Teen dies after being ‘beaten’ at camp that ‘makes men out of boys’


Teen dies after being ‘beaten’ at camp that ‘makes men out of boys’

A 15-year-old South African boy died after he was kept chained to his bed, beaten with planks and hoses at a training camp that boasted of “making men” out of its young recruits, a court has heard.

Raymond Buys, 15, who died after being 'beaten' at camp that 'makes men out of boys'.

Raymond Buys, 15, who died after being ‘beaten’ at camp that ‘makes men out of boys’. Photo: DAILY TELEGRAPH
Aislinn Laing

By , Johannesburg

6:02PM BST 24 Apr 2013 

Raymond Buys, who had learning difficulties, was admitted to hospital and put on life support two months into a three-month training course run by Alex de Koker’s Echo Wild Game Rangers in the bush an hour south of Johannesburg.

He was severely emaciated and dehydrated, had brain damage, a broken arm and bruises, and cigarette burns all over his body. His mother was told that the chances of him surviving were “virtually zero”. He died two weeks later.

“I sent my son on this course to make him a better man, to give him a better future,” Wilma Buys told The Daily Telegraph. “I trusted Alex de Koker with his life.”

Mr de Koker, 49, and employee Michael Erasmus, 20, are currently on trial for charges of murder, child abuse and neglect, along with two cases of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm in relation to Mr Buys’ death.

His death is alleged to have been the third among the mainly Afrikaans children who attended the R22,000 (£1,500) courses run by Mr de Koker, who was reportedly a member of murdered white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche’s Iron Guards movement.

In 2007, 25-year-old Erich Calitz died from severe brain injuries, according to Afrikaans newspaper Rapport. The same year, 19-year-old Nicholas van der Walt died at the same training camp being run in Swartruggens in the Northwest province.

Mr Calitz’s sister Mathilda Groenwald told Johannesburg’s Star newspaper that her brother was slightly brain-damaged and struggled to hold down jobs. She told the paper he was beaten when he asked to quit the camp, adding: “Alex (de Koker) told him that he wasn’t gay and he would make a man out of him”.

Mr de Koker was handed a suspended sentence in 2009 over Mr Calitz’s death but escaped charges for Mr van der Walt’s death, which was ruled to have been caused by a heart attack.

Mrs Buys said her son had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and was struggling at school. The course had been recommended to her by a friend. When she went to see Mr de Koker, he told her he could help her son find a job in the wildlife trade.

She said that her son started the course on January 12, 2011. Over the next two months, she said, she spoke to Mr Buys just three times – and was told by Mr de Koker that he was self-harming.

“Raymond was only allowed to speak to me on speakerphone,” she said. “When I asked him why he was hurting himself, he told me ‘Mum, I’m not doing it to myself’.”

Mr de Koker rang Mrs Buys on March 23 to say her son had been admitted to hospital for tests. When she arrived, she found that he was dying.

This week, during the trial of the two men at Vereeneging District Court, a boy who shared a tent with Mr Buys sobbed as he recalled how recruits carried out manual labour including cutting grass with machetes and stacking stones to build a dam.

Gerhard Oosthuizen, 19, said Mr Buys was chained to his bed after he tried to escape and, forbidden from going to the bathroom, repeatedly soiled himself, according to a report in Beeld newspaper.

He was said to have told the court that on one occasion, when Mr Buys went to the toilet in a field while the recruits worked, he was forced to eat his own faeces.

On another, Mr Oosthuizen said, after Mr Buys tipped over a container of washing powder, he was forced to eat what he had spilled and vomited foam.

He said Mr Buys was beaten with planks, sticks and plastic pipes when he failed to work, the paper reported.

He was said to have claimed that he had once seen Mr Buys in a hut at the camp with a pillowcase over his head, being shocked with a stun gun by Mr de Koker and Mr Erasmus.

“He screamed … I was scared and ran away,” the newspaper quoted the witness as saying.

Both Mr de Koker and Mr Erasmus have pleaded not guilty to the charges. The case continues.


