Ireland’s hospitals are still being run by bronze age wizards with bronze age theology. As long as they have that power, women will die in their institutions when it could all be easily avoided. They are first rate criminals and the oppressors of basic human rights in the free world. No excuse for this. The government should strip them of their authority and control of all hospitals.


Mater board priest says hospital can’t carry out abortions

Board of governors to consider position on new law versus Mater ‘ethos’

 Fr Kevin Doran:   ‘The issue is broader than just abortion. What’s happening is the Minister is saying hospitals are not entitled to have an ethos.’ Photograph: Moya NolanFr Kevin Doran: ‘The issue is broader than just abortion. What’s happening is the Minister is saying hospitals are not entitled to have an ethos.’ Photograph: Moya Nolan

Kitty Holland

Wed, Aug 7, 2013, 11:12

First published:Wed, Aug 7, 2013, 01:00

The Mater hospital in Dublin “cannot comply” with the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act and cannot carry out abortions, a member of its board of governors has said.Fr Kevin Doran was speaking to The Irish Times as the board prepares to meet in the coming weeks to discuss how or whether the hospital will abide by the legislation.

The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital is one of 25 “appropriate institutions” named in the Act where abortions may be carried out to save the life of a pregnant woman.

Mission statement
A Catholic voluntary hospital, part-owned by the Sisters of Mercy who founded it in 1861, the Mater is managed by the board of governors independent of the HSE.

In its mission statement, the hospital says that by caring for the sick, “we participate in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ”.

Fr Doran, who sits on the board of governors and the board of directors of the Mater, said it was “incumbent on the hospital to consider its position on the Act . . . The Mater can’t carry out abortions because it goes against its ethos. I would be very concerned that the Minister [for Health, James Reilly] sees fit to make it impossible for hospitals to have their own ethos.

“The issue is broader than just abortion. What’s happening is the Minister is saying hospitals are not entitled to have an ethos.”
Serious discussion
Asked his view of what should happen if the board were to decide it would comply with the legislation, Fr Doran said: “I suppose I can assume there would be very serious discussion between the Archbishop [of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin] and the management of the hospital.”

Sr Eugene Nolan, nurse tutor and member of the board of directors, described the situation facing the hospital as “very, very grave”, adding the legislation “is being imposed on us.

“It is against our ethos. The main thing is we have an obligation to preserve the ethos of the hospital and still try and do the best we can. [The legislation] will have to be looked at very carefully.”

A spokesman for the hospital said it had no formal position as yet on the legislation. “It is going to be discussed by the board of governors in the coming weeks.”
Single-member company
The Mater hospital is a single-member company. Its parent company is the Mater Misericordiae and the Children’s University Hospitals (Temple St) Ltd.

Its website says the majority of the members of the parent company are Sisters of Mercy and the remaining members represent the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin, the Catholic Nurses’ Guild of Ireland, the Society of St Vincent de Paul and the medical consultants of Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and the Children’s University Hospital.

St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, is also a Catholic voluntary hospital, part- owned and part-managed by the Sisters of Charity. It is also named in the legislation as an “appropriate institution” to perform abortions.

Its mission, says the hospital website, is to provide care and treatment “through the continuance and furtherance of the ethos, aims and purposes of the Congregation of the Religious Sisters of Charity”.

A spokesman for St Vincent’s Healthcare Group said it would “as always, be following the law of the land”.


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    • Stupid is what stupid does, read what you wrote above and then look in the mirror to see what your name means. Have you heard of Wilde, Joyce and Yeats? Or Hamilton and Stokes? Or Ferguson and Dunlop? Or May and Boydell? Probably not. Have you ever been to an Irish pub, or music concert? Most definitely not.


      • Yes, Savage, I know about the more accomplished Irish, the ones that prove to be the exception to the rule. To quote Oscar Wilde: “The more one analyses people, the more all reasons for analysis disappear. Sooner or later one comes to that dreadful universal thing called human nature.” He could have added that the lower the IQ, the more deadly the cocktail of idiocy combined with brass age beliefs. Look at the Incas and mezistos in South America, swallowing the same line of crap and enduring all that unnecessary suffering, with raped eight year olds forced to give birth. African blacks are enlightened compared to that lot because they didn’t accept “Christianity” wholesale like those poor bastards did.


        • Stupid id as stupid does, first you call the Irish stupid and now the Incas. Who next? More than 10 percent of the US citizens can trace their ancestry to Ireland. Do you now call the Americans stupid because of their Irish genes? Or would you call them stupid because more than 50 percent of them believe in creationism. You are on a dangerous path with your bigotry, but I must admit, you deserve your name.


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            Maybe an inspiring liberation movement would convince us there is some merit in an Irish national holiday. HAR! Nope, the Irish simply killed a whole bunch of their fellow citizens over a period of a decade or so and then caved back in to British dominance. And we thought the IRA was such a bunch of toughies.

            It’s bad enough that every year around March 17th, everything turns puke green. I think we’ll pass on any further adoration of a useless excersise in self abuse and ignorance.

            Happy St. Patrick Day. Come on by and I’ll give you a kiss for being Irish.



            • Hi Holysmoly, I see you have been posting as “stupid is as stupid does”.

              I made this blog to bring to light all the human rights violations that are being opposed by organized religion all across the world.

              We can’t blame the people of a country who has, for centuries, being ruled by foreign governments and powerful religious organizations who have oppressed them and robbed them of their human rights and dignity.

              These forces all want the same thing. Keep the people poor and ignorant, and crush any attempts for liberation and the chance to govern themselves and to obtain their human rights and freedom.

              There are examples all over the world where this has been going on for centuries.

              Instead of picking on the people who have been clawing their way out of desperate poverty and oppression over the last century, at a heavy cost to themselves and their country, why not focus on the magnificent achievements they accomplished in such a short time?

              The people of Ireland still has a long road ahead of them. The small victory they just won for women rights shows us what they are up against, and that it will not be easy to rid their government of fundamentalist rule.

