Poepol van die Week – Franz Jooste


Of course these guys are pushing a religious agenda. Watch their Youtube video at the end of the article. They are exactly the same as the previous government. Praying, then marching up and down the square all day, then pray some more, sing some anthems, march some more, then go and play some war games, then sit everyone down for a real good old fashioned religious session where they tell them god chose them as his people and they are safe as long as they believe in him, and he will guide them through battle and tough times etc etc etc. Sounds like a bunch of poepolle to me.

Inside the kommando camp that turns boys’ doubts to hate


Thick clouds of diesel smoke fill the air outside a run-down guest farm outside the town of Carolina in Mpumalanga. As the stench dissipates, a group of boys, aged between 13 and 19, spill from the bed of a rusty truck. The trip from the city to the country was long and hypnotic in the old jalopy.

  • Dashing the great right hope

An extremist right-wing survival camp, about 230km east of Jo’burg, is breeding virulent racism, training teenage boys in its ideology. Elles van Gelderspent a week in the veld.

It is after midnight when the boys heft bags full of military clothing. “There are old blood stains on my uniform,” one of them says, as he trades his sneakers for army boots.

Shouted orders ring out. The harsh intimidation begins immediately. Groaning, the boys raise 4m tent poles among the cowpats dotting the grassland. The large army tent will be their home for the next nine days.


Thirteen-year-old Jano, the youngest at the camp, spreads his sleeping bag on the bumpy floor. He is at the camp because he wants to prove to his father that he isn’t a sissy but a real man, he says with a shy smile.

At 18, Riaan is already a little more self-assured. His lily-white skin is recovering from acne. “I want to learn how to camouflage myself in the veld.” He, too, seems excited to be camping out and playing soldier, as if he’s living an adventure out of a boyhood novel.

But soon they will realise this survival camp is different to others held in the veld.

The boys run from the tent to the mess hall. Before them, under the glare of fluorescent lighting, stands 57-year-old Franz Jooste. Old army decorations gleam on his apartheid-era uniform. The uniforms of the boys also come from that era.

“We’re going to make men of you all,” he tells them in Afrikaans.

‘Protecting its own people’
Jooste is the head of the Kommando-korps, a small, little-known right-wing group bent on breeding hate and banking on some young Afrikaners’ sense of not belonging in the new South Africa to get there.

On its website, the Kommandokorps describes itself as an elite organisation “protecting its own people” in the event of an attack, it writes, necessary “because the police and the military cannot provide help quickly enough”.

Last year, it signed a saamstaanverdrag (a unity pact) with the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) and the Suidlanders — a small whites-only group that is awaiting the racial apocalypse — to coordinate their security strategy together.
The organisation claims to have trained more than 1 500 Boere-Afrikaner jongmanne in defence skills over the past 11 years. Jooste, who spreads his message by e-mail and in newsletters, says that 40% of boys sign up themselves. The rest are volunteered by their parents.

The teenagers at the camp all know crime horror stories and feel responsible for protecting their families. “We always have to lock our doors at night,” 18-year-old Nicolas says. “This camp will teach me how to protect my father and mother, and little brother and sister.”

At 4.30am on the first morning of camp, the boys are sent out on a 2km run in their heavy army boots, down a rocky country road filled with potholes. The organisation aspires to instil discipline through sweat. The war of attrition has begun. Indoctrination takes root best in exhausted ground.

Sixteen-year-old EC is in the middle of the panting troop. He is one of the smallest boys here, a childlike teenager who is thrilled at being able to shoot his paintball gun.

‘I don’t like racism’
“I want to be able to defend myself. And I am also doing this for my paintball career,” he says with a smile. His mother is a single mom and sent him to the camp because she feels it will be good for her boy to be surrounded by men.

After they catch their breath, we talk about their country. The teenagers say they believe in the idea of the rainbow nation but the contradictions soon emerge.

“People generally get along pretty well,” Riaan says. “We have to fight racism.” EC has two black friends, Thabang and Tshepo. “I don’t like racism.”

“I don’t know what apartheid is,” Jano says. “But a long time ago, Nelson Mandela made it so everyone has the same rights.” Then EC adds he would never marry a black woman and Jano says he is afraid when he walks past black people.

