A letter to all the “logical” atheists out there, written by a real ignorant little turd named Grant Callaway that was published on the News24.com website


To all the ‘logical’ atheists

by Grant Callaway 2011-02-04 07:11


I can’t help but notice the huge increase in the number of people who poke fun at, and criticise harmless comments such as “we are praying for you”, and “thank the Lord that…” Most notably, they mock “unbelievably flawed logic” that believers have.

So to you lot, I want you to follow me on this (and consider your answers HONESTLY):

Imagine you were a member of a tribe – you know, one of those “lost rainforest” tribes, who have never before seen civilisation. Now one day you decide to take a REALLY long walk, and after a while, the trees start clearing, and you stumble across NEW YORK CITY! (I know it’s not geographically correct – just using it to emphasise my point).

Anyway, suddenly you are confronted with a massive city of buildings and skyscrapers. You investigate the area. What do you think you would believe?

a) This is an incredible incident of chance! The rocks in this area all happen to be formed into perfectly angular shapes, forming perfectly shaped caves inside. Somehow, some sort of crystal lines many openings of the caves (windows), which are perfectly transparent, but shield the cave from weather.  Inside these caves, again the rocks have perfectly fallen to make it easy to climb to other levels in the caves (stairs). I can continue with the likes of roads, chimneys, lights etc.

b) Some other tribe, obviously much more advanced than my own, must have constructed these dwellings. Not sure how they did it, but they obviously know a lot more than we do.

Now, if you REALLY consider yourself logical, and you answer honestly, you would have chosen option b, right?

So, if you consider something as relatively simple as a building MUCH more likely to have been constructed by someone or something than to have simply “fallen like that” by chance, then how is it even conceivable to you that things as incredibly intricate and complex such as atomic structures, enzymes, chromosomes, gravity, electricity, photosynthesis, digestion, vocal cords and planetary arrangements in galaxies…could ALL have simply “fallen like that” after some big explosion?

I’m not saying that my argument proves the existence of Jesus, or that God is good, or even that He might hear us, but by your own logic, you should concede that things that incredible were much more likely MADE by someone of something way more advanced than us, than to have simply happened by chance.

Now unless you have something a bit more believable than some big explosion creating everything in existence by sheer chance, could you please stop mocking those who believe in a God or a Creator?

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27 thoughts on “A letter to all the “logical” atheists out there, written by a real ignorant little turd named Grant Callaway that was published on the News24.com website

  1. Oh Grant, your argument is bullshit. Go and read a couple of science books. You sound like a philosopher, not an authority on physics or biology, and by reading the dribble you wrote it is clear you know absolutely nothing of those “big” words you used, like: “atomic structures, enzymes, chromosomes, gravity, electricity, photosynthesis, digestion, vocal cords and planetary arrangements in galaxies” and then you go an and ad: “could ALL have simply “fallen like that” after some big explosion?”

    Ha-ha!!!!!! You get the “Moron of the Week” prize. Science and religion will never be compatible. You fall under the religion category, whatever religion it is you follow. Come on now, don’t pretend you don’t, you are saying god-dit-it after all.

    Ignoramuses like you better not voice your “opinions” on anything scientific. You just show your lack of basic knowledge.

    What doesn’t surprise me is that sooooooooo many fundies jumped right in and defended your letter. Ha-ha!!! I know they don’t get your point, but mention the word god, and they come like flies to shit.

    Enjoy your philosophy session with your religious brethren.

    He-he, I must thank you for making my day though. Reading this shit and all the comments that followed, most of whom I would rate from terrible to very bad, and some smart ones, made me laugh and sigh.

    You can believe what you want, nobody cares, but you can’t make up your own facts. Don’t know something, hell, them it must have been a god-dit-it!


  2. What is positive though, is the fact that a good part of the responses slates this arsehole’s comment. I find it interesting that the fundies’ comments have the following in common:
    1) Arguments based on emotion.
    2) A little prayer at the end along the lines of “..I will pray for you”.
    3) Bad grammar and spelling.
    4) They all seem to love capital letters. Does this imply they love shouting?

    One thing is certain: Things are definitely changing. Even in Afrikaner circles I find more and more people turning their back on religion. Sure, it’s a slow process and will obviously take time for the ship to change direction, but it is definitely happening. Obviously it will take a miracle to change the bunch of Afrikaners in Pretoria and since I don’t believe in miracles, one may expect this lot to believe in their fairytale for centuries to come.


