The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”. Bv. die Johanne van die wereld.




66 thoughts on “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”. Bv. die Johanne van die wereld.

  1. Baie goeie artikel. Johann is in ‘n wereld van sy eie. Hy’s plein mal. Hy hou aan om vir my te vra waar sit ‘n mens se ego. Ek het al klomp keer vir hom probeer verduidelik wat ‘n ego is, dat dit nie ‘n fisiese ding is nie, dan vra hy my stupid vrae soos – Waar sit ‘n mens se ego? ‘n Ego is ‘n state of mind, soos Johann wat ‘n te groot persoon is om te erken dat hy verkeerd is.Sy ego praat daar. Sy belangrikheids waan. Sy trots met ander woorde. Sy trots wat hom verhoed om die waarheid in te sien. Dit het niks met Freud se Ego, super ego, ID te doen nie. Dit is totaal en al different concepts.


  2. Actually your ego is a function of your brain, which is a very physical organ that uses up 40% of your calorie intake. That’s why fat people are smarter than thin people. 🙂


    • I don’t know how true this is. From here:


      In the early 1990′s, Dr. Candice Pert made an amazing discovery that tells you exactly why you manifest abundance, health, relationships, etc., or why you do not.

      While Dr. Pert was the chief molecular biologist for the National Institute of Health she discovered that your thoughts are real, physical things. Your thoughts become molecules the instant you think them and, as a deliberate attractor, you need to know how those molecules interact with your body.

      Every time you have a thought, your hypothalamus (a “control center” near the base of your brain) transforms that thought into millions of neuropeptides (amino acids) which represent the dominant emotion associated with that thought. Your thought becomes a molecular messenger of emotion! And then your bloodstream is flooded with these neuropeptides.

      When in your bloodstream, these neuropeptides, into which your thought transformed, actually insert themselves into your cells. Each neuropeptide interlocks with a special receptacle (made just for it) on your cell’s membrane – just like a lock fitting into a keyhole. And then that amino acid is absorbed by your cell.

      Over time, Dr. Pert found, your cells develop more and more special receptacles for the neuropeptides to which they are most exposed. And over time your cells create a self-fulfilling emotional prophecy for you. Your cells begin to crave the neuropeptides to which they are most exposed (and have built all the receptacles for) and they “tell” your hypothalamus to produce them.

      Your cells love neuropeptides so much that they cover their membranes with nothing but receptacles for them. Actually shutting down other vital functions, your cells become nothing but vessels for these neuropeptides.

      They become like a drug addict, who abandons family, jobs, friends, and personal wellbeing as she chases the drug.

      The only way your hypothalamus can produce the neuropeptides craved by your cells, is for your brain to experience the emotions which will create them. And the only way your brain can experience the emotions necessary to create those neuropeptides is for it to create a reality which will elicit those emotions.

      Your body has, literally, become physically addicted to certain emotional states. And, having nothing to do with whether those emotional states feel good or bad, your cells now need them like an addict needs drugs.
      So if you’ve spent years thinking, “People don’t like me,” “I’m useless,” “I can’t do that,” or “I’m not very smart,” you’ve physically addicted your body, on a cellular level, to the neuropeptides which represent shame, guilt, unworthiness, and/or self-doubt. And the same goes for any emotion you’ve dominantly exposed to your cells. Your cells have become addicted to those neuropeptides and are asking for them all day, every day.

      And since you already know that “reality” is completely subjective based on the expectations of the observer, (what you are choosing to see) you can see how easy it is for you to create a reality that causes those emotions your cells are craving.

      You can create any reality you choose and your cells are dictating what reality you will see.

      [Shameless advertising plug deleted.]


      • Will it be safe to say that behind every neuropeptides is a thought? It’s not the thought itself but the result of the thought?

        And the energy that is needed for the thought comes from the “hunger” of the cells.


  3. Then I just wanna say fuck the whole human race!!! I see a bunch of kaffirs went and poisioned 90 elephants with cyinnide in Zimbabwe. I fucking hate humans! Elephants are superior to humans in every way. A grown elephant bull has the strength of a hundred men. Stupid little shit humans. Fuckers!!! I salute the few good people in this fucked world who are actually outspoken about this. Sick, sick, sick! The rest of mankind can go and fuck themselves. All the horrors this little shit specimen causes. Can’t wait till mankind becomes extinct. Canned lion hunting is another horror Im disgusted with. Mankind will never evolve! To many people on the planet. 7 billion. Too much! If there is any religious person who can speak up and be against this rape of mother nature, do so please! I would like to hear what religious peoples views are on this.


    • “Aint it Awful”
      Ardiaan lees net die gedeelte oor hoe gedagtes werk en watter affek dit het op jou selle en skep ‘n ander realiteit vir jou- SELF


      • So you think it’s ok to poison elephants and shoot lions that can’t fight back, Johann? Fuck you and your “reality”.


        • “And since you already know that “reality” is completely subjective based on the expectations of the observer, (what you are choosing to see) you can see how easy it is for you to create a reality that causes those emotions your cells are craving.

          You can create any reality you choose and your cells are dictating what reality you will see”

          Your post. And I agree with it.