The group is called to a small field next to the community hall. They line up in military formation while a camp leader unfolds the old South African flag. They fill their lungs with air and start singing: “Uit die blou van onse hemel, Uit die diepte van ons see, Oor ons ewige gebergtes waar die kranse antwoord gee.”

Some struggle with the words of the apartheid national anthem.

Meanwhile, Jooste sits in the mess hall. Kitsch paintings of buffalos, elephants and rhinos hang on the walls, and the wicker furniture is covered in zebra print. He looks through the glasses on his nose at the camp’s schedule. It is written down in military style and every minute seems accounted for.

Proud veteran
There are slots for self-defence techniques, radio communication and how to patrol, as well as lectures on patriotism and the history of the border wars.

Jooste is a proud veteran. He fought on South Africa’s borders with Zimbabwe and Mozambique and in Angola. He is scarred, he says, by what he calls treason; while
he was fighting for the white regime, his leaders were making peace with Nelson Mandela. After his army service, he was active in the AWB.

Before his most important lecture, “Die vyand en bedreiging” (The enemy and the threat), Jooste boasts that it will take him just an hour to change the boys’ minds. “Then they’ll know they aren’t part of the rainbow nation but part of another nation with an important history.”

His cadets sit cross-legged on the ground in the mess hall. When he speaks the teens listen quietly. “Aside from the Aborigines in Australia, the African black is the most underdeveloped, barbaric member of the human race on Earth,” he says. He tells the boys that black people have a smaller cerebral cortex than whites and thus cannot take initiative or govern effectively.

“Who is my enemy in South Africa? Who murders, robs and rapes?” “Who are these creatures?” he asks. “The blacks,” he answers.

He picks up the current South African flag and lays it before the entrance to the mess hall like a doormat. He orders the boys to wipe their filthy army boots on it. They laugh uncertainly, then they do as they are told. Only Nicolas stands back.

Jooste tells them that they should love the old South African flag and the old national anthem.

Fear and superiority
An extreme form of patriotism runs through groups like this one; the cadets at this camp are taught that the country should not return to apartheid but, rather, they must work to acquire their own independent nation. Jooste last year got elected on to the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (People’s Council Electoral Commission), a group that fights for Afrikaner nationalism.

Hermann Gilomee, a renowned writer on Afrikaners and an extraordinary professor in history at the University of Stellenbosch, says apartheid stemmed from two sources: fear and a sense of superiority. You can still see them in Jooste. The primary fear is for the loss of Afrikaner identity — their culture, language and symbols — as a separate people. Jooste is desperate to conserve this sense of separateness and create a new generation of Afrikaners who carry his ideas. It is his mission to indoctrinate young Afrikaners like Nicolas, Riaan, Jano and EC, who are struggling to determine their position in the country.

Born after the end of apartheid, they feel unwanted, says Unisa associate professor Eliria Bornman of the department of communication science who did research on Afrikaner identity. “They know they’re different from the rest of the population. Any leader can take their frustration and channel it in a negative way.”

Outside the tent, the cadets are made to crawl across the ground, army-style, gripping a wooden beam they call liefie in their arms, their knuckles bleeding. “Persevere! You’ve got to learn to persevere,” Jooste shouts. The sound of crying rises from the rearmost ranks. Jooste’s assistants, older members of the Kommando­korps, grin as they take photos of the boys with their cellphones.

EC is struggling. The beam weighs almost a third as much as he does. The nights, too, are hitting him hard. “We sleep on the ground and our sleeping bags get wet. In three nights, I’ve slept six hours. Every day I think about giving up.” But his paintball career seems to keep him going.

‘You should hate black people’
The next night they move from the army tent to a nearby forest where they set up two camps. They each get one small tin of canned beans or vegetables to eat and warm themselves near the fire. At first light, one of the groups launches an attack. With the sleep still in their eyes they point and shoot their paintballs.

The young faces are increasingly marked by exhaustion as the days pass, yet the boys seem to grow more and more confident. “The training has taught me that you should hate black people,” EC says. “They kill everyone who crosses their path. I don’t think I can be friends with Thabang and Tshepo anymore.”

Riaan repeats what he has learned in nine days almost word for word. “There’s a war going on between blacks and whites. A lot of blood will flow in the future. I definitely feel more like an Afrikaner now. I feel the Afrikaner blood in my veins.”

