Rabbi – Why sucking a baby’s penis in circumcision is good!?!



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  1. A good and extremely sharp friend of mine was challenged on his non-belief the other day by a godiot woman who is known in my circle of friends for her fundamentalist “believe-like-child” attitude. His answer to her was short but o so sweet:”Sorry, I refuse engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person”.

    Apparantly this is a well-known one-liner, but first time I heard it and I thought quite applicable to godiots.


  2. I’m surprised she didn’t reply, “I’m armed with Jesus Christ!” Met die bybel in die een hand en die sanna in die ander.


    • Dis lamtyd en dit kan nogal hektiek raak, 16 uur dag elke dag! Na 3 en half maande is die einde uieindelik in sig. hopenlik sal ek nou tyd hê om met julle ouens te gesels en al in die ontlasting rondkrap.

      Ek moet saam met jou stem oor die situasie in S.A (Mzanzi?), dit gaan oor mag en nou dat die mag in die “africans” se hande is, gaan ons net uitgesluit word tot ons waai, teenoor die res van Afrika lyk S.A na ‘n 1ste wêreld, – kan dit wees omdat die magsoorname laaste gebeur het, in die ander lande lyk dit 3 de wêrelds, soos Nigerieë wat al 100 jaar “onafhanklik” is en die 2de rykste land in subsahara afrika is lyk dit meer na ‘n plakkerskamp.

      En dan praat ons nie van die oorhoofse “geloof” van afrika nie, wat ou Mallies sal laat lieries raak, wat weer net aan my bewys dat die grondboontjie gallery “REAKSIONISTE” is, hulle “staan” nie vir “iets” nie maar “teen” iets en moenie my vertel hulle “glo” aan die wetenskap nie, dit word net gebruik om die ander af te breek.


      • Yes, it’s been a long winter, no more need to bring in coals from the courtyard to feed the anthracite heater for the time being. You get strong muscles in your upper arms from carrying coal every day for three months.

        I had a very recent experience that reminded me that crime is not just carried out by our darker skinned brothers and sisters. The son of the builder I normally employ for maintenance work took it upon himself to hire a white ex convict from the street and without my knowledge of this guy’s criminal record. This ex con has previously done five years for burglary. So this guy is on my property, and another of the workers, a black guy, also dishonest, was working with him. I had jewellery locked in one cupboard with the key to that cupboard in another cupboard, but these are professionals working together, they know where to look for keys. They were supposed to work only on the outside of the house, painting the roof, fascias, downpipes, window frames and palisade fence. They were watching my every movement; as soon as I was in the garden, one of them was inside the house. There were three workers in all, one was an older induna who had worked for the young maintenance guy’s father for twenty years and who was not directly involved and who saw what was going on, but only spoke at the police station once I noticed my cellphone and jewellery was gone last Friday after they had gone. Not just the cellphone in my handbag, but an old contract cellphone I’d put in the back of a bedroom cupboard. So please note that blacks don’t squeal on each other, even if they are not thieves themselves.

        This is Africa. Watch out for scaly white okes scrounging for jobs, they are generally the most corrupt. Mandrax abuse is pandemic in South Africa, we are the biggest users in the world. In KZN it’s smoked with dagga. There is a Nigerian fence and drug dealer in this town – as there is in every town in the country – who receives stolen goods and sells Mandrax and dagga. The cops have arrested the white guy who’s now in chookie. The Nigerian says he’s sold the jewellery on and doesn’t know where it is. The cops are threatening to put his arse in jail as well, but it’s a week later, and no sign of my jewellery.

        I don’t think there’s any point in owning jewellery in a country like South Africa. It’s not that I had a lot of it either, I had the kind of modest collection the average white woman acquires over several years. I consider myself lucky I didn’t walk into these guys stealing from my cupboard as they could have pulled a knife on me.

