The New Inquisition – the Roman Catholic Man Cult’s modern War on Women


A must read:

“Those who favor the rights of woman would do better if they take the offensive by labeling the anti-abortion movement for what it is, a new and dreadful inquisition. A misogynist inquisition. A modern form of evil. And put the pressure back on the Catholic Club of Men. Demand that they cease waging a war on average law abiding women and put their moral focus where it should be, on the miscreants Catholic and otherwise who commit real crimes.”


Jesus loves you, unless you are gay.


I just heard something that shocked me, but it didn’t surprise me at all.

Myself and my sisters grew up with a family with 4 children since the days we were all in nappies. My dad worked with their dad, and we lived in some of the same towns over the years. They are as close to us as cousins, and we practically think of them as family.

Their mother is and has always been bat-shit-crazy. She is a jesus freak of the highest degree. I have always said she walks with a bible under one arm and a big vibrator under the other arm. She pretends to be such an enlightened person, who understands everything, and loves everyone. Meanwhile back at the ranch, she is a loon. She is always involved in lawsuits and fights with organizations and people who she believes “had it in for her”.

When we were kids, she would force her children to go to church and Sunday school and bible study and any religious event in a 100 mile range. She also banned them from watching The Simpsons, because it was a godless show for heretics. Of course they all watched it at our house when they could.

She has always been very close to her children, and she does love them very much. All until last week, when her only daughter came out of the closet. Now she doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. According to her and the bible, it is an abomination.

This stupid bitch tells everyone she is an expert at relationships. She is on her way to becoming a sexologist and she pretends to be very open minded when it comes to sex. That’s why I keep telling my family she walks around with a bible under one arm and a big vibrator under the other. She just can’t get herself to understand her poor daughter. She can handle anything but gayness. She has preached for decades that fags will go to hell and that god does not tolerate gays, and jesus loves everyone, unless they are gay. Her daughter must have been terrified of her mom forever. She finally had the guts to stop living a lie, and to come out to her mom. She must have hoped her mom would understand and support her. Unfortunately the opposite happened.

Another good example of how religion is the biggest cause of hatred in the world.

There is Facbook in heaven. I don’t think hell has it yet.


by McBrolloks

Last week a friend of mine died. He dropped dead next to a lake. Just like that. In Nigeria. One day before he was going home to visit his family and friends. The suspected cause of death was heart failure.

The poor kid was in his 30’s. He wasn’t obese. He worked very hard and had achieved a very high level in his profession. Now he is gone. But not when you go to his Facebook page.

Relatives and friends have been posting there for him as if he has just moved on to another country. They know he is dead. He comes from a nice family, but like most of our poor volkie, they are god fearing people. They are 100% sure he is in heaven now, talking to god. They even have messages for god, that he has to relay on their behalf, to the “big guy” as one of them puts it. Then there are others who are quite upset that his daily fortune cookie still gets delivered to him everyday and they have to read it and see it pop up on their home page. One friend even said he contacted him and his wife, and told them god told him to get his affairs in order. They were glad they had the chance to “forgive” him for something he did to them a long time ago, so they are sure that he is in heaven now, also with a message to god for him to relay on their behalf. Another chick told him to tell god to look after him very well. The past post was 6 hours ago. They are still conversing with him on Facebook. Wishing him peace, a good time in heaven, to say hi to god, to put in a good word for them, yada yada yada……… Another one is the old favorite: “It was god’s will.” God is a sick cunt if that was his will.

I deleted him as a friend today. I don’t think for a minute he is reading his facebook page up there in heaven. Oh, wait…… I don’t even believe in heaven. Or hell. There is no fucking way I am going to read his fortune cookie for the next decade everyday. I fucking hated that stupid app. anyway, and there was no way to stop it except for deleting him as a friend. Silver lining.

Anyway, my bud is dead now. His family probably has no idea that their little angel was no angel. He was a very good guy, with a very good heart, never hurt anybody, but he was one crazy fucking party animal. Bachelor and very naughty. I can speculate on what gave him heart failure. But that would not be cool. He lived a good life, enjoyed it, and was good to other people. He made everybody laugh, and he really cared about others. He also worked very hard all his life.