    • It’s not 90 elephants, it’s 300. Zimbabwean villagers poisoned lakes and salt licks with cyanide. At this rate there must be no elephants left in Zim. The fuckers will now try to invade the Kruger Park. How about setting up a cyanide infested KFC outlet in the Kruger Park, for when these poachers are feeling peckish.


  4. Fuckers is right. There are two thousand Chinese with small willies to every elephant and they think they can fuck much better if they swallow ground elephant tusk. An elephant penis is the length of a man so you can see where their thinking is coming from. Canned lion hunting makes my stomach turn. Some fat white bastard gets to shoot a lion that was not raised in the wild, making its chances of escape absolutely nil. It’s all to do with trying to create a sexy image for themselves. Futile old farts. You won’t see many young guys going around killing rhinos and elephants, it’s always some ugly old bastard.. Maybe human males should be culled when they get to a certain age and are of a certain disposition. Anyone over forty and in possession of hunting guns should put up against a wall and shot. Anyone who poisons or maims an elephant should be shot immediately, irregardless of age.


  5. I agree one hundred percent! I will never forget when I saw the Cook report about canned lion hunting. I was 15. If there is one person I would like to tell to his face how much I hate him it would be Piet Warren. That’s the old fart that bred sable antelope. Or he claims he brought them back from extinction. Funny thing is, bring them back from extinction just to be hunted. Anyway he is most arrogant, tasteless asshole I’ve ever seen. I watched that documentary about hunting in South Africa. That Louis Theroux one( It’s on youtube also). There Piet Warren explicitly says when backed into a corner ” I don’t give a fuck about the elephants!” That’s the pricks attitude.I hate that asshole!!! And I mean I really hate him! I’m not sure if he is still alive but nevertheless, fuck him! As for the Asians, get a life please! You seem intelligent, yet you do such horrible sickening deeds. Boiling cats alive, killing dogs not even to mention the utterly sickening fur trade. I’m truly disgusted with people. Then I see our Christian sister Hettie Britzz has shot an Oryx. Good Christian she is. It’s on facebook. I’ve seen it many times people shooting lions or leopards or buffalo and then putting stuff like ” In die skadu van die Heer” on their facebook page. Sitting and smurking about it. That Megadeth song ” Countdown to extinction ” exposes the horror of canned hunting. Rock and roll against animal cruelty!


  6. I see this too much on Facebook, so called friends who are into big game hunting while professing to be Christians. This bible story about having dominion over the animals on the earth gets taken too literally, as if it’s a free for all between us and the animals – as if we aren’t animals ourselves, we are also just born to procreate and die while having a bit of fun along the way when we can. You get people who still believe only human animals can think. You won’t find an elephant splitting an atom any time soon, but this can only be a good thing, there are way too many maniacs threatening each other and everything around them with extinction because they can’t handle the fact that they will one day die too, no matter how many other animals they kill on this earth. Elephants have feelings, they look after their own and mourn for their dead. I have wooden murals and pictures of elephants in my house because they make me feel grounded, Horses, oxen, monkeys and birds too.


  7. So instead of blatantly unfriending these people who annoy with their Jesus this and Jesus that, and their latest hunting stories and trophies, I hide my profile. They then think I’ve taken myself off Facebook but I can still see what others are doing for the occasional laugh. Humans can be so obvious. Especially some women, when they’re not waiting for the rapture to happen (translation: being shagged by Jesus), they’re bragging about how wonderful their marriage is and how they’ve shopped in every capital of the world, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Los Angeles, Dubai. Like everyone else must feel bad about buying their clothes from Woolies. If their marriage is so fantastic, why not tell their husband ten metres away in the bedroom about it instead of watching tv soapies and writing crap on Facebook. As far as excessive shopping is concerned, it’s the female equivalent of big game hunting. Most so-called designer clothes are made by rhino murdering, horn powder guzzling Chinese in their sweatshops in any case. The labels are only stitched on after the clothes have been exported to Europe and America.


  8. That Hettie Britzz is quite crazy. I see many woman hunt nowadays. So they shop and hunt now. Hettie Britzz did quite a lot of damage by letting that asshole who also gang raped another woman go. They apparently withdrew the case against him and then he went on and raped another woman. That piece of trash should be used to do cosmetic experiments on. And than yet Hettie sits there and tells everybody that she has forgiven it. That bloody thing is a psychopath. There is no way that he is going to stop with his nonsense. Lock him up! Death penalty would be even better.


    • This is what she said: “I do believe these guys can be rehabilitated, but I don’t want them to be walking free in the street.” From here:

      “Victim wants to help rapists.” Liewe aarde, as if rapists don’t know how to help themselves.

      So that last bit of wishful thinking about them staying in jail, that backfired on her.

      Who is Hettie Britzz to say rapists can be rehabilitated? Is she a state psychiatrist? No, she’s merely the wife of a gospel singer and former speech, language and hearing therapist. From here:

      So why isn’t she just doing her job instead of pretending to be a psychologist? There must be more money in the gospel business than speech therapy.So what if you get raped every now and then, it’s just a battle scar in the fight for Jesus. She claims that Jesus told her, when she was in the bedroom with her husband and the two rapists, that she was the bride of Christ, that the men would rape her, but not otherwise hurt her. She is badly in need of a head doctor herself instead of making pronouncements about who can be rehabilitated.

