This girl has guts! Good for her! And as expected, the fundies are praying for her.

Nebraska Catholic school ‘praying’ after former student masturbates with crucifix (via Raw Story )

A Catholic school in Nebraska says it is praying for a former student who returned to campus to take nude photos and masturbate with a crucifix. Valerie Dodds, 19, told KETV that she started a nude photography business after graduating from Lincoln East High School. But she said some her classmates…


7 thoughts on “This girl has guts! Good for her! And as expected, the fundies are praying for her.

    • I disagree. She was criticized for what she does and she stood and made a point. I think it is quite funny. It also agitated the christian school to the point where they showed their true colors. She is getting a ton of free publicity from this, so it was an excellent marketing ploy.


  1. FTM = follow the money. She didn’t complete her high schooling at this catholic school, so how old was she when she left, 14? Probably got kicked out for lousy grades and being a disruptive attention whore at that age already. So now she has the lead role in her own porn movie – wow, big whoop for female liberation – and has a case against the whole Catholic establishment? I’d be a lot more impressed seeing a girl her age stuying science at MIT than doing this shit.


    • Point taken Holy, but don’t you find the hipocrisy glaring? Did this Catholic school pray for the victims of molestation at the filthy hands of their own clergy? I find it ironic that the church is quick to play the role of victim, but the wrongs that they keep on comitting as we speak, should somehow be accepted. Police charges forward to arrest this girl for “indecency”, but it takes ages for them to arrest a priest accused of child molestation. And then godiots have the audacity to insist that atheist are devoid of a moral compass?

      One might not agree with her methods, but has she harmed anyone? What is the real/true impact of her antics on society? She’s making a statement, and yep, no doubt raking in some dollars in the process. Personally, I find the church’s raking in of money, based on the naivety of humankind, far more obscene than anything Me Dodds have done.


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