30 thoughts on “Teen dies after being ‘beaten’ at camp that ‘makes men out of boys’

  1. Bastards !
    … and people / parents are paying for that kak … Why ????
    No fokken Mercy when it comes to children !!!! These bully-powerhungry cunts deserve the same treatment they gave that poor kid … a slow and painful death for no specific reason … oh so sorry Raymond was ADHD, had learning difficulties and a bit hyperactive !!!! Really People !!!!
    Hopefully (still a word loaded with much skepticism) >> Justice will be served for those kids !!


  2. When is was in standard 8 we went to Veldskool somewhere in the Drakensburg mountains.

    The usual military style camp to make men out of boys type off bullshit. The guys running the place thought our country was about to be taken over by devil worshiping communists who are trying to corrupt the young minds of the white children in the country with heavy metal and sex. They believed it was their job to set us straight and prepare us for the Armageddon that was coming.

    Do I have to mention they all had mustaches and IQ’s of about 100?

    We started every morning with military style inspections and parades, some marching and prayer, then breakfast. Then some more marching and saluting and singing of either and or the national anthem, flag hoisting, and hymns. Then we started our daily activities, which consisted of various different outdoors stuff and a lot of those activities was actually pretty cool.

    Before lunch there was more marching, an inspection, punishment for those that has some kind of infringement, more praying and singing, then food.

    Then back to more marching, and then the rest of the days activities. At the end of the day we marched more, brought down our flag, sang the national anthem again while we saluted it, and got ready for dinner.

    At night we marched to our showers, got cleaned up, marched to the mess hall, prayed and sang more hymns, then we ate.

    Every evening we were all marched into the main hall. Where the fun really started. We were shown propaganda videos of what will happen to us if the communists take over. They showed us pictures of children who listened to heavy metal music, used drugs and had sex. They gave us the names of all the satanic music out there. (Nothing I didn’t own or haven’t heard off.) They told us how satan and the communists were working hand in hand to bring our country down, and that we had to shape up and get ready.

    There was this one kid, he was absolutely huge. He bragged how he was already in his high school’s first rugby team. Other kids from his school told us he was a dope. He failed standard 1 and standard 5. That is why is is so much bigger than the other kids. Of course, the teachers at this camp just loved this kid. He was extremely religious, he was easily manipulated to follow their commands, and nobody gave him any shit.

    There was this other kid too. He was real skinny and timid. He was the type who was not meant to be on a camp like this. He cried when they teachers did their usual yelling and shouting at us as if we were in the army. He kept screwing basic stuff up during marching etc. The teachers picked on him. Maybe they thought they could help him. I believe they just couldn’t stand him. And being the sadistic moronic pricks that they were, they just wouldn’t leave him alone.

    One morning we woke up and there was an ambulance that took this kid away. The kids in his unit told us that that big dope gorilla beat that little kid up that night after everyone was supposed to go to bed. It must have been as easy for him as it would be for a grown man to beat up a 10 year old child. The kid cried a lot that night according to the other kids in his unit. The next morning, they found him just about dead in his bunk.

    That evening we were told that the gorilla hit that little kid so hard that he burst his liver, and he nearly bled to death.

    I remember that evening very well. The headmaster of that Veldskool spoke to us from his podium. He told us that this was not supposed to have happened. He was shitting himself, because by now a lot of kids had called their parents and told their parents what had happened. They wanted to go home, because this big dope gorilla was best friends with all the teachers there and did whatever he wanted. By that time lots of us had some sort of run in with him as he was enforcing the “law” for the teachers.

    So, anyway, the headmaster told us that everything was going to just fine. He told us how well the other kid was doing in hospital. They had repaired his liver and gave him blood and that his mom and dad will be picking him up in a couple of days and take him home. During all this, and I am not making this up, this big gorilla dope was sitting on the stage with the teachers in a chair. The headmaster told us all that he didn’t mean to hurt the kid that bad. He told us that he had a word with the local police captain and that the captain agreed that he would leave the matter of punishment and discipline in the hands of the headmaster. He also told us that he was going to have a long conversation with the gorilla dope’s high school headmaster, to make sure that he is not unnecessarily punished. Then he told us that these things can happen to anyone and that jesus tells us to forgive. That we shouldn’t try to ruin this poor gorilla dope’s bright future because he made a small mistake.