So bud, sorry I deleted you as a Facebook friend, but I know you don’t give a shit. I just couldn’t stomach your other friends using it as a hotline to god. And those fucking fortune cookies, man!!!!!!!!


But isn’t it amazing how heaven keeps up with the latest advances in technology? If yo told Abraham he would have Facebook in heaven, he would have had you stoned as a heretic. I haven’t checked, but god must have a lot of friends on Facebook. Jesus too. I wonder if they have more than mohammed, or satan.

So good news for you fundies out there. You can still get your Facebook messages in heaven. But please, for fucks sake, delete all the stupid apps. that runs everyday. And those fucking games. We don’t care if you just fucked a goat in Farmville.

Up yours Gretha Wiid!!!!! This is the answer to that delusional cunt’s dribble. If you’re gonna do it, do it right.


Dorothy Black recalls her first time and thinks virginity is, well, so overrated. Agree with her?

It might surprise you to find out that my first sexual liaison was, in fact, not a Bohemian affair of mushrooms, wine and French music. It was not with an older Don Juan who deflowered me on satin and velvet, surrounded by candles, incense and the whispering Pacific tide. I was neither a blushing nor rebellious 16 year old, looking for the meaning of life, the universe and everything in the arms of a lover.

Nope. Not me.

I was a late bloomer, as they say. I was 19 and he was a young 20-something, a long-haired, greasy Dungeons and Dragons devotee whom I met at the Spur. For some unfathomable reason I decided he’d be it and after one night shift, smelling like barbeque sauce and stale fries, I ‘got it over with’ on his dirty sheets in the cramped room-above-the-garage he rented in the ‘burbs.

Real classy.

There was no lube and he didn’t know I was a virgin. Awkward. Painful. Unfortunate. No laughing matter, as my Grandpa would say.

Good thing then that I have the fighting spirit in me. The next day, armed with KY (thanks friends), I pushed the (nearly petrified) boy onto his back, got on top of him, told him to be still and had my way with him. My first orgasm with an actual penis. After a few more practise runs we had the whole sex thing down pat – missionary, cowgirl, doggy style, sideways, upways, downways…

I left, triumphant. I, conqueror of the penis and master of my virginity, now defunct.

Would I have had it any other way? I guess so. Some preparation would’ve been nice – maybe some lube, some clean sheets, some humour and some honesty wouldn’t have gone amiss. And I guess neither would moonshine and roses, a little Moët and soft-focus lighting. But the fact is, I wanted to get to the juicy stuff, to the sex scenes in my mind, and the whole hymen-breaking thing was a bothersome technicality blocking the way. So to speak.

Later, a dear-hearted soul told me, with sympathy, I shouldn’t live in regret that I didn’t save myself for my husband. I told her I was hoping my promise ring would re-virginise me in the eyes of the Lord so I could get another shot at the pop, but this time with candles and bubbly. Everyone deserves a second chance right?

See, here’s the thing. Virginity is still considered a physical and character commodity – something a woman has that men want. In sex – being the first where no man has gone before is a thrill, an honour, a sacred symbol of manhood-making. (At least on paper … oral, anal and hand jobs aren’t ‘SEX sex’ ya know). In morality – being a virgin is good in the eyes of a god, your parents, the government, your future husband. Even other women.

The only person the subject of virginity doesn’t seem to focus on is the actual woman in question and what is good and comfortable for her.

Everyone’s opinion seems to count in what is actually a very personal, very intimate decision with yourself. I mean, wait, don’t wait. Do it with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, a one night stand. Do it on a bed, the floor, in a car, or a romantic weekend away. Do it drunken, sober … do it however the fuck you want to, but whatever you do, make it your choice. Not because you’ve been guilted/pressured/scared into it. Not because you think a promise ring and an intact hymen is the sum of your self-worth. Not because abstinence programmes lean more towards fear-mongering than supporting educated choices.