      The conventional wisdom is that a serial rapist cannot be rehabilitated. These fundies want to kick scientific reasoning in the teeth.They fail at everything they do, then they decide to get rich by preaching the gospel and forgiveness for people who should be hanged for the good of society.


    • All this overdone fundamental Christianity is just denial.They have a fair amount of it in America too, but only in certain areas, not everywhere. A lot of in reaction to 9/11 but it was always a festering sore in the southern states. Perhaps you should do the “relocation sprong” instead of the “geloofsprong”. Australia is full of uncultured yobs, they have Perth and Sydney as their culture spots, but that’s about it. The Ozzies are also heavily into fundie Christianity. Maybe you should look at Europe. The UK seems to be heading for another Labour government next year which means more socialism and taxes. Parts of America and Canada are better to live in than others. You just need to do some research and find out where your specific skills are in demand.


  9. Zimbabwean blacks are being forced to kill threatened wildlife because they have no other options. Blacks are not all bastards, for the most part they’re ok. I’ve come across a fair amount of white bastards in my time, greedy, entitled people with a purely materialistic outlook on life. They compare their own financial status with others non-stop. Bastards who shoot canned elephants, lions and oryx. Boere blikkieskos jagters.

    Coming back to blacks and Zimbos and an example of black proficiency in medicine: I had a local black orthopedic surgeon give me a second opinion on my hip and back which had been giving me hell for the last year.The first, white specialist I consulted did not bother with proper diagnostics. He’s doing it purely for the money, he was bragging how good he has it while I was sitting there in pain. And yes, he’s into game hunting with all kinds of animal hides displayed in his rooms. Makes you feel like you’re going to wind up dead with your hide displayed on his wall as well. A lot of his clients seemed to have come off motorbikes doing stupid wannabe-macho shit. “Ja dokter, nee dokter, dokter is wonderlik.” What is it with veneration of authority figures?

    After the second specialist arranged an emergency MRI scan in hospital (magnetic resonance imaging), which was charged to my hospital plan instead of hitting me directly in my pocket, the diagnosis turned out to be a pinched nerve in my spine. Piece of bone sticking out onto the nerve. Baie groot eina that causes havoc with your legs, causes the most vicious night leg cramps and you can hardly walk during the day, even with a walking stick. Had a time release cortisone epidural injection done into the affected area yesterday by a Zim anaesthetist, he did a fantastic job, the pain in my back and leg are GONE. Spinal surgery is fucking dangerous and does not have a better outcome in the longer term than less extreme measures such as spinal injections. So this Zim anaesthetist was telling me how the middle classes like himself have been squeezed out of Zimbabwe, and he’s afraid it will go the same way here. His wife’s a physiotherapist at the public hospital, so Zim’s loss is South Africa’s gain.


  10. I see you are moderating my comments because I bring race into the conversation. I think we should be discussing racism because it’s still a religion in this country. Of course, if the comments get nasty, you have every right to chuck them out. If Adriaan wants to call a bunch of black people, kaffirs because they poisoned rhino, that’s quite acceptable because the word kaffir means non-believer, to my mind, not just in Allah, which to me is irrelevant, but non-believer in decency to others. If anyone were to call Thuli Madonsela or Mamphela Ramphele or Lindiwe Mazibuko or Lulu Xingwana a kaffir, though, I would be inclined to disagree with that assessment.

    We need to get over the religion of racism because it stifles competition. I was told by a well respected woman in my community to avoid the (black) anaesthetists at the local private hospital as, she said, they are drunk on duty. I mentioned this to the anaesthetist who did my epidural injection (I’m a snitch on top of it, hey, but didn’t mention her name).. He roared with laughter. He works five days a week from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm and is also on call five nights a week. He told me that if you’re a drunk driver smashed up on the N3 and need emergency surgery you are not going to be all that worried if the anaesthetist has had two glasses of wine.

    So I will tell this woman what a wonderful guy this anaethetist is, and the (black) surgeon, leaving out the part about the two glasses of wine. Some people can be so prim. I will be easing off the sangria and whisky myself for pain management as I don’t need them anymore. This orthopod saved me a sackload of money by arranging to have the scan done in hospital. MRI scans cost R61,75 a pop. The other surgeon wanted to scrape out my knees and asked me to make a co payment for the cost of the knife he would need. This when I have three times private provider rate cover, and without a proper holistic assessment done. Bring on the competition.


  11. Sorry, you moderated my other comment about Hettie Britzz. It wasn’t very tactful of me to put up a comment about being a bride of Christ just after making a comment about silly fundie women waiting for the “rapture”. Where does the surname Britzz come from? zzzzzzz … should be a hypnotherapist.


