The Poepol of the Week Award goes to: Matt


Here is another good example of a real poepol, named Matt. He writes on the News24 Website: “We are Christians. My son is still young, but we are already doing our homework to find a good, Christian school for him that teaches Creation in place of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory.” ………….”The point is that in a country where we supposedly have religious freedom, in actual fact we do not. Either South Africa’s public education system relies on the ignorance of parents, or clearly violates our Constitution. ” Just because his dogma bullshit is not taught in the public schools anymore, he starts crying that his human rights are been violated. Typical persecution syndrome all fundamentalists suffer from. A good example of a self inflicted wound, that he is determined to inflict on his own child too. But he demands that it also gets inflicted on all other children, to make things more convenient for him and his delusional brethren. Lies for jesus. An ignoramus who clings to the “facts” of an ancient book written in the bronze age by an ignorant bunch of nomadic goat herders who treated their women like livestock. He doesn’t even know what the word theory means in context to evolution. This brain dead moron has never read a single book but his precious bible.

Congratulations Matt, you are South Africa’s Poepol of the Week!!!!

No religious freedom in SA

2011-07-21 13:06

by Matt

Brothers and sisters, we live in South Africa; a country that is purported to have freedom of religion.

To quote our Constitution: Section 31 states that “Persons belonging to a cultural, religious or linguistic community may not be denied the right, with other members of that community to enjoy their culture, practice their religion and use their language; and to form, join and maintain cultural, religious and linguistic associations and other organs of civil society.”

Section 16 contains detailed provisions with regards to freedom of expression, stating “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of the press and other media; freedom to receive or impart information or ideas; freedom of artistic creativity; and academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.”

Well, although this may be a part of our Constitution, I have just learned that there is at least one area where this is blatantly ignored, and as a result our freedom of religion is denied.

We are Christians. My son is still young, but we are already doing our homework to find a good, Christian school for him that teaches Creation in place of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory. We are doing this for two reasons:

1) Christianity and evolution are not compatible at all. The Bible teaches that God created everything, including us, and we are created unique, yet all in His image, which makes us special. The Big Bang Theory teaches that everything came from nothing and that we are just evolved from animals, which means we are nothing more than mere organisms. Although many have tried to mix Christianity with this theory, it is absolutely impossible to do so without compromising the Bible or adding to the Scriptures.

2) If Evolution et al were factual; that is, provable beyond any doubt, we would have no reason to deny our son that teaching. If schools want to teach about the existence of the theory, that is fine. But school textbooks make the theory out to be factual when it has still never been proven. Worse, they use lies to support the theory and pass them off as facts. For example, Ernst Haeckel devised the notion in 1869 of “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”. For 5 years he travelled throughout Germany to tell people that there is proof for human evolution because our embryos briefly display “gill slits” like fish. His own university, the University of Jena, held a trial and he confessed that he had deliberately lied – with false claims and false drawings of embryos – in order to get people to believe in evolution. However, 137 years later, this proven lie is still used as “proof” in many textbooks and TV documentaries. I simply refuse to have my son lied to at school!

We are perfectly within our rights to do so. Apparently though, it is too much for me to ask that my son is not taught lies. In other countries, it is possible you have your child excluded from a particular class or subject on the grounds that it goes against your religious belief. However, I have learned that this is not possible in South Africa. The school district decides on the curriculum, including which subjects are required. If your child is in a public school and you object for whatever reason to a subject; if that subject is required teaching, the school is required to teach your child this subject regardless of your feelings.

Complaining to the school is futile because their curriculum is dictated by the school district. If you have further objection, your only recourse is to take it to the Department of Education. So far, my experience with them in general is that you write to them and they flat out ignore you.

The point of me writing this is NOT to start a creation-evolution debate. We have plenty of those on News24 already! The point is that in a country where we supposedly have religious freedom, in actual fact we do not. Either South Africa’s public education system relies on the ignorance of parents, or clearly violates our Constitution.

In the case of my concern, I write as a Christian but this particular topic easily applies to followers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, for all are founded on the belief that there is a Creator God.

So what does this mean for my son’s education? Well, he is currently attending a very good crèche in our area. He is learning Christian stuff; however, the crèche is a feeder school for a local public school, which will teach him material for which we have valid reasons to object. Or to put it simply, what is the point of the crèche teaching him certain values when public school will teach the exact opposite?

