Jesus loves you, unless you are gay.


I just heard something that shocked me, but it didn’t surprise me at all.

Myself and my sisters grew up with a family with 4 children since the days we were all in nappies. My dad worked with their dad, and we lived in some of the same towns over the years. They are as close to us as cousins, and we practically think of them as family.

Their mother is and has always been bat-shit-crazy. She is a jesus freak of the highest degree. I have always said she walks with a bible under one arm and a big vibrator under the other arm. She pretends to be such an enlightened person, who understands everything, and loves everyone. Meanwhile back at the ranch, she is a loon. She is always involved in lawsuits and fights with organizations and people who she believes “had it in for her”.

When we were kids, she would force her children to go to church and Sunday school and bible study and any religious event in a 100 mile range. She also banned them from watching The Simpsons, because it was a godless show for heretics. Of course they all watched it at our house when they could.

She has always been very close to her children, and she does love them very much. All until last week, when her only daughter came out of the closet. Now she doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. According to her and the bible, it is an abomination.

This stupid bitch tells everyone she is an expert at relationships. She is on her way to becoming a sexologist and she pretends to be very open minded when it comes to sex. That’s why I keep telling my family she walks around with a bible under one arm and a big vibrator under the other. She just can’t get herself to understand her poor daughter. She can handle anything but gayness. She has preached for decades that fags will go to hell and that god does not tolerate gays, and jesus loves everyone, unless they are gay. Her daughter must have been terrified of her mom forever. She finally had the guts to stop living a lie, and to come out to her mom. She must have hoped her mom would understand and support her. Unfortunately the opposite happened.

Another good example of how religion is the biggest cause of hatred in the world.


4 thoughts on “Jesus loves you, unless you are gay.

  1. On the one hand, I want to say “to each his own; live and let live”, but on the other hand the hypocrisy of these religious nuts never seases to amaze me. Plain dishonisty of the worst kind. A few years ago my brother (who unfortunately became a religous nut some years ago) told everyone who wanted to know that he cured his dog from an incuarable disease (lupus) through prayer. According to him the vet could not explain the recovery, i.e. goddidit. However, the other day my brother went to hospital for a hernia operation. Why not just pray? Why bother going to the doctor if prayer is all that is required? Dishonesty of the highest degree.


  2. There were lively discussions about the gay gene (or lack thereof) on the now defunct Prometheus blog. Suffice to say that the scientific evidence points to people being born gay. (So Jesus must then love gay people as well, because He created them, or not?) When I was young attending parties with booze and pot and what have you, I have seen men putting from the rough to be apparently quite straight the following day. (One gay man I knew then had features of a pretty woman. We often discussed this and he said life dealt him a bum hand. He told me he was a woman with a prick and balls.) Getting back to the rough-putters, perhaps there is also a thin red line that one could cross over when conditions are right.

    One thing about this mother you write about, McBrolloks, is her (and others’) assurance that their Jesus abhors gays. In one sentence the Jesus-freaks say you can’t think for god, but the next moment they say Jesus is going to send you to Hell. And they all interpret their book of stories their own way and theirs is the right way. What a fucking bunch of loons! (This woman will probably point out to you that to use a vibrator is OK – nothing said against vibrators in the Bible. (Why doesn’t she use a good old-fashioned cock – is she too ugly?))


  3. Hi friend,

    Jesus loves you!!!! No matter where you’re at, Jesus is for you an not against you. Everyone has stuff to deal with, but His death was for us to be never separated from the love of God. God is merciful, loving and ever faithful- you are His.

    Have a great day.



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