Light a Candle for the Atheist


Light a Candle for the Atheist – by Daniel Boone Savage

Amazon Books – Light a Candle for the Atheist

Savage has written a very good book. I highly recommend it. It can be bought and downloaded at Amazon.

Thanks Savage!

If you don’t have a Kindle to read it on, you can download a free Kindle for PC or Mac from Amazon when you buy the book.


3 thoughts on “Light a Candle for the Atheist

  1. Excellent Savage. Just excellent. I enjoyed the fact that the arguments are short and to the point. All in all a concise summary on atheism and the rational reasoning associated with it.


  2. Thanks, Malherbe, I really appreciate your comments. As I said, it started off with a few pages for my daughter to have arguments against the fundies for being an atheist. It just grew out of all proportions over a period of probably six months – in the end I just had to stop adding stuff – but I enjoyed writing the essay (?) tremendously.

    By the way, this Daniel Boone Savage McBrolloks posted is not the wrestler I saw in the late fifties. In retrospect the guy was probably a South African who “stole” the name – he did have an American drawl though, but I’m sure that is not too difficult to imitate. I think I’ll do a bit of digging to find out the truth about the man.


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