Trail of lies and deceipt!


Talk about leaving tracks of ruined lives behind everywhere these bastards operate.

The Roman Catholic Church is evil. Plain and simple.

Keep your children far far away from these monsters with their pointy hats.

You have to ask yourself: Is there really a god if he lets his employees do this to children?


3 thoughts on “Trail of lies and deceipt!

  1. First of all, there is no God. Second, these RCC bastards do not believe there is a God and that is why they protect their brethren who are guilty of these horrible crimes. Any parent who allows his or her child anywhere near these horrible men and women of the RCC, is not concerned about the wellbeing of the child.

    I am not a soothsayer but it looks as if the cracks that are starting to show in the RCC’s seemingly impregnable walls, could lead to ravines and its collapse. What a happy day that would be for humankind!


  2. Thank you!!! Maybe some ignorant people will stop believing that everything happens for a reason because “god” wanted it to happen. Seriously ???!!!! He lets innocent children be violated, in the worst possible way??? I can honestly say there is NO god. What god would let such evil to these unspeakable acts. But is not only RCC is all over any religion. Parents must be aware. You can never trust no one with your children but specially the ones that are so called saints or messengers of god.


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