And as parents who are now worried about what our son will learn at school, with clear ignorance of our rights by the public education system, it looks like we have no option but to go private. Right now the only school we can find in a 20km radius is in Modderfontein, which means we will have to move to an area where rent is double; it means paying a lot of money each month. Fortunately for us, we could just about afford it, even if we have to make cutbacks. But not everybody can afford private school, can they?

One day, it is my dream to start a Creation Ministry in South Africa to teach people and get people saved, as well as fight the Department of Education. But in my current absence of paperwork, money and backing, all I can do for now is plead with parents to take an active interest in your children’s school curriculum and make sure that what they are being taught is both correct, and not in violation of your right to religious freedom. If either of those is in question, storm the schools, districts and Department of Education with your complaints. It is our duty as parents to give our children the best of everything and to protect them from the ills of the world – such a pity that one of those ills is the very government that is meant to serve us!

Finally, just something that all Christian teachers should seriously consider:

James 3:1 – My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.

Matthew 18:6 – But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

In other words, in your role as a teacher it is vital that you be truthful, because it is you who receives the greater condemnation – for if you teach something that is wrong, your pupils will believe you and they will go on to teach others that which is wrong. And be extremely careful about what you teach our children, and know what Jesus says about those teaching something that goes against His Word and corrupts the children!

I would welcome the Department of Education to answer and refute what I write – because that would mean they’re addressing the concern of worried parents. I doubt they will though…


Poepol van die week, Bobby van Jaarsveld.



Suid Afrika se Poepol van die Week prys word loshande deur Bobby van Jaarsveld gewen. Hierdie aap wat eens op ‘n tyd lekker rondgenaai het is nou bekeer, en hy preek nou vir almal oor hoe om te lewe. Hierdie spook aanbidder glo daar is ‘n duiwel daar buite wat sit en wag om sy naam gat te maak, terwyl hy man alleen sy eie naam oor genoeg gat maak. Lees gerus die kak wat hy nou weer kwyt geraak het. As hy en sy tjommie, die ene Greta Wiid, wat Suid Afrikaanse vrouens ‘n baie slegte naam gee, nie besig is om vir ander te vertel dat hulle nie met enige koekies en totties mag speel teensy hulle getroud is nie, anders gaan hulle eendag in die hel brand, dan is hulle besig om vir mense te vertel dat hulle die heeltyd vir alles moet bid. Wragtag mense, jy kan nie hierdie kak self uitdink nie. Die eerware Dr Jan Grey is baie verlig dat die Poepol van die Week titel nou van sy skouers afgehaal is.


Bobby van Jaarsveld blames Satan

Cape Town – Singer Bobby van Jaarsveld has taken to his website to apologise for the way in which he handled a recent appearance on KykNET talkshow Rian.

In his newsletter van Jaarsveld explains that he is upset by his appearance on the programme, because he “expressed himself incorrectly” in reaction to questions asked during the interview.

Van Jaarsveld said that he was not ready for the questions.

“The fact is that I have a past of which I am not particularly proud. I was a troublemaker at school and after that. I am not proud of it! It is however, a part of my past and I cannot wish it away. And yes, many of the bad things I did were fun, but definitely wrong,” he wrote.

Van Jaarsveld speaks openly about his passion for his faith and also mentions the influence it has on his life in his newsletter: “I know for sure that if I had known Jesus like I do now and had a personal relationship with Him, I never would have done all those things.”

‘Satan is cunning’

Van Jaarsveld also mentions that his reactions during the interview could be due to the fact that he had forgotten to ask his parents and their prayer groups to pray that the interview must go smoothly.

“When my sisters and I have to do something important we ALWAYS ask our mom Ronel for intercession from her and her prayer group so that everything will go well. On the day of the interview I forgot to ask my mom and her friends to pray for me and the interview. And my mom also forgot. In other words – there was no one praying for me on that day, for that interview. None of us could understand why I spoke the way I did. The lesson we learnt is: Satan is cunning and always on standby. He will use any situation to humiliate a child of God.”

“…I am so sorry about the way I expressed myself on Rian. I can never deny my past. It was there. That’s why I just want to apologise to all of you whom I disappointed,” wrote van Jaarsveld.

– Nuus24