For a Few Dollars More


A movie review by McBrolloks

Sergio Leone’s second western in the trilogy. Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Gian Maria Volonté.

Leone made the best westerns in his era, hands down. Eastwood learned his trade from him. This style of western totally pissed on the typical Hollywood style western of that era. The goody goody hero’s and the soppy drama is not what you will find in this western. Leone’s bad guys are very bad. Psychopathic killers who will murder their own mothers. And they are not dumb either. The good guys are up against a serious killer with a bunch of evil henchmen. Leone’s good guys are not your typical John Wayne , howdy pilgrim, delusional and lucky good guys. They are calculated killers, and the only difference between them and the bad guys is, that they don’t hurt innocent bystanders on purpose. They also kill for money.

In this movie, Lee Van Cleef does have personal motives, but that does not slow him down. He has an old score to settle, and anyone who gets in his way, gets killed. Eastwood is a bounty hunter, and very good at it too. Together they take on a gang of murderous bank robbers who won’t stop at anything.

Highly entertaining to watch. Leone pushed western movies into a new era, and pissed over the Hollywood crap that people were fed for for so long. Of course, the yanks hated him for this, but the fans went crazy, and Leone made many more great movies, including two of the best westerns ever made, after this one.

His old buddy, Ennio Morricone, wrote all the music for his movies. And it is the best!

Kick back with a beer, a cigar and your dog, and enjoy this masterpiece.

Rating 9 out of 10


3 thoughts on “For a Few Dollars More

  1. McBrolloks, keep up the good work! I watched the movie again (first seen in 1969, I think) and still as good as ever. This El Indio is one-dirty-sun-of-a-bitch. And cowboys were cowboys then. No mercy asked or given.

    As you say, Hollywood did not like these spagetti westerns, so they got Clint Eastwood back (or maybe he was never there to begin with) to do a ala-hollywood-western. What a fuck-up that was – called “Hang Them High” – total crap.


  2. I watched it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Brought back some memories – I remember watching this as a ten-year old. Even the wife enjoyed it, and this says a lot since Westerns are not her cup of tea.


  3. Yes, nothing like a classic. Good westerns are some of my favorite movies. I will be putting up more reviews of the good ones here, as I get time to watch them again. I can highly recommend The Unforgiven, by Clint Eastwood.


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