        So the point of this story is to take nothing on face value or to trust others – especially young, inexperienced whites – too quickly. This young white builder had the temerity to crap out the police for being slow.I reminded him that the police are not on this earth to protect his arse from all the crap he exposes himself to. The police are not nearly as bad as they are made out to be, not in this part of the world. I had a sergeant out the next day taking a statement, two detectives and a fingerprint expert, a detective locked up the white guy, the black accomplice has been warned not to “baleka” (run away) and the fence has been fingered. Only reason the cops were not over on the Friday when I made the discoveries was that it was late at night and just wanted to go and sleep and handle the whole catastrophe the next day.

        Oh well, at least I don’t have the fiddle with the coal heater for a while. Nice weather we’re having here.


        • Talking about scaly whites, Angus Buchan has pulled another underhanded propaganda trick on the unsuspecting paying public, together with Intercape bus services.

          Journalist Bheki Mashile, who writes from Unmjindi in Barberton for Noseweek, describes in the latest issue of Noseweek how he was forced to endure non-stop gospel videos and music force on a two day bus journey from Barberton to Cape Town. (It’s in the September issue, page 35.) Mashile was on his way from his home town in Barberton to attend Noseweek’s 20th anniversary in Cape Town. He decided to go there on what he thought would be a relaxing two day bus tour. He says, “Nothing was said when I booked the tickets by phone; I saw no sign at their Nelspruit depot, no sign at their Jozi’s Park Station depot and likewise nothing at the Cape Town Station coach terminus. What the missing signs should have pointed out is something like:’you will have to endure 18-or-so hours of hallelujah-Jesus-themed videos and, as a bonus, the intermissions will be filled with videos of the Sunday pastor farmer with the cowboy hat.'”

          Mashile took another look inside the folder/envelope in which the ticket came. At the very end of 2,000 words in very small type, the Jesus bombardment was described under the heading “Entertainment”: “We have introduced family friendly material promoting the Gospel on all routes.”

          Mashile was fortunately able to take the Greyhound bus home.


          • Intercape compete with Yoko Ono in bad taste
            “Firstly above all, we want to acknowledge our Father in Heaven who created all things. We honour You as the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings”

            Those were the words of welcome that the Intercape Sleepliner hostess spoke at the start of my recent trip from Johannesburg to PE on board one of the buses of Southern Africa’s largest, privately-owned intercity transport service.

            “Yes!” I exclaimed inwardly, as she continued with a prayer for protection and blessing for every passenger on the journey, concluding with the words: “We pray for safety on the roads and we ask this in the name of Jesus Christ so that You will be glorified. Amen.”

            But while I appreciated the company’s unashamed acknowledgement of our Lord, Jesus, and a Christian movie that was screened during the trip, a quick search on Google shows that some passengers take offence to what they describe as “trapping” and “brainwashing” passengers.

            Intercape Pastor and Employee Wellbeing Officer, Hanli Marais said: ” Our ethos is displayed prominently on our website and we also make it clear on our tickets sold to the public that Christian content will be screened on the bus.”

            She acknowledged that the company does face a significant amount of flak from the media as a result of its bold Christian stance and “Intertainment” programme featuring Christian movies.

            Not fazed by opposition
            “But we are not fazed. We receive many compliments and positive testimonies as well,” she said. She emailed me a copy of one of the testimonies, by a young former New Age woman who testified that the prayers and movies on an Intercape bus in 2008, which she had hated at the time, had played a key role in leading her into a life-changing relationship with Christ. The young woman, who said she sometimes used to carry 650 occult crystals around with her, said: “Jesus came and fetched my heart out of the Intercape bus, even though I had turned my back on Him and rejected Him. He came and fetched me in order to love me. He cleansed me of everything that was ugly and dirty. All of my past sins were wiped out!”

            Marais, a pastor and industrial psychologist, said that Intercape sole-owner Johann Ferreira is committed to a vision of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Southern Africa through the medium of a well-run and profitable bus service.

            Indeed the company invests in safety and service, with its own training academy in Cape Town and the inter-city transport industry’s largest network of service depots and offices in South Africa. Last month Intercape became the first in the industry in South Africa to introduce G7 luxury double-decker coaches which include unique safety and comfort features. Intercape was also the first inter-city transporter to establish routes in other Southern African countries and now operates in seven countries in the region: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi.