  3. Well said Malherbe. I agree with you.

    The younger generations couldn’t give a hoot about religion. They are not scared of the spooks anymore than they are scared of the Tokkelosie (BLESS THE TOKKELOSIE).

    And it is great to see how this anti-scientific mystic vomit gets debunked across the board, by so many different people from different places and backgrounds.

    But mention the word “god” and the fundies still come like flies to shit. I guess the CAPS resembles the sound brommers make when they see a fresh pile of shit they are about to feast on.


  4. This morning while I was driving to work, I listened to Cape Talk (actually 702 at 6 in the morning, since they are sharing the airwaves during this time). The topic discussion with Udu Carelse was the fact the competition tribunal has got new laws to protect consumers from misleading claims. Now here comes the juicy bit: Apparantly the tribunal has an issue with religous advertisements that are making claims on stuff like healing certain illnesses, health conditions, etc. The church (unfortunately I did not get the specific denomination) now have 20 days to prove the validity of their claims. In other words, they must now prove that they can make the lame man walk, or that they can heal the HIV infected as advertised on TV and in newspapers. If not successful, sorry sir, no more ads. Now this insident has the capacity to open a brand new can of worms. Just imagine a dominee preaching from the pulpit that his god can do this or that miracle. Is this not advertising? Should he be allowed to spread this lie to his ignorant brethen without substantive proof? We live in a country where it will be illegal (from March 2012) to put the word “wholesome” or “homemade” on a consumable product. Why? Because it MAY possibly be misleading the not-so-well educated hoipaloi. If this is true, then surely it should be illegal to the 10th degree to mislead people Sunday after Sunday by telling them there is a man in the sky looking after their interests.


  5. In the above statement the following correction: “Competion tribunal” should read “Advert Standard authority”. Apologies for the error.


  6. The full article as appearing in Mail&Gaurdian.

    ASA bans church’s healing claims
    CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Feb 03 2011 18:14

    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned the Christ Embassy church from airing its claims of faith healing, following a complaint from the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC).

    However the church says it intends to appeal.

    The ruling, released on Wednesday, came after the ASA rejected an initial complaint in June last year.

    TAC spokesperson Nathan Geffen said on Thursday that the claims were aired during the church’s regular early morning slot on e.tv on Sundays.

    He said the church claimed to use faith healing to treat several diseases, including heart disease, and had run adverts on its website claiming to treat HIV/Aids.

    “Quackery of this nature is not merely misleading. It is life-destroying,” he said.

    He said TAC knew of a woman infected with extreme drug resistant TB who stopped taking her medication because she believed the church had cured her, and died, after infecting her own children with the disease.

    Advertisement for services
    Geffen also criticised e.tv for continuing to run Christ Embassy programming even after it was alerted to TAC’s concerns.

    “During the ASA proceedings, the extent of the financial motive involved in running Christ Embassy’s ads became abundantly clear: a broadcast agreement between Christ Embassy and e.tv shows that Christ Embassy paid R2,6-million excluding VAT to run 52 24-minute episodes,” he said.

    In its ruling, the ASA’s Advertising Standards Committee said the particular Sunday morning programmes that TAC complained of, in which a woman was allegedly healed of rheumatic heart disease, clearly constituted an advertisement for services.

    The probable impact of the material on those likely to see it was that Christ Embassy possessed, or had the power to transfer, God’s healing powers to the ill and diseased.

    “Common sense tells us not to allow false hope to grip vulnerable and sick people,” the committee said.

    “The ASA will be failing in its duty if it allows miracle cure [a phenomenon that is known to occur in very few instances] to be touted as an everyday cure that is available at Christ Embassy.”

    An attorney acting for the church, Sean Sim, told the South African Press Association the church would definitely appeal the ruling. It had 20 days to do so, he said.

    The church was not going to make an apology for or backtrack on the belief in faith healing.

    “It is one of the fundamental tenets of Christianity,” he said. — Sapa


  7. Malherbe, thanks for the article. I read it a couple of days ago, and was shocked. But not surprised. Amazing, when you lie for jesus, you can get away with manslaughter. Sick bastards. But the fundies fight for their right to destroy people because it is their belief. What a bunch of wankers!