              It wasn’t that long ago that divorce was illegal. A drunk husband could come home and beat the crap out of his wife and rape her with impunity. Mother Therese campaigned hard to make sure that divorce stays illegal in Ireland, with great success. She also campaigned to keep contraception illegal too. That ignorant money grabbing peasant delayed progress for a long time, with solid support from the Roman Catholic Church and the governments of Ireland.

              Today we look back and shake our heads at those days. Do you think that any politician will get elected if they say they want to ban and outlaw divorce and birth control again? No way!

              Once people taste the freedom that comes with human rights, they will not give it up easily again. It has to be taken by force.

              The church on the other hand openly opposes divorce and birth control. Why do you think their seats are more and more empty on Sundays? With mostly old people going, who are afraid of dying?

              I for one really like the Irish people. I know them well. I know their culture and their ways. I have compassion for their struggle and support them all the way on their road to total independence from all kinds of human rights oppression as I have mentioned in the Manifestation for Basic Human Rights as Opposed by Organized Religion.

              Sure there are a lot of Irish jokes out there. The Irish for one does not take offense to it. Half of it has some truth to it. But the Irish has always had a great sense of humor. Especially when facing a crisis and when entangled in tragedy.

              When we look at the developed world, the Irish had a big hand in building it. They left their country desperate for a new start, and a lot of them became very successful.

              They don’t mope around and hate those countries who did them so much harm in the past. They know their history, and they know their culture, even if they live generations and thousands of miles away from their ancestral homeland and people.

              One thing that I admire, is how they have shunned the Roman Catholic Church in the last decade, since their horrible crimes have come to light. The churches in Ireland are facing a crisis. They can’t get people to attend services if they paid them.

              The Irish people are shaking off the shackles of ignorance and superstition that has been ingrained into their culture for centuries, and embracing the enlightened world of knowledge and freedom.

              The Irish is not going to give up fighting for their human rights. They will take more and more power away from the Roman Catholic Church and live better lives because of it.


              • Ag I don’t really dislike the Irish in general either, but they’re so easy to make fun of. What I don’t like is when bloggers reveal other’s identity without their permission.But ok, your blog, your one-way rules.


              • Yes I posted under another pseudonym because I temporarily linked one of your posts to my Facebook account which is in my real name and didn’t want some of my readers to make the association. Sorry. Yes we live in a peeecee world but there are some friends I would rather not upset too much otherwise I won’t have any friends left at all. I don’t think the Catholic church is so terrible at all. I live right next door to one, they are very good neighbours. Such good neighbours that I sometimes go to mass there. I sometimes get involved in their fundraising for the poor and to help maintain their buildings. The problem with taking an anti-religion and anti-church stance is that you are left with the problem of humanity itself. If, as you say, all religion is manmade – which I don’t have an argument with – and religion is inherently evil, then the people who made up religion and still adhere to it must be real bastards, which I do have an argument with. It’s as terribly complicated as that.


                • “I don’t think the Catholic church is so terrible at all. I live right next door to one, they are very good neighbours. Such good neighbours that I sometimes go to mass there “.

                  How do you reconcile your accommodating view of the Catholic Church with their sometimes absurd and unjust activities? How do you defend the RCC’s false claims about condoms and AIDS in Africa, as well as protecting paedophilia among clergy? Or do you just keep quiet among Catholics and silently condone their Church’s crimes?


                  • The Catholic Church does not protect paedophiles. There is a gay contingent in the church that is still giving the current pope hassles as it did the previous pope. Your average Catholic thinks these things are abominable. As a social institution the church does a lot of work for the community. If a natural disaster occurs, for example, they are out there fundraising and helping. These are good things to do and I am happy to be on the receiving end of kindness as I am currently not well at all and need to go in for a fairly serious operation. Try being a rugged individualist who does not believe in help from others when you can’t sleep because of chronic pain. Sure, I can go to an atheist doctor but they’re thin on the ground where I live.


  2. Why anyone would read this crap is beyond me, kruip rond in die donker en maak julself wys.
    As die “lig” in jou die donkerte is – hoe donker is dit dan nie vir jou nie – ‘n ou bronstydperk gesegde


      • Ja Mac, en hy karring steeds voort op sy een-snaar-ramkiekie. Selfs malhuise het perke en onse Johannie stel gewis nuwe standaarde wanneer dit by irrasionele absurditeite kom. As ek gelowig was, sou ek bid vir hom.


    • Better to light a candle than curse the darkness


      Literal meaning.


      Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

      Several people are associated with this proverbial saying, notably John F. Kennedy. It was first spoken in public by Peter Benenson, the English lawyer and founder of Amnesty International, at a Human Rights Day ceremony on 10th December 1961. The candle circled by barbed wire has since become the society’s emblem.

      Darkness has long been a metaphor for ignorance or evil. The Bible contains hundreds of references to darkness, referring either to the period of ignorance before the realization of faith (that is, prior to ‘seeing the light’), death, or to the Devil (The Prince of Darkness); for example, in Romans 13:

      13:11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

      13:12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.

      See also: the List of Proverbs.

      Above copy-and-paste from here:

      My note: Some authorities believe the expression, “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness,” has an older origin and can be traced to the ancient Chinese.


  3. 6 Reasons the Irish Aren’t So Lucky

    Ah “The Luck of the Irish.” Has a crueler phrase ever been coined? The sad truth is, the Irish are about as unlucky as a race can be while, you know, still being white.

    While we may all be a little Irish on Saint Patrick’s day, after this little history lesson you’ll be grateful you no longer have to be Irish once your liver has filtered the green food dye out of your system (and if you actually are Irish, well, we’re sorry).

    #6. The Damned Vikings

    Historically the best protection a civilization can have against invasion is to be located on an island. Just look at Japan. Until being occupied by America following World War II (USA! USA!) it had never been successfully invaded (although you could argue the high density of ninjas in the country had something to do with it).

    At any rate Ireland is an island, they should have had it made, right?

