True Grit


True Grit (2010)

A Coen brothers production. Jeff Bridges plays a bounty hunter with the badge of a US Marshall. He generally shoots first and asks questions if there is anybody left alive. He is a drunk and used to be a bank robber, but now it is better to work for the law, instead of running away from them all the time.

Matt Damon plays a Texas Ranger hunting down a man who gunned down a state senator. His character is a real boy scout goody goody who is determined to catch his man.

Both these men end up helping a young lady who gets them to hunt down the man who shot her father, who is the same man Damon is hunting.

Fist off, let me say, this version beats the hell out of the old John Wayne film.

I enjoyed it a lot. It is well made. It shows the darker side of people, and what it took to get justice in those days.

A couple of small things annoyed me that was not realistic. I always notice these things, and I see it as lazy work by the directors and producers. If you are going to spend so much time and money making a good movie, why do they let these things slip by?

I recommend this movie. It has it’s moments, but the best part is that it is much much better than the old John Wayne version. God, I hate those old goody goody westerns where the good guys were all saints and the bad guys were all stupid.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10


3 thoughts on “True Grit

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