You fucking can’t make this shit up, but it never surprises me. The Roman Catholic Church is running one hell of a business. “Court upholds German Catholic Church membership tax”


Now they can collect more $$$$$ to pay for the silence of the children who got raped by their employees.  This can be expensive, so they use the threat of hell and damnation to make sure their flock pays up. Makes me think back at the dark and middle ages when they pulled similar shit. What a decrepit bunch or moronic arseholes!!!!!

Court upholds German Catholic Church membership tax

German bishops fold their hands as they attend the opening service for a plenary meeting of the German Conference of Catholic Bishops German bishops said Catholics refusing to pay the Church tax would be denied religious burial

Germany’s Roman Catholics can only remain part of the Church if they pay a membership tax, a court has ruled.

All Germans who are officially registered as Catholics, Protestants or Jews pay a religious tax, worth an extra 8-9% of their income tax bill.

This had been challenged by a retired law professor who said he wanted to remain a Catholic but not pay the tax.

Last week, a new bishops’ decree warned that anyone not paying the tax would be denied the right to religious rites.

The German church levy was introduced in 1803 in compensation for the nationalisation of religious property.

In 2011, the Catholic Church received 5bn euros (£4bn; $6.4bn) and the Protestant Church 4.5bn euros from taxpayers, each adding up to the bulk of the churches’ income, the BBC’s Berlin correspondent Stephen Evans said.

He added that this arrangement, whereby the state collects taxes on behalf of religious groups and then reimburses them, was unusual in Western secular societies.

Alarm over decline

Hartmut Zapp, a retired professor of church law, filed a legal challenge in 2007, arguing that under Catholic doctrine, Church membership was determined by a person’s beliefs and not by a financial relationship.

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Tax on Germany’s Christians

  • 25 million Catholics – tax worth 5bn euros (2011)
  • 24 million Protestants – tax worth 4.5bn euros
  • German population 82 million

The Freiburg University academic said he wanted to continue praying and receiving Holy Communion without paying the religious levy.

Judges at the Leipzig Federal Administrative Court, however, disagreed with Prof Zapp and ruled that there could not be partial Church membership.

Their verdict follows a new bishops’ decree issued last week, according to which anyone failing to pay the tax will no longer have the right to Holy Communion and religious burial.

Already alarmed by declining congregation numbers, the bishops were also pushed into action by Mr Zapp’s legal challenge.

They said refusal to pay Church tax should be seen as a serious act against the community.

Catholics make up around 30% of Germany’s population but the number of congregants leaving the church swelled to 181,000 in 2010, with the increase blamed on revelations of sexual abuse by German priests.

“This decree makes clear that one cannot partly leave the Church,” Germany’s bishops’ conference said last week, in a decision endorsed by the Vatican.

‘Wrong signal’

Unless they pay the religious tax, Catholics will no longer be allowed receive sacraments, except before death, or work in the church and its schools or hospitals.

Without a “sign of repentance before death, a religious burial can be refused”, the decree states. Opting out of the tax would also bar people from acting as godparents to Catholic children.

“This decree at this moment of time is really the wrong signal by the German bishops who know that the Catholic church is in a deep crisis,” Christian Weisner from the grassroots Catholic campaign group We Are Church told the BBC.

But a priest from Mannheim in south-western Germany, Father Lukas Glocker, said the tax was used to do essential good works.

“With kindergarten, with homes for elderly or unemployed, we’ve got really good things so I know we need the tax to help the German country to do good things.”

While the decree severely limits active participation in the German Catholic Church, it does hold out some hope for anyone considering a return to the fold.

Until now, any German Catholic who stopped payment faced eventual excommunication. Although the measures laid out in the decree are similar to excommunication from the church, German observers say the word is carefully avoided in the decree.


‘Witches’ pardoned 400 years after executions. You can’t make this shit up!!!!! The fucking church trying to white wash their crimes against innocent humans ranging centuries. This serves as a great example why these fucking imbeciles can never ever hold any power again over any humans anywhere in the world. Whatever they touch turns to shit and there will be blood. The balls on these fuckers to hold a holy mass for these innocent people they murdered. Fuck me!!!!!


Photo: DPA Statue of Katharina Henot, Cologne's notorious

‘Witches’ pardoned 400 years after executions

Published: 30 Jun 12 12:20 CET

Cologne City Council has pardoned 38 women nearly 400 years after they were sentenced to death for suspected witchcraft, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Katharina Henot – Germany’s most notorious “witch” – stood accused of having entered into a pact with the devil, conjured up a plague of caterpillars, sown strife and encouraged sexual deviancy. In 1627 she was sentenced to death by torture by the Cologne Court.

385 years later, in a symbolic gesture by the Cologne City Council, Henot and 37 other “witches” executed by local authorities are to be pardoned and rehabilitated, wrote Die Welt newspaper on Saturday.

Councillors voted unanimously to pardon the former Cologne inhabitants in a vote on Thursday, rejecting “any violation of human dignity and human rights,” wrote the paper.

The move was not a judicial act – authorities in modern day Germany do not have the power to overturn rulings made under the Holy Roman Empire. Instead, the move was intended to highlight how easily a person can be defamed to the point of no longer being seen as human, but a demon that deserves to die a horrible death.

Hartmut Hegeler, a retired pastor from Unna who had submitted a citizen proposal to pardon the “witches” was said to be “very relieved” following the vote on Thursday. He is now hoping a mass will be held in the Cologne Cathedral as a gesture of reconciliation by the diocese, according to the article.

The decision makes Cologne the 14th local authority in Germany to distance itself from historical witch trials. But not all rehabilitation gestures have been agreed without opposition, wrote the paper.

When a citizen from Dusseldorf proposed that two women burned at the stake there in 1738 be rehabilitated, there was an objection from a citizen who claimed pardoning the women would amount to challenging his Catholic faith, wrote the paper. His objection was overruled.

Historians estimate the total of 25,000 women and men were sentenced to death in Germany in the past for having entered into a pact with the devil, according to the article.

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Bishop calls for blasphemy laws. Another retarded fuckwit who wants their death-cult “protected” from any criticism. The religious are all alike. Batshit-crazy morons!!!


Photo: DPA

Bishop calls for blasphemy laws

Published: 2 Aug 12 14:50 CET

A Catholic bishop has called for a blasphemy law in Germany, saying all religions deserved legal protection from attack in order to preserve human dignity. 
“Those who injure the souls of believers with scorn and derision must be put in their place and in some cases also punished,” said Bamberg Archbishop Ludwig Schick on Wednesday.

He said there should be a “Law against the derision of religious values and feelings,” the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported.

The paper said that German law only criminalises attacks on faith if it threatens to create a breach of the peace.

Satire magazine Titanic raised the topic of blasphemy and respect for religion last month after publishing an image of Pope Benedict with a yellow stain on his cassock in reference to the Vatican leaks scandal.

The Pope took legal action which succeeded in banning further printing of the image, although copies of the magazine already published were not removed from sale. Yet his legal argument was based on his personal rights rather than any protection of religion.

A spokesman for the bishop told the paper his comments were not linked to theTitanic incident specifically, but were part of a discussion that had been going on for some time.

But the idea of a blasphemy law was slammed by the Green Party, whose parliamentary leader Volker Beck said satire and irony could not be banned.

“Bishop Schick obviously feels motivated to move against democratic rights to freedom,” he said.

He said that ironic or satirical statements might not be popular among those targeted, but they could not be forbidden.

“Believers do not need any greater criminal legal protection against defamation, slander and attack than other social groups,” he said.

Respect for other religions and views should be encouraged socially, not ordered legally he said.

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