    But what if around the 8th century a civilization living not far from Ireland were to develop a culture based on seafaring warfare, piracy and sporty horned helmets? Oh shit …

    … here come the Vikings.
    The Vikings’ modus operandi was to attack exclusively from the sea, pillage, rape and burn then sail off while trading hearty high fives and congratulatory butt slaps. In other words Ireland being an island nation, something traditionally of great advantage, ended up being a first-night-sober-after-an-alcoholic-binge sized nightmare.

    Today we have a fairly harmless image of Vikings (due to the poor research that goes into Hagar the Horrible) but trust us when we tell you that the real Vikings were grade-A dicks. They were basically the bullies of the middle ages, and like that poor red-headed kid that spent most of middle school stuffed in his locker, the Irish were the Vikings’ favorite targets and spent over 200 years being metaphorically swirlied.

    #5. The Ginger Problem

    Speaking of red hair …

    In the Middle Ages, red hair was thought to mean you were a witch, werewolf or a vampire, so apparently there was a time in history other than our own where the sight of David Caruso would have been considered the ultimate horror. For other stretches in history, red hair was believed to mean one was surely a whore or had a wicked awful temper (later research has shown only around 60% of redheads are angry whores).

    And even if you didn’t fall victim to the superstitious associations with the world’s rarest hair color, you certainly wouldn’t enjoy some of the crappier consequences of having low levels of dark pigmentation. Like burning to a blistered, bubbly crisp when spending 15 minutes in the sun. Or ending a day at the beach with ungodly spots all over your face and ears and back and shoulders.

    And if Al Gore knows what he’s talking about at all, most of the world’s redheads should be constructing a vast underground bunker for themselves as we speak, if they know what’s good for them.

    Of course this would only sort of suck if these creatures, most vulnerable to the rays of our otherwise life-giving sun, weren’t also the most sensitive to pain. Seriously. By the way, which country has the world’s highest concentration of redheads? Oh right, Ireland. We suppose it has a better ring to it than “God hates Irish people” but as far as appropriate national slogans go, “The luck of the Irish” isn’t far behind “The easy and high paying jobs of the Mexicans.”

    #4. The Damned Tudors

    Folks really seem to love the Tudors, the English dynasty that ruled England from 1485 to 1603 and included monarchs like King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. You seemingly can’t swing Anne Boleyn’s decapitated head without hitting a new TV show or movie starring either Henry VIII or Elizabeth, most of which focus on what Henry’s penis happened to be doing while he was king or how Elizabeth made it in a man’s world baby. But what was arguably the Tudor’s favorite pastime is almost always overlooked. What was that you ask? Why brutally suppressing Ireland and trying to wipe out Irish culture of course!

    Yes, once again Lady Luck had pissed in the Irish’s stew. The Tudor line came to power when Henry VII defeated Richard III in the War of the Roses (a war that was a lot longer, more bitter and bloody than it’s fruity name implies) and true to form the Irish had supported the losing side. Whoops.

    From that point on the Tudors saw Ireland as a possible threat and a geographically vulnerable location. So they spent the next 100-years or so violently beating on the Irish like Moe on Curly.

    Elizabeth in particular, contrary to the heroic soft-lit portrayal of her you see in the two “Elizabeth” movies, was one supreme bitch when it came to Irish. While trying to subdue Ireland, Elizabeth ordered the English to use scorched-earth tactics, burning the land and slaughtering man, woman and child. This caused widespead famine and countless thousands died from starvation alone.

    She also set up plantations across Ireland populated with Protestant English settlers, the idea being that these would be the seeds from which English Protestantism would spring forth and overtake traditional Irish Catholic culture. What could go wrong with that?

    The Life and Ridiculous Death of Wolfe Tone

    Wolfe Tone (1763 – 1798), besides being the proud owner of one of the most kick-ass names ever to grace a history book, was an Irish-born lawyer and the father of the Irish Republican independence movement. Some have even called him the Irish George Washington. Of course, since this is the Irish George Washington we’re talking about, he didn’t valiantly lead his forces to victory, founding an independent nation that would go on to become the most powerful in the world. Instead, Wolfe Tone stayed true to his roots and was repeatedly kneed in the testicles by ol’ Lady Luck.

    Irish Washington co-founded the Society of United Irishmen, whose goal was to get the Catholic and Protestant factions of Irish society to unite their powers Marvel Team-up style to defeat their Dr. Doom-esque English overlords. Unfortunately for the fate of a free Ireland, Wolfe decided to ally himself with … the French.

    Thus, they formed a true dream-team combining the rotten luck of the Irish with the military incompetence of the French. When Tone launched an invasion from France to free Ireland from the English, the luck of the Irish kicked in immediately, sending gales and fog to meet the French fleet whose ships of course all promptly sunk or turned sail and ran away.
    Tone and the French made a few more attempts to invade Ireland with a similar lack of success until finally Wolfe Tone was taken prisoner when the English captured his ship. Tone’s captors didn’t even recognize him and he most likely would have gotten away if Lady Luck hadn’t, in a last ditch effort, managed to deliver a flying dropkick to his nuts yet again. By sheer shit luck, while stepping off the prison boat he happened to be witnessed by a lawyer he had faced off against several times back when he was practicing law, who still held a grudge and ratted him out.

    Tone was charged with treason and sentenced to death. All Tone requested was that he be given what he considered a more honorable death — firing squad instead of hanging. The English, presumably just to be pricks, insisted that hanging was the only way to go. So Tone, in a ballsy but perhaps strategically ill-considered move, countered by cutting his own throat. English plans to get the last laugh by dressing Tone’s corpse in women’s clothes and shooting it out of a cannon were fortunately called off when they couldn’t find a gown in his size.

    The Freaking Potato Famine

    Even by their standards the Irish were going through a bit of a rough patch in the mid-1800s. The people were dirt poor and almost all Irish land was owned by Englishmen (most of whom would never even set foot on Ireland lest their boots be sullied by inferior non-English soil). The English made sure the best land was used to graze cattle for British consumption, and only the leftover scraps were left to grow food for the apparently somewhat unimportant purpose of actually feeding the Irish.

