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”


    • I agree with the part in 17: Don’t screw your neighbor’s wife, servants, oxes and donkey, or his other property. But what if my daughter wants to screw the neighbor’s son?????????? Will she go to hell for that?

      You can’t make this shit up.


          • Daar’s nie dom vrae nie, net dom mense. Dink self ‘n antwoord uit, of lees my of ander se vorige antwoorde op daai tipe vrae. Hoeveel keer moet mens dieselfde ding verduidelik? Net baie bly jy’t die tyd geneem om weereens deur die Goeie Gebooie te lees.


              • Jou vraag moet eintlik wees: “Gaan jy hel toe op grond van jou sondes en hemel toe op grond van die graad van jou sondes?” – of so iets. Jy ken die antwoord. Sonde neem jou hel toe – bloed van Christus verwyder al jou sondes en neem jou hemel toe. Ja/Nee antwoord is nie applicable vir jou vraag nie – en God besluit wie hemel / hel toe gaan, nie ek of jy nie.


                • Julle gristinne is fokken mal. Bloed van ‘n spook gee julle ‘n ewige lewe in ‘n paradys. Julle besef nie eers hoe ver julle van realiteit af is nie en ook nie hoe gevrot julle breine is nie.


                  • Eers smeek jy my om jou vraag te beantwoord, om dan so comment te maak? Wat soek jy eintlik, boet – wil jy weet wat ek glo of wil jy kritiseer? Beter om my dan eerder nie die dom vrae aanhoudend te vra nie.

                    Ek het geen probleem as jy dink ek’s mal nie – genugtig, jy sê dit darem baie keer – irrelevant vir my. Solank jy ook nie ‘n probleem het dat ek dink jy’s ‘n moedswillige Godslasteraar wat niks opbouends vir die samelewing beteken nie.


                    • Weet jy wat is vir my die interessantste, Brokkels? Nie een van jy of jou maatjies wat so maklik Christene kritiseer wil klaarblyklik uitwys waar julle morele waardes beter is as die 10 gebooie nie. My enigste logiese afleiding is julle kan nie. Selfs ou Malherbe wat so gereeld lang essays hier skryf is met stomheid geslaan daaroor en verkies soos jy ook eerder die “kom ons probeer eerder vir Analfa beledig” strategie of “kom ons mislees die gebooie en maak ‘n ou vulgere grappie of 2 daaroor”. Gaan julle teenargumente teen die Gebooie weer kinderagtige, onvolwasse comments wees, of gaan ons uiteindelik bietjie volwasse gesprekvoering hier sien?


                • Jou godverloënaar! Hoe kan jy hierdie jesus-afgod aanbid? My Batgod is die ware een. Hy is die een wat jou jou sondes vergewe. Ek sal bid vir jou redding Analfa.

                  Stel jouself die volgende scenario voor (volgens die jesus dogma): ‘n 7-Jarige kind word herhaaldelik verkrag. Moordenaar gaan tronk toe waar hy sy hartjie vir sy jesusgod gee. Hy vrek in die tronk en vaar op na sy gotte se hemel. Rewind na die seuntjie wat a.g.v. hierdie daad alle gode afsweer juis omdat hulle hm nie kon beskerm teen Verkragter nie. Seuntjie gaan hel toe.

                  My Batgod is e so onnosel soos ju jesus afgod nie Analfa. My Batgod is die ware een. Bekeer jou!! Ek sal bid vir jou.


    • Dankie hiervoor Analfa. Jy het my oortuig met hierdie stukkie slim redevoering.

      Wanneer my Heilige Batboek voltooi is sal ek ‘n paar van die versies vir jou pos. Ek belowe dit sal presies soveel gewig dra soos die stront wat jy hibo kwoteer. Voorspoed en sterkte met daai troetel donkie wat jy in jou agterplaas aanhou…..en onthou om weg te bly van jou buurman se donkie.


      • Malherbe, moenie met my praat totdat jy jou belofte gestand doen om ‘n 20 punt vergelyking te tref oor hoe jou morele waardes kwansuis beter is as die 10 gebooie nie. Jy’s besig om jou gat te sien – eerlikheid’s lyk my nie een van jou morele waardes nie?


