Proof that Jesus is a Bulls supporter. Pier Spies out for the rest of the season!


Jesus is doing everything he can to help the Bulls win another Super Rugby title. He even took the useless Pier Spies out of the team for the rest of the season, so that the Bulls can play with 8 forwards going into the final games. This might give them the edge they need to win the title again.


Super Rugby: Pierre Spies to miss rest of Super Rugby season through injury

Posted Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:26pm AEST

Bulls captain Pierre Spies will have surgery on a torn biceps muscle and miss the remainder of the 2013 Super Rugby season.

Spies picked up the injury playing for South Africa in its 56-23 victory over Samoa in Pretoria on Sunday (AEST) and after being assessed by two specialists it has been decided he will need to go under the knife.

Bulls team doctor Org Strauss confirmed in a statement that the recovery period would rule the 28-year-old out for the rest of the season.


7 thoughts on “Proof that Jesus is a Bulls supporter. Pier Spies out for the rest of the season!

    • Savage, do you think Spies prayed to get an injury? He is one of the BB’s that just looves to pray before a match. The excuse from these braindead fundies is usually something along the lines of “we don’t pray to win, just to have an injury-free match”. Jesus obviously did not listen to Pierre and Pierre will quite predictably state that it is “gods will”.

      If this god does exist and had to die tomorrow (or go on a strike), I will easily be able to fill his place. Easiest job in the world – if something great happens, “praise the lord”; if something bad happens, “it is the lord’s will”. Braindead dofkoppe, these fundies.


      • My guess is god made the call on that one, weighing up Spies’ prayers against the prayers of millions of Bulls fans who want to see them win the trophy. Spies didn’t win that one, he was given a bicep injury.


  1. These bone-headed, god-praying sportsmen who believe if you pray hard enough your team will win, are an insult to sport lovers who have to witness some of their team’s members’ behaviour. (Met geloofsprong en al, Spies is ‘n doos (net soos onse Johann). Het nie die vaagste benul van agtstemanspel òf kapteinskap nie, maar Liewe Jesus sal mos help – hy wat Spies is bid dan.)

    Watching these assholes in operation, we atheists get angry. Angry that the godbots have a free license to demonstrate their delusions anywhere, anyplace. But if we challenge their delusions with rational arguments (like, give us the proof that your gods exist (kom Johann, ons wag nog), we are chastened for being angry, or aggressive atheists. Or if we demand free time for our children, instead of being grouped with the godbots’ children praying to their gods, our children are intimidated and bullied – not only by the “little godbots”, but also some of the teachers. The geloofsprongers expect us to believe their fabricated works of primeval myth and fiction are divine.

    Malherbe, you are right. The availability of information through the modern media, as well as rational parents, will limit the insidious effect of brainwashing performed by godbot parents and – teachers on coming generations. My children and grandchildren, without exception, are happy atheists. They were all shown from a very young age the ludicrousness of having gods hanging around that you cannot see.


    • Yes Savage, and have you ever noticed how children ask the correct questions? Its only when we start selling horseshit as cupcakes to them, that irrationality creeps in. Left to find out for themselves they will never come up with the goddidit hipothesis.


  2. Hull moet vir Pierre Spies daai Samoaanse spesialiteit gee wat hulle my naamgenoot gegee het. Die balkraker!


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