Christmas – by McBrolloks




by McBrolloks

It is the season
When we piss away reason
When some celebrate the birth
Of their very own hero

Their Jesus was born, then he had to be murdered
So that they won’t have to burn, for all of  their sin

If you believe in this tale, you will surely enjoy
All the other fables, on the Jesus resume

If you are too young to understand, don’t worry my dear
People will get you going, with all of their cheer
If this doesn’t work, there is nothing to fear
A guy named Santa, will bring you lots of nice gear
Bags full of presents, that will give you much joy
And later they’ll tell you, these presents weren’t free
That it’s all part of remembering why Jesus had died
Because Adam and Eve ate some fruit, and told god a lie
A lie that made him so…

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This proves how religion rots away morality. The Roman Catholic Church swept the child rape by their employees under the rug for a mere $43 million. Then shamed the victims in the process, surprise surprise, and has the balls to quote text from the bible to them. How the fuck can they claim to have any sense of morality, never mind the high ground. These guys are supposed to be rotting in jail, but they are not. They all got promotions while they were raping children. Decades later, they are still employed by the RCC. The victims were given a pittance for the suffering they endured. The RCC has the best lawyers and politicians money can buy working for them. That much is obvious.


Catholic priest ran 'Charlie Brown cult' to sexuall...

Hush money … the Catholic Chruch has paid $43 million to keep sex abuse secret. Source: News Limited

THE Catholic Church has admitted paying at least $43 million in hush money to victims of its paedophile priests, as the church’s barrister outraged victims yesterday by quoting from the Bible.

In some cases, victims were not even allowed to tell their husbands, wives or children about the secret settlements negotiated through the church’s controversial Towards Healing process.

The royal commission into child sex abuse was yesterday also told how a Brisbane Catholic priest, Father Frank Derriman, ran a cult-like group sexually abusing young girls and giving them all the surname Brown, borrowed from the Peanuts comic strip’s Charlie Brown.

As the church apologised for its behaviour through the commission, survivors who were abused as children in orphanages and homes, walked out of the Sydney hearing in tears when the church’s counsel, Peter Gray SC quoted from the Gospel of Mark.

“Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such of these that the kingdom of God belongs,” Mr Gray said.

Members of CLAN (Care Leavers of Australia Network) protest outside Governor Macquarie Tower / Picture: Toby Zerna

Members of CLAN (Care Leavers of Australia Network) protest outside Governor Macquarie Tower / Picture: Toby Zerna Source: News Limited

He said the church, which should have been a sacred place of children, as described in the Bible, admitted it had failed them.

With cries of “Good Lord, “What an insult” and “What a joke”, about a dozen people walked out of the commission.

“It is particularly insensitive,” said Leonie Sheedy, who along with her six siblings grew up in 26 orphanages.

“We suffered abuse and neglect as children and we really didn’t need to hear that Bible quote.”

The Catholic Church has come under the spotlight of the royal commission into instutionalised responses to child sex abuse as it looks at how the Towards Healing process worked and the role played by the church’s own Catholic Church Insurance.

It is the first time the church has been forced to reveal the extent of compensation paid to victims, although it does not include out-of-court settlements or other payments made outside the Towards Healing process.

 Trish Charter and Yvette Parr who grew up in Catholic children's homes / Picture: Toby Zerna

Trish Charter and Yvette Parr who grew up in Catholic children’s homes / Picture: Toby ZernaSource: News Limited

Counsel assisting the commission, Gail Furness SC, said that between January 1996 and September 2013, $43 million had been paid by all church authorities with the Christian Brothers the most notorious.

The second largest number of complaints were made against the Marist Brothers and then the De La Salle Brothers.

In that time, 2215 victims had approached the Towards Healing process and 1700 people went ahead with it, although not all were pursued or substantiated.

The most complaints, 43 per cent, were made against religious brothers, 21 per cent against diocesan priests and 14 per cent against religious priests. Most of the abuse happened between 1950 to 1980 in orphanages and schools.

Ms Furness said that the highest compensation was $850,000 paid to the victim of a Sydney diocese priest.

Leonie Sheedy, Trish Charter and Yvette Parr / Picture: Toby Zerna

Leonie Sheedy, Trish Charter and Yvette Parr / Picture: Toby Zerna Source: News Limited

Towards Healing, set up in 1996 to act as a way for people to tell their stories, receive pastoral care, an apology and reparation but in some cases, they had to sign a deed agreeing to keep the details secret and even promise not to make “disparaging remarks” about the church, the commission heard.

The Archbishop of Brisbane, the Rev Mark Coleridge, this month wrote to one victim, Joan Isaacs, about his disappointment that “confidentiality clauses were considered necessary at the time.”

Archbishop Coleridge is among the church hierarchy including the Bishop of Lismore, Rev Geoffrey Jarrett, former provincials of the Marist Brothers and the former Marist Brothers director for professional standards, Brother Alexis Turton, who will be giving evidence.