    But wait, not all is lost! Enter the potato, that most manly of vegetables. It can be grown nearly anywhere in large quantities, is full of energy and nutrients and is pretty freakin’ tasty baked with a nice cheese sauce, bacon bits and chives. So to sum up, through a unique and twisted set of circumstances the survival of the Irish people was entirely dependent on these edible roots. What could possibly go wrong? What, haven’t you been paying attention so far? This is Ireland we’re talking about here.

    Not only did the potato crop completely fail, but it failed for seven straight years, from 1845 to 1851. Before the famine Ireland had a population of around 8 million. After the famine it was less than 6 million (half of the 2 million died, the other half wisely got the hell out of Ireland). To this day Ireland’s population has still not come close to regaining the number of people they had back in 1847.

    Oh and if there are any Irish people reading this, in the interest of full disclosure we Americans should tell you that the potato blight that killed your crops was most likely sent over the Atlantic on American ships. Sorry. And when you immigrated to the United States in droves to avoid starvation caused by the blight we sent you, you were often discriminated against or beaten. Then we wrote this article making fun of you, so, sorry again.

    The Easter “Rising”

    Americans have nothing to brag about when it comes to the American Revolution. It’s likely we would have lost if France didn’t bankrupt and starve themselves to help us out (in order to spite England. What, you thought French pettiness was something new?) But the Irish, no doubt due to their impetuous and rash nature, didn’t really plan this particular revolution very well.

    The plan was to take over Dublin from Great Britain. It was the week of Easter in 1916 and English were busy with some “World War I” business or something, so perhaps we can only assume the Irish rebels imagined they would be too war-weary to bother with a few freckle-faced malcontents. On paper it sounds like not a bad plan.

    What the Irish hadn’t counted on was that the English are never too war-weary to put them back in their proper place. Stomping down the Irish is as well-loved a British pastime as watercress sandwiches over a ripping game of croquet.

    The rebels didn’t have enough men, a breakdown in law and order led to widespread looting, and, yeah, the British sent in the troops. Lots of troops. Like 16,000 of them to fight off the 1,200 or so Irish renegades.

    The Irish did what they had already done in the Irish Rebellion of 1641, Irish Rebellion of 1798, United Irish Rebellions, The Nine Years War, Desmond Rebellions and a half dozen more we’ve no doubt missed, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The American Revolution might not have been perfect, but at least we only had to do it once.

    So, is it all doom and gloom for the Irish? Actually no, it’s not. The Irish would eventually gain their independence and in the last decade the Irish “Celtic Tiger” economy has been booming, with quality of life in Ireland among the best in the world. So this Saint Patrick’s day raise a pint to Emerald Island and enjoy it while it lasts, because given the Irish people’s unerring ability to get bitch-slapped by fate just as things are looking their brightest, it’s probably only a matter of time before Godzilla rises from the ocean to devour the island whole.


    • Holyshmoly, are you perhaps Nathan Birch or Kristi Harrison? If not, you are a plagiarist. This writing above under your name without giving credit to Birch or Harrison, shows the person you are; a cheat. What else did you lift from other’s writings and posted on McBrolloks?


      • The reason I visit McBrolloks’ blog, and a few others, is to read interesting developments in the world of religion and human rights abuse (McBrolloks), genetics, physics, climate change, and astronomy. The comments posted on blogs could be of interest – bloggers’ arguments and opinions. You don’t have to read their postings but you are also permitted to post and are entitled to your opinion. But one thing you are not entitled to, even if only unethical in doing so, is to commit plagiarism. When a person is a plagiarist, he or she loses all credibility and can never be trusted again.


      • What, anyone who doesn’t write for cracked. com, is a plagiarist? In future I’m sticking to The Spectator; bugger this nonsense.


        • “ What, anyone who doesn’t write for cracked. com, is a plagiarist?“.

          You don’t get it, do you Holyshmoly? It is when you use the work of someone else and palm it off as your own, that you are a plagiarist. Under’s Terms and Conditions and Protection of Content, and specifically under point 9.2 you are explicitly forbidden to use, reproduce or distribute any Content material “without prior written consent from Cracked or other third-party owner of the rights in that Content (if any).”

          I asked before and ask you again: What other of your lengthy writings on McBrolloks did you lift somewhere else and palm off here as your own?


          • For the most part I do quote my sources. Where I don’t, the writing is blatantly not my style. Most hardcore plagiarists paraphrase their victims’ work to cover up their ghastly crimes, but there are limits to how successful this can be. A quick search on google will usually ascertain who wrote what.



    Today’s survey in the Irish Examiner shines a spotlight on the alarming lack of public awareness of a woman’s right not to have sex. That 41% believe that a woman is partially or totally responsible for being raped if she is drunk or takes illegal drugs, that 37% believe she bears some responsibility if she flirts extensively with a man, and 26% if she wears sexy/revealing clothing, is a wake-up call to Irish society and the Irish Government.

    Rape is a serious violation of a woman’s human rights. Government has a duty under international human rights law to take sufficient preventive measures, and to ensure effective investigation, prosecution and punishment in every case. Successive governments have failed to live up to this duty.

    In a 2003 study by Rape Crisis Network Europe, Ireland had the lowest rate of conviction for rape (1%) among 21 European states. The UN Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women has expressed concern about the prevalence of violence against women and girls in Ireland, low prosecution and conviction rates, and inadequate funding for organisations that provide support services to victims.

    It is clear from this survey that public attitudes to victims of rape are a significant part of the problem, and something the UN too said needed to be addressed. Rape, as with other forms of “gender-based violence” against women, is directed at a woman because she is a woman. The underlying cause, according to the UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, is the historical and ongoing discrimination against women by men. Also, these attitudes necessarily dictate how victims are treated subsequently.

