Christians around the fire C.S. Lewis



8 thoughts on “Christians around the fire C.S. Lewis

  1. Ha ha ha! A lot of the guys who attend Mighty Men conventions are into Harley-Davidsons and group sex. We have a whole bunch of them where I live. Unfortunately one of them – I can’t say two, because the wife is a big nothing – lives next door to me. He got the wife to quit her job and cash in her pension so he could buy the Harley-Davidson and be in with the in crowd. Next she sold her car for extra cash for him to spend because wives have to be submissive. She’s the one who came snuffling around at my house exhorting me to become a “submissive” woman. Must be wanting me for their group sex. The main Harley-Davidson honcho in town has genital herpes and so does his wife and who knows who else. Be careful who you shake hands with in Ladysmith.


    • Wow!!!! Amazing, but not surprising. And they have their fuck-up religion to fall back on when they feel guilty. Not that they would feel guilty. Bat-shit-crazy-loons!

      Good luck with that neighbor. Must be quite enlightening.


  2. Actually it’s quite depressing to see what right wing fundamentalism does to women. It takes everything away from them and gives nothing back in return. But if people want to live like that, they must go ahead and do it. Just don’t try to involve me.


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