            Unique ministry vision
            However, it is the unfolding ministry vision of the company that is most unique. It is a vision that began when Ferreira purchased all of the shares of the company in 2008 and was led to start a weekly church service at the company’s Cape Town head office, as well as a charity outreach to poor children in neighbouring Guguletu. Those beginnings have developed into the I-Foundation, an initiative which overarches the company’s internal and community transformational goals.

            Marais explained that the foundation comprises three arms, I-Care, which currently includes six child and youth-oriented feeding and upliftment outreaches in Cape Town and one in Widhoek; I-Equip, which impacts marginalised people through skills training and job placement; and Intercede, an internal initiative which facilitates prayer and spiritual development in small “forum groups”. Building on the company’s commitment to the Unashamedly Ethical movement, I-Equip is currently driving a programme called Character Transformation in the Workplace, which is aimed at building a commitment to ethical conduct and service excellence in every Intercape employee throughout Southern Africa.

            Next year, in response to prophetic words about ministering in Africa, the company will be moving its head office from Cape Town, which has been the headquarters since 1979, to Pretoria. From the new base the company will undertake a big thrust to take the I-Foundation with its practical demonstration of the gospel into Africa.



            • Fundamentalist Christianity is big, big business all over the place. I have a neighbour two houses up the road next to the godbot next door to me. She runs a Christian B&B. She doesn’t normally bother me, but when I was having the house painted she and the other nosy godbot parked right outside my house in the middle of the street watching paint dry for all of ten minutes until I came outside to offer them popcorn.


          • More about Intercape capers

            Intercape bus service traps clients with religious cult on-board films
            prometheanpromethean August 2010
            On the 12th of July 2010 I was booked on an Intercape bus from Cape Town to Johannesburg in South Africa. Ref no: B2Q30HV5

            When the on board film started it became very clear that the message emanating from the film was one of fundamentalist Christianity; to the point where the message declared that you would go to hell and burn if you did not yield to the Christian doctrine The message took on the fundamentalist hysteria when members in the films audience were displaying a typical-cult psychosis, precipitated by uncontrollable weeping that stems from severe, unhealthy indoctrination.

            I called one of the Intercape assistants and objected to the film because I am an atheist and there were Muslims on board. She laughed and said they would not! I was utterly shocked at her response. I then approached the bus driver and to my horror his reaction was the same, declaring to his staff (who were standing around him), with laughter and a mocking tone, “He wants me to change it?” and continuing to laugh. I told them that I would pursue my complaint beyond the scope of Intercape.

            The tape went on for about 3 hours.

            The following morning at 08h00 the tape was replayed. When I again lodged a complaint, the assistant again let out a laugh and said that it was company policy to play only this tape. I told her I viewed their forced indoctrination as a form of kidnapping because we have no recourse: we can’t climb off the bus; we can’t object; they have broken a law by not allowing freedom of religion, but instead have trapped their clients through deceit. Nowhere on their web page does it say that the company only plays fundamentalist christian films, giving the individual a choice to use the carrier or not. She simply smiled at me and walked away, chuckling under her breath.

            I have also lodged a complaint with consumer watch, the press, both local and international and sent a private email to Professor Pierre de Vos, Constitutional Law consultant, to ascertain the course of Legal Action that I should take against Intercape and their employees.



            • The kind of people that fundie bus operators really are

              Greyhound and Intercape’s ‘backward protectionism’ blasted

              THE Affirmative Action Group (AAG) has thrown its weight behind black-owned super luxury coach operator Tanaka which has failed to get a permit to ply the Johannesburg-Harare route from South Africa’s Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (CBRTA) after Intercape and Unitrans operating as Greyhound objected to its entry.

              Last week, this site carried a story in which white-owned South African Intercape and Greyhound have mounted a fierce legal battle to ban super luxury coach operator Tanaka, which is owned by Zimbabweans, from entering the Zimbabwe market by objecting to competition through the South Africa CBRTA.

              AAG president Mr Supa Mandiwanzira told The Sunday Mail Business that the move by Intercape and Unitrans operating as Greyhound is “backward protectionism at a time when there is regional integration”.

              Regional integration is viewed by experts as an intermediate step towards the integration of developing countries into the world economy.