        • Analfa, probeer my stop. En gaan lees bietjie terug wta ek geskryf het rakende jou lawwe laerskoolagtige opdraggie. Jy is inderdaad op die afdraende pad. Het jy dit darem toe gisteraand reggekry om buurman se donkie alleen te los soos wat jou gebooie vereis? Ek belowe jou, my Batman god lê nie reëls neer wat verhoudings met donkies aanspreek nie. My Oppermagtige Batgod is die Een – Hy maak sinvolle gebooie. Ek sal bid vir jou Analfa.


    • Ag Vaderland Analafa. Hoeveel keer moet ek jou nog vertel dat jou 10 gebooie deur godsdiens gekaap is? Indien ek ‘n lys sou maak van 10 waardestelsels, sal daar waarskynlik oorvleueling wees, maar wat beteken dit? Jou gebooie is niks anders as gemeenskapsreëls van weleer wat bestaan het lank voor die Christelike godsdiens. Maar ek verwag nie van jou om te verstaan nie – die dogmawol is te ver oor jou oë getrek. Hieronder ‘n stuk wat ek ‘n paar jaar terug geskryf het rakende die godiote se gesanik oor waardes wat volgens hulle nie kan bestaan sonder geloof nie. Dis ‘n lang relaas (soos jy dit stel) – lees dit indien jy wil. Of nie.