  12. Can you explain to me what is racism. Are you racist if you don’t like African people or are you racist if you don’t like other races in general? If you say “kaffir” are you racist because you are using a word or are you racist when you plainly don’t like other races in general? The word kaffir is an Arab word probably used by the boers and maybe early Brits in South Africa. Now there is a negative connection to the word because the boers and Brits probabaly called their black servants “kaffir” meaning black uncivilized person, atheist. Then I guess it’s kinda the same as calling an Indian person a Coolie. Also means illiterate Indian servant. Wouldn’t calling some one a boer just because he’s white fall in the same category? Not all whites are boers. When I use the term “kaffir” I say it because Im furious. I don’t know about all other whites, but I can say I do. For me it is like saying poephol or drol or kont. It’s an insult. A black guy can call me what he wants but he/she must just remember that I will say my say also. And if you are being insulting then I don’t really think youre in the position to tell me what or what words not to say. Youre unethical period! If blacks murder whites in the most horrifying way possible and dare come onto a blog meant for white people who are angry because of what happened, then they have by far stepped over the line. So fuck morals! They then dare call whites who are infuriated by this racist. How can one be racist for stating how he feels? To me it’s just an cliché. ‘n Holrug geryde woord. It means nothing. If the word ‘kaffir’ is derogatory, why isn’t the word racist? Can you countersue somebody for calling you a racist? Isn’t it also a form of crimina – injura? See how this is going around in circles. Somebody once said, you can’t win a moral debate. If black people would stop making shit than we might stop calling them names. Im a person who can decide who I like and who I don’t. If it makes me a racist because there is a group of blacks I don’t like then everybody’s racist. Nobody can like everybody. Are you racist if you don’t like all 40 million blacks in South Africa? Where do you draw the line? Racism, very broad term. If you behave like a asshole you will be called names. If you have the right to do as you please, don’t I have the right also? Why should I play by some moral code while you do as you please?


    • I’m not aware that many ordinary blacks still call whites racist unless you read leftie publications like Mail and Guardian and idiots like Gillian Schutte who was abandoned by the black father of their mixed race child. Gillian Schutte said that if all poor children wore rhino horns the rich might care about them. That is not only a stupid and irrelevant remark but also insensitive as a lot of poor children are caught up in human trafficking and prostitution.

      Most people just want a job so they can have an income although you get the odd chancer who tries to play the race card. There was a fairly recent incident at my own house when the old white garden service guy married a black woman who walked out of her job at the hairdressing salon because she claimed the Afrikaans people who own the place are racist. She then wanted to come and work for me because she thought I wasn’t racist. (Translation of “I can see you are not a racist”= “You are a sucker and I will take advantage of you.”) We had a good laugh about it at the salon.

      Black criminals are opportunists and cowards. There was an attack two weeks ago on a white 63 year old farmer and his 60 year old wife in Bergville by five blacks and they were only saved by the sound of a gunshot nearby; one of the neighbours was having target practice and the thieves and would-be murderers were scared off and ran for it with four guns – they already had three guns, so total seven guns between the five of them – and a whole lot of cash. The police caught them two days later and recovered the guns and most of the cash. The farmer and his wife were tightly tied up with cable ties and it was obvious the blacks were going to kill them if they hadn’t been scared off by the gunshot. This is what happens if you leave a single door open. As bad as farm attacks are, I would never want to live in Tshwane, if you are white you are signing your own death warrant. Wouldn’t live in the Cape either, those coloured criminals are utterly vicious, they will torture you before killing you for the fun of it.


  13. We’re not so happy in this country. From here:

    Why SA professionals are so depressed

    SA professionals are a depressed lot, according to medical scheme stats.

    This does not surprise her at all, says Susan Erasmus.

    A press release and a poll alerted me last week to the fact that life in SA certainly is not always a picnic in the park. (Well, so to speak – would you take the chance of having a picnic in the park without an armed guard by your side?)

    First the press release from Profmed, a medical scheme for graduate professionals. Here are three points from it that struck me:

    The number of professionals diagnosed with depression has increased significantly, according to Profmed medical scheme.

    Profmed’s member profiles in 2013, compared with last year, showed a 50% increase in those diagnosed with severe depressive episodes without psychotic symptoms.

    There was also a 75% increase in Profmed members suffering from a severe depressive episode with psychotic symptoms for the same period.
    I am not usually given to whingeing, but today I am going to make an exception. It gets a bit tedious always to have to look for the silver lining. Bear with me as I look at the black cloud today. Sometimes a good moaning session is just what the doctor ordered.

    I am not talking about constructive criticism – actually, there isn’t really anything like that. It’s just a nice way to tell someone what they’ve done is crap, and how you think they can make it better. No one likes criticism, whether constructive or not.

    South Africans are feeling financial pressure. No surprises there, and they’re also not alone, what with the global crisis and so forth. But their situation is in fact different, especially for graduate professionals. Here’s why:

    We live in a country where it is very difficult to maintain a moderately middle-class way of living. Taxes are high, and benefits from them few for those who pay a large portion of them. In many other countries where taxes are high, medical costs and pensions are covered by the state. So are school fees. Here professionals need to make their own provisions for these things, even in state schools – and none of these come cheap.

    Home security and armed response are also the individual’s responsibility. There goes another whack of money every month.

    You just cannot afford living without insurance in a country where there are thousands of unlicensed drivers on the road. Home break-ins are regular occurrences, so there is another essential expense.

    Expensive petrol is a worldwide problem, but that doesn’t stop it putting pressure on many South African households.

    Municipal bills, especially electricity bills have gone through the roof. Mine has trebled in the last five years.