              Economic experts cite that regional integration allows disadvantaged countries to realise economies of scale, compete on a broader (often global) platform and increase overall economic efficiency.

              “The move is in contradiction to the whole movement towards regional integration. It is rather unfortunate to have conglomerates like Unitrans and Intercape behaving in such a manner.

              “Black-owned South African bus operators must also step in and condemn these two companies. This is a clear case of backward protectionism. If it was protectionism associated with employment creation by Intercape and Greyhound it would make sense, not people who want to profit from Zimbabwean human traffic,” he said.

              Last week, this site got correspondence between a disgruntled Zimbabwean passenger who boarded a Greyhound coach to Johannesburg and Unitrans customer care manager Mr Juan-Pierre du Buisson which reads: “We regret that you received service which prompted you to contact us at Customer Care. In terms of the current pricing structure, services operated to Zimbabwe are budget services. These services are, therefore, not manned by cabin attendants. Several stops are, however, facilitated en route for passengers to refresh and to purchase food items. Regrettably, complimentary beverages are not available on these coaches. The deployment of cabin attendants on these routes will mean a significant increase in fares. Several surveys to passengers on these routes have indicated that they approve of the current pricing and product offering.”

              Objecting to competition from Tanaka, Intercape and Greyhound, which are both white-owned, argued that to allow a black-owned operator would “seriously impact on their business in the area and on the routes”.

              The two SA conglomerates further argued that “the buses of the operators who conduct business on the routes are sufficient to cater for all passenger requirements”.

              During the CBRTA hearings, Intercape and Greyhound contended that they were luxury operators yet the reality on the ground was that they were offering budget semi-luxury coaches on the Zimbabwean market. And there are indications that they use buses which have been de-commissioned from the South African roads and are susceptible to frequent break down.

              Despite Mr du Buisson’s remarks that “services operated to Zimbabwe are budget services” the AAG president said: “Budget services for an organisation portraying to offer luxury services does not mean poor service to Zimbabweans yet they are making money from the Zimbabwean market. It is a silly argument and nonsensical, to say the least”.

              An official from the Crossborder Bus Operators’ Association (CBOA) who spoke to this paper said South Africans are deliberately against discriminating Zimbabwean operators as far as loading points are concerned.

              “Do not quote my name and company because they have power to persecute me and my company down there. The South African market where passengers board coaches favours the South African operators.

              Their buses are always full because of the convenience of the Park Station loading point. In Zimbabwe when the South African operators load passengers, the playing field is level. We allow them to load at Roadport.

              “For one to be viable in this business, pick-up points for passengers have to be convenient. They are refusing to accommodate Zimbabwean-registered operators at Park Station and they give us all sorts of reasons including shortage of space. There is space for Zimbabwean companies to rank at Park Station, which is not being used at all. Everything down there in South Africa is skewed towards the South African companies operating coaches to Zimbabwe. What they are doing to us is like we are telling the South African companies to go and load their buses from Mbare Musika while we load at Roadport.

              “These are Greyhound, Intercape, Eagleliner and Pioneer Coaches which we really can’t call indigenous as they are white-owned. They do not want to open up the market to us. They would rather be happy to open Park Station to Mlambu Coaches, J.R. Choeu, Nakisa and other South African companies who load passengers from the same pick-up points as we do yet they do not even offer semi-luxury coaches to Zimbabwe than to open it up to us.

              “They (Intercape and Greyhound) know that when Zimbabwean operators enter Park Station, our standard of service will be so high such that it will give them a run for their money,” explained the official.