      Interessant dat die argument van waardes by verre die meeste deur godsdienstiges voorgehou word vir ‘n rede tot geloof. Onbeskaamd sal hulle redeneer dat godsdiens, en spesifiek hul heilige boek, die grondslag van morele waardes is. Die wat nie glo nie is per definisie waardeloos, of indien hulle wel oor ‘n stel waardes beskik, het hul dit a.g.v. hul historiese geloofsagtergrond gekry. Wanneer mens egter na skrywes van gelowiges op godsdienstige forums besoek, wil dit nie voorkom of daar enige gronde vir hierdie voorveronderstelling is nie. Indien die moeite gedoen word om een van die vele Afrikaanse ultraregse webtuistes te besoek (van die boerestaat tipes) wat ‘n groot gewag maak van hul godsdienstige waardes as basis, kan ’n sterk saak uitgemaak word dat presies teenoorgestelde geld nl. ‘n direkte verwantskap tussen platvloersheid en die graad van godsdienstigheid. Toegegee, die voorbeeld ruik na ‘n ernstige veralgemening en dat ‘n groot gedeelte van die Christendom nie hierdie kategorie tuishoort nie. Dan is daar natuurlik ook die probleempie van statistiek wat wys dat sekulêre lande soos Swede en Japan omtrent misdaadloos is wanneer vergelyk word met “gelowige” lande soos Mexico of RSA. Indien morele waardes deur godsdiens bepaal word, is dit sekerlik nie vergesog om te verwag dat lg twee lande modelle vir lae misdaadsyfers moet wees nie.
      Dat die oorgrootte meerderheid Christene egter verkeerdelik glo dat hul waardestel gevorm is deur hul Bybel, is geen veralgemening nie. En dis hier waar hul die pot liederlik missit, want indien hul waardestelsel op hul Bybel geskoei was, sou hul geen probleem hê met die volgende lysie “waardes” direk uit hul boek geneem nie:
      • Maak jou oudste seun dood as offerande vir jou god.
      • Stenig jou buurman indien hy hout optel op Sondag (mens kon seker hout optel met vleisbraai vervang).
      • Weier om kreef en vark te eet want jou Bybel verbied dit pertinent.
      • Maak jou buurvrou dood omdat sy haar man verneuk het.
      • Verkoop jou dogter in seksuele slawerny.
      • Val jou buurland binne in die naam van jou god, vermoor die mans, vroue en kinders, BEHALWE die tienermeisies, wat jy kan aanhou vir jou eie seksuele genot.
      • Maak jou oudste (of jongste) seun/dogter dood met marteling aan ‘n kruis, sodat jy nie jou ander kinders vir kattekwaad hoef te straf nie.
      Die lys gaan aan….maar die punt is dat die oorgrootte meerderheid sekerlik nie bg. as hul waardestelsel opneem nie. Hulle besef dit nie, maar hul waardes is nie deur ‘n boek bepaal nie, maar wel deur dit wat in ‘n moderne samelewing as aanvaarbaar beskou word. Dit mag weliswaar waar wees dat van die samelewing se waardes ooreenstem met sommige van die waardes genoem in die Bybel, maar dit beteken nie noodwendig dat dit steeds die geval gaan wees 100 of 1000 jaar van vandag af nie. ‘n Goeie voorbeeld is seks voor die huwelik. Vandag word die skyn in ‘n groot mate nog gehou dat Afrikaner sussie ‘n maagd is wanneer sy voor die kansel staan, terwyl almal teenwoordig (selfs mamma en pappa) deeglik bewus is van die teendeel – dis nou natuurlik indien hul eerlik teenoor hulself is. Die vraag kan egter tereg gevra word: Gaan die mens oor 1000 jaar nog soveel waarde heg aan hierdie “waarde”? Mens sou kon bespiegel dat daar oor 1000jaar ander sosiale probleme gaan wees wat tot ander (noodsaaklike) reëls en waardes gaan lei en dat mense dan gaan terugkyk na ons huidige waardes en lag – net soos ons vandag lag vir Abraham se waardestelsel.
      Niemand kan ontken dat waardes nie belangrik is nie, maar die punt is dat ons waardes nie bepaal word deur ‘n ou boek wat 2000jaar+ gelede geskryf is deur bokherders nie. Waardestelsels evoleer op dieselfde wyse as spesies, en net soos met die dinamiese ontwikkeling van spesies, kom daar met waardes nooit ‘n punt waar ‘n stagnante slotsom bereik word nie. Ons omgewing/gemeenskap, bepaal ons waardestelsel. Ter stawing hoef mens nie verder te kyk as die waardestelsels van afgesonderde stamme in bv Amasone nie. Hierdie stamme het goed ontwikkelde waardestelsels wat weliswaar verskil van ons eie, maar wat in plek is juis om die oorlewing van hul spesie te verseker.
      Neem as voorbeeld die waarde wat diefstal as onaanvaarbaar stel. Dit is nie moeilik om te bewys dat die mensdom as spesie sou uitsterf indien diefstal as aanvaarbaar geag was nie. Geen behoefte tot vooruitgang en waardetoevoeging, sou tot hongersnood en uiteindelike selfvernietiging lei. Die mens het nie relegie nodig om ’n morele waardestelsel te vestig nie. Inteendeel, die Bybel se “waardestelsel” is duidelik geneem uit die gemeenskappe van daardie tyd. In Ou Testamentiese tye was dit ’n aansienlik gesondheidsrisiko om vark te eet. Die gemeenskapsreël wat bepaal dat vark liefs nie geëet moet word nie, is in die Bybelse waardestelesel opgeneem met die gevolg dat Jode vandag nog nie hul mond aan vark sit nie. Al ooit gedink hoe belaglik dit is? Al ooit gewonder hoekom ’n hoogs intelligente almagtige wese hom sal ophou met wat die mens by sy keelgat afdruk? Christene het natuurlik geen probleem daarmee om Jood-se-kind te bespot met hierdie lafheid nie, maar is kennelik blind vir die lafhede in hul eie dogma. Baie gerieflik sal hul noem dat die Nuwe Testament anders is. Dat Jesus alles vernuwe het en dat nuwe reeltjies nou geld. OK…so hoekom die Ou Testament enigsins deel maak van hul handleiding? Of wat van die argument dat dit tog steeds dieselfde god is wat die varkvleisreël gemaak het en toe van mening verander het. Voor Christus sou die eet van varkvleis jou in der ewigheid laat tande kners het. Toe stuur die god sy seun af en woeps-waps, vark-eet is koning! Kreef-eet ook (dankie tog daarvoor). Klink vir my of die gode maar ’n wispelturige lotjie is. Of miskien is god ’n vrou?


      • Jislaaik Malherbe, jy sal laat ons weer groot buddies raak – ek bedoel dit nie sarkasties nie.

        Baie bly om te sien jy respekteer wat in die gebooie staan (of ten minste dele daarvan), want almal moet saamstem dat dit goeie waardes is om na te streef – selfs al sien jy dit net, soos jy doen, as ‘n versameling van waardes wat alreeds in samelweings bestaan het. Dis seker die eerste Christelike ding wat jy nie uit-en-uit probeer vernietig nie.

        Baie mense wat ek ken probeer daarvolgens lewe, want hulle wil beter mense wees en is nie tevrede om net deur instinkte, etc. beheer te word nie. As ons almal kan regkry om volgens die gebooie te lewe sal hierdie planeet ook al ‘n baie beter plek wees. Probleem is mense is maar mense en maak baie foute, maar moet mens nie bly wees as iemand ten minste probeer om ‘n beter, meer morele bestaan te probeer voer nie?