  8. Who the hell are you anyway? Your blog looks like shit !

    Where was the hate speech? Why do you have to be so bloody cynical?
    Bet you’re some old angry white oke who has a big chip on his shoulder…
    Did mummy make you go to church and you hated it? No-one likes a moany bitch. Your whole blog (that looks like a big pile of shit) is just directed at Christians – how obvious. Everyone pulls this card once in a while, and you just showed the whole world how much you actually cared about Grant Callaway said. I happen to think he made some valid points. And I happen to be his wife. Don’t mess with me bitch.


  9. Hi Grant Callaway’s wife.

    You sound a little upset. Just like a fundamentalist when people don’t agree with you or your dogma.

    You hubby, Grant Callaway, is delusional. Is he a wannabe philosopher? He sure sounds like one. Please don’t tell me the boy has a degree in philosophy. He sounds more like an airy fairy artsy type new age hippie. A grown man who wanders around looking at the world with the fascination of a 4 year old child.

    If you and your hubby, Grant Callaway want to believe a god did everything, fine. But when he writes an article in a public newspaper, and he gets criticized for the dribble he writes, don’t get upset. That is what fundies do. You are acting like a fundamentalist.

    Grant Callaway uses “big” words that he doesn’t understand. He has never read a book about science or spent an afternoon on Wikipedia to read up about these “big” words. He chooses to remain ignorant and just chalk everything he doesn’t understand up to the good old god-did-it. A comfortable shelter for the ignorant and faithful.

    If Grant Callaway can’t take the heat, he shouldn’t step into the public domain and write dribble. He can go and hang out with his religious and hippie friends and gawk at the wonders of the world and call it all a work of some sort of god. Howl at the moon for all I care. Worship the sun or any of your imaginary friends you choose, but don’t expect other to “respect” you dribble and caveman rituals if you do it in front of us. G and do it in your own private cave or church or where ever. We don’t care. We don’t even want to know anything about it. But step into the public domain with your fantasy opinions, and be sure to expect others to respond.

    Go and give your hubby, Grant Callaway a big hug and tell him you support him 100%. Then go to your computer and go to Wikipedia and start doing a bit of reading. Start with these words: “atomic structures, enzymes, chromosomes, gravity, electricity, photosynthesis, digestion, vocal cords and planetary arrangements in galaxies”. Maybe you and Grant Callaway can figure it out together. Maybe then you will understand why people didn’t overwhelm him with praise for his insightful gems, instead of laughing at his ignorance and stupidity.

    Remember, today ignorance is a self inflicted wound. We live in a wonderful world, and we have a lot of answers for many things. Enlighten yourself. It is better than living in the dark.

    Or if reading is too much work for you and it is easier to say god-did-it for everything because you are too lazy to read a book, then go for it. But don’t get upset when people laugh their arses of at the bullshit that comes out of your mouth when you speak.

    One more thing. A fundamentalist is someone who refuses to change his or her opinion after confronted with evidence to prove they are wrong.

    Maybe Grant Callaway can see the errors in his article after he did a bit of reading on those basic things like: atomic structures, enzymes, chromosomes, gravity, electricity, photosynthesis, digestion, vocal cords and planetary arrangements in galaxies. Maybe he will even write another article saying he knows now he was wrong. Or maybe Grant Callaway will not do that. Maybe he is comfortable in the safety of fundamentalism and the good old god-did-it cave of darkness and woo.

    Good luck with all that honey. You guys are two peas in a pod.


  10. They won’t uderstand it Mcbrolloks. The are the proof for a new evolutionary pathway – a few million years from now, their offspring will be a new specie roaming the streets with their heads stuck deeply into their arses,….earching for their invented gods.


  11. They won’t uderstand it Mcbrolloks. The are the proof for a new evolutionary pathway – a few million years from now, their offspring will be a new specie roaming the streets with their heads stuck deeply into their arses,….searching for their invented gods.


  12. Good point Malherbe, but I must say, I think I have seen a couple of those new species walking around already. Have you seen footage of a Mighty Ignorant Men Conference with the self proclaimed arsehole of god, Mr Angus Buchan?