    The “blame culture” revealed in thus survey also leads in part to low reporting by victims – just over 14% of those who used Rape Crisis Centre services in 2006 reported their experience to the Gardaí – and high withdrawal of complaints. While there are many reasons – long delays in cases coming to court, lack of support services, other rape victims’ experiences in the criminal process, perception of lenient sentences – fear of blame and stigma is amongst them.

    The “blame culture” may also affect the very criminal trial. In its Agenda for Justice report, Rape Crisis Network Ireland points out the dangers of the subjective test applied to a defendant’s being “reckless” as to consent as provided in the Criminal Law (Rape) Act 1981. A defendant can assert an “honest but mistaken belief” that the victim consented, which is decided by the jury on the basis of whether the defendant believed the complainant has consented, no matter how unreasonable that belief.

    Where such a defence is raised, the defendant is more likely to be granted leave to produce evidence of, and cross-examine the complainant on, the complainant’s sexual history. (The Examiner survey found that 29% of the public believe the woman partially or totally responsible if she has had many different sexual partners.)

    It would be naïve to think that the tendency to disbelieve women who allege rape or to attribute the blame to the victims does not influence decisions. It is not just males who hold these beliefs, as no differences in gender were evident in the poll results. Women’s Aid’s Teenage Tolerance research revealed disturbing confusion amongst young people about the meaning of rape and consent -19% of young women and 34% of young men did not think being forced to have sex is rape – raising serious concerns for their ability to identify their own experience, or that of their peers, as a crime.


  5. The fact that I had a lousy five year marriage to a lout who happened to be Irish – from which I walked away mercifully childfree – is of no consequence to the arguments expressed on this blog.

    However, militant atheism is a form of totalitarianism that the natural human being cannot put up with for long, in the same way that communism and its lite version, socialism, have failed. Here’s a snippet about Roger Scruton who knows something about not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. More about him to follow, in time. It’s quite a lot to take in.

    ‘Scruton contends, following Immanuel Kant, that human beings have a transcendental dimension, a sacred core exhibited in their capacity for self-reflection.[27] He argues that we are in an era of secularization without precedent in the history of the world. He writes that writers and artists such as Rilke, T.S. Eliot, Edward Hopper, and Schoenberg “devoted much energy to recuperating the experience of the sacred—but as a private rather than a public form of consciousness.” Scruton argues that because these thinkers directed their art at the few, it has never appealed to the many. He defines totalitarianism as the absence of any constraint on central authority, with every aspect of life the concern of government. Advocates of totalitarianism feed on resentment, Scruton argues, and having seized power they proceed to abolish institutions—such as the law, property, and religion—that create authorities. Scruton writes, “To the resentful it is these institutions that are the cause of inequality, and therefore the cause of their humiliations and failures.” He argues that revolutions are not conducted from below by the people, but from above, in the name of the people, by an aspiring elite.[28]
    Scruton suggests that the importance of Newspeak in totalitarian societies is that the power of language to describe reality is replaced by language whose purpose is to avoid encounters with realities. He agrees with Alain Besançon that the totalitarian society envisaged by George Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four can be only understood in theological terms, as a society founded on a transcendental negation. In accordance with T.S. Eliot, Scruton believes that true originality is only possible within a tradition, and that it is precisely in modern conditions—conditions of fragmentation, heresy, and unbelief—that the conservative project acquires its sense.[29]’


  6. A concept I struggle with is the term “militant atheist”. At what point does a “normal” atheist become militant? It seems to me that the militant-atheist description is almost always used when the opposing party’s argument is weak, forcing the latter to revert to name-tagging. Almost like the current ruling party (in RSA) falling back on the race-card when pushed in a corner….


    • I agree Malherbe. The term “militant atheist” doesn’t make sense. Look at religious fundamentalist. When they become militant, they try to kill as many men women and children as they can in the most horrible ways. When Atheists question bullshit bronze age mythology, they are called “militant”.

      That is a complete cop-out. Quite pathetic too if you ask me. They run out of ground to stand on when you bring reason into the argument, and revert to calling us “militant” for pointing out how ridiculous their statements and believes are.

      What really gets their blood boiling, is when you start to tell them how their religion and their churches piss on human rights. There are one thing you can’t argue with, and those are human rights abuses all over the world. You just have to read a news paper to see how far and wide it goes on.

      Good people wrestle more and more power away from religious organizations across the world every year, to obtain their human rights and freedom.

      We see that in the developed world happening at one hell of a pace at the moment, compared to progress in the last 2000 years.

      The religious organizations use their power, influence, money and scare tactics to fight of these advances on their power over people. Every time there is an election, and questions regarding changing old laws to bring human rights more into the light as a right and not a privilege come onto the ballots or new politicians are running for office with promises to stop these crimes, the religious organizations will stand together to fight this off. They spend millions on propaganda campaigns. They use lobbyists with suitcases full of cash to buy politicians and to get politicians elected that will help them keep their power.

      There are many examples of that on this blog. I post articles from all over the world here where the religious organizations pull out all the stops to deny people their human rights in the name of their bronze age gods.

      If you are going to call someone who fights for human rights against religious organizations that are the root of all this evil to begin with militant, then go ahead. But remember, your choice of words are pathetically incorrect. Just look at what your churches and religions have done to the human race over the last couple of thousand years. If you can do that, you will see what the term militant really means. They fucking coined it!


        • It all goes hand in hand with the religious’ inherent dishonesty. They are incapable of using reason and critical thinking, so they have to resort to desperate measures like lies and deception. Only problem is, that doesn’t work with atheists. But it does prove the point that they don’t have a leg to stand on when they try to defend their batshit crazy religious ideologies.

          Like Johann, whose whole foundation is built on one word: “Geloofsprong”.

          And look at the effects this has had over the decades on his capabilities to use reason and critical thinking. It rotted his brain so much he has no idea anymore what is real and what is not.

          People like him walk around thinking the devil is around the corner and will try and get him in some way or another if he doesn’t praise his ghosts and talk to them and tell them how great they are.


