Johann se skool dae.




5 thoughts on “Johann se skool dae.

  1. Goeie illustrasie van hoe irrasioneel die godiote daagliks voorkom. Verotte breine wat nie eens besef wanneer hulle in ‘n hoek is nie.


  2. Maar jy verstaan nie, daar is mos nie ‘n ding soos die waarheid nie. Johann se dan so. Jy kan mos net vir al die kinders vol punte gee vir hulle toestse, daar is mos nie reg of verkeerd nie. Why even bother marking it?


    • Holy, as stated somewhere else on this site – Do not argue with stupid people. They have the habit of dragging one down to their level and then clobbering you with an unsophisticated weapon…..or something along those lines. Johann is a classic example of someone with a religion-devoured brain. I honestly feel sorry for him. He made his “geloofsprong” into the abyss of irrationality. A place of utter mediocricy where he and people like him feels safe and secure….and even clever.

      No hope for this cretin.


  3. Moeilik om kommentaar te lewer op niks nie, maar ek is bly Moly is nog met julle, wonder daai woord “worship” please inlight us, what does it mean, I know it can be googled, and it appears to be a simple woord, but to me its not, it is the essence of many things that we do. and you don’t have to be right, we can find our way, so to speak.

    If you – say – smoke, does it mean you “worship” something?


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