Drew Castillo Photography

Drew Castillo Photograph

Drew Castillo Photograph

“The first image refers to pedophilia in the Vatican. Second child sexual abuse in tourism in Thailand, and the third refers to the war in Syria. The fourth image refers to the trafficking of organs on the black market, where most of the victims are children from poor countries; fifth refers to weapons free in the U.S.. And finally, the sixth image refers to obesity, blaming the big fast food companies.
The new series produced by Cuban artist Erik Ravelo was titled as “The untouchables”, are photographs of children crucified for his supposed oppressors, each for a different reason and a clear message, seeks to reaffirm the right of children to be protected and report abuse suffered by them especially in countries such as Brazil, Syria, Thailand, United States and Japan”


3 thoughts on “Drew Castillo Photography

  1. Drew Castillo is an American gospel minister. This doesn’t make him Satan in my books, primarily because I don’t believe in Satan in the first place. Evil lurks in human beings without benefit of an outside agent. That last image, of the clown with the porky child attached to its back, reminds me of Stephen King’s movie, “IT” (nothing to do with information technology), where unsuspecting children are drawn into the sewers of the Death Clown offering lollipops much like the late Jimmy Savile. The siblings of these doomed children meet each other in later life, all messed up in some way from their past, to track down and destroy the “IT” monster.


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