Lengthy virginity-keeping for virginity’s sake does not teach you intimacy. Sex does not ‘ruin everything’. If sex had to ruin something at the start of your relationship, it means you’re better off as friends. If he leaves you after you ‘sleep with him too soon’, surely it’s not a relationship you want anyway. And contrary to medieval popular belief the breaking of a woman’s hymen is not going to bring about the end of the world as we know it. The gays will do that.


Read Dorothy’s blog here, and follow her on Twitter here.

Gretha Wiid is ‘n dom fokken poes.


Hier is ‘n artikel in die Huisgenoot oor Gretha Wiid:

“”Gretha Wiid se streng seksgebooie

Gretha Wiid is die toonbeeld van ’n moderne, modieuse vrou. En manlief Francois pas perfek aan haar sy met sy gejelde hare en bonkige juweliersware.

Sy skroom nie om woorde soos seks, masturbasie en orgasme te gebruik nie – sy verdien immers haar brood met praatjies, met handleidings wat sy oor seksopvoeding skryf en met die verkoop van DVD’s oor onder meer die huwelik. Maar Gretha is terselfdertyd ’n vrou wat nege jaar gelede tot bekering gekom het, destyds op die rand van bankrotskap en met haar eie huwelik wankelend oor Francois se affair.

In Pretoria het baie moedelose getroudes aanklank gevind by haar boodskap. En toe sy verlede jaar in die styl van die prediker Angus Buchan haar eie Worthy Woman Conference hier aanbied, het nie minder nie as 7 000 vroue kom luister.

Maar deesdae is dit veral haar en Francois se DVD met die titel Seks en die Huwelik wat opslae maak. Daarin sê sy immers hoogs omstrede dinge soos dat alleen-masturbasie sowel buite as binne die huwelik taboe is, nes seksspeelgoed, en dat God se gees nie deel kan wees van seks buite die eg nie.

Eintlik is enige intimiteit voor die huwelik uit, sê sy. Ongeag jou omstandighede, daardie lyn mag nie oorgesteek word nie. “Dit beteken ook nie jy moet trou om vinniger seks te hê nie. Jy moet net trou as jy weet dit is die maat wat God vir jou uitgesoek het.

“God het nie bedoel dat jy jou eie lyf moet ontdek nie. Ek weet seksoloë sal van my verskil, maar dit doen meer skade as goed. “Om te ontdek wat jou prikkel, is iets wat jy saam met jou man moet doen.”

Die lyn is inderdaad fyn: In die huwelik mag julle mekaar se liggame geniet en wedersyds betas, sê Gretha, maar wel nie alleen nie.

“Die riglyne is nie om jou pret te bederf nie, maar om jou te beskerm. Ons weet uit duur ondervinding hoe geseënd ’n mens binne dié raamwerk kan leef. Dit is wat God vir almal wil hê.” “”


Ok mense, dis maar een artikel wat wys watse dom fokken hoer poes Gretha Wiid is. Jy kan nie hierdie kak self uitdink nie. Maar Gretha, die self aangewese seks expert van god, jesus en die heilige gees, wat al drie nie van doos hou nie, is aan die brand met haar heilige raad oor masturbasie en seks. Fok my!!!!! Hoekom luister ons mense na hierdie mal kont? Sy behoort in ‘n malhuis, nie in ons skole nie. Sy en een of ander dom poes Suid Afrikaanse sanger gaan van hoerskool tot hoerskool en vertel vir die meisies hulle mag nie met hulle koekies speel nie, en hulle kerels mag ook nie met hulle koekies speel nie.  Dit laat liewe jesus huil. Fok my!!!!! Die mal fokken kont!!!!

Dit raak beter:

Gretha Wiid reageer op julle kommentaar

Huisgenoot gee nou vir Gretha ‘n kans om te reageer op al die kommentaar op ons artikel, Gretha Wiid se streng seksgebooie.

Hallo julle almal, Gretha Wiid hier.

Gedink ek wil ‘n paar dinge in perspektief stel.  In die eerste plek dink ek dis belangrik om te verstaan dat geen artikel ooit enige iemand se persepsies en oortuigings volledig kan weerspieël nie.

