Bigger, Stronger, Faster


Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008)

A movie review by McBrolloks

This is a very good documentary. It is about the use of steroids in professional sports in the USA. It raises important questions about the regulation of the drugs, as well as the anti-doping policing etc.

This is very informative and well made. There are good interviews with ex olympic athletes who were in the middle of doping scandals, including Johnson and Lewis.

Basically the movie shows how many people use steroids and other performance enhancing drugs to become winners. Also shows how unlikely it is to become a winner if you don’t dope. A good example is Lance Amstrong. It also talks about Arnold Schwartzeneger, the king of body building in the olden days.

Well worth a watch. Very entertaining.

Rating: 8 out of 10


3 thoughts on “Bigger, Stronger, Faster

  1. Yeah, I remember when we had our wrestling club at school – nothing wrong with smoking a joint before a match. You always thought the prize-fighters are putting on a show; not on your life, mate!


  2. Mcbrolloks, talking about bigger and stronger. Wonder if you couln’t post some article on the Power Balance armbands thats doing the rounds. Can you believe that some people actually believe this rubbish? My friends that bought the piece of shit swear by it and simply refuse to listen to reason. Very much like belief in a skydaddy. No proof whatsoever, but what the heck – I bought the thing for R500, so I am hellbent on insisting that it works. The other option would be to admit defeat but my bet is that ego will win the battle. Aijaijai, so many gullible people on this planet. So easy to make millions if you have no conscience……


  3. I agree with you Malherbe. “Aijaijai, so many gullible people on this planet. So easy to make millions if you have no conscience……”

    So I am going to jump on the bandwagon. See my latest post for more information.


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