        • Jou Engels is kak: “an atheist that … are … willing to … maime” Jislaak guys, agree to disagree. I am not going to hunt down or kill anyone for their beliefs. I disagree with you on some point or other and you immediately threaten me with exposure of my real identity. Grow a pair, both of you. Bullying is bullying, whether it’s religious bullying or cyberbullying.


          • Ag Smoly,

            Nobody even knows your identity, and nobody said they would reveal it.

            You were the one who wrote under another name. You wrote some very hateful stuff about the Irish, for whatever reason, I wouldn’t know.

            When I noticed it, I revealed that you did that. Talk about growing a pair! You are a fraud, a plagiarist, and an accommodationist.

            Failing to understand the basic concept of human rights oppressed by organized religion and how hard we have to fight to obtain those rights, says quite a lot about someone.

            I live on the same block as a Roman Catholic Church myself. The rectory is infamous for priests who lived there during the 80’s and 90’s and were serial rapists. Meanwhile their colleagues knew about this because they didn’t even hide it, as witness testimony revealed later, and said nothing and did nothing. To me that is the worst kind of neighbor anyone can have.

            I always find it surprising when women have good things to say about religion. They are and has always been the worst off because of religion. But don’t worry, you can turn a blind eye. We will keep fighting them and point out to the world how wrong they are.

            I have no problem with people who go to church. It is not the people I have a problem with. It is the organization they belong to who interferes with people’s human rights and freedoms, even that of the people who does not remotely believe in the bullshit they believe in. That is what it is all about.

            And of course, here you are now, playing the victim. The martyr. The one who has been wronged.

            Let me post here where it all started. Right from your keyboard under a different name:

            “stupid is as stupid does
            The Irish are congenitally stupid, that is why they put up with this crap. You must remember they are descended from Basques. The Spanish put the Basques in dinghies and steered them in the direction of the UK when they temporarily ran out of concrete shoes. The Anglo Saxons wouldn’t let them on shore so they were escorted to Ireland where everyone thought they wouldn’t bother anyone else. They breed like rabbits and are just as verminous.”


          • Holyshmoly, it is nice to dish it out but when you are confronted you whine and whimper. Just like the religiose. For centuries they killed heretics who dared challenge their gods and dogmas. Since human rights and more just judicial systems got into place, people openly criticise the godbots. And what happens? All of a sudden the atheists are militant. Now thàt is fresh coming from institutions who were used to kill people who differ from their delusional worldviews.

            “Religion is a virus of the mind.” (Dawkins) And it is well demonstrated in your case. You said the “Catholic Church does not protect paedophiles”. Joseph Ratzinger (who became Pope), when he was still Cardinal, was responsible for the protection of the paedophile clergy from public prosecution. He moved them to other parishes as well as to the Vatican where nobody could get hold of them. You surely know this, but the religion virus has blocked those facts from your mind and erased them from your memory.


            • Well the Irish sent their daughters to the Magdalene laundries knowing very well what went on there. It was a joke in Ireland, if a daughter misbehaved, she was threatened with being sent to the laundries. What kind of cruelty is that. Pierce Brosnan is Irish with the typical Irish scenario of his mother and himself being abandoned by his father when he was a baby. Similar thing happened to my ex husband, so he grew up thinking it was ok to be nasty to women but I got out of that one. Maybe I should rather have met up with Pierce Brosnan, he turned out to be less of a bastard. .Ratzinger resigned because of the gay lobby in the Catholic church, The current Pope Francis does not seem have gotten to grips with the problem. Most priests behave themselves. I’ll make sure the ones next door keep their privates to themselves. No flashing of that stuff around here. like my other neighbour the Jesus freak standing on a stepladder to check me out in my back garden. I think I told you about that.


              • The Magdalene laundries was one of the cruel institutions in Ireland. Slavery and torment for the unlucky ones who went there. Those poor women also lost their children forever in most cases.

                But who ran that? The Irish people. Bullshit! It was your beloved Roman Catholic Church.


              • You are delusional if you believe the child rape that has been going on inside the Roman Catholic Church is all because of a “gay lobby” in their ranks.

                But that would not surprise me coming from you. An accommodasionist.

                You say most priests behave themselves. They also kept their mouth shut for as long as they have been in the church while they all damn well knew what some in their ranks were doing to little children.


          • I’ll take that one on the chin Holy – my spelling above was indeed “kak”.

            As a matter of interest Holy, how do you feel about the black people of this country? I recall previous discussions between yourself and Adriaan along the same lines as your comments on the Irish. Seems to me you have a racist side. Pity.


            • See my comment on some nigger in Tennessee who wants to call her bastard “Messiah”. Imagine. Next they’ll be calling their brats Your Highness or Queen Latifah. Muslims calling their children Mohamed are no better. Put a scimitar to that lot’s necks.


            • And, moreover, I am not the kind of white that goes all “Ag shame” about blacks and pays them R70 a day to clean my house. You still get people like that, they shove the bible down the throats of their abused servants and then they freak out when their jewellery is stolen, or worse. If I have anyone in my house to do any work I can’t or don’t want to do, dan kak ek en betaal ek. R200 per day to clean the house plus bus fare. No bible or other stories about thanking Jesus for the privilege of cleaning my toilet.