Jooste insists his job is to teach them to defend themselves. He doesn’t want to force the boys into any particular direction. “All we want to do is channel the feeling they already carry within them. We don’t want them to hate.”

But in nine days, boys who once carried a budding belief in South African unity have become toughened men with racist ideas.

At the end of the camp the two boys who performed best are selected. They will get the next course, the gevorderde weerbaarheids kursus(advanced preparedness course), for free. There the paintball guns will be traded in for the real deal.

Source: Mail & Guardian Online
Web Address: http://mg.co.za/article/2012-02-24-the-kommando-camp-that-turns-boys-doubts-to-hate

This is a video from their own website. Makes you want to cry!!!!!!!

22 thoughts on “Poepol van die Week – Franz Jooste

  1. I am so shocked… How can humans disrespect so much what Mandela managed to achieve???? Shame on you Mister Jooste. hate will take you nowhere


  2. When I was doing three week camps every year in the sixties and seventies, I saw many of these assholes in action. During civvy life, some people who seemed to be part of normal daily life and acted sane, turned into little Hitlers during those three weeks. You could actually see them craving for one or other war where they could live out their fantasies. I worked with two of these assholes at the Iscor steel mills during those years, and they were the laughing stock of many of us young men who saw them in action. They got their revenge later on of course, but this didn’t deter us to mock them for the rest of the year.

    Now the “white struggle” has come to an end fighting terrorists, these assholes are creating their own world where they run supreme. And of course God is on their side – He will deliver them from the black majority. (Such a pity God was away on other missions to help out the Boeremag.)

    Make no mistake – these are dangerous people.


  3. If is shameful to read what the above uninformed non-believers are trying to say!
    Wake up and smell the roses, guys, the Regimes NDR (National Democratic Revolusion) plan is spoton. Very soon you will see the stage 7 genocide (where most of the uninformed peoples of the world will accept the butchering of white people in SA as a measure of the Regime to cope with white right-wingers) unfolded in front of your eyes. Remember when they start their ethnical cleansing, they woun’t ask you white skin whether you are right or left; if your’e white, you will be eliminated! May God help you!


    • “May God help you!”

      Sorry to disappoint you, Dawie, but there is no god. Where was god during the Holocaust to help the Jews? Nowhere, because he/she/it doesn’t exist.


    • Thanks for the warning Dawie. I will immediately sart stocking up on tinned baked beans and bullybeef…. and start digging a bunker. Regarding the ods, eh well, lets just say I don’t share your enthusiasm when calling to skydaddies.


  4. Daar is nog mense wat van die vorige keer 1992 se blikkies kos en kerse in hul kaste het. LOL Franz Jooste is ‘n groot klug hy loop en droogmaak waar hy gaan. Het sy eie ma op haar plaas sonder kos gelos al haar geldjies gesteel om homself te verryk en het haar toe finaal weg van die plaas af en steel steeds haar geldjies! Wat ‘n monster gin wonder Hitler is so goeie ou in sy oë nie. Hy probeer nou die plaas vat om nog kinders te mislei. Pasop hy lieg sonder om ‘n oog te knip.


  5. Die feit bly staan Franz Jooste is reg! Die kaffers is die mees barbaarse, sadistiese dom ras op ons planeet. Hulle het nie ge – evolve nie! Hulle is waragtig een of ander sytak van evolusie. Hulle is fucked up!


  6. Adriaan, jy kort hulp. Die haat en venyn teenoor jou mede landsburgers is tragies. Dis wat gebeur wanneer jy jouself haat,


  7. Holocaust. . . what holocaust? 6 miljoen jode, 22 miljoen Russe en hoeveel miljoene Duisters en waarmee word ons geindrokteneer???
    Net die arme joodtjies


  8. So ek neem aan die feit dat die 6 miljoen Jode in gaskamers en kampe gesterf het, kan goedmoeds geignoreer word? Die feit dat hulle Duitste landsburgers was pla jou ook nie? Die feit dat hulle nie wapens opgetel het teen hul onderdrukker nie, sluk jy goed af?

    Nee wat Johan, jy het weereens bewys dat jy nie ernstig opgeneem kan word nie. Jou brein is vrot.


