Angus Buchan – We are expecting great things from god this year


Poepol van die Week en voorloper vir die Poepol van die Jaar, Angus Buchan, verwag groot dinge van got hierdie jaar. Ek wonder wat hierdie dinge is? Kan hy dalk vir ons ‘n lysie gee sodat ons kan check soos hierdie groot dinge gebeur?

Here Angus “cures” a man with the help of jesus who talked to him directly. Ker-ching!!!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Angus Buchan – We are expecting great things from god this year

  1. I see Malema is turning to the Methodist church for a praying session. The church obliged and prayed for him and explicitly against the “forces” that wants to ruin him. On the other end Zuma has got the Rema crowd with pastor Ray praying for (presumably) the same god. Wonder who the gods will choose in this fight?


  2. O yes, and Potatohead Buchan and his braindead followers are presumably praying to a different god. Beaming their sgnals to the gotte with arms stretched to the heavens. To use the McBrolloksian adage: Batshit crazy, these godbots.


  3. If you think this buch is crazy, Juliet, go visit Pieter Fourie”s Facebook page. This is the dominee that was fired by the NG NGChurch for “driving out demons” from his people. Subsequent to a fat severance package, he started his own church, and guess what – people are flocking and no doubt paying handsomely to allow this wingnut to rip them off. Check him out on – the comments of this gy’s brethen are shockingly stupid. Really leaves one no option but to surmise that religion either draws the dumb and crazy,…or they became that way because of religion. Batshitcrazy no-doubt.


    Give God what is right, not what is left … ”

    Yep ! I hear you deep bro !

    Malherbe, Thanks for sharing ! Total batshitcrazy no-doubt !
    Still credibility level among followers high ! more than 6,600 facebook friendos nice kerk$$$$$$hing making !

    So Fuckin’Nuts and beliefs & lies get passed down from generation to generation … How many more centuries for people to finally get it ??

    Hello World … tales … Bat$hitcrazyProfit$eeking-Lives’Rulin’ Tales !


  5. Hoe kan julle so praat van ‘n man van God julle Moët julle bekeer tot God en Dan sal julle sien wat se wonders God kan done in julle lewe


  6. En jy moet leer om te spel sodat ons die stront wat jy kwytraak, beter kan verstaan my kind. Ek kan sien hoekom poepholle soos Angus en Pieter jou so maklik vang – maklik om die dommes vir ‘n pop te vat.


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