        Sentraal tot die 10 gebooie is die boodskap dat mens moet lief wees vir God en lief wees vir mense. Al glo jy nie in die bestaan van God nie, is ek seker jy kan nie met die “liefde vir jou medemens” deel stry nie, of hoe?


      • he-he ! Malherbe !
        Is Batgod ’n vrou? is natuurlik ! Dit is die Opperwese “De Supreme Being” asb. kyk ~The Fifth Element (1997) van Luc Besson met Bruce Willis & Milla Jovovich en baie ander akteurs.
        Soos die 10 gebooie, dit is geskryf en gespeel. Baie Lekker !


        • Ja Juliet, Batgod kan enigiets wees, maar kom ons hoop hy/sy het ‘n paar mooi dogters ….en nie die tipe wat dink dis “cool” om aan kruise te hang nie.


          • Malherbe, jy het ‘n baie goeie ding hier begin. Nou-die-dag sê ek: “Thank Batgod” (i.p.v. die gewone “thank god”) in ‘n gesprek. Het hierdie nou vir jou ‘n redenasie veroorsaak, hoor! Dit was ‘n openbaring om te sien hoe sensitief die godbots is.


            • Net vir die rekord ouens – ek ignoreer die posts oor julle Batman – nie lus om deel te neem aan graad R – level speletjies nie. Te vervelig vir my 🙂 Maar gaan gerus voort op julle eie.


              • Sies Analafa. Toon bietjie respek vir my gode man. Bekeer jou tot Batgod of die Groot Pikkewyn gaan toeslaan….en dan kry ek jou jammer. Maar ek sal in liefde bid vir jou redding. Nou is dit nie nice en oulik en onselfsugtig van my nie? Net soos die honderde christene wat altyd hul poste aflsuit met ‘n gebedjie aan my. Moet net nie dat ek jou vang dat jy diskrimineer nie, ou perd. Wie het in elk geval gesê jy aanbid die regte gotte?


            • Dankie dat ek van hulp kon wees Savage. Maar dis eintlik nie ek nie.
              Dis die wysheid van die Almagtige Batgod wat deur my vloei. Alle eer aan Hom.

              Ja dit frustreer die godiote eindeloos. Veral diegene wat altyd eis dat ons moet bewys dat hul gotte NIE bestaan nie…. en hulle dan besef (die wie se breine nog nie heeltemal weggevrot is soos Analfa s’n nie) dat hulle ook nie die nie-bestaan van ons Batgod kan bewys nie.

              Op ‘n ander punt – ek wonder altyd hoekom die godiote met ons atties wil kom stry. Hoekom nie eerder met die intelligensia /leiers van die christelike teologie nie? Mense soos Christian Landman of Hansie Wolmarans of Sakkie Spanneberg. Feit is dat hierdie outjies hul leiers is en dat hulle 200 myl verwyderd staan van die Analfa’s van ons samelewing. Ek sien selfs ou Fritz Gaum is besig om sy deuntjie daagliks te verander. Feit is: die wetenskap stoomroller voort en wag vir niemand nie. Oor tyd sal godiote soos Analfa randfigure op die kantlyn van sinvolle debat word. Dis onafwendbaar. Arme drommels.


  34. Ha-Ha ! Analfa ! Here you masturbate and come again with your old crazy mad-man-made jewish old sperm-rules ! I thought you were christian or something ! So which day is sabbath for you Saturday or Sunday ? Which one do you keep hOly where “you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns” Ha-Ha ! All these old fucking stupid rules !
    I am a foreigner myself and a fucking foreigner that is sick and tired of all the shit-crap-kak-fear-of-godabove that are told to the chidren and all the lies that were told to me ! Chidren are so gullible, naive and trustful. KIds just believe in anything one tells them for a little while anyway until there is someone that explains, shows and demonstrates to them the facts and the truth behind all these dumb lies !
    Go on Analfa and pray and thank your god and his son and all the flying and fallen angels from under, above and beyond, Do what you wish, mess with adults and unlike your JissusChrist said … leave the children alone !
    Let them be !


  35. Yes, because of the guilt associated with flogging the mule, I was compelled to pray and masturbate, lie about not masturbating more than 40 times a day. Then feeling guilty and masturbating more. So if I had had no religion, I could have masturbated continuously.Amen.