En om iemand se hart net ten dele te hoor of te ken, beteken dat jy met ‘n halwe prentjie sit oor iemand.

Joernalistiek is ook meestal subjektief en skryfwerk word nou maar eenmaal gefilter deur die joernalis se eie  persepsies en oortuiginge.  Die blote feit dat die opskrif verwys na seksgebooie plant reeds die gedagte en persepsie by die leser dat dit my reëls is, en dat ek daarmee die septer wil swaai. Is dit hoe Huisgenoot my sien?

Ek glo dat baie van julle sou verkies om te dink dat ek reageer omdat ek myself wil verdedig, of om mense (soos julle) te probeer oortuig.  Dit is nie wat leef in my hart nie.  Huisgenoot het egter my opinie gevra. My opinie, dis al.  ‘n Opinie wat ek graag wil toets aan dit wat ek glo waar is… God se Woord.

As kerk (liggaam van Christus) het ons so lou geword.

Moslems blaas plekke en mense op vir hulle geloof.  Hulle staan op in skole as hulle geloof teenkanting kry. (Fok my!!!!!! Dis haar idea van god dien? Hierdie mal fokken hoer poes is gevaarlik!!!!!!)

Ons christene kyk anderpad. Ons wil God net volg solank ons niks moet opoffer nie. Ons wil glo dat ons kerke ons kan red, dat ons predikers se woord die begin en die einde van openbaring en die volle waarheid is. Ons wil God ken, maar Hom nie dien nie. Ons wil kerk-kerk speel, en elke Sondag ‘n quick-fix of ‘n spike vir die week kry.

Maar om die braaivleisvuur met drank en vuil grappe word God opsy geskuif – Hy wil mos hê dat ons die lewe moet geniet, reg?  Ons sê elke mens sleg wat durf iets aanhaal uit God se Woord wat ons dalk aanvat of konfronteer – ons verdoem hulle as arrogant en as valse profete.

Doen asb die moeite om ten minste 2 Tim. 4: 1-5 te gaan lees.  Daar lees ons dat daar ‘n tyd sal kom dat mense net wil luister na dinge wat hulle nie konfronteer of aanvat nie.  ‘n Gemaksone waar ons glo dat ons almal eintlik okay en gered is net omdat ons sê dat ons christene is of aan ‘n kerk behoort.

As jy ‘n kind van die Here is – nie ‘n geheime agent vir die koninkryk nie – dan is dit ook jóú plig om te staan by God se Woord.  En as iemand jou vra wat reg is volgens God, mag jy mos geen ander lering as die Woord as antwoord gee nie. God sê hoeka dat ‘n fontein nie vars én brak water kan gee nie.  Is jy vars of brak?  Warm of koud?

Kies dan vandag weer, en staan daarby – in publiek, in jou kamer, tussen jou eie mense, tussen vreemdes.  En hou daarby – selfs al word jy uitgekryt en sleggesê.  Dis die minste wat ons kan doen om Jesus te eer vir die lyding wat Hy vir ons moes deurgaan.  Ons vlees moet neergelê word, sodat ons gees kan lewe!

Ons is so vinnig om te verkondig (en te verdedig) dat ons nie mag oordeel nie.  Natuurlik mag ons nie ménse oordeel nie, maar ons mag die vrug wat ons dra meet aan wat God sê.

Jesus self het vir die prostituut se menswees opgekom deur haar omstanders uit te daag om die eerste klip te gooi as hulle nie self sonde het nie.  Net daarna het Hy egter aan haar gesê om te gaan, en nie meer vol te hou met daardie sonde nie.  Jesus het nie die mens geoordeel nie, maar die sonde wel. En wie is ek om te sê wat sonde is en wat nie?  Die Woord is my riglyn.

Daarmee saam oordeel ek nie die sonde van enigiemand nie – net God is by magte om dit te doen. Maar as ek gevrá word wat ek dink reg en verkeerd is in God se oë, is die Woord my grondslag. So sal Hy ook my sonde oordeel – waarvan daar steeds baie is!  Maar as kind van die Here kán ek nie, en mág ek nie stilbly oor wat God se Woord sê net omdat ek mense se teenkanting vrees nie – spesifiek nie wanneer ek in die openbare arena gevra word om my opinie nie.

