The new Pope Francis is not really such a nice guy after all.


Pope Francis Excommunicates Australian Priest Who Advocated For Gay Marriage And Female Clergy

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pope francis excommunicates priest

On the heels of Pope Francis’ groundbreaking remarks faulting the Roman Catholic Church for being overly focused on homosexuality and abortion, news has emerged that the pontiff ordered the excommunication of a priest who advocated for women’s rights and gay marriage.

Melbourne-based news site The Age reports that Australian priest Greg Reynolds received a letter last week from Pope Francis, informing him that he had been excommunicated. The order means Reynolds is officially prohibited from participation in the sacraments and services of the Catholic Church.

The letter, written in Latin, did not give a reason for the decision; however, the Archdiocese of Melbourne — the district which oversaw the three churches where Reynolds preached — told the Australian Associated Press that Reynolds had been shut out because he was publicizing his views that women should be ordained as priests. The Archdiocese also said Reynolds was removed for holding unauthorized communion ceremonies.

The Age reports that the order to excommunicate Reynolds was made in response to a secret denunciation to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, an ecclesiastical body originally founded in the 16th century to defend the church from heresy.

Reynolds had resigned as a priest from Western Port parish in 2011, at which time his priestly privileges were nullified, The Age reported last year.

His 32 years of official priesthood behind him, Reynolds began operating an informal church in Melbourne in 2012. Called the Inclusive Catholics, the organization accepts homosexuality and allows women to help lead services.

The Vatican could not be reached for comment.


The first domino to fall in the Roman Catholic Church’s child rape and abuse scandal in the South and Central American countries. This is just the beginning, and stories will begin to break like they did decades ago in the USA, then Europe and Australia.


Bishop accused of abuse

2013-09-22 09:54

(Picture: <a href=\\\\>Shutterstock</a>)Lima – Pope Francis has removed a Roman Catholic bishop in Peru who an influential former prelate says is suspected of sexually abusing minors.

Gabino Miranda, 53, was removed as part of the new pope’s “zero tolerance” policy against abuse, the Reverend Luis Bambaren, the retired former Peruvian bishops’ conference chief, told reporters on Friday.

Miranda is only the second bishop known to have been removed in recent times by the Vatican over sex abuse allegations.

The Reverend Percy Quispe, spokesperson for the archdiocese of Ayacucho where Miranda was assigned, confirmed his removal to The Associated Press on Saturday.

He said Miranda departed in July but did not specify the reason.

Miranda had since 2007 led the youth ministry of Peru’s bishops’ commission. He was a close associate of the powerful Cardinal Juan Cipriani of Lima, sharing membership in the conservative Opus Dei organisation.

In bad taste

The regional prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Friday that an investigation had been opened into Miranda but did not specify the subject.

Cipriani expressed displeasure with Bambaren on Saturday in a radio interview from the Vatican, where he was to meet with the pope on Monday. “I don’t think it’s in good taste for a retired bishop to have made an accusation that is somewhat exaggerated or at the very least strong.”

Bambaren, an 85-year-old Jesuit, did not return AP phone calls seeking comment and Quispe said the archbishop of Ayacucho, Miranda’s former superior, was traveling abroad and could not be reached.

The Vatican also did not respond to AP requests for comment on the case.

Opus Dei issued a statement on Friday saying that Miranda “denied any crime having to do with minors” but said it had very little information about his situation. Attempts to reach Opus Dei officials to try to determine Miranda’s whereabouts were unsuccessful.

Miranda had spent his career in Peru’s Quechua-speaking southern Andes.

Allegations of abuse

Earlier this month, the Vatican confirmed that its ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski, had been recalled and removed from his job amid a Vatican and Dominican investigation into allegations of abuse.

For decades, bishops have been virtually untouchable when it comes to Vatican discipline as they function very much as kings in their own diocesan fiefdoms.

The most prominent bishop to have been removed for alleged abuse was the archbishop of Vienna, Hans Hermann Groer, two decades ago.