  13. Malherbe? McBrollocks? Am I really being addressed by 2 STUPID OLD WHITE GUYS ? Look at your blog. What’s with the ugly Mad magazine guy? Grow up, arsehole. You write plenty of dribble. Believe in your little atoms, enzymes and gravity (yes, it did get quite dull after a while, I skim read the load of trash). Good luck, old buddy old pal. What planet are you going to when you die? Or, wait, let me guess…you are going to dissolve and become a happy little atom! Wooo hooo! You might as well both don a tracksuit, take some happy tablets, and lock yourselves away. Honestly. Your other “dribble” about what movies you watch…who gives? Why don’t you rather just fixate on hating God and writing JUST about that? You seem to have so much hate to give. Fuck off, loser.


  14. Donotknowshitfromshite you are ignorant when it comes to atoms – let me explain them to you. The H (hydrogen) atoms in our bodies were very quickly made during the Big Bang. The C (carbon), Ca (Calcium) Mg (magnesium), Fe (iron), O (oxygen), P (phosphorus), N (nitrogen) and the many other trace elements making up life were cooked in the stars – we are “star stuff” as Carl Sagan explained. Now when we die, we go back to these elements (atoms) we were made of. No special place for anyone to go to after death. We can see, taste, and feel the atoms. Only you delusional lot can see, taste, and feel Jesus. I mean, you eat his flesh and drink his blood regularly (or should), not so? (What a fucking creepy lot you are!) Just do me one favour please – show me your Jesus, and not some delusional explanation only your warped mind can comprehend, but little Jesus standing before me so I can touch him. But you can’t do that, now can you?


  15. How about you take your atoms and F U C K off?? Thanks for spelling Jesus with a capital J.

    You are calling me creepy? Your name is Savage. I think I don’t really need to dig up Jesus on wikipedia and talk about it – why ? I get it, you moron, that we all crumble up into nothingness when we die. Sorry that you don’t have a soul. Wow, you’re such a hardcore, um, what’s the word for it?



  16. Going on and on about what happens to us when we die…have you actually lived before?

    I was talking about having a soul. This whole argument started when Grant commented exactly on what you are doing now…going on and on and getting all big and burly about what you think you know. I believe in something, you believe in utter crap. Can’t we just agree to disagree?
    I am really not going to share my personal relationship with any Creator with you – you’re too old and shallow to understand.

    You’re weird and you subscribe to a little weird blog. I love everything the Bible says. It’s always the old white freaks. Bet you’re probably a paedophile too. Because Science doesn’t give any guidance how to run your life, so you can basically just live how you like…without a conscience. Please just go away.


  17. Weetniewaardieholisnie, jy maak Liewe Jesus se hartjie darem baie seer om so te vloek. Miskien moet jy die Hemelse Vader weer opsê en klem lê op die gedeelte waar jy nie in versoeking gelei moet word nie. Want sien, Liewe Jesus het my persoonlik opdrag gegee om jou kwaad te maak, wat ek toe ook maklik reggekry het. Onthou net, ek is nie vir jou kwaad nie oor al die dinge wat jy my toesnou, maar wee, o wee, Liewe Jesus se hartjie bloei. Hy het jou ‘n toets gegee, en jy het liederlik gefaal. Maar gaan vanaand op jou knietjies en vra vir Liewe Jesus om askies – Hy sal jou vergewe.


  18. Mrs Grant Callaway, wow, you are a gem. Every time you come here and write it shows me just how ignorant and dumb you are. You are the poster girl for the fundie caveman analogy.

    You run out of your cave, ranting and screaming, swinging your club, throwing stones and ranting incoherable nonsense.

    Then when you get confronted, you run right back to the safety of your dark cave where you and other fundies can howl at the moon together.

    I must say, from what you have written here in the last 48 hours, I can see that your hubby, Grant Callaway is the one with half a brain in the family. You seem to have about a 1/4 of a functioning brain, which should give you the ability not to drool on yourself all day long.

    But I must say, you are very welcome here. You make me laugh and you just keep on proving my point.

    Please don’t run back to your cave yet.


  19. Mrs Grant Callaway, have you watched Storm by Tim Minchin yet?

    And please tell me, is your hubby Grant Callaway a philosopher or just a wannabe philosopher?


  20. Mrs Grant Callaway wrote:

    “Believe in your little atoms, enzymes and gravity (yes, it did get quite dull after a while, I skim read the load of trash)”

    He-he. What can I say. You just hammered my point home for me.

    You prefer to say: god-did-it. Much easier. You would prefer to live in the bronze age. Where woo was respected and feared. We don’t respect or fear your woo today. We laugh at you and your fundie brethren. You are also a lazy person. You will remain ignorant because the only book you can tolerate is your bible. Bet you you haven’t read the whole thing. Not that it matters.