        • The kind of whites who hang out as car guards or otherwise begging outside malls are unemployable. Even garden services can’t get these people to work. I was at a coffee bar the other day where I bumped into a white woman whose husband pretends to be a handyman. I had hired him two years ago to put in a floor to ceiling bookcase along a four metre wall, standard ceiling height. After three months of his farting around with lengthy breaks for Easter and school holidays, I finally had to fetch him from his house, order him into the car with his tools and threaten him with bodily injury to get him to finally finish the job. He quoted me R6k, it cost R7k. This was nothing ornate, just a couple of planks with a couple of coats of varnish. The wife was all on about how I was underpaying and exploiting him. So she wanted to know why I hadn’t hired him to do the paint work on the exterior of the house. This guy can’t keep a job anywhere. In the days of apartheid these whites had jobs because they got blacks to to the actual work. Now that they have to actually pull finger out they are nowhere to be seen, and if they do deign to work for you they will rob you blind in retaliation to the insult of having to paint your roof. I know I have said before that blacks can irritate me, but it’s like using different degrees of sandpaper. More whites than blacks rub me up the wrong way in the new South Africa. You don’t get black Jesus freaks annoying you either, come to think of it.


      • Welkom terug, Johann, ek hoop nie die skape het met kop gesmokkel nie. Jy laat my dink aan Yoko Ono toe sy nog saam met John Lennon opgetree het. Terwyl die musiek gemaak is was sy nie op die verhoog nie, maar het na ‘n ruk verskyn met mikrofoon in die hand. Nadat sy ‘n paar onaardse geluide gemaak het en haar bossiekop woes geswaai het, het sy weer van die verhoog af verdwyn.

        So nou kan ons weer vermaak word met jou filosofie en geloofspronge.


          • She hasn’t gotten any better in 50 years. When I watched videos of her and John, I thought she was on drugs. But I guess she doesn’t need drugs to do this. I need drugs to watch and listen to this crap.


          • Johannie, dis soos jy klink. Vandat Liewe Jesus jou daai snotklap met Sy Woord gegee het, maak jy sulke geluide en benoude spronge. En jy dink ons moet na jou luister/ Nie maklik nie!


        • Don’t you think it would be a nice idea for Johann to invite Adriaan for a working stay on his farm as a cure for Adriaan’s depression and anger issues? Getting up at five in the morning and working hard until seven at night is very good for treating antisocial issues. Religious differences aside, Adriaan could learn a lot from Johann about overcoming his fear of snakes and spinnekoppe and the other creepy crawlies you commonly find in the veld.

          Talking of snakes and farmers: there’s a farmer around these parts who owns a large python that he feeds with rats he buys at the pet shop as a special treat. The black dreadlocked accomplice involved in my recent jewellery heist is still out on the streets. He screamed when he saw a rat in the roof of my house. Now here is a nice plan, which will not hurt anyone in the long run. We detain this guy and put him in a cage with four or so large rats. When he starts screaming we add the python. He then has to decide whether to take a chance on the python going for him first or the rats. No pythons or thieves will necessarily be permanently harmed in this exercise, but I would not vouch for the rats, which were in any case destined to be python snacks.


          • “Don’t you think it would be a nice idea for Johann to invite Adriaan for a working stay…”

            Nee ek dink nie dis ‘n goeie idee nie. As Johannie met sy Yoko Ono spronge en geluide voor die dag kom, kan Adriaan miskien net sy cool verloor en iets leliks doen.


  3. Two Jehovah’s Witnesses elders sentenced in fleecing of elderly woman

    By Vera Haffey of The Montana Standard

    DEER LODGE — Jehovah’s Witnesses church elders who fleeced a 100-year-old Deer Lodge woman out of more than $6 million were remanded to Montana State Prison after a sentencing hearing in Powell County District Court Monday.

    Darryl Willis, 64, Helena, and Dale Erickson, 54, Missoula, were sentenced Monday in Powell County district court to 10 years in prison with four years suspended each for felony charges of conspiracy and theft; three years with one suspended for felony conspiracy, and two years with one suspended for securities fraud, also a felony. That amounts to an aggregate 25 years in prison with 10 suspended.

    The two are also ordered to make $6.5 million in restitution. And, during the probationary period of their sentence, they may not control anyone’s finances.

    District Judge Ted Mizner said the sentence represents a “small measure of justice” for Una Anderson, whose life savings and family ranch were lost in a befriend-and-betray scheme. The men used a complex system of trusts and interlocking companies to steal Anderson’s money, lived in expensive homes, drove luxury cars and traveled extensively abroad to places like London and the Caribbean while depleting her trust fund money, according to court records.