  7. Malherbe, jy’s lyk my een van daai ouens wat vir homself vertel dat alles in hierdie wereld allright is. My maat haat is ‘n evolusionere aanpassing. Dit help nie jy sit daar en vertel vir ons dat ons nie rassisties mag wees nie. Dink jy swartmense is nie rassisties nie? Dis in die mens my maat! As witmense nie na witmense kyk nie is witmense in hulle moer! Wat ook al rassisties mag wees. As jy wit is is jy ook rassisties! Dis net ‘n woord, nie ‘n daad nie. In elk geval ‘n woord tot daar aksie plaasgevind het. Soos in die geval van plaasmoorde. Daai ouens is gruwelikke rassiste! Om ‘n ou tannie van 80 te vat en ‘n bottel in haar anus op te druk en haar te disembowel is glad nie ‘n mooi ding om te doen met een van jou landsgenote nie. Om ‘n klein babatjie te vat en te verkrag, dan toe te draai in koerantpapier en aan die brand te steek is beyond barbaars. Dis nie hoe ‘n mens nasie bou nie. Ek wil in elk geval nie met ‘n swart barbaar nasie bou nie. Gaan kyk gerus by plaasmoorde se images en sien wat ek bedoel. Ek het nog vergeet van die ou tannie wat se oe uigepoke is en dan is daar nog die ou oom wat se kop afgeskiet is met ‘n haelgeweer. Daar is veel meer waarin jy jou kan gaan verlustig Malherbe. Gaan kyk maar net.


    • What I find a lot more objectionable than racism is creeping socialism, the notion that just because something or someone exists, it has value, that it is somehow worthy of attention. “I exist, gimme your money!” says the car guard. “I exist, eat the shit that I am!” says the packet of processed crackers or communion wafer. Most things around you are shit because, guess what, most people are processed, brainwashed shit. Do you think there are too many people on this earth? Damn right there are, that is the whole problem. And we want to make nice with each other, we want to be peecee, even on the internet? Stop kidding yourself, it’s all about the struggle for power and personal space.


      • So the the Roman Catholic Church should start paying taxes everywhere in the world and stop receiving a free ride.

        Should they also stop all their charitable work?

        Do you want to go back to the stone age, where the guy with the biggest stick calls all the shots?


    • Adriaan, jy kan my niks van barbaarsheid vertel nie. Ek het op stuk van sake in die tagtigerjare 2 jaar diensplig gedoen. Ek het dinge nie ervaar deur te staar na prentjies op websites nie – ek het dit eerstehands ervaar. Ek was deel van die staatsapparatus wat opdragte moes uitvoer vir volk en vaderland….en natuurlik vir die gode. Jy leef in ‘n droomwereld indien jy dink ons wittes is nie tot dieselfde dade instaat as die wat jy hierbo beskryf nie. Verkragtings, moord, martelings? – dit was deel van die spyskaart onder apartheid. Al ooit gaan oplees oor Vlakplaas en Eugene de Kock?

      Rassisme is verkeerd en bring ons nerens. Mense soos jy en Holy is deel van die rede waarom rassisme ‘n realiteit bly – al ooit gehoor van ‘n “self fulfilling prophecy”? Julle is outjies glo ons kan nie as een nasie saamleef nie en juis daarom verlaag julle die kanse dat ons wel kan saamleef. Julle hou aan om die rassisme-dier te voer en hou hom lewendig. Wanneer jul sien hy is aan die vrek, doen julle bietjie rassisme-cpr.

      Kyk bietjie na die voorbeeld van kinders wat nie deur vooroordeel besmet is nie. Hulle het geen idee van ras nie en sal bloot noem dat Shabangu ‘n swart vel het op dieselfde manier as wat hul sal noem dat Pietie blonde hare het. Kinders word nie rassisties gebore nie – hul word rassiste gemaak deur my en jou. (Ditto geloof.)

      Moord, verkragting, geweld is aaklig, maar die ras van die persoon wat dit pleeg is irrelevant.


      • From a single celled organism the evolutionary path led to an incredibly diverse tree of living organisms and creatures, and Homo sapiens occupies just one twig on it. Our nearest cousin is the chimpanzee, and then the bonobo, and then … and then … and then … and then a single celled organism. Homo sapiens walked out of Africa only a minuet fraction of the time it took to get there, and that is the reason humankind’s genes today are virtually identical between all races. The races differ in cultures to a greater or lesser extent, but basically carry cultural genes that were developed over many millions of years. One culture we all carry just under an apparent veneer of civility is the culture of violence and anarchy. Look what happened in Montreal when the police went on strike and a seemingly civilised society went on the rampage. Look how a nation that produced a Beethoven and Brahms could also produce a Hitler AND follow him. To say black Africans are savages implies ignorance and bigotry.

        Malherbe, you will never change the racist and bigot – it is in his or her genes AND they think they are right.


  8. Malherbe jy praat kak! Dis bliksems soos jy wat veroorsaak dat ons wereld lyk soos hy lyk. Jy’s ‘n gatkruiper! Is jy so wonderlik dat jy niks haat in jou het nie? Ek begin te dink jy is net soos Hettie Brittz. Jy’s ‘n ou slapgat. Jy buig jou kniee voor ” Liberaliteit ” soos Hettie hulle kniee voor hulle god buig. Jy’s gebreinsdpoel my maat! Ouens wat hierdie kak wat opgedis is glo nl. Dat ons almal net mense is en dat ons almal kan saamleef. Jy’s ‘n idiot! Die mens is ‘n predator. Dit is in sy gene om oorlog lustig te wees. As witmense net so sleg is soos swartmense, wat is die kans dat as jy twee sulke geweldadige groepe het hulle saam gaan leef in harmonie? Keep on dreaming soldaatjie. Ek kan sien dis nie net Johannie wat kom kak soek nie, maar jy ook. Ek wil nie saamleef met ‘n klomp houtkoppe nie. As jy wil, goed vir jou! Gaan woon in Malawi! Daar’s baie maatjies vir jou! Ek dink jy’s bitter oor die army oordat jy gesuig het met push – ups en chin – ups. Kom ereken dit ou maat,jy het haat vir ‘n sekere groep Afrikaners. Hulle is nou irrelevant. Jy’s nou in die nuwe Suid – Afrika ou maat. Nuwe probleme! Jy het ook haat in jou, jy haat jou eie mense. Dis nog erger as om ‘n ander ras te haat. Dan sien ek ook dat jy self erken dat jy, net soos ek verantwoordelik is vir kinders wat rassisties is. Ek het alhoewel nie kinders nie. Ek dink ek is Liberaal. Ek dink buite die boks. Ek bevraagteken al die bullshit wat aangaan.


