Voices in your head?



One thought on “Voices in your head?

  1. Nonsense! God often speaks to me. He said just the other day: “Jesus fucking Christ, Savage, but these brain-dead fundies are embarrassing Me, my Son, and out friendly Ghost. How in Hell do you shut these assholes up?”

    I replied: “Lord, just get Prometheus to crack a few thunderbolts.”

    “Nah”, said the Lord, “I had a fallout with him; he made so much noise near Heaven, I had to chase him away.”

    “Well, then I can’t help you, Lord”, I said, “Why don’t you put Jesus on them?”

    “I would like to”, the Lord replied, “but His wounds opened up again and He is off to see the doctor.”

    ‘I’m sorry to hear that, o Lord, please give Him my regards.”

    “Will do.” the Lord said, and off He was.


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