    I couldn’t believe what I had seen that night. Of course, the big dope gorilla didn’t change one single bit. He was still as mean and big an arsehole as ever. We did piss in his coffee once and on another occasion someone did something else to his food (better not say here what). He was still the teachers little pitt-bull pet.

    All in all veldskool was a hell of an education. It showed me directly what a bunch of delusional wankers with a bible under their arms will do if given free reign over a bunch of children.


  3. Ja, McBrolloks, dit is skrikwekkend hoe mense soos diè ‘n mens se lewe kan beïnvloed en beneuk; selfs ‘n volk se denkrigting kan probeer verander. Soos die Duitsers, ‘n moderne volk wat Beethoven en Goethe opgelewer het, is in die afgrond gestuur deur Hitler. Die godbots het tot onlangs ‘n skrikbewind op vrye denke gevoer. Johannie en sy makkers sou jou nie toe gevra het om ‘n geloof-sprong te maak nie. Nee, die enigste sprong wat jy sou gemaak het was om van die brandstapel af te spring! Hoe moet dit nie in sy siel knaag dat daar nie meer folterbanke en brandstapels is nie. En die ironie van die saak is dat hulle liewe Jesus hulle van die liefde vertel, maar hulle voer hierdie wandade in hulle Jesus se naam uit. (Maar goed liewe Jesus bestaan nie – hy sou hulle eerste opgefok het voor ons ateïste.)


  4. Gelowige mense se breine is gevrot. Ek kyk nou na daai Danie Botha pateet. Hulle het wragtig ‘n toergroep wat Israel toe gaan en dan gaan doop hulle mense in die rivier. Man hierdie mense het kindertjies se mentaliteit. Ek sal nooit vergeet hoe ek eendag met my hande in my sakke gestaan het in die vierkant met opening, dit was koud en kon nie anders nie. Toe kom haal ‘n juffrou my uit omdat ek met my hande in my sakke gestaan het terwyl die meneer bid. Hoe het sy in die eerste plek geweet dat ek met my hande in my sakke staan as ons bid, het sy dalk haar oe oop gehad? Nero het die christene lekker hard opgefok! Hulle is so pateties dit is nie eers waar nie.


  5. Die woord op die straat is dat as jy nie ‘n ADHD kind het nie – weet jy nie waarvan jy praat nie, en ek kan dit glo, hier is ‘n vrou wie se man en 3 seuns verskillende grade het van ADHD het, haar hele lewe draai daarom om die gesin bymekaar te hou en sy lyk gedreineer. Die kinders is totaal narsisties, stry oor elke ding, het altyd iets om terug te sê en elke kontak met hulle is ‘n stryd, hulle eet nie saam met die gesin nie, is op die onmoontlikste tye honger en dan “demand” hulle kos, het een of ander irriteerinde geluid wat hulle maak , soos tongklap, Ek wonder nou of Mad Mac nie dalk. . . .

    Om hulle daai pilletjie te laat drink is elke dag ‘n stryd elke dag elke dag, dieselfde storie, dit maak jou sooooo moedeloos.

    Dis net nie ‘n plesier om saam met so iemand te lewe nie, al die vreugde is uit jou lewe uitgeneem en dan moet jy toekyk hoe die persoon op die pad van selfvernietiging gaan . . .

    Ek kan verstaan dat ouers enigeiets sal doen.
    Die beste verduideliking van die verskynsel wat ek nog gehoor het is dat elke 1000 jaar maak die mensdom ‘n sprong op die evolusie leer en dié kinders het ‘n groot tree vorentoe gegee wat nie in die normale gang van die lewe inpas nie.