    Erickson and Willis sat calmly throughout the proceedings. Afterward, their family members wept in a huddle in the courtroom.

    Anderson, who is now 101, said she is glad that justice was served, but is sad for the men who made poor decisions and ruined their lives.



  4. Were you Stalked or Chased After Once you Exited the Jehovah’s Witnesses by Elders ?

    I definitely was. I tried to fade off the map by moving 30 miles initially in 2004 after I exited in late 2003 . The first several years they didn’t bother me. I ran into a elder from my former congregation in late 2005 in an antique store – he tried telling me I was wrong for stopping attending meetings. And interrogated me if I had a girlfriend or not (even though I had not attended meetings since 2003) and even though I was scripturally free to date or re-marry ! (These guys are nosy bastards.)

    Then in fall of 2006, one month before Mrs. Flipper and I were to be married – my JW ex-wife I had been divorced from since 1998 drove up 80 miles out of her way to see if I was living with Mrs. Flipper . She found me at her house at 10:00 A.M. in the morning so she assumed we lived together. Long story short, she called my JW parents at the time, my elder brother and blabbed that I was living with Mrs. Flipper one month before. Then my ex-wife called the elders from my former congregation 80 miles away making them call me and chase after me for a JC – even though I had not attended a single meeting in almost 3 years. So I fought the JC for 10 months – they had no evidence against me – I won a JC appeal meeting in 2007 – and they haven’t bothered me since.

    But the point of the thread is – these elders and other witnesses who spy on one another are FREAKS ! They are trained to rat each other out at the drop of a dime. There is no trust between JW members – because they walk around paranoid wondering who is going to rat out who ?? So – What kind of experiences did YOu have or someone you know have regarding being chased down or spyed on or stalked by elders or others after exiting the JW’s ?? As always- look forward to your responses. Peace out to all, Mr. Flipper



  5. JW Elders Wife beds anything in troucers


    Well were do I start.. This elders wife was after anything with troucers on. My 2 freinds that were still in were groaped by her and both bedded her aswell! My brother who is now out and DF told me she loved a good roasting. I am aware of what she got upto in the early 90’s as she wanted me aswell!! But been a gud jw I declined the offer of a -and -ob in here car after the meeting. she was very good looking so I can see how others could not. But one of my jw mates was caught in the car park in her car having you no what.! They both got DF and all others aswell. West midlands Circut



  6. Scary stuff that goes on inside a Jehovah’s Witness’s head:

    “Here are the prophecys found in the word of God– The two horned beast ( king of the south )( eagle-lion ) goes into the middle east region after the hidden gold ( oil ) then the prophecy of Egypt-Libya- Then they return and do away with babylon the great( false religion ) This is the closing of the ark door persay-the tribulation starts- 9 countries have allready done away with all religion according to cnn- And when one reads Daniel about the world powers that were, greece was a world power twice-the big horn came out of the little horn- so the horn represents the world power. Thats how its for sure that a two horned beast is the world power-two kingdoms( govts ) working together- it says one cannot buy or sell ( sanctions unless they recieve the mark of the beast.( democracy ) and its done in the sight of the 7 headed wild beast,with 10 horns ( obviously a place where kingdoms gather-the united nations-the one that was ( until the end of ww2- done away with- and lives again ) the mark on the hand signifies physical support-the mark on the head signifies mental support- the merchants stand at a distance when babylon falls and mourn because their shelves are full ( no more christmas,easter, any religious holiday in any religion ) at the very end of the trib they will be saying peace and security and then turn on Gods real people, then God steps in- but– Satan leads every kingdom ( govt,armies, supporters) against God at Harmageddon. And for 1 single word taught to every human on earth from their youth up ( patriotism ) it will be the end for the majority of mankind- They will be standing in opposition to God. 3 inspired expressions will come and everyone who believes in that 1 word will believe them, but they will turn out to be all untruthful lies. The only group on this earth that can see it happening are the JW,s, the only group that has Jesus. No wonder God compared these last days to Noahs day-i think the numbers are the same99% of the human race died in Noahs day. They wont even see it coming-it says they will be marrying,etc,etc until that day. all because of 1 single word that the trinity religions could not see was evil-they threw away the teachings of Jesus ( out of fear of men ) in the rev war-the civil war-ww1,ww2- They killed on both sides their own brothers in Christ,they killed for a man named hitler. all except the JW,s who refused to kill their own brothers for the word patriotism, and went to prision and the concentration camps and were called cowards for standing up for the teachings of Jesus ( love,peace,unity,return evil for evil to no one,vengeance is mine said the lord ) over the word patriotism. Then those were called heroes for killing their own supposed brothers in Christ and told they got freedom from doing it- But God says–They promise you freedom, yet themselves are still slaves to corruption- this means the freedom promised from men.”



