5 thoughts on “Checkmate!

  1. Ja dis altyd funny as hulle Jesus met blou oe uitbeeld. Miskien as Jesus in Duitsland of Denemarke gewoon het. Maar dan was Jesus ‘n Barbarian wat ander tribes se koppe met swaarde afgekap het, Wotan aanbid het en offers aan elwe gebring het. Dis nou 2000jaar terug. Vandag se Duitsers maak fancy karre en vandag se Dene Lego speelgoed. Hulle nasate is nie in permanente konflik met Palestyne nie, soos Jesus s’n.


  2. The names of the Apostles are of Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew origins. The Hebrew, Aramaic and “Greek” named Apostles were:
    Shim’on = Simon (Hebrew origin).
    Y’hochanan = John (Hebrew origin).
    Mattithyahu = Matthew (Hebrew origin).
    Ya’aqov = James (Hebrew origin meaning Jacob).
    Bar-Tôlmay = Bartholomew (Aramaic, which is related to Hebrew).
    Judah = Jude / Saint Jude (not to be confused with Judas Iscariot, Hebrew origin).
    Yehuda = Judas Iscariot (Hebrew origin, Betrayed Yeshua/Yehosua the Messiah).
    Cephas / Kephas = Peter (Hebrew / Aramaic origin meaning “Rock”).
    Tau’ma = Thomas (Aramaic origin).
    Andrew = Andrew (Greek origin. Is the brother of Cephas / Kephas).
    Phillip = Phillip (Greek origin).
    You will note that there are only 11 names, that is because there were 2 Apostles named Ya’aqov (James), which brings the total to 12 apostles.


  3. Yes, and many of those names where introduced into the Germanic language also I guess. That’s where it came from. Andrew is a typical English name as well as Simon.


  4. I read an article the other day about languages in Eurasia about 15 000 years ago. At about that time they spoke the same language in India than they spoke in Germany. Indo – German. I don’t know how the scientists know that but apparently they do. I wonder how far back the communal Germanic language existed ( The one who gave rise to Afrikaans, Dutch, Flemish, English, German, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish). My guess would be about 2000 years ago. The Lombards, Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Franks, Frisians would all have propably spoken the same language. While the Celts spoke their own language. Im sure that Germanic and Celtic had a common ancestor also. They say the word mamma and pappa occurs in most languages.


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