    There seems to be little correlation between the cost of living and what people get paid. We have a large group of people in this country who are known as ‘the working poor’. But even professional people are struggling to make their money last to the end of the month. Some of them may be spending unnecessarily on luxuries, but most of them are just struggling to survive.

    Public transport is often poor and dangerous. Buying and maintaining a car is very expensive, compared to other countries, where second-hand cars are often dirt-cheap. Here they are not that much cheaper than new ones.
    The SA middle class is often reminded of how much more fortunate they are than many other millions in the country. That is true, and often people who have always been relatively comfortable have no idea of what it means to be hungry or cold. But comparisons are odious: if you have broken your leg, you don’t feel more fortunate than the guy in the hospital bed next to you who has broken both legs.

    Job security is something of the past. Companies retrench left, right and centre, and especially older professionals, and many young and unqualified people find themselves without employment.

    It’s tough for young people to make a start – salaries can be low, expenses are high, and often young working people have to look after family members who are unemployed, or whose retirement income just isn’t enough. Young people are struggling everywhere, but in many other countries there is a social security system in place that will see to it that if you hit the skids, you won’t end up on the street. Here grants are very low – the state simply can’t afford to increase them.

    Stressed professionals are urged to manage their stress levels and look after their health and not to overwork. But how? Staff ratios are dropping everywhere, and there is simply more to do, often for less money.

    I have probably now made you thoroughly miserable. But sometimes misery loves company. It’s just that we are all feeling the pinch big time, and for many people just maintaining a basic and moderate lifestyle means going into debt.

    One thing at least, in the last week before payday, when a beggar approaches you at the traffic light, you can say with a clear conscience that you have no money, because it’s true.

    I’m off to go and buy some happy pills on my credit card.

    Susan Erasmus is the deputy editor of Health24.


    • This partner swapping story is nothing new. I was invited on a date to a braai – a foursome – many years ago in Hout Bay. My “date” was soon shagging his friend’s wife in front of her husband and myself, with full gynaecological display. Sounds of grunting and farting. I vomited my guts out. When you have vomited all over yourself you don’t inspire lust. Bestiality and partner swopping are still all the rage in Hout Bay. The place smells disgusting too.


  14. Teen ‘satanist’ jailed for killing friend

    Johannesburg – A satanist teenage girl who confessed to killing her friend was sentenced to in effect eight years in juvenile prison by the South Gauteng High Court, sitting in Palm Ridge, on Friday.

    Judge Geraldine Borchers imposed a sentence of 10 years, two of them suspended, and ordered that it be served in the juvenile section of the Leeuwkop prison.

    In a statement, the teenager confessed to killing Keamogetswe Sefularo on 1 March, near Randfontein, after Sefularo decided to leave a cult.

    The girl stabbed Sefularo in the chest, neck and stomach, egged on by her 19-year-old boyfriend.

    “The deceased was touching her, pleading with her and asking her why she was doing this,” Borchers said in her judgment.

    Sefularo later died of her injuries in hospital.

    Financial gain

    The court heard that the girl had hoped to gain financially from satanism.

    She believed her spirit would be able to get into key holes and into a bank where she could steal money, said Borchers.

    It was horrific that such a young person could be lured into satanism because of a desire for money, she said.

    She said nothing suggested that the girl was not in control of her actions when she killed her friend.

    “Had the accused been 10 years older, I would have imposed life imprisonment,” said Borchers.

    Outside court, Sefularo’s family wept. One woman collapsed in the corridor and wailed on the floor.


  15. The dark lord. Satan. I must say if I look at the world around me I can truly say that the devil is truly committed to his job. I’m not so sure about God though. I think he likes taking holidays often. Who knows, maybe God and the devil are the same thing. Some of the Hindu gods resemble the devil but they are not devils. They are just bringers of bad fortune. Apparantly it is suppose to help people in some way. We think of Kali, the fierce goddess with human skulls around her neck. Kali is basically the eastern version of the grim reeper. Then there is Shiva the destroyer. He is basically the Hindu version of the ANC. Ha! Ha! Ha!


      • It’s all upside down, In the beginning God worked for six days and took a rest on the seventh day. Now people pray to God on the seventh day for forgiveness for all the sins they commit the other six days. And on the first day after the seventh day they start their shit all over again.


      • What do you think of the Americans destroying 5.4 tons of elephant tusks? Someone commented that they should have glutted the market with the stockpile to drive the price down and get a temporary respite from the slaughter by making it much less profitable for the time being. But then again, Al Qaeda would probably have bought the lot cheaply and released it onto the market gradually to keep demand and supply in balance. As it stands, there are now 5.4 tons of elephant tusks out of circulation which will drive up prices.