Jesus Christus is Koning en sy Woord staan bo ALLES! Maak die Woord altyd vir ons sin?  Nee!  Is dit vir ons menslike verstand altyd duidelik waarom God sekere dinge as sonde uitwys?  Ook nie. Solank ons op aarde is sal ons net net dele ken, onthou julle?  En slim redenasies kan ook nie die Waarheid uitrafel nie.

Die Woord self leer ons so in 1 Kor. 1:18-31.  Die Woord leer ons dat God se gedagtes vêr bo ons gedagtes is.  ons koppe en ons vlees sal nooit volle sin maak daaruit nie.  dit sal vir altyd ‘n stryd wees tussen gees en vlees – dit wat ons wíl, en dit wat ons móét!

So baie van julle het vrae gehad oor dinge soos masturbasie.  Ek lees wat God sê oor vleeslike begeertes en drange – nie ‘n Gretha Wiid opinie nie, ‘n Woord waarheid –  (Rom. 8:5, Kol.3:5, Gal.5:19, 2 Pet.2:10, 1 Joh.2:16, ens.), en begeer om my lewe daarvolgens in te rig.  Nie koekerig en verkramp ten opsigte van die seksuele nie – maar bevry, vol pret en avontuur, maar binne God se raamwerk.

Vir die dames wat glo dat my man ‘n buite-egtelike verhouding gehad het agv ‘n onbevredigende sekslewe saam met my – jy’s geregtig om so te dink.

Ek is oortuig dat ek steeds baie het om te leer. Ek het egter reeds geleer dat mans nie noodwendig rondloop weens ‘n gebrek aan seks by die huis nie, maar meer as dikwels eerder weens ‘n soeke na erkenning van sy manwees, onopgeloste seer uit die verlede en ‘n soeke om identiteit te bevestig.

Daar is so baie vrouens wat seer het omdat hulle altyd moet hoor dat hulle mans rondgeloop het agv van hulle ontoereikendheid of kwansuise onvermoë.  Dis nie noodwendig waar nie.

My eie man het lank gesoek na die maatstaf van sukses, die finale kriteria van ‘being man enough’.  So baie mans wil hulle manwees probeer bewys met geld, karre, mag in die besigheidswêreld, gesag in die huis, alkohol, pornografie….ag, noem dit.

Hulle vroue kan mooi, sexy, smeulend en baie vaardig wees as dit seks kom, dan sal die man se soeke en leemte steeds nie gevul wees nie.Francois is nie skaam om oor sy verlede en sy foute te praat nie, want God het hom kom heelmaak.  Sy identiteit is geleë in sy Vader. Punt!  Natuurlik het ek ‘n stewige bydrae daartoe gehad dat my man iemand anders se arms opgesoek het.

Ek het vir my kinders geleef en hom emosioneel afgeskeep.  Elke mens soek tog erkenning, waardering en bewondering by sy/haar maat?  Ek het dit nie aan hom gegee nie.  Seks wel – maar nie bewondering nie, nie respek vir sy mens- en manwees nie.  En dít is my en Francois se boodskap:  ons moet na mekaar kyk – almal van ons in verhoudinge.

Ons leef so maklik by mekaar verby, praat by mekaar verby en groei op die ou end weg van mekaar.  Geen seks in die wêreld kan so iets red nie.  Spr. 27:7 sê dat selfs ‘n bitter eetding lekker sal wees vir iemand wat werklik honger is.

Baie vroue knoop aanlyn verhoudinge aan, sms-verhoudinge met kollegas, intieme geselsies met manne by die werk – bloot omdat hulle by daardie persoon waardevol, belangrik, mooi, interessant, en gewaardeerd voel.  En dan drink hulle maklik die beker van bitter water – net om hulle harte se dors te les.  Owerspel gaan allermins altyd oor seks…inteendeel. Dis die dinge wat ons harte en menswees voed wat ons bymekaar hou, nie seks nie.