    Jy kan hulle nie met konvensionele metodes hanteer nie, veral nie met outoriteit nie. (Dit laat my nou dink dat Mad Mac het hierdie wrewel teen outoriteit, in al sy skrywe van die verlede gaan dit om sy oogpunt van anti gesagsfigure.)

    Gewoontlik is die adhd kinders besonder skrander, maar konvensionele opvoeding werk net nie vir hulle nie, hulle wil doen waarvan hulle hou en dis Al.

    En o ja. . .Dis maklik om God vir alles te blameer, as jy nie iets weet nie- Goddidit. Veral as jy te lui is om bietjie dink spiere in te span.


    • Johann, are you implying that this boy brought this on himself because he had ADHD? After his mother had told de Koker what the problem was with her son? I would have liked to have seen his mother up for murder as well, she set him up for it.

      Zeg aan de kinderen dat wij niet deugen.
      Zeg dat wij kinderen maken ’s nachts
      Om ze ’s ochtends zachtmoedig te kraken, zeg
      Aan de zoon als jij dwarsligt aan tafel en zingt
      Om met liedjes zijn honger te stillen, zeg
      Dat wij de muziek uit zijn mond zullen nemen,
      Dat wij hem klein zullen krijgen met melk
      En slaag, met zuurverdiend brood en examens.
      Zeg dat zijn dorst de manieren moet leren
      Van ons, een dwergvolk van vaders en moeders.
      Wij hebben geen noten op onze zang.


  6. Ja Johann,

    Onderdanigheid is mos ‘n groot deel van jou geloofsprong. Julle glo mos vas vrouens moet totaal onderdanig wees aan mans. Julle glo mos kinders moet totaal onderdanig wees aan groot mense, al is die groot mense lekker getik, soos jy.

    Breindood paaivreters soos jy kan dit nie verdra as iemand julle bevraag teken nie. Julle verwag uiterse respek en onderdanigheid vir julle gesag en geloof.

    Ek het nuus vir jou. Ek baklei al van kleins af teen julle bullshit. Julle dink kinders is dom. Meeste kinders se breine werk beter as joune en beter as jou mal maatjies sin.

    Verdraagsaamheid vir julle deur die kakgeid raak al minder en minder. En dit begin by jong mense. Vandag is daar baie van daardie jong mense wat nou groot mense is, en wat julle nog minder kan verdrae.

    Dan huil julle in julle grotte en smeek julle spoke om ons te help om die lig te sien.

    Fok maar lekker voort in jou self geskepte spulonk van onkunde en bronstydperk superstusie. In die regte werled lag ons vir drolle soos jy, en ons vermy kontak met julle klomp soos ‘n mens kontak met ‘n dier wat hondsdolleid het sal vermy.


  7. Johann tot dusver het jy probeer om jou dinkspiere in te span, maar met katastrofiese gevolge. Partykeer is dit maar beter om ander die dinkwerk te laat doen.


  8. Johann kan ek jou so vra, dink jy Jesus sou gedoen het wat daai mense gedoen het? Onthou ouens as julle ooit ‘n kind wil mishandel moet nooit vergeet om hom met siggarret stompies te brand nie. Jy kan nie ‘n child abuser wees en kinders nie met sigaret stompies brand nie. Dis tog so klassiek! Ek onthou toe ek ‘n klein seuntjie was en die skou was op ons dorp, het ek partykeer na die polisietente toe gegaan en gaan kyk wat als daar is. Daar was gewoonlik prente van dwelmverslaafdes en dan ook van kindermishandeling. Dit was afstootlik! Mens moet van jou kop af wees om sulke dinge te doen. ‘n Ander vieslikke ding wat ek haat is dieremishandeling. Ek luister na Iron Maiden, ACDC, Metallica ens. Ek sal nooit my vinger op ‘n kind of dier sit nie! So wat Rodney Seal gese het beteken boggerol! Mense is boos! Ek is ook ‘n van van Suzie Quatro, die Beatles en vele meer. Het John Lennon nie iets gese van Jesus hookal nie? Daai iets wat so buite verband geruk is.