    • Ag nee man Malherbe wil jy regtig se^ jy glo daai “Holocaust” snert. Ek het gedink dis net wes-europa wat hul daarmee ophou, jy glo seker Rambo bestaan ook, kom ASB by (!) dis 70jaar terug en nie onwettig in SA om te se^dis vals nie (die hoof rede hoekom daar so baie “getuienis” is omdat jy SAL tronk toe as jy daarteen getuig in Europa).


      • Ai Johannie. Jou kommentaar verdien nie werklik reaksie nie. Gaan besoek gerus self die konsentrasiekampe. Daar is heelwat om van te kies. Begin by Dachau en Treblinka., maar moenie slegs na die prentjies kyk nie hoor. Lees ook bietjie – veral oor die statistieke so noukeurig deur die Duitsers bygehou. Indien jy steeds nie oortuig is nie, vra jouself af hoekom die Duitse volk self nie die feite in twyfel trek nie. Vra jouself af of jy werklikwaar die dogma van Skinheads in Duitsland aanhang. Maar nou ja, godiote soos jyself besluit mos vooraf wat hul wil glo en cherriepick agterna inligting wat die dogma ondersteun.


      • Johannie, gaan lees bietjie die geskiedenis wat opgeteken is. Jy demonstreer maar weereens jou totale onkunde oor wat in die werklike lewe aangaan.

        “Anticipating a time when Nazi atrocities might be denied, General Eisenhower also ordered the filming and photographing of camps as they were liberated. Members of the U.S. Army Signal Corps recorded approximately 80,000 feet of moving film, together with still photographs.

        “Within months after the war in Europe was over, about 6,000 feet of that film footage was excerpted to create a one-hour documentary called “Nazi Concentration Camp”. Prosecutors used the film, which is graphically gruesome, to prove that Nazi leaders, on trial at Nuremberg, had perpetrated unbelievably heinous crimes against humanity.

        “Thomas Dodd, one of the U.S. prosecutors, introduced the film into evidence on the 29th of November, 1945. When the lights came up, after the trial film was screened, people had a new understanding of what the words “concentration camp” really meant.

        “Eisenhower wanted to be in as many pictures as possible to prove the death camps really existed. He was sometimes accompanied by Generals Bradley and Patton.”

        From: https://www.awesomestories.com/asset/view/EISENHOWER-S-PROOF-Holocaust-Evidence


  9. Wat die swart ras nou doen is soortgelyk. Hulle gaan ons witmense almal uitwis. Ingesluit die white liberals. Die Joodse nasie het baie ingemeen met die Afrikaner, ek het nie ‘n probleem met die Jode nie. Ek het ook nie ‘n probleem met native Americans, Suid – See eilanders, Indiers op die subkontinent, chinese etc nie. Ek het ‘n moerse probleem met swart Afrika mense. Hulle is ‘n klomp charchoal cloured assholes wat dink die wereld skuld hulle iets. Ek het selfs ‘n Polynesian dit hoor se. As ons witmense gone is gaan hulle net kak maak met die ander nasies.


  10. Julle mense praat net KAK! Kan julle nie sien wat gan an in ons “rainbow” nation nie?! Ons word links en regs vermoor en word deur een of ander sesteem befok in ons eke land!!! in 10 jaar is daar fokol wit mense in die land oor nie! Die kampe is nie om kinders te leer haat nie, die haat is al klaar daar, hulle word net geleer om die haat te “channel” en om dit in n manier te gebruik om hulle en hulle friende en familie te beskerm teen die barbare wat ons mee te doen het in die “rainbow” nation!! Julle vergeet dat die nuwe generasie yntlik n REDE het om te haat, waar hulle gehaat WORD vir die verlede se kak!!! Die ANC mag baklei het teen die “struggle” mar ons mag nie eers leer hoe om oneself te verdeedig nie?? Julle mense moet wakker word, dit is van mense soos julle dat ons gevok is in die land!!!