  7. The horror of religion. Ek sal nooit vergeet hoe ek moes gaan sit en sondagskool toets skryf het op ‘n Sondag oggend. In die koue. Ek het partykeer griep gehad, dan is ek gemaak gaan skryf. Ek is koorsig, ek voel sleg, ek verkluim. En ek het nie lus vir die stront nie! My snot vries. Vir wat alles? Vir een of ander onregverdigge monster wat boggerol vir my of die goeie mense van die wereld voel. Nee wat mense, as julle kinders het vat hulle museum of dieretuin toe Sondae. Bogger die kerk!


    • Jammer jy’t nie gereeld klappe op jou bevriesde snot van jou pa gekry nie, jou pa wat volgens jou so onplesierig is. Dit lyk vir my jou pa het die geduld van ‘n engel. Jou ma het seker vir jou jammer gekry en gesoebat en getjank dat jy nie pak kry nie. Nee jissis maar jy’s ‘n moerse sissie. Alles is vir jou ‘n groot horrorstorie. Groei vir jou ‘n ruggraat voor jou enigste visie jou eie poephol is.


  8. Wat is jou kak shmoly, het jy ‘n probleem? Het ek jou eenkeer kak gehap? Jy se vir my om godsnaam. Ek dog jy glo nie aan ‘n god nie. Lyk my die hormoontjies pla weer. Ek het my opinie gelig. As jy nie tevrede is nie fuck off!!!! Ek het nie jou opinie gevra nie. Lyk my jys imuun teen die teenstand van die lewe Het jy nie eenkeer gemoan oor niks nie? Jy kry nie genoeg van jouself nie man. Kyk hoe baie het jy al geskryf hierbo. Holysmoly, Holysmoly, Holysmoly, Holysmoly. Ek is nou gatvol vir jou kommentaar. My ma is ‘n goeie mens, so fok jou! Jy’s nie in my omstandighede nie so hou jou fokken bek!!!!


  9. Ek’s glad nie “immuun teen die teenstand van die lewe” nie because that would make me intolerable, a selfish sociopath, I have a backbone, a flexible spine, it’s there so that I can defend myself, indeed flourish, in difficult times. Backbones need to be maintained and kept flexible, t’s the most important survival part of any mammal other than limbs and organs. What are your mommy issues? You pretend to like your mommy, but when a woman tells you what she thinks of you, you accuse me of “hormoontjies”. So what are you waiting to happen? That your mother folds her age encrusted hand in yours until you die and claim your inheritance from her? What will you do then?


  10. New York Baby Infected With Herpes After Metzitza B’peh Circumcision Rite

    Doctors Treat Third Case Tied to Controversial Practice

    A baby boy has been infected with neonatal herpes following a Jewish ritual circumcision in New York — the third such infection in two years tied to a controversial rite that involves the direct application of the ritual circumciser’s mouth to the baby’s genitals to suction blood from the wound.

    The baby was treated for a genital rash five days after he was circumcised, according to a January 28 health alert issued by New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. He is still undergoing treatment and his current condition is unclear.

    The department attributed the rash to the controversial circumcision technique, known as metzitzah b’peh, or MBP, which some ultra-Orthodox mohels, or ritual circumcisers, say is an essential component of the ancient religious ritual.

    Fourteen babies have contracted herpes following MBP since 2000, according to New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Two of those babies died and two more suffered brain damage.

    In this case, the baby’s rash spread despite being treated with cream. He was later admitted to a hospital, the department said.



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