    For the Lord said “Blessed is he, who on a cold day, cooks a giant pot of potatoes in a vat of lard for the squirrels and raccoons in the vicinity, for he shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven that very day. Whether he wants to is another story.”
    The Saviour also said, “Thou shall not buy a house and 2 chariots and much fine raiment, for fine raiment is not suitable for thy job in the quarry, and thy wife shall turn into a fat cow if she goeth around in a chariot. For I say unto thee, if thy life consists of paying the usurers their pound of flesh, life will have passed thee by, and thou shall look upon thy life and ask “THAT was my life?”
    The Lord further said, “If thee and thy fellow supplicants refrain from renting money from the money lenders, their evil trade will be diminished, and therefore, their rendering unto Caesar will be a smaller rendering. I admonish My flock to keep thine eyes on the skyline and be aware, because power and coin of the realm go hand in hand”.
    Now the Son of God’s teaching apply well to the 21st century. For the Lord said, “These temptations will be in the form of messages from the Devil, through the medium of Television. This medium will present the correct role of modern people. To turn your only life into the “Brady Bunch”. Except Mr. Brady would never be anesthetized by alcohol, (even though commercials for booze say, “drink responsibly!”, well, being enabled to be irresponsible is the purpose of getting loaded!)(so it’s a sort of contradiction in terms, noticeable, unless you are a dead person) Then you will have trouble with the opposite sex, and solve these complex problems in one hour, but leaving time for one more barrage of commercials and a list of the people who manufactured the propaganda you just subjected yourself to”. (but that’s another story.)
    The Lord also said, “For those who hath forsaken Me, ) because of the boil on my nose,) I curse thee to having a boil on thy anus, and the boil will have an abundance of redness, large diameter and great altitude, and will not explode until thou hast had 100 defecations. Thy stools shall be hard and lumpy and of great size, in length and breadth, resembling Noah’s Ark, (except smaller). and every time one of the lumps goethe past thy boil, it shall give the boil a twang, thus ensuring indescribable agony.” Jesus looked upon a heathen column which had a heathen poem, (not attributed to an esteemed poet) which described a shopping expedition. (from the point of view of the slave driving the conveyance.)
    “Drive the chariot to the market, // Try to find a place to park it. // Remove the scimitars from the wheel hubs, // Calm the stallions with light wiener rubs.” //
    The Lord admired the slave’s concern for the horses, which was more than the mountebanks who pulled the swindle which became known as “The Miracle of the Short Legg-ed Donkey”, had for their forlorn and pitiful accomplice. Who, though un-willing, and un-wittingly, was nevertheless an indispensable part of this crafty scheme.
    The plot consisted of (1) finding a dead horse, and removing its hooves. (2) removing the meat from the inside of the hooves, leaving only the hard part. (and allowing the inside meaty part, to be thrown into a pot of water, to make some nourishing broth.) (3) measuring the spacing, from side to side, and front to back, of the donkey’s hooves. (4) using these dimensions derived from the donkey’s hoof spacing, make marks on the ground corresponding to that spacing. (5) noting the marks on the ground, digging holes at the places designated. (6) lowering the donkey, (so that his legs would be inserted into the holes dug in step (5).) (while making sure the donkey was correctly aligned in both axes relative to the horizon, i.e. so that neither end nor side was too high or too low.) (7) placing the hooves removed from the horse in step (1) around the donkeys legs, at ground level , so that he would look like he had short legs with hooves on the end, rather than stumps with no hooves on the end. With everything prepared in the way mentioned above, part 2 of the conspiracy could commence. Part 2 consisted of several sub-parts, one of which had already been executed, (but not alluded to previously), namely the erection of a smallish tent. This was needed to disguise the digging of the holes for the donkeys legs, the donkey installation and outfitting the hooves onto the donkeys legs. (because if this were done without the tent, everyone would know it was a plot of some kind, or a bizarre type of behavior never seen before. ) When the donkey was fixed up with his disguise as a short legg-ed donkey, the sides of the tent would be rolled up, and the scoundrel would start exclaiming his horror, claiming that some spell, curse, or enchantment had been cast upon his innocent beast of burden. (rendering his already somewhat stubby legs so stubby , that his belly and wiener were at ground level. This ruse was usually successful in getting many a clodhopper to assemble in the vicinity….although I feel compelled to differentiate between “clodhopper” and Dennis Hopper’s brother “Claude Hopper”. Bumpkins were warned to keep their distance in case the “spell” was contagious. A period of time passed, allowing a crowd of half-witts to gather. An amount of wine was passed around to diminish their already limited reasoning ability. At the right moment, a Grand-Messiah type of fellow would ride into town on a normally configured donkey, that is, one with enough distance between the ground and his chest and wiener, so he was not gouging a trench into the street. The Grand Messiah fellow, would notice the hand-wringing, anxiety, and trauma associated with the short legg-ed donkey. He announced that for a nominal fee, he would remove the spell, curse or enchantment from the pitiful short legg-ed donkey. (after all, Grand Messiah types had to eat too, and curing opportunities were few and far between.) (especially after the appearance of the “Super Messiah” Jesus of Nazareth.) As if by magic, a pair of overly stout chaps appeared and started collecting a few coins to offset the Grand Messiah’s expenses. Now the chaps un-rolled the side of the tent, and allowed them to drop to ground level. (The Grand Messiah explained that exorcising this strong magic could have a dangerous effect to surrounding non-Messiah types, because they were not equipped by virtue of moral fortitude, to withstand the radiance. Occasionally a moron would try to sneak under the tent, but an application of a heavy club would render him senseless and convince his comrades of the veracity of the claims made by the Grand Messiah fellow. It goes without saying that the he burly lads were in league with the gang of swindlers. Upon commencing the exorcism, the burly chaps placed two straps underneath the donkey , so that the poor animal could be released from its earthly bondage. They pulled it from the ground, and removed the fake hooves. They filled the holes in a little, and brushed off the dirt from the legs. Then they gave him a smack on the rear and he ran out of the tent , causing it to collapse, allowing the whole scene to transfer the joke onto the pompous Grand Messiah fellow, and breaking any scrutiny by switching it into laughter. The Grand Messiah and his cronies could then leave town apparently the fools, but in reality with a year’s pay in their purses. Even the donkey received a nice wiener rub, for putting on a good (and profitable) performance.
    As mentioned in the title, this is a parable which was in the bible at first, but on second thought was removed, because paper was expensive and the monks were paid “per letter”. So this one was found in a ceramic jar, and had been there for over a thousand years, burred in the sand.