Ek hoop dat julle my hart sal raaklees hierin – ‘n hart wat graag vir alle mense liefde en tyd wil hê, maar allereers, ‘n hart wat gebind is aan die hart van God. Jy kan kies om dit te beskou as ‘n opinie, of actually jou Bybel optel en sélf vir die antwoord gaan soek.  Party van julle soek bewyse?  Waar is die bewyse van jóú antwoorde uit die Woord?

The only thing evil needs to prosper, is for good men to do nothing and fear the onslaught of people.  Compromise God se Woord, en jy compromise jou eie blessing!””

He-he. Mens kan duidelik sien sy het lekker die klits kweit geraak.

Ouens soek nie dié ‘girls’, sê Bobby

Byna 800 gillende meisiestemme het Bobby van Jaarsveld se sterstatus gisteroggend by die Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool in Pretoria luidkeels bevestig.


En toe hy me. Marna Jordaan, skoolhoof, soen om haar geluk te wens met haar verjaardag, was die toejuiging oorverdowend.


Maar op ‘n manier was die boodskap wat Van Jaarsveld gister saam met me. Gretha Wiid gebring het, eintlik ‘n weerspreking van alles wat sterstatus beteken.


Die boodskap, wat ook beskikbaar is op ‘n nuwe DVD, Die Hollywood Hang-up, het die meisies aangemoedig om hulle nie deur die skyn van Hollywoodflieks te laat mislei nie, maar om goeie keuses in hul lewens te maak.


Van Jaarsveld het gesê goeie ouens soek nie “enige los ‘girl’ “ wat haar lyf aan die wêreld wys nie.


Ouens wat net ‘n meisie se lyf soek, soek dit ook net vir een aand.


Wiid het gesê as ‘n meisie haar lyf adverteer, sal die ouens nie vir haar hart gaan nie.


As ‘n meisie ‘n ou soek wat haar wil hê vir wie sy is, moet sy wees wie sy is.


Van Jaarsveld het ook gewaarsku dat jongmense nie dieselfde foute as hy moet maak deur te drink nie.


As jy dit doen, kan jy nie meer lekker dink nie en dan verloor jy al jou waardes, het hy gesê.


Wiid het vertel haar grootste droom was om as ‘n maagd te trou.


Op universiteit het dinge egter vir haar verkeerd geloop en toe ‘n ou een aand aanbied om vir haar ‘n drankie te koop, het sy gevoel: Stuff die wêreld.


Sy het daardie aand te veel gedrink en seks gehad. Sy weet tot vandag toe nie met wie nie.


Sy het haar grootste droom prys gegee, nie omdat sy besluit het om seks te hê nie, maar weens haar houding wat haar te veel laat drink het.


Wiid het die verhaal van die fliek August Rush vertel en van die liefde daarin wat op ‘n geheimsinnige verbintenis tussen twee karakters gegrond is.


“Dis ‘n klomp twak,” het sy gesê. Dis die flieks, nie hoe dit regtig gebeur nie.


Die basis van ‘n verhouding is nie so ‘n connection nie, maar dat twee mense vriende kan wees, dat hulle hulself bymekaar kan wees en nie teenoor mekaar hoef voor te gee nie.


Waar die byeenkoms met oorverdowende gille begin het, is dit in stilte afgesluit, terwyl Van Jaarsveld vir die meisies gebid het en hulle spontaan mekaar se hande vasgehou het.””


Wat kan mens se????? Gretha Wiid is ‘n dom fokken hoer poes.


Pre-marital sex ‘end of church’

Pretoria – “If the Dutch Reformed Church has decided to justify living together and sex before marriage, it will most certainly mean the final collapse of the church.” (Great!!!!! I wish it was true!)

This is the opinion of Gretha Wiid, presenter of the Worthy Women Conference (WWC), amid debates regarding the possibility that the Dutch Reformed Church (NG Kerk) will revise its policy regarding unmarried couples living together and sex beyond the confines of marriage.

“I don’t care what the pope, the church or anyone else says. My husband, Francois, and I believe that marriage is sacred, and that sex before marriage can only be harmful,” she told Beeld on Wednesday.

