Graeme Smith talks about cricket


Graeme Smith talks about Test Cricket on the following topics:

How to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

Never want to lose a test, don’t ever declare*
– *(You might not win many either)

When not to use your strike bowlers,
eg when you see your opposition’s tail

Killer instinct? It’s just a myth

How to choke with dignity

How denial can help you too

How to be a captain without ever using your brain

How to be a captain if you don’t have much of a brain

Strategy? Who needs it?


5 thoughts on “Graeme Smith talks about cricket

  1. McBrolloks, aren’t you a bit harsh on Smittie’s lack of declaring timeously to ensure a win? I mean, math has obviously never been his strong point, but should his coach not be held responsible. Has the latter ever told Smittie that a test only lasts for five days?


  2. Good point Savage. Maybe the poor guy is not to blame. The South African team has always had a bit of a problem when it came to doing any math. Look at their WC disasters under pressure as an example. Maybe we can all chip in and buy them a laptop. There must be someone under that bunch of geniuses who will know how to use it.


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