  16. I really feel the wrath of the ANC where I live. We have been sitting without water for about two months now. The water does come on at certain parts of the day. It’s been going on like this for quite a long time now. Last month ( September) we sat without water, then I phoned a guy that works on the reservoir and he told me that this problem will be going on for the rest of the month. It is now October and it still goes on. Today we are siting without water again. This problem started in 2009. It was off for two days and then it was off another couple of times. In 2010 it was off for 3 days. And a couple of other times also during that year. So this problem has been going on for 5 years now.
    Everytime you phone to find out what the problem is, it’s a different story. The resevoirs pump is broken, a pipe burst, the resevoir burst. We can’t get answers from anybody. The DA just shrug their shoulders. The ANC is reason for the dammn problem. Are we just suppose to live like this for the rest of our lives? To make things a little easier we at least have a swimming pool. So you can carry buckets of water around to flush the toilet. Others might not be that lucky. If the water is off you can’t flush the toilet, you can’t do laundry, you can’t wash the dishes, you
    can’t wash your hands, you can’t shower, you can’t bath, you can’t brush your teeth. You can do most of it but not like when you have water, water you deserve. We live in the year 2013, and look. Pathetic!


    • Wait till it starts raining next weekend. Pipes will burst under the strain, daar sal drolle in die drinkwater wees, and …. water rations will be imposed.


    • If some bright sparks hadn’t commissioned the Spioenkop Dam way back in 1972 the whole of Ladysmith and Winterton would be stuck without water for months as well. Some not so bright sparks in the ANC municipality said the dam is too big, that’s why it takes so long to get full.


    • God wat die uiteindelike werklikheid is is vêr en vaag en ‘n illusie (in jou kop, dis daar jy hoef dit net te vind) en die heelal en materie voel onmiddelik en werklik maar wat uiteindelik die illusie is – Dualisme. Wat sou non-dualisme wees?


    • Because “God” does not exist, it’s irrelevant whether “God” is male or female or “dit”. Women hardly feature in the bible except to reproduce or be told how lucky they are to have Jesus as their saviour. No Johanna the baptist. You can deduce that the concept of God the Father is a creation of the male mind.Women have to be seen as inferior because they give life but cannot prevent death.


  17. Fundamentalist Christianity destroys marriages. Nobody is as miserable as the non-fundie married to the fundie. The fundie will often find another fundie at some crappy church and divorce the non-fundie to marry the other fundie. Fundies don’t care diddly squat about the original Christian ban on divorce. Fundie wives are the most entitled, selfish, stupid and unreasonable people on earth. If the non-fundie husand is having financial problems, the fundie wife will not pitch in and get a job to help. She will sit and moan in the church how her husband can’t afford to let her watch DSTV. She is the biggest busybody with her nose in everyone else’s private business. With no respect for anyone’s boundaries, restraining orders slide off her like water off a duck’s back. Fundie men marry women who are emotionally damaged in some way. They wind up these insecure, needy women to cause all kinds of trouble.


  18. “You can create any reality you choose and your cells are dictating what reality you will see”. . . is daar iets in die sin wat ek nie verstaan nie?


    • Those were not my own thoughts, it was an argument I found on the internet and provided a link to. Right at the top, at the beginning, I said, “I don’t know whether this is true or not.” You can arrange your life to make it comfortable for yourself. You can avoid negative people, energy vampires, thieves and jammergatte by watching out for the other guy, especially if you suspect he may be a fundie. I suppose I could have asked the painters who robbed me recently whether they are born again Christians. It turns out that they are. Two of them have fundie girfriends who believe you should give a criminal another chance – on someone else’s property. Yoko Ono to their John Lennon, screwing everything up. One way to avoid this is to rather invite Moslems to do maintenance work on your house. Moslems don’t want to convert you, they just want to do the job with a minimum of fuss, without moaning about how difficult it is to find honest help these days. They do the work themselves.

      You may wonder how my being Catholic fits into this. I tend to like Catholic priests because they are well educated in history and are interesting conversationalists. This excludes the fuckwit paedophile scaremongering hell and brimstone priests who you do of course get and who I avoid like the plague. The Franciscans next door to me are really just friendly transcendental bunny huggers who lives in picturesque buildings with fragrant well kept grounds. If you expect me to pray to a sadomasochistic image of a bloody corpse on a cross that’s another matter altogether. I suppose if my neighbours were well educated, tolerant Buddhists I would get alone with them just as well, but you don’t get tolerant Buddhists.


      • “You can avoid negative people”, where would you place “Molly”. and I know that you were not sure about what you post ( eg. Your thoughts become molecules the instant you think them) – but what do you think, you sound like a “fundie” delivering critic on every one and all institutions, what do you think do your thoughts beccome “things”?

        We could ask Savage, he gives the imprssion to be a fundie on the movements and measurments of matter, but he can’t put his neck out because it wil be like trying to explain maths to a child, or “ego” to Johann, or the word “onnatuurlik” van Mallies, or “spiritually” to an atheist. We are left on our own. What do you think, or what do you “believe”? Do thoughts become “things’. . . ?


        • “You can create any reality you choose and your cells are dictating what reality you will see”. If you don’t realise that is wishful thinking and the biggest load of crap you can only be delusional. I put up that post with a warning – to see what reaction it would provoke. You fell right into the trap. You must be the kind of guy who drives around high hijack zones at night for fun.


          • That is Mallies “triek”, playing the psuedo set up. A way of saving face, keep your ego intact the other thing he does is starting to criticize spelling and then “verwerk” everything to crap. Birds of a feather?.

            And another thing, all these critigue on how “awful” everthing and everybody is, is just your effort you try to experience who you are by contrast it with who you are not. And that is you little “pay off”.