  37. Wake up people – the facts that Gretha Wiid give come straight from the bible – maybe you must read more the word of God. Mastrubation is sin, saying bad things about someone who give out message according to the word is sin – not believe in the Father, Son & Holy Spirit is sin – maybe all you negative people and believing that sex before marriage, sex with same sex partner, sex like in mastrubation, wake up – you are all on the wrong path – read the Bible and open your eyes – just for those who don’t know God will decide who is wright and who are not. Who are you to judge Mrs Wiid – maybe if you follow the rules of the Lord you will be more of happy person and will appreciate the kindness and special reason for sex in a marriage. The Lord will forgive you negative people only if He wants to forgive and wants to save you guys.


    • Laaiza, I am guessing here, but………..

      It sounds to me that you suffer from some sort of neurological disorder of the brain. In other words, you are crazy. You have real trouble distinguishing what is real and what is part of your religion’s dogma.

      I bet you believe the devil is real and you are really scarred of it. Like a little child who fears the dark. Only, you are 100% convinced that this devil is out to get you.

      You follow an old hoor like Gretha Wiid, who is clearly batshit-crazy. And your old bible, what a cruel book. I actually threw one out this morning I found between some old crap in my house. My wife asked me if I was sure I want to throw it out, and I said to her: “I am recycling it, I hope they make toilet paper from it.” So out it went with the trash. The world is no worse off without it.

      If you really believe playing with your vagina upsets a supreme being, you are mad. Why the fuck would anything or anyone care what you do with your fingers and the pleasure you give yourself? Or if you use a nice vibrating toy or a piece of fruit for that matter?

      The largest sex study was concluded some years ago. They found that around 65% of men and 50% of women masturbate. The rest were lying.

      You godbots try to fight your natural instincts with a dogma that was written by an ignorant bunch of nomadic goat herders in the bronze age. Sorry, but that is a battle nature will win every time.

      Stop beating yourself up all the time. Enjoy your life more and enjoy a bit of masturbation without the guilt. You will feel better. And stay away from retarded fuckwitts like Gretha Wiid. That bitch is way beyond crazy!