  11. Noemmymarndoos, jys een honderd persent reg! Kyk my maat die haat is klaar daar! Ek haat die donnerse goed! Dis juis ‘n basiese beginsel van evolusie dat net die sterkste sal oorbly. Hulle gene leef voort. Die swart ras is besig om die witras uit te moor. As die witras nie gaan wakker skrik nie gaan hulle uitge – Darwin word. Dis nou as dit inherent so is dat witmense ‘n klomp ruggraatlose slapgatte is! Wat ek wel mee saam stem is dat die kerk mense ‘n ou klomp ruggraatlose slapgatte maak. Ek se nog steeds dat die witras die klomp goed met wortel en tak moes uitwis, nee in stede sit en lees hulle bybels! Die swartras is van nature ‘n aggresiewe, destruktiewe haatgesinde ras. Hulle sien net kleur! Ek sien gereeld hoe swartes skryf dat hulle bly is dat witmense suffer oordat witmense hulle voorouers onderdruk het. In die eerste plek is dit ‘n klomp gefabriseerde kak! En in die tweede plek, al was dit waar – Hoekom target hulle onsuldigge mense wat niks met apartheid te doen gehad het nie? Dit gaan vir hulle daaroor om die witras terug te kry! Hulle haat witmense! Al die effort gaan in om witmense terug te kry, nie om die armes se swak sosioekonomiese omstandighede te verbeter nie. Om op die Afrika continent te oorleef verg om slu te wees. Slu en wreedaardig! Om te steel en te moor. Dis in hulle gene. Om lafhartig en onregverdig te wees is ook in hulle gene. Hulle ken nie standaarde nie! Hulle het geen gewete, eer of selfrespek nie.


  12. Wat my regtig pla is dat party mense hulle kosbare tyd mors om met al hierdie liberale gemors te praat. Los die peste uit man. Nie ek of jy of die beste kop dokter sal die klomp draadsitters iets wys maak nie en moet nie met hierdie braaksels wat net ‘n klomp joiners is, meng nie. Dis hulle wat ja stemmers is. Dis hulle wat jy nooit op ‘n geloftefees sien nie. Dis hulle wat in kerke is wat nou swart predekers het. Dis hulle wat die grootbekke is. Dis hulle wat niks weet van ons geskiedenis nie. Dis hulle wat geld fooie gee aan swart motor oppasers. Dis hulle wat die kommunis omhels. Dis almal daardie klomp ou NP’s en gespuis. Gemors man, vrot koppe. Einlik is daar so baie k@k name wat mens hulle kan toedig. Vriende, dis lankal al tyd om jouself op te skerp en hierdie klomp peste te identifiseer en hulle name voor elke dorp op die ingangsborde skryf. Dit klink dalk so bietjie vandalisties. Maar almal sal dan sien wie is die gemors onder ons volk. Sommer hulle adresse ook. Maak die plek vir hulle warm sodat hulle kan trek. Hulle sit met een groot probleem. Die ander dorpe sal dieselfde doen en hierdie gemors saam moet landuit terug na hulle boeties in die noorde. Dit noem ‘n mens suiwering en loutering. Deur net dit te doen dan maak en vee jy eers jou eie huis silwerskoon. Dis moet eers gedoen word. Die hoofleiers in dorpe moet dit beheer en gou is daardie klomp joiners uit jou gemeenskap. Voublaadjies moet sommer orals versrei word en ons moet openlik vir mekaar se en vertel wie is semels in die omgewing. Deur net dit te doen sal die klomp skuim soos mis voor die son verdwyn. Hulle sal so skaam word dat hulle sal opgooi van hulle eie misdaad en verraad teenoor ons volk. Na die groot en laaste skoonmaak sal ons voorentoe beur. Tot dan toe. Stap 2 sal ek bekend maak as die gemors nie meer tussen ons is nie. Moet niks doen voor omtrent 100% van die gemors se name op die lyste is nie. Moet nie die name op borde en dit publiek maak voor die lyste op datum is nie. Pasop, hierdie drek is slinks en hulle sal baie eweskielik ons taal wil praat net om hulle eie gatte te red. Dit moet dan te laat wees. Geen grensgevalle nie. Dis finaal. Na hierdie suiweringsproses kan ons mekaar weer vertrou. Begin dan weer voor met die 2de aksie. Kom ons doen net dit eers en handel dit af. Elke dorp moet sy eie ding doen. Lyste moet asb by 30 April 2014 gereed wees. Die eerste vrot name moet op werkersgag 1 Mei 2014 verskyn. Sy naam met tietel “Jioner” moet by sy naam wees. Ek se jou dit sal die meeste rooigesigte oplewer ooit. Geniet dit.


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