  19. Holyshmoly I saw a documentary on the bush meat trade in Africa. It was horrible. They showed how they took a little chimpanzee from it’s mother and on the undercover camera they showed the expression on it’s little face. He was completely terrified and confused. He was probably also sad. The great apes definitely feel emotions like we do. I felt so bitterly sorry for it. It looked like it was going to cry. Nevertheless I nearly cried. Baby gorillas and chimpanzees are taken from their mothers after their mothers have been killed to eat. I wish some terrible virus comes and destroys these asshole losers who kill the chimps and gorillas. Aids comes from chimpanzees. I hope a much more terrible virus breaks out and destroys these savages who kill primates. I also see enourmous logs on the back of trucks. Those trees took a thousand years to grow that size. Im not sure if there are petitions that can be sighned to try and stop this. That all a little of the topic that you and Johan discussed.


    • There was a photo of a beautiful black baby boy on the front of the local paper a while ago. His mother had dumped him to die somewhere. He was wide eyed, shocked, as if asking, What the hell am I doing here, and how did this happen to me? His father eventually came forward to claim him as he had been afraid of getting arrested. What happened with the mother, we don’t know. Probably ran off to try to get a job as a domestic in Gauteng. People think they will be better off somewhere else, in Egoli. I have heard how they treat those maids. Those Gautengers do up their kitchens and bathrooms in pristine white which needs to be scrubbed down every day as if to cover up the traces of their own humanity. Sad.


    • The end of this story is happy in that the child will grow up with his natural father who cares for him. Of course, I don’t really know what happened to the mother. The part about the white kitchen and bathrooms is from what my tenant told me about her cousin who works in Joburg for a couple who provide for her fairly well materially but treat her like an automaton. She is expected to be on standby 24/7 and works extremely long hours when she is not banished to her lonely room, out of sight of the master and madam. She has no choice in what she eats, everything is bought for her. This is not far removed from the fundie neighbour’s wife to my right who has no car and whose husband does all the shopping, down to her utility style underwear. You never see the fundies together in a shopping mall, the husband shops and leaves his wife at home. There is no letterbox outside their house; all mail is sent to his workplace. The Stepford Wives were liberated by comparison – oh, but they were replaced by robots. Robots are expensive, so poor fundies have their Econowives who stay at home all day.


  20. Wat is ‘n ander naam vir ‘n golddigger? ‘n Vrou of course. Geld koop geluk. As jy arm is en jy is gelukkig is jy plein fokken stupid! Dis hoekom ek glo aan uthenasia. Te veel mense in die wereld 7biljoen. Kom ons laat die gaan wat will gaan. Fok, wie se loss is dit anyway?


    • I don’t see the point of a woman marrying a man who makes a habit of being flat broke if the woman is expected to surrender her financial independence which is often the case. A woman must always have some income and savings of her own. It is not all that difficult to acquire a million or so in retirement savings. Save early in your life and watch your money grow. Have an income so you can at least service your car and have some cash at hand. Most women wind up widows if they are not divorced, so they need to look after their money.


    • If you are young and poor, you can be totally happy and carefree. Possessions are a hassle. A house costs endless money to maintain, and then on top of it the people you pay to paint the place steal from you. The problem is when you get older. You don’t want to be at the whim of your landlord and move from one place to another if you can help it.

      You don’t want to be sitting on the tip of anyone else’s boot all your life. What really grinds my gears is when married men talk their working wives into cashing in their employer retirement funds so they can buy a new car or pay off the bond. Or they get divorced to get at their retirement funds. And then they have the audacity to complain about having to sit in queues at public hospitals when they are old.


  21. Does anybody know anything about rottweilers? Our rottie has a chronic ear problem. We have taken her to the vet a couple of times. He gave us stuff to throw in the rotties ear. It seems that we will have to take her so they can cut it. Apparantly there is some sort of obstruction. She is a purebred. It is basically a fungal infection. Our other rottie died about 2 years ago, she had cancer. I know hip displacement and cancer are prominent in rotties. I think this ear thing is also a rottie problem. One thing I can say about pavement special dogs is that they are healthy overall. We had one that we took to be uthenised last year end of the year. We got him in 1996. We had him at the vet twice in his life. It was a Jack Russel – Fox terrier.


    • Ear infections are more common among long eared dogs, although every dog can develop a fungal ear infection. This is because the ear flap prevents air from coming in, moisture develops and fungi which live on moisture much like mushrooms, set in. If there is an obstruction that cannot be otherwise removed, then she must undergo surgery. This is not a big deal, they will give her an anaesthetic and she will be fine. When she gets older you will in any case have to take her to the vet to have her teeth cleaned and this will also involve an anaesthetic, so you might as well get used to it.

      Keep an ear wash like Epi-Otic and wash out her ears once a week to flush out fungal infections. If she stills develops a fungal infection (I know, I sometimes forget to flush my spaniel’s ears out) then an anti fungal ointment must be applied as soon as she shows signs of infection by scratching her ears excessively. You have to keep this up twice a day for a week for the infection to clear up. You needn’t pay for a vet’s visit every times this happens, just keep a supply of medicine to hand.