    Funny how you guys have TV’s and smart phones and computers and medicine and cars, while you try and trash science. You are hypocrites of the worst degree. But most of all, you walk around with rotten brains, all a result of religious indoctrination since you were a child.

    For fucks sake, if you can’t see the errors in your ways, you are either born stupid, or your brain has slowly rotted over a period of time. Trust me, it will get worst as you get older.


  21. I agree Mcbrolloks – Mr is definitely less stupid than Mrs (wanted to state more clever, but that would not do justice to the word “clever”). One day I am going to write a book on the language skills or lack therof, of fundies. I will start with Mrs Callaway since she manages to illustrate her ignorance so clearly. I mean, she actually admits that she does not understand chemistry and then goes on to say that it “is boring”. Ja right, exactly the same excuse the kids in st 6 used when switching from physics and chemistry to woodwork.

    Mrs Callaway, you make the following statements:
    1)”I love everything the Bible says.” – I am not surprised that you prefer this cosy lie to the realities of life. You and your husband’s writings are speckled with apologetic rantings pointing to the fact that you prefer living life with your heads up you arses.
    2) “It’s always the old white freaks.” – Can you please explain what on earth skin colour has to do with our argument? Oh, sorry, I forgot, you never (not once) presented an argtument in your rantings.
    3) “Bet you’re probably a paedophile too. Because Science doesn’t give any guidance how to run your life, so you can basically just live how you like…without a conscience.” – Ok, so then please explain why secular countries like Japan and Sweden has the lowest crime rates? Also explain why religous countries like RSA and Mexico have some of the highest crime rates. And since you seem to be an expert on peadphiles (makes me wonder), would you care to explain why the Roman Catholic Church seems to be the breeding ground of peadophile priests?

    But I am not holding my breath for an answer from you Mrs Callaway. I predict that you will rant and rave, foaming at the mouth, without answering the above honestly. As Mcbrolloks puts it – this is the time when fundies like yourself run back into your caves to lick your multiple wounds, …..and reporting back to your co-cavedwellers about the wonderful martyr you are for you jesus (damn, now how can I get that “j” minutely small?).


  22. Mcbrolloks, I see that Mr Grant callaway likes porn. On his facebook page he lists Debbie does Dallas” as one of his “likes”. (http://www.facebook.com/people/Grant-Callaway/856265380.) Personally i do not have a problem with this, but just wondered if the Mrs watched with him.

    Another story that he writes on match fixing just further proves the grey matter is seriously lacking here. (http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/YourStory/The-Black-Hole-of-Match-Fixing-20110209)


  23. Mrs Grant Callaway is a shit bird. She flew in here, took shits all over the blog, and flew away.

    Just like I predicted, she came with the caveman mentality, grunted and moaned and threw stones, and then ran back to her cave.

    Mrs Grant Callaway, you never answered any questions people asked you during your brief visit here. Instead you chose to rant and show your ignorance and stupidity and throw insults.

    You are a piece of work.

    You asked me a question in one of your earlier rants: “Why pay so much attention to something that clearly isn’t real…does the Boogie man and the Tooth Fairy get your back up too?”

    No the boogie man and tooth fairy does not get my goat up. You want to know why? Because people don’t go around and piss on other people’s human rights because they believe the tooth fairy told them to do so.

    You and your fundie shit for brains buddies do that everyday. You and your caveman brothers have been doing it for centuries and centuries, all in the name of your invisible friends.

    Let me ask you again: Did you ever read the bible? How can you say you agree and enjoy everything written in that horrible book?

    But then again, a real idiot like you couldn’t figure out the answer to that question if you tried your whole life to. You just believe blindly in your invisible friends and fear the devil and hate others who don’t believe in your spooks.

    Enjoy your life. I am sure you and Grant Callaway make each other very happy. How could you not? You both live in a fairytale world with the delusion made out of bollocks. Your brains are rotted away already. You don’t have any more critical thinking capabilities left. All the result of a lifetime of brainwashing by your parents and your family and friends. You guys live in fear of imaginary friends. I pity you. But I don’t give you and your delusional caveman friends a pass. You guys suffer from a self inflicted wound. You keep shooting yourself in both feet. You guys love your crutches.


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