Who’s gods are the strongest? We will know in less than 24 hours from now!


Sri Lanka and India are about to meet in the Cricket World Cup final.

Who has the strongest gods? Just about every fan is praying for their team to be victorious on this monumental day.

India has the gods of Islam and all the Hindu gods on their team. Sri Lanka is mostly Buddhist.

Tomorrow we will know which gods have the most power. The gods of the christians had their arses handed to them in this world cup. Jesus, the father and their holy ghost couldn’t get a spot in the final of one of the worlds most popular sports.

This time it seems like the gods from the sub continent are stepping up in total dominance, with only each other left to compete with. Whoever wins tomorrow will have bragging rights for another 4 years, and so will their gods.

I for one am really looking forward to this match. I have always wondered if Buddha will kick Mohammed and Brahman’s arses. Tomorrow I will know. It is a tough task, but the world will be watching.

Personally, I favor India. But I did back Sri Lanka heavily in 1996 to win, and they did. I also won a bit of scratch. What a team they had back then.

But hey, they have a great team today too. Underdogs with some real dynamite. If Sri Lanka has to bat first, they better score a lot of runs. If India bats first, they will score a lot of runs. It is going to be a great final.

India has the better team. Tendulkar on form, Sign bowling like a world champ, and Dhoni, who is not a bad captain at all. The guy learns from his mistakes. Unlike the South African captain who does not seem to be able to find the working parts of his brain on a regular basis.

Expect a strong spiritual presence tomorrow at the final. All the gods will be there. They know how important this match is for their believers. The prayers have been flooding their realms for weeks now.

Enjoy the game folks!!!!


11 thoughts on “Who’s gods are the strongest? We will know in less than 24 hours from now!

  1. “For the sake of common worship they’ve slain each other with the sword. They have set up gods and challenged one another, “Put away your gods and come and worship ours, or we will kill you and your gods!” (Dostoevsky – The Brothers Karamazov).

    “God, please let my team win. In all humility God, you cannot allow their team to win – they pray to a god who is not as gracious and great as You are.“

    All that happens now is that the loosing side’s coach and management team get fired. No god intervention. (But we still pray to the gods!)

    “Jesus fucking Christ,god, why don’t they teach Pierre Spies to stop praying and learn how a no. 8 must play!?”

    But the gods don’t listen.


  2. What a final.

    India put Sri Lanka under pressure from the start. But Sri Lanka recovered well and posted a very good total, with a brilliant 100 from Jayawardene.

    Sri Lanka took the game straight to India in their innings with Malinga trapping Sehwag second ball plumb in front of middle. Sehwag referred the decision without any success. Malinga then got Tendulkar to drive, he got an edge and was gone after a great catch by the captain, Sangakkara.

    Sangakkara missed a sitter of a run out chance when he could not hold on to the ball. Gambhir would have been out and the game would have been very much different. This was the start of a horrible day for the skipper.

    India dug deep, and formed a partnership that got their total to over 100. When Kholi’s wicket fell, Dhoni, the Indian captain, stepped in down the order to stabilize the ship. Dhoni played the innings of his life, 91 not out, together with Ghambhir, 97, and they took the match home for India.

    Sangakkara made quite a number of blunders as captain. After Kholi went, they were struggling to get more wickets. The match was poised at about 50/50 at that stage. Malinga was brought back into the attack. Sangakkara didn’t give him a slip, and a thick edge went for 4 that should have been a simple catch at first slip. After that the wheels came off for Sri Lanka, with Sangakkara making one mistake after the other. He looked flustered from that moment on all through the match. No matter how hard they tried, they could not get back into the contest, and Dhoni and Gambhir picked of the bad balls and took easy singles. They kept their run rate at over 5, and they made it seem as if there was no pressure on them. Simple sensible cricket, good running between the wickets and they reached the 200 mark. After that it was plain sailing home.

    It was a great final to watch. India was the much better team, but Sri Lanka put up a good fight. I must say the match was mostly lost by Sangakkara who should have collected that ball to run Gambhit out, and he should have given Malinga a slip when he can back into the attack. Too late now. India reigns for another 4 years. Their gods get bragging rights too for another 4 years.


  3. The South African god is stronger than the Yankee god. Schwartzel beat Woods. I don’t know if anyone of them is religious, but your god should assist you whether you pray to him or not, or not so? The MSN sport commentator held up the American sport commentator’s culture, though. In his report he talks about Woods as if he had won the tournament. Jeez, what a report! In the last quarter he starts writing about Schwartzel – but I must say he did well then.


  4. No Savage, you are wrong on the praying bit. Not only is it important THAT you pray; the HOW is even more important. If you know anything about Angus and his cronies, you will know that a large portion of their sermons are dedicated to teaching people exactly how to conduct themselves when beamking messages to the gods. Apparantly the gods simply turn a blind eye (or as deaf ear) if the method of communication is inorrect. Angus has stated on more than one occasion that if your prayers are not answered, its because you do not pray correctly. If Woods is religous (wonder if her is?) it would serve him well to tap nto oom Aartapel’s pool of knowledge. Only one problem – what if Schwarzel uses the exact same praying method? What does the gods do then? Toss a coin?


  5. “American drought: For the first time, the U.S. doesn’t hold any of golf’s four major titles or the Ryder Cup. Two of those titles are held by South Africans; Louis Oosthuizen winning the British Open last summer.”

    The Yankee god must be the moer in with his nation. I wonder why? Because of the constant evolution deniers trying to get the teaching of evolution banned in their schools? Or what could it be?


  6. Ha, Ha, that one brings back memories Savage! That Chris de Burgh song was banned in RSA and as teenager I thought it extremely cool that I got hold of a LP prior to the banning. We used to listen to it over and over. Ja, those were the days of the Groot Kokkodil and his finger… Even ABBA’as “Andante-andante” was banned. Still don’t now why.


  7. Pink Floyd’s The Wall was banned

    Monty Python’s The Life of Brian was banned

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre was banned

    There is such a long list our beloved NP Party banned, because some people were offended because of some stupid reason or another.

    Jesus has peculiar tastes.


  8. One could say scitzofrenic taste. I mean, he is quite OK with the idea of romantising his so-called gruesome death on a cross. Also in order to scare children with tales of hellfire. Indeed peculiar taste…


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