      My spaniel’s ears used to drive us both nuts until I learned to deal with it. I have owned three spaniels before and none of them developed ear problems. It seems to be something that has developed more recently among all breeds of dogs. The vet explained to me that ear infections often occur in dogs with blocked anal glands. This made no sense to me until I realised that dogs lick their arses, then they lick their paws and then they scratch their ears. Ask your vet to show you how to clear anal glands. Be warned: it stinks like hell.

      By the way, a Jack Russell is so close to a fox terrier that they are practically interchangeable. They make terrific pets and live to be very, very old. Get used to your rottie. She needs love as well.


  22. And if you thought the muck from a dog’s anal glands stinks to high heaven, then you haven’t had to deal with a Christian fundamentalist lately!


  23. To elaborate: a friend of mine owns a B&B (bed met brekfis) and she sometimes refers overbookings to other B&B’s, as they do to her when they have overbookings. So this woman up the road from me runs a “Christian” bed met brekfis and she wants to know, from my first mentioned B&B friend, who lives on the other side of town and does not have a dog in this fight: why am I not a fundamentalist Christian when the whole road is full of them?

    That is the biggest load of horseshit, there are only two fundie houses of all twenty houses in this road, the one to my right, and the one on her immediate right. They are now trying to drag the neighbour directly across my neighbour’s house into this fight as a fundie sympathiser, although I have not experienced any hostilities from that quarter yet as they don’t want to know anything about this shit.

    This is really about the maintenance job I had done on the roof, facias and fence that has my immediate neighbour in a froth.

    Her house is neglected, they are too lazy to maintain it. The bed met brekfis fundie on her other side has now also given their house a facelift to keep up appearances, so now neighbour to my right is the moer in but can’t take it out on the other fundie neighbour because that would not be Christian. But she CAN skel me out – behind my back, of course – for not being a fundie. Would that be because I am not offering to pay for maintenance work on her house? Do the fundie thing and pass the hat around? If anything is tighter than a shark’s arse it’s a fundie with a collection plate.

    Bring on the burning crucifix on my front lawn, you jealous arseholes. I’m a deft hand with a molotov cocktail myself.


    • An even more enjoyable way to annoy your jealous fundie neighbour who still pushes a rake around, is to get your gardener to wave around a brand new Stihl petrol blower. For those pesky jacaranda blooms from your neighbour’s garden. This is the most expensive, but long lasting, leaf blower on the market. He will most definitely notice the brand. There’s nothing fundies do more than wind themselves up over other people’s good stuff – like Virgin Active devil woman posters.

      Make sure to use it in Sunday afternoons. Tell him the sabbath is really on Saturday, and remind him that Jesus said that the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll sell his house that he can’t maintain and move into a Christian complex. Can you imagine fundies fighting with each other in a townhouse complex?


  24. I also wondered since the bushman worshiped the moon. If the bushman lived on a planet with five moons, would they have worshiped all five. Mankind is just a type of animal who lives on a planet. If there are intelligent life on other planets they would probably also worship the moon an stars. Not knowing that what they are seeing is actually suns. The same as the sun they have. The one day I was training at gym and this old man that has been hassling me all the time started talking about how the dinosaurs didn’t really exist. I’m trying to do a leg curl and he is bothering me. People go to gym to train their muscles and he wants to stand around and talk fucking shit to me and keep me from training. People want to get rid of their frustration not become more frustrated. It’s a public place not a place to go and convince people about the fucking kak you believe. What a loser! The one time they had a poster of a woman with a devil suit on, it was an advert for Virgin active. A certain group of people then complained and said they should remove it. They actually did so. When we ask them to get us certain types of exercise equipment they refuse to. They are simply not doing their job. A gymnasiums job is to provide the public with training equipment and facilities. That’s all that they are therefore. But no when some Christian complains over something childish and absurd they immediately respond. If they claim they have a certain policy that prevents them from getting the right equipment, why the hell would they all of a sudden selectively decide that they will now respond to a customers complaint for something so absurd. That poster is there for a reason. It’s Virgin Actives poster! Ek raak sommer de moer in vir hierdie klomp christene!

    Don’t forget the ACDP. What a bunch of fucking morons! When the movie the exorcist the beginning was playing at theatres they warned the public that they should not go and watch it. The ACDP preventing parties like the DA to be even more powerful.


    • You could try to tell them to keep it for church, but that would only work with a reasonable person. If there are only 2 fundie houses among 18 other houses and a synagogue or mosque in the street, they will try to push their own agenda. I think the only way to deal with a fundie is aggression because they are extremely aggressive themselves. Tell them to fuck right off. I have threatened my immediate neighbours with a restraining order if they don’t respect boundaries. So she goes to her fundie neighbour who gossips about me to everyone who will listen to her. I have never even met the fundie neighbour two doors away from me, and neither do I want to.The fact that she talks about someone she doesn’t even know tells me enough.

      So when someone wants to talk fundie crap to you, tell them to fuck right off. If they “take the matter up with management”, tell them the old fart said he wanted to fuck you in the showers. (He probably did want to, that was his idea of foreplay.)


    • If I still smoked, I would blow smoke in the old guy’s eyes. That was fun, blowing smoke in someone’s face if they annoyed you. You could always fart when they’re around, but it’s less elegant than smoking a cigarette in a long holder and blowing smoke rings.


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