  9. Ja Mad Mac jou rebelsheid is net ‘n simptoom van baarmoeder verwerping, jy is die bewys van daai aaklige dag toe jy die vinnigste spermpie was en hoe naar was die oomblik nie. Gaan vra. . .

    En Adriaan die stressor vir jou “toestand” sal nie weg gaan nie, omdat – om dit nou eenvoudig en foutief te stel – omdat dit jou eie Pa is.

    In jou kop is jy die onderpresteerder wat nie die krag het op die mas op te kom nie, ek wed jou dat jy al probeer artie fartie wees en kastig “iets” vir die mense daar buite te vertelle het (miksien moet jy ‘n groot poepelvrug skilder en vir Mallies stuur), maar diep binne jou voel jy verlore, desperaat, en moedeloos. Kyk daarna, die waarheid maak seer, maar dit maak jou ook vry!


  10. “Breindood paaivreters soos jy kan dit nie verdra as iemand julle bevraag teken nie” Dis nou Mad Mac se poging – wat bevraag teken jy my? En moenie nou van my verwag om jou verwronge konsep van God te verdedig nie. . .


  11. Wat het jy oor my pa te se? Wil jy dit dalk voor my kom se? Jy tree defnitief nie op soos Jesus sou nie. Tipies van julle christene! Jou onsamehangende geskrywery wys vir my jy wil baie graag he ons moet dink jy is intelektueel, maar dis sommer ‘n pot stront wat jy praat. Jys in ‘n hoek gedruk nou raak jy persoonlik. Bitter klein van jou!


  12. Weet nou nie wat het vekeerd gegaan nie, die komment was vir Adriaan besoel en wat ek vir Mad Mac wou skryf is – Dis AL?


    • Jirre Johann, niemand sal ooit weet wat met jou verkeerd gegaan het nie. Breindood paaivreters soos jy is ‘n dime a dozen. Nie juis enige punt om met julle te probeer praat nie. My hond verstaan die wereld beter as jy.


      • Mac, probleem met Johannie is dat hy allerhande goeters in daai paai sal wil analiseer. Hy sal eers vrae vra soos: Is dit werklik ‘n paai? Wie was eerste , die paai of die deeg? Bestaan die paai werklik of is my brein besig om te verdraai? Wat as ek proe en die paai byt terug? Het die paai ‘n siel? Kan ek die paai naai?…..ensovoorts, ens, ad infinitum.


  13. As mens niks het om te skryf nie, dan val jy terug op die ou kinderlike skooldae tegnieke, julle kan dit goed doen, en duidelik. Dan kan ek nie anders om te “glo” dat:

    Julle is reaksioniste, fundamentaliste, en jul god is Beelsebub, dat julle vir “niks” staan nie en net wil braak teenoor almal wat nie soos julle wil “glo” nie. As julle na Casper de Vries kyk, sal julle maklik kan sien dat julle net soos hy net oor ontlasting kan praat ( behalwe dat hy probeer om dit snaaks te laat klink, as jy jou lewe lank ‘n agterkopkyker was behoort jou hart ook later vol ontlasting te raak). As julle dalk eendag wakker word moenie skrik nie. . .


    • Amper soos jy wat “kinderlik” glo sonder bewyse, ne Johannie? Terloops, het jy al ooit iets sinvol hier kwytgwraak? Jy glo in gotte sonder enige bewyse. Ek wag nou nog vir lg, maar kennelik is jy te lafhartig en val alewig terug op lawwe konsepte soos “geloofspronge”. Ek lag my ‘n papie vir al die bollie wat jy kwytraak.


    • Terloops Johannie, maak ek die korrekte afleiding uit jou laaste pos dat jy homofobies is? Hoe nou ou perd – ek dog jou gode keur veroordeling af? Of het jy verkeerde kant toe gespring?


