American Atheists put this billboard up.



6 thoughts on “American Atheists put this billboard up.

  1. Imagine this Billboard in Pretoria. It won’t lat 5 minutes before the Pillay or Wiid crowd tear it down, all the while shouting foul play, but rejoicing in the fact that the “poor” Christians are being targeted again.

    By the way, glad to see you are back Mcbrollocks. Its been a while.


  2. Good point Malherbe. I have been a bit busy with work and life. I have started to write my own version of the bible too. Lots of work, but it makes a lot more sense that that book of bullshit. Funnier too.

    My cousin got her exam results today, got 5 A’s, and posted on Facebook: “Dankie Jesus vir die talente, die bystaan en genade elke dag! Ek loof U!”

    If I had money to burn, I would pay for such a billboard. Just to watch the delusional people riot and burn it down. ha-ha, maybe it would be good to buy very good insurance. I could double my $$$$$$.

    You just post that billboard on the way to Loftus, on a Saturday when the Bulls are playing. Put one in Bloem on the way to the Cheetas’ stadium too. Ha-ha!!!

    It might just show people how quickly “good christian folk” can turn to violence in the name of their ghosts.

    How about a billboard outside Loftus that says: “If God really supported the Bulls, shouldn’t they win by 100 points in every game?”

    Or something like: “Loftus, where God would have come to watch His rugby, if only He was real.”

    Or: “They can pray all they like, but the Bulls does not win every game, because God is not real.”

    Or: “If the Bulls win, God must have hated the other guys.”

    It is amazing how people get so excited over their imaginary friends. Holy sheep-shit!!!!! If a 5 year old tells you he has an imaginary friend, you smile and ask him a little bit about this friend. Then you laugh it off as just a phase. If an adult tells you he has several imaginary friends (god, jesus, a ghost, the devil, angles, demons, and fuck knows what else) people look at that person as if they are a good person. But if this 5 year old boy tells you his imaginary friend tells him that he is going to hurt him if he doesn’t do what he wants, no matter what he tells him to do, then you will become worried. You might even take this poor child to see a shrink. But if an adult commits and act of violence for his imaginary friend, many praise him. If this adult practices weird rituals for his imaginary friend, people say he is devoted to this imaginary friend. If a 5 year old child does the same, people will be worried for this child. It goes on and on and on.

    People infect, willfully, their children’s minds with this virus that rots their brains. They see it as their right. Look at the big wha-hoo over religion in our schools. Those pig-shit for brains bat-shit crazy loons are willing to fuck some people up if they dare demand that they stop teaching their crap to our kids in the public schools, and if we demand that they stop trying to infect other children with their brain disease. It is what their imaginary friends command. And if you have anything to say about it, it is war. They lose all rational, because rational is something they lost a very long time ago.

    So, what should my billboard say? How about:

    “Christmas! The cool-aid of our time. Rotting your children’s healthy minds with bribes of toys for centuries.”

    Xmis and the gifts to children is just like a dealer getting his future clientele hooked by giving them a couple of free samples of his drugs. They say to the kids, look, this is all good. This is all love. You are having fun with your toys, right? Then they drop the bomb later: “Jesus died for your sins.” As if a child has any sin. For fucks sake!!!!!! So they let it sink in, then they start with the battery of guilt and lies. Next thing you know, the bronze age software virus they installed starts to work. Why? Because they drop another bomb on the poor children: “Jesus died for your sins, so that you don’t have to go to hell for all eternity, which is for ever and ever, as long as you believe in him, and do everything he tells you, and never doubt or question or think for yourself anymore.” And wha-la!!!!!!! Another innocent child starts to grow up to be a fundie, like their brain dead parents, who also used to be normal, a very long time ago, when they were mere children themselves. And this cycle will keep repeating itself for generation after generation, as long as you infect their minds with this virus.

    “Christmas, turning healthy children into zombies for over 2000 years”

    “Christmas, all you need, to get the children with the program”

    “Christmas, infecting healthy mind for Jesus for 2000 years”

    “Christmas, celebrating our right to poison our children’s minds”

    “Christmas, give a gift, steal a mind”

    “Christmas, reboots your brain year after year”

    “Christmas, free software for every child’s brain”

    “Christmas, fighting logic and reason for 2000 years”

    “Christmas, it’s what millions have died for over the last 2000 years”

    “Christmas, only religion can make you believe in all this bullshit”

    “Christmas, rotting young minds for 2000 years”

    “Christmas: Not a believer? Enjoy hell”


