Like flies around shit



3 thoughts on “Like flies around shit

  1. I feel that the Papa is using the ploy of his countryman, my “Little Joey Goebbels” to establish a “moral high ground” Because…”The concordat has been described as giving moral legitimacy to the Nazi regime soon after Hitler had acquired dictatorial powers, having placed constraints on Catholics critical of the regime, leading to a muted response by the Church to the polices of the Nazi’s. From a Roman Catholic Church perspective it has been argued that the concordat prevented even greater evils being unleashed against the Church. Though the German bishops were unenthusiastic, and the allied forces felt it was inappropriate, Pope Pius XII argued to keep the concordat at the end of World War II and the treaty is still in force today.” (wikipedia.)
    I have read in a different source that Hitler concidered the concordat to be his greatest diplomatic triumph. And hey, don’t take my word for it… do your own homework.
    Take a gander at the words of Avro Manhattan. He did quite a bit of sleuthing on the subject. The genocide in Yugoslavia done by psycho Catholic priests is so stomach turning, even brutal Nazis were horrified. But do your own research.
    Italian Fascists could not have come to power either. But all you have to do is Google it. You don’t even have to go to the library.
    But remember, the Papa may have sworn a loyalty oath to the Fuhrer and still feels bound by it. Why not? The Concordat is still in force, and by reading , you will find that the church still manages to pry coin of the realm from poor Germans with it!


  2. (from wikipedia)
    Anthony Rhodes regarded Hitler’s desire for a Concordat with the Vatican as being driven principally by the prestige and respectability it brought to his regime abroad whilst at the same time eliminating the opposition of the Centre party.[63] Rhodes took the view that if the survival of Catholic education and youth organisations was taken to be the principle aim of Papal diplomacy during this period then the signing of the Concordat to prevent greater evils was justified.[64] Many of the Centre party deputies were priests who had not been afraid to raise their voices in the past and would almost certainly have voted against Hitler’s assumption of dictatorial powers.[65] The voluntary dissolution of the Centre Party removed that obstacle and Hitler now had absolute power and brought respectability to the state: “within six months of its birth, the Third Reich had been given full approval by the highest spiritual power on earth”.[35]

    I remember when the “Apostolic Delegate” came in his Rolls Royce to our school! I was 11 or so, and even then I thought, “Christ had a donkey, this geezer has a Rolls Royce!”


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