  14. Dis nou moerse toevallig! Ek kom nou net van Casper de Vries se site af. Toe sien ek Johann mention Casper. Ek het nou lekker sit en lag vir sy hatemail.


  15. Wie het al die movie hellraiser gesien? Dit voel vir my of ek in daai movie is. Ek sien ‘n ene Dr. DS Grieve van Centurion se Unitas hospital het vir Casper hatemail gestuur. Ai! Die wereld waarin ons leef! Sulke ouens is ‘n bewys van die onvolmaaktheid van ons wereld. Johann waar is jou sogenaamde liefdevolle god? HY is ‘n absolute monster! Ou jy is erg gebreinspoel. Ek kan nie glo dat jy daar sit en beweer god is liefde nie. Wat is genadig omtrent god? Hy is ‘n evil spirit! Dis nou as daar so ‘n ding is. Ek het al gehoor ‘n ou se dat god en die duiwel dieselfde persoon is.


    • Adriaan, jy is hopeloos te kwaad vir iets wat nie bestaan nie. Jou depressie is ‘n ongelukkige toevalligheid wat jy met jou moet saamdra. Ek kan nie werklik saampraat nie en besef dat slegs ‘n depressielyer met gesag kan praat van die marteling wat hul daagliks ervaar. “Life is not fair” – dis ‘n feit en hoe gouer ons hiermee vrede maak, hoe makliker is dit om ons tekortkominge te bestuur. Net soos Natalie du Toit oor die weg moet kom met een been. Of Steven Hawkings moet saamleef met motor neuron sindroom. Mens het altyd ‘n keuse op ‘n roete.


  16. Casper de Vries laat my “gril” soos mens sal gril vir iets vieslik, en dis nie dat ek nie al na sy schous gekyk het nie, dit was snaaks tot hy begin “grootkop” of so iets gekry het, en hy verkondig sy Ateis status wyd en syt, maar sy homo of pedofilië status bly hy stil oor omdat hy dalk kan geld verloor $$$$.

    En ek het geen fobies nie, Mallies, het jy dalk ‘n fobie ontwikkel teenoor mense wat nie soos jy “glo” nie, ek sal nog aan ‘n naam dink, soos Jesusfobie, waarheidfobie, Godfobie, of het jy ‘n vet tiesch vir ontlasting, homo’s? (Gaan ons weer terug na jou opvoeding)

    En Ariaan daai liefdevolle God is by jou – jy staan by die water jy moet dit net wil drink, dis hoekom ek so aanhou dat julle net die vryheid moet neem en die geloofsprong moet maak, dis kan tog nie so erg wees nie. . .? Jou egodjie sal baie bly wees, om op te hou met die pretens, die haat en nyd, en die “stryd”!


    • Sien jy het steeds geen bewyse nie? Maak steeds staat op “geloofspronge”. My 6jarige het gister so ‘n sprong gemaak – na die Tandmuis.


  17. Van opvoeding gepraat Johannie, let gerus op die vlg:
    “Schous” se korrekte spelling is “shows”.
    “Wyd en syt” – wyd en syd
    “Vet tiesch” – fetish
    “Pretens” – pretence

    Leer nou mooi Johannie. Volgende les is hoe om woorde binne korrekte konteks te plaas.

    Casper is beslis nie skaam vir dit wat hy is nie. Jou verbeelding is op hol met jou. Terloops, verstaan ek jou reg dat jy seg Casper is ‘n pedofiel? Is jy bereid om hierdie stelling sonder anonimiteit te maak? Lig loop ou perd.


  18. Hoekom nooi julle nie vir Casper nie? Dit sal interresant wees om sy opinie te hoor. Man dit sal lekker wees om met hom te chat. Ek weet nie hoe om hom te kontak nie. Ek sal graag ‘n bietjie met hom wou gesels. Ek sien alhoewel op sy facebook page dat hy so ‘n uitrekseltjie het van die eerste soogdiere. Dit was nou nogal interresant. Cassie is nogal ‘n interresante ou op sy manier Nou dat hy kritiek ontvang is hy nog snaakser.


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