According to Wiid, sex is not just about a relationship between two people, but rather about a covenant between them and God. (Lekker 3some action. Are you feeling it god? Is that the right spot?)

Drastic moral decay

“If these decisions are confirmed, we’ll see even more drastic moral decay among our youth. We’ll see hurt and damaged adults in the world.

“The church is handing pain and brokenness on a silver platter to those who’ve given sex before marriage some thought,” said Wiid.

Wiid says that as long as people continue to adjust God’s word to fit in with their own lifestyle, they will just behave more rebelliously.

“Before you know it, we, the Christians, will be revising God.” (Duh…. people have been revising gods forever. Gretha must be half brain dead.)

“It’s terrifying and yet also exciting, because it just goes to show that we’re living in the last days,” said Wiid. (She wants the world to end. She can’t fucking wait. The delusional fucking cunt!!!)

Wiid is a relationship counsellor and motivational speaker who has been active with youth ministry in schools over the past eight years, and for the past four years she’s been presenting women’s get-togethers each Saturday. On Wednesday she said that she’s planning to launch her own talk show, possibly even as soon as March next year.

“We’ve been keeping our faith in the Lord for this opportunity for many years.”

Wiid plans to focus “deeply on family relationships” in the current affairs programme.

Thieves within a marriage

“There are many thieves within a marriage. Everything from the television to working overtime. The employer no longer understands that his employee has a family who’s waiting for him or her in the evenings.

“If marriage became important to the employer, marriage would also be elevated. I want to facilitate topical conversations among family members,” Wiid said excitedly. She did not want to elaborate further on this topic.

After many rumours that the WWC had only been a quick money-making scheme for the Wiids, she says she’s been in the ministry for many years already, and that the WWC happened to be the first conference to receive so much exposure.

“What most people don’t know is that I’ve done three other women’s conferences this year, each attended by nearly 1 000 women. But WWC just received much more exposure.

“And Francois and I did not go to Mauritius after the WWC,” Wiid joked.

“We believe in our hearts that, if marriages are healthy in all aspects, a generation of emotionally healthy children will be born. The people who are going to be deciding about living together and premarital sex should know that they will have to account for their decisions one day. And they will.”


Ons arme ou volkie. Hoer poesse soos Gretha Wiid gee ons almal ‘n slegte naam. Fok mense, word asseblief wakker. Hierdie teef is so mal soos ‘n haas wat hondsdolleid het.




Who’s gods are the strongest? We will know in less than 24 hours from now!


Sri Lanka and India are about to meet in the Cricket World Cup final.

Who has the strongest gods? Just about every fan is praying for their team to be victorious on this monumental day.

India has the gods of Islam and all the Hindu gods on their team. Sri Lanka is mostly Buddhist.

Tomorrow we will know which gods have the most power. The gods of the christians had their arses handed to them in this world cup. Jesus, the father and their holy ghost couldn’t get a spot in the final of one of the worlds most popular sports.

This time it seems like the gods from the sub continent are stepping up in total dominance, with only each other left to compete with. Whoever wins tomorrow will have bragging rights for another 4 years, and so will their gods.

I for one am really looking forward to this match. I have always wondered if Buddha will kick Mohammed and Brahman’s arses. Tomorrow I will know. It is a tough task, but the world will be watching.

Personally, I favor India. But I did back Sri Lanka heavily in 1996 to win, and they did. I also won a bit of scratch. What a team they had back then.

But hey, they have a great team today too. Underdogs with some real dynamite. If Sri Lanka has to bat first, they better score a lot of runs. If India bats first, they will score a lot of runs. It is going to be a great final.

India has the better team. Tendulkar on form, Sign bowling like a world champ, and Dhoni, who is not a bad captain at all. The guy learns from his mistakes. Unlike the South African captain who does not seem to be able to find the working parts of his brain on a regular basis.

Expect a strong spiritual presence tomorrow at the final. All the gods will be there. They know how important this match is for their believers. The prayers have been flooding their realms for weeks now.

Enjoy the game folks!!!!