Christmas – by McBrolloks



It is the season
When we piss away reason
When we celebrate the birth
Of our very own savior

Jesus was born
Then he died
So that we don’t have to burn
For all of our sin

If you believe in this tale
You will surely enjoy
All the other fables
On his resume

If you are too young to understand
Don’t worry at all
People will get you going, with all of their cheer
If this doesn’t work
There is nothing to fear
A guy named Santa, will bring you some fun
Bags full of presents, that you can enjoy
And later they’ll tell you
That Jesus had died
So that you can go to heaven
Because Adam and Eve ate some fruit, that made God mad

It’s a wonderful time
When we celebrate the season
The gifts and the cheer
All thanks to a snake, a man and his wife
A God that got pissed and a paradise that got lost
But God’s heart got soft
So He slept with a girl
And sent us His son
To save us from Hell
Who He let die
In a wonderful way
So you and me and you
Can all be with Them
In a new paradise
Forever and more

If this all seems to much
For a young and healthy mind
Don’t worry my child
It will soon all make sense
Enjoy all your gifts
Enjoy all the fun
For someday you will pay, the price for it all
Someday you will know, what we all know now
That hell is a place, where you don’t want to go
And go there you won’t, because everyone knows
When they nailed Jesus to that cross
He died for our sins
So heaven awaits
As soon as you die
But starting right now
Your brain will get fried

Years later, without a doubt
You will do to kids
What we are doing to you now
Start of with Santa, and a bag full of gifts
Them move on a bit later
To Jesus and love
To the snake and the garden, and to God and his lust, for a girl in the desert
From which Jesus was born
To save us from sin
His dad watched him get killed, by a murderous mob
To save us for ever
So when we’re all dead, we’ll all be together

People who doubt, can still get on board
As long as they stop
To be a pain in the arse
And get with the program
And never more doubt
And before they will know it
Their brains will start to rot

Once they are zombies
The fun really starts
You will know it for sure
When they open their mouths
And they spread all their lies
And they don’t want to hear
That their good news is crap
And their God is a cunt
A sick fucking bastard
That you don’t want around

So lock up your children
And warn them all now
That this sickness can spread, and is all around
But as long as you can think, use reason and your brain
There is nothing to fear, and you are safe from them all
Because you have to be bat-shit crazy, and totally mad
To believe all that crap, and all of those lies
Just remember that they, a long time ago
Were once like we are, and nothing was wrong
But they got the sickness
And that’s why they believe
In all of this shit, about a man who had died
So that they can all live forever
In a place in the sky

If you have a brain, and it still works pretty fine
I am sure then you know, about this whole lie
Please spare your children, don’t let them fall in this trap
There nothing like gifts, to impress a young mind
Just make sure they don’t think it came from a God, who lives up in the sky

So enjoy all the cheer, for xmis if fun
But remember that too much
Of this fun can do harm
And leave some with a hangover
They will suffer for life
A brain that rots as years all go by
Till later they can’t tell, the truth from the lies

Happy Xmis Everbody!!!!


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