Poepol of the Week: Carolyn from The Bubbling Well


Nominated by Malherbe: here is how he lays it out:

Another example of someone ripping off the weak and simple-minded. This woman is educated and got a business degree at UCT – she is now coining in by parasiting on others using (I suppose) business principles. Below, an excerpt from the add forwarded to me – makes one sick. The RSA Consumer Act prevents me from making false claims on a product. How come these arseholes get away with it? Check out her website if in need of a good laugh. (http://bubblingwell.co.za/) I would like to propose Carolyne as Poepol of the Week.

Carolyn The BUBBLINGWELL presents



10h00 – 14h00

R700 Per person

CAROLYN will present a combination of theory, video and channeled curriculum to enable you to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit World.

Spirit theory:

Spiritism and the nature of Spirit
Theory of manifestations
The means of communicating with the invisible world
The development of Mediumship
Create an evolutionary leap and learn to channel. Raise your vibration , sense, see or hear into the Higher realms and consciously bring through messages.

Practical tools and exercises demonstrated and taught

From her website:


Absent healing is prayer plus direct intercession through attunement with the Spirit Healing Guides who administer the healing directives. Absent healing is spirit science involving processes. It is a powerful and effective method of healing the sick, in spite of its intangibility. Absent healing is very real and just as effective as contact healing. Studies of the results of absent healing prove this to be the case. Absent healing can, in fact be the more effective method.

Absent healing is a thought process and Spiritualists acknowledge that all spiritual healing is Divine, and he/she prays to God and believes that there are intermediaries in Spirit Life who act as healing agents, and with whom the healer can establish a state of ATTUNEMENT. This involves the ability of a medium to be receptive to Spirit thoughts, and for the Spirit personality to be able to receive thoughts from the medium.”

Holy fucking sheep shit. This chick is bat-shit crazy! But she must also be raking in the money from the helpless and desperate and gullible. Ker-ching $$$$$$$$$$$. Bat-shit crazy delusional none the less.

Congratulations Carolyn. You deserve your award. I would love to know where you read about all these studies you talk about on your website that “proves” your voodoo magic works. Please enlighten us and send us the reports or links to them.


8 thoughts on “Poepol of the Week: Carolyn from The Bubbling Well

  1. Ek het vir haar laat weet wat jy, McBrolloks en Malherbe mee aan die gang is. Skaam julle julle nie om mense so blatant aan te val nie. Waar is julle bewyse dat sy nie iets beet het nie? Ek sien Dr Jan is ook nou weggejaag.


  2. He, he – I hope this girl holds a seminar down in the Cape. I will be the first to pay the R700 in order to have the opportunity rip het apart (figuratively speaking of course – wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole.).


  3. Ai Basjan, Dr Jan is nie weggejaag nie – hy het sommer self weggehol.

    Wat die juffrou ter sprake betref, waar sal ek begin? O ja, by bewyse. Waar is haar bewyse dat sy wel iets beet het Basjan? Enige portuur ge-evalueerde studies? Maar heel voorspelbaar verwag outjies soos jy nou van my om te bewys dat sy NIE iets beet het nie. Sy maak die “claims” en die bewyslas is dus 100% by haar. Dis hoe dit werk ou perd – soos die advertensie sê, “keep it real”.

    Sê jou wat Basjan – ek gaan more varkmis begin verkoop en as kuur vir tieners se puisies. Hoop jy gaan my dan ook sagkens hanteer met ‘n “miskien het Malherbe iets beet”. Sal jy die eerste potjie produk koop?


  4. .. “hy het sommer self weggehol.”

    Soos die dominee (priester (Doktor) Jan) wat gehoor het sy ouderling vloek die bosduiwe wat daar plak (soos Christene op ‘n gemeenskap)in sy jaart: “Fokkof julle hier!!” Toe sê die dominee, ” broer, dis nie nodig om so lelik te praat nie. Sê net, “sjoe, sjoe”, en dan sal die duiwe self fokkof.””

    Doktor Jan is uitgewys dat hy nie ‘n ordentlike Afrikaans kan skryf nie; nie kan spel nie; nie samehangend kan redeneer nie. Hy is nie aan sulke kritiek gewoont waar hy die beul blaas nie – opstand van die gemeenskap ken hy nie. Dis hoekom hy gefokkof het. Cannot hold his own.


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