  3. I’ll be the first to buy your book. We need more books for South Africans written by South Africans to shake things up a bit. To let people know an alternative exists. An alternative unriddled with guilt. An alternative that gives you freedom to utilise your grey matter optimally. I think the Prometheus Unbounded site achieved this to a certain extent because everybody knew about it, especially the fundies.
    What I find interesting is that the intellectuals of Christian theology (if there can be such a thing), are realising the the futility of theological “reason”. Guys like Sakkie Spannenberg, Hansie Wolmarans, Abel Pienaar, Julian Muller are making statements that puts them very close to non-belief or at the very least agnostisism. Some of them are teaching christian theology at varsity while others are preaching to the flock on Sundays – I wonder how the heck they do this without some serious mental gymnastics. Even old Desmond Tutu has made some controversial statements regarding the christian god. My opinion is that they’re holding on to the religous enterprise because this is their bread and butter and paradoxially the area they feel comfortable in. Almost like a sivil engineer that builds a bridge even though he knows the money spent on the bridge is not justfied by the fact that only three cars per year will cross the bridge – bad example, but I’m trying my best to understand how intelligent people can skip happily over the holes in their philosopy.

    My Billboard would read:
    “Jesus – He died for your sins, then he came back for your brains.”
    “Christianity: The belief that some cosmic Jewish zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

    (Note: the above not my originality – probably picked it up from the Mcbrollcoks site. But true nonetheless!)


  4. Brilliant McBrolloks, brilliant.

    What did Mad Magzine say: “The Mad Christmas hate list.”

    “Don’t you hate kids who no longer believe in father Xmas, but stand in line to receive a present.”


  5. Christmas

    It is the season
    When we piss away reason
    When we celebrate the birth
    Of our very own savior

    Jesus was born
    Then he died
    So that we don’t have to burn
    For all of our sins

    If you believe in this tale
    You will surely enjoy
    All the other fables
    On his resume

    If you are too young to understand
    Don’t worry at all
    People will get you going, with all of their cheer
    If this doesn’t work
    There is nothing to fear
    A guy named Santa, will bring you some fun
    Bags full of presents, so you can play too
    And later they’ll tell you
    That Jesus had died
    So that you can go to heaven
    Because Adam and Eve made God cry

    It’s a wonderful time
    When we celebrate the season
    The gifts and the cheer
    Thanks to a snake, a man and his wife
    A God that got pissed and a paradise they all lost
    But God’s heart got soft
    So He slept with a girl
    And sent us His son
    To save us from Hell
    Who He let die
    In a wonderful way
    So you and me and you
    Can all be with Them
    In a new paradise
    Forever and more

    If this all seems to much
    For a young and healthy mind to understand
    Don’t worry my child
    It will soon all make sense
    Enjoy all your gifts
    Enjoy all the fun
    But someday you will pay, the price for it all
    Someday you will know, what we all know now
    That hell is a place, where you don’t want to go
    And go there you won’t, because everyone knows
    When they nailed Jesus to that cross
    He died for our sins
    So heaven awaits
    As soon as you die
    But starting right now
    Your brain will get fried

    Years later, without a doubt
    You will do to kids
    What we are doing to you now
    Start of with Santa, and a bag full of gifts
    Them move on a bit later
    To Jesus and His love
    To the snake and the garden, and to God and his lust
    For Jesus was born
    To save us from sin
    His dad watched him get killed, by a murderous mob
    To save us for ever and ever and ever
    So when we’re all dead, we’ll be together forever

    People who doubt, can still get on board
    As long as they stop
    To be a pain in the arse
    And get with the program
    And never more doudt
    And before they will know it
    Their brains will start to rot

    Once they are zombies
    The fun really starts
    You will know it for sure
    When they open their mouths
    And they spread all their lies
    And they don’t want to hear
    That their good news is crap
    And their God is a cunt
    A sick fucking bastard
    That you don’t want around

    So lock up your children
    And warn them all now
    That this sickness can spread, and it is all around us now
    But as long as you can think, use reason and your brain
    There is nothing to fear, and you are safe from them all
    Because you have to be bat-shit crazy, and totally mad
    To believe all that crap, and all of those lies
    Just remember that they, a long time ago
    Were once like we are, and nothing was wrong
    But they got the sickness
    And that’s why they believe
    In all of this crap, about a man who had died
    So that they can live forever
    In a place in the sky

    If you have a brain, and it still work pretty fine
    I am sure then you know, about all of this crap
    Please spare your children, don’t let them fall in this trap
    There nothing like gifts, to impress a young mind
    Just make sure they don’t, think it came from a God

    So enjoy all the cheer, for xmis if fun
    But remember that too much
    Of this fun can be bad
    And leave some with a hangover
    They will suffer for life
    A brain that rots as years all go by
    Till later they can’t tell, the truth for the lies

    Happy Xmis Everbody!!!!


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