    • Adriaan, ek is ongelukkig nie gekwalifiseer om jou van raad te bedien nie. Jy benodig duidelik professionele hulp. Kry dit so gou moontlik voordat jy jouself of iemand anders skade aandoen. Sterkte.


  9. You can’t even take the piss out of someone on this blog and the liberals are all: “You’re racist!” Fact is that our municipalities have fallen apart because of uncontrolled affirmative action, putting people in jobs they’re totally incapable of because the Afrikaners who had those jobs before – and could actually do them – were kicked out. English speakers can laugh at Afrikaners, call them clutchplates, whatever, but at least they got things done in local government. This cannot be said for blacks. You get few blacks who can function at a higher level because their average IQ is around 73. That is seriously retarded, and all your political correctness is not going to change that. Look at the stupid degrees blacks register for at unversities. Liberal arts and law, baby soft toilet paper degrees in “education”. And they fail those as well. Afrikaners are much, much brighter, look at any well run high school and those kids shine.


    • Holy, I have a lot of respect for what the Afrikaner has achieved and very proud to be one. (Many examples, e.g. Defence force that operated efficiently with boys that were forced to join and were paid nothing; vs today where we have a paid force that is absolutely useless.) However, that does not imply that I am blind for the mistakes and injustices comitted by the Afrikanerdom in the past. We can only grow stronger by acknowledging our mistakes and making a conscious effort at not repeating them. My philosophy is simply to focus on the things I can do to make this country a better place. I believe the starting point is to learn from the past. The world owes us nothing and the sooner guys like Adriaan realises this, the sooner he will achieve positive results.


  10. The vilification of Afrikaners is very much like the blaming of the Germans for WW11 but the Germans were at least allowed to build their country back. A lot of what passes for atheism is nothing but fundamental liberalism that encourages the unable and unwilling to propagate unchecked at the expense of the able and willing. I come from a bloodline which is close to that of the Afrikaner. Blood is thicker than water. I have no issue or fight with other races or nationalities but it is natural for me to prefer my own. To pretend otherwise is hypocritical.


  11. But Holy, you must admit that you were wrong. Then the whole world will be a better place – That according to Malherbe. All the problems will just disappear. What a absolute primitive way of thinking. Hoekom moet ons erken ons was verkeerd Mallies? Gaan dit ‘n einde aan al die kak in ons land veroorsaak? Nee wat my maat. Jy leef in ‘n droomwereld! Jy praat van my wat dink die wereld skuld my iets, wat van die swartes? In apartheid Suid – Afrika het hulle aparte strande vir swart en witmense gegee. Met ander woorde beide swart en wit het apart gelewe. Waarom het die witmense nie gemoan nie? Die swartes wil kom indonner waar hulle nie welkom is nie. Wie het vir witmense shopping mauls en geriewe gebou? Was dit dalk bloumense? Nee my maat, witmense het vir witmense geriewe gebou. En moet asseblief nie vir my se dat swartmense ons slawe was nie. As hulle dit dan gebou het, hoekom doen hulle dit dan nie self nie? Hulle kan fokkol doen! Afrika het nie eers ‘n bronstydperk gehad nie. As dit nie vir die Arabiere was nie het hulle nog steeds in die steentydperk geleef. Ons witmense skuld hulle niks nie. Gestel dat dit sou gebeur dat Suid – Afrika weer aan die witmense behoort, moet die swartmense dan weer vir ons jammer se vir die gruweldade wat hulle gepleeg het? Nee my maat dis nou al 19 jaar in die nuwe Suid – Afrika, ons het genoeg geapologise. Ek gaan wragtig nie elke dag na elke swarte wat ek sien toe stap en jammer se nie. Magtig! Doen jy dit dalk Malherbe? Daar’s 40 miljoen van hulle. Good luck! Ek hoop hulle kom val jou familie aan en dan kan jy vir hulle se dat jy jammer is oor die verlede, kyk of hulle ‘n damn omgee. Nee wat my maat jy ken duidelik dan nie psigopate nie. Dit was payback time van dag een af. Van 1994 af.


  12. Adriaan moet in godsnaam nie enige skade aan Malherbe toewens nie al raak jy al hoe kwaad vir die ou. Met so ‘n van is hy seker maar ‘n Huguenot afstammeling soos Rian Malan. Maar Rian Malan het ook agtergekom die ANC stories is ‘n klomp kak.


  13. Adriaan, jy moet eerlikwaar iemand gaan sien. Sowat van “ranting an raving” het ek lanklaas teegekom. Raak rustig, vee die skuim van jou wange af, drink ‘n chillpil of iets dergeliks en leea dan wat jy hierbo skryf.

    Kry professionel hulp. En terloops, ek is nie jou maat nie.


    • Stem saam met Malherbe. I would point out to Adriaan that the photos on those websites of “‘farm murders” are at least partially fake. I will not go into great lengths here, but I caught out someone who was doing this. He had take photos from an American website that specialises in shlok horror. It is the same kind of fear spreading as the bored auntie who tells her friend she can see whether she’s really at home or not with Google Earth. While there is black on white violence in this country, I am more afraid of the white guy who goes on a random shooting spree of blacks or who kills his family because he thinks he has the right to do so.


    • Ek wil nie jou vriend wees nie, jy’s ‘n fokken drol! Lekker skuitbang toe ek mention dat sekere mense dalk ‘n draatjie by jou huis gaan kom maak. Jy weet hulle hou nogal daarvan om mense se voete met struikysters te brand. Tssssss!


  14. Ek soek ook nie skoor met McBrolloks of Malherbe nie. Being a woman I am sometimes guilty of irrational thinking, especially when I am stressed out with flu – I believe this is the worst in ten years? Rest assured that if I catch anyone, Catholic or not, molesting children or violating women’s rights, or anyone else’s right to live and let live, I will be on to the authorities like a shot. Don’t know if it will always work with the police, but I am affiliated to community forums who can and will take care of nonsense. Geniet julle naweek.


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