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“Joost se ‘dokter’ sê kanker is niks.” Can’t make this shit up!


JOHANNESBURG. – Anton Neethling, wat kwansuis die oud-Springbok Joost van der Westhuizen van die terminale en ongeneeslike motorneuronsiekte (MNS) genees het, beweer ook hy kan veelvuldige sklerose en sekere soort kankers genees.

“Borskankers kry ek baie. Dis redelik maklik om te genees. Prostaatkanker is maklik,” het dié man, wat in ’n stadium ’n pastoor by ’n kerk genaamd Lede in Christus en ’n duikklopper in die Strand was, gister by navraag gesê.

Sy sogenaamde gesondheidsentrum, EBA Health and Wellness, adverteer tientalle dienste en “behandelings” op sy webtuiste wat wissel van suurstof- en drupbehandelings tot “pastorale dienste”, “limfdreinering-behandelings” en masserings.

Intussen het dit aan die lig gekom ’n 35-jarige kankerlyer, Shaun Gunther, is dood nadat hy in Neethling se “sentrum” behandel is, berig Pauli van Wyk. Volgens Gunther se ouers het dit R80 000 gekos vir 16 dae. Neethling het gesê dit het R30 000 gekos, nie R80 000 nie.

Die sogenaamde “behandeling” wat mense in Neethling se “ontgiftingsentrum” kry, behels onder meer “frekwensiemasjiene”, “bio-elektromagnetiese masjiene” en dieetaanvullings.

Dr. Carl Albrecht, hoof van navorsing by die Kankervereniging van Suid-Afrika, het gesê die bewerings dat sy behandeling kanker kan genees is “heeltemal buite die orde van wetenskaplike denke”.

“As daai goed gewerk het, was hy en sy masjiene op die voorblad van Time.”

Neethling is nie by die Raad vir Gesondheidsberoepe (RGB) of die Raad vir Verwante Gesondheidsberoepe (RVGSA) geregistreer nie.

Ingevolge die RGB se etiese reëls en regulasies mag ’n praktisyn slegs toerusting of gesondheidstegnologie gebruik as daar bewyse is vir die aansprake wat oor die toerusting gemaak word, het Bertha Peters-Scheepers, RGB-woordvoerder, gesê.

Neethling erken hy het geen mediese kwalifikasies nie en beweer hy het ’n doktorsgraad in teologie van die “University Trinity California”.

Daar is geen rekord van so ’n universiteit op die Amerikaanse databank van geakkrediteerde instellings en programme nie, het Yvonne Shapiro van die Suid-Afrikaanse Kwalifikasie-owerheid (Saqa) gesê.

Prof. Roy Jobson, ’n farmakoloog, het gesê ongekwalifiseerde mense wat hulself as “genesers” voordoen, word nie deur enige statutêre liggaam gereguleer nie. “Dis net die strafregstelsel wat hulle kan hanteer. Voordat so ’n persoon ondersoek kan word, moet iemand ’n klag by die polisie indien.”

Oor die kritiek het Neethling vroeër gesê hy lag daaroor. Hy en Van der Westhuizen beplan om ’n plaas by Pretoria te koop en nog ’n sentrum op te rig.

Drew Castillo Photography


Drew Castillo Photograph

Drew Castillo Photograph

“The first image refers to pedophilia in the Vatican. Second child sexual abuse in tourism in Thailand, and the third refers to the war in Syria. The fourth image refers to the trafficking of organs on the black market, where most of the victims are children from poor countries; fifth refers to weapons free in the U.S.. And finally, the sixth image refers to obesity, blaming the big fast food companies.
The new series produced by Cuban artist Erik Ravelo was titled as “The untouchables”, are photographs of children crucified for his supposed oppressors, each for a different reason and a clear message, seeks to reaffirm the right of children to be protected and report abuse suffered by them especially in countries such as Brazil, Syria, Thailand, United States and Japan”