  38. My goodness!! McBrolloks and Malherbe, you are STUPID, ignorant and rude! Real pea-brains looking for attention.


    • It is so sad that people who lack insight and who obviously do not have the skill of reasoning try to argue an issue that is far beyond their level of understanding. (WIth this I refer to contributions and comments from both sides of the masturbation and religion topics). Rather stop this conversation now – you are making fools of youselves. At first I found the comments quite amusing, but soon became bored and irritated with your stupidity. It will be sad if any of you are parents…
      (A fact to consider: If you are standing up against something, arguing against it and criticizing it – you are aknowledging its existence. It is therefore obvious that you also aknowledge a god. Leave each person to serve the god he/she chooses to.)
      McBrolloks and Malherbe, focus on what is good and positive and stop being such negative shits!


      • Oh, how dramatic Erica!!!!! Sound to me you think you are a real expert. Why don’t you enlighten us?

        What do you mean by saying it would be sad if we were parents? Because we would probably refuse to brainwash and indoctrinate our children into believing in imaginary friends?


      • Oh, wait, I am sorry Erica, do you believe masturbation is not a sin if your husband assists you with it? News flash, if your husband assists you it’s called sex.


      • “It is therefore obvious that you also aknowledge a god.”

        Not so at all. We are standing up against the godbots who, in the name of their gods, indoctrinate their children, and attempt to indoctrinate ours in some schools. We stand up against them because they “piss on human rights” as McBrolloks so aptly said. We ask the godbot to show us their gods – they fail time and again. We definitely do not believe nor acknowledge any gods, that is why we are called atheists.


  39. No, it’s not a sin to masturbate.
    And no, I’m not going to stoop to your level to discuss any of the issues mentioned because none of it is either black or white.


    • So you stand without a point of view then? Or at least you don’t want to share yours. So what is so stupid about the arguments here? I do acknowledge that their are many gods, but they only exist in the brains of the people who believes in them, as they have always done.

      You seem upset. Why? Are you an accommodationist? Do you get upset when people point out the fallacies of belief in invisible friends?

      You seem to miss the whole point of this blog that I am pointing out how organized religion openly pisses on human rights all over the world. Seems to me you are all for their right to fuck people over if they do it in the name of their ghosts.


    • Oh, wait, I am sorry Erica, do you believe masturbation is not a sin if your husband assists you with it? News flash, if your husband assists you it’s called sex.


  40. I have masturbated so much I am surprised my arm has not fallen off. I just wish hair grew on the palms of my hand so I could get it transplanted onto my bald spot.


  41. I also had an artificial vagina. Sex with that contraption was almost as good as pumping the old hag. I also had an electric vacuum powered penis enlarger that worked well. These were some of my favourite things.


  42. Hi there, I stumbled across this article I wrote. I do not mind you using it, and I am happy that it sparked debate, but it would be nice if you would link back to my site: since this column belongs to them. Kind regards, Lili Radloff.


    • Hi Lili

      Great article, thanks. It is and has always been linked to the site where it was published. Just click on the headline. As you can see it has sparked quite a bit of debate.

      The Gretha Wiid’s of this world belong in museums. Or in some Vaudville Sideshow.


    • Amazing how women who exit their child bearing years start to become all bible-bashing-conservative-vagina-is-only-for-pissing-and-the-occasional-fuck-with-someone-you-did-a-bronze-age-religious-ceremony-with-a-long-time-ago.

      Funny you mention what a free spirit she was back in the day. I have written quite a bit about this retarded fuckwhit Greta Wiid. She baffles the mind with her hypocritical religious bullshit.

      But what really fuck with my mind is that sooooo many people in South Africa gives her so much attention and time.

      I just laugh my arse off when ever she pops onto my radar for something else , which is always more outrages than her last comedy appearance. She makes Lady Gaga look old-school.


    • Nog iets wat ek al baie raak gesien het in my lewe: Hierdie gelowige meisies se panties kom lekker vinnig af as hulle so paar glassies wyn in het.

      Hulle kan net nie hulle natuurlike programmering onderdruk nie. Nie met geloof of liewe fokken jesus nie.

      Ek wonder of vrouens liewe jesus sien as ‘n man sonder ‘n tril. Fantieseer hulle party keer dat hy hulle spyker? Of is hy maar net ‘n ou sonder ‘n tril?


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