TEACHER Joan Isaacs yesterday claimed a Catholic priest ran a cult-like group sexually abusing young girls and gave them the surname Brown, as in Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic.

Her voice wavering, Mrs Isaacs told the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Responses to Child Sex Abuse in Sydney how one member of the Brown group had Father Frank Derriman’s baby while the priest told them that, if they loved God, it was OK to have sex with him because he was God’s representative.

. Joan Isaacs speaks to the media after she gave evidence / Picture: Toby Zerna

. Joan Isaacs speaks to the media after she gave evidence / Picture: Toby Zerna Source: News Limited

He lied that he was terminally ill and wanted to have sex before he died. During holy communion he put his fingers in her mouth.

“Frank Derriman used the Peanut comic as a platform and used the surname Brown in reference to himself, the other three children and me,” Mrs Isaacs, who was known as Junkie Brown, said.

“(He) created a cult-like group which included myself and three other children.”

The royal commission heard that, despite being convicted of indecently assaulting Mrs Isaacs and jailed, Derriman remained technically a priest and it was not until 2011 that the Archbishop of Brisbane wrote to him threatening to begin formal proceedings to have him stripped of his status.

Former priest Francis Edward Derriman.

Former priest Francis Edward Derriman.Source: News Limited

He is now married and working as a social worker in Victoria.

Her shocking evidence and bravery in speaking out drew gasps from the packed public gallery in Sydney and she left the witness box to loud applause.

The royal commission is focusing on the Catholic Church’s controversial Towards Healing process – meant to help abuse victims like Mrs Isaacs.

“There’s a time in your life when you have to stand up for what is right and that time for me is now,” Mrs Isaacs, 60, said. “I needed to be free of those chains before I died.”

She said she had felt silenced for the past 12 years after reluctantly signing a confidentiality agreement through the church’s controversial Towards Healing process for a $30,000 settlement which, after she paid legal fees, left her with enough to buy $5000 worth of Coles-Myer shares and a sewing machine.

Mrs Isaacs said she was 14 and 15 when she was abused by Derriman, who was a priest of the Archdiocese of Brisbane and chaplain of Brisbane’s Sacred Heart Sandgate in 1967 and 1968.

She said he formed the Brown family to weaken her ties with her real family and “softened” her up for sex by making her read the novel Lolita and talking about sex during confessional.

He referred to nuns “in a sexual manner” and celebrated June 25, which is the birth date of the baby who is the antichrist in the book Rosemary’s Baby, she said.

It was 30 years before she went to the police – after she became a teacher in the Archdiocese of Brisbane and found another priest, Father Ron McKeirnan, was deputy director of Catholic education. She knew he had sexually abused a number of children while a resident at Sacred Heart Presbytery.


IT was indefensible, shameful, heartbreaking and a betrayal of trust.

That is how the Catholic Church described its behaviour in dealing with the paedophiles in the church as it appeared before the royal commission for the first time yesterday.

“This is a searing and decisive moment in the history of the Catholic Church in Australia,” counsel Peter Gray SC said in an opening statement for the Truth Justice and Healing Council.

The council was formed to represent the dioceses and religious institutions within the Catholic Church before the royal commission.

Mr Gray peppered his statement with quotes from the Bible, from poets and from St Augustine.

He said that the church leaders acknowledged that some of them had put protecting the reputation of the church before the protection of children and their families and had betrayed the trust “of their own people and the expectations of the wider community”.

Religion does a lot of harm to innocent children. This article is shocking. It takes religion for a grownup to let this kind of harm come to a child. Imagine how many other children suffered through horrible curable ailments but did not die. Their suffering must have been immense, and god got the credit for them not dying. Parents like this should not be allowed to raise any children. Once you endager the lives of children with your batshit crazy beliefs, it is time to pull the plug on parenting for these idiots. Geloofspronge, so se Johann!


Fallen followers: Investigation finds 10 more dead children of faith healers

By Dan Tilkin, KATU News; Dusty Lane, Staff Published: Nov 7, 2013 at 6:31 PM PST Last Updated: Nov 8, 2013 at 9:36 AM PST
Fallen followers: Investigation finds 10 more dead children of faith healers»PLAY VIDEO
There appear to be 144 marked graves at Peaceful Valley Cemetery for children who hadn’t yet turned 18. Click on the “Play Video” button to watch both parts of Dan Tilkin’s story.

BOISE, Idaho – Peaceful Valley Cemetery sits on a windswept hill 30 miles east of Boise.

Some of The Followers of Christ faith healers bury their dead there.

The same last names appear over and again, going back decades. Some – like Beagley – are the same names you’ll see in a similar cemetery in Oregon City.

In 2010, jurors in Clackamas County convicted Jeff and Marci Beagley of letting their son Neal die of an untreated urinary tract infection.

KATU’s Dan Tilkin covered that story, as he has so many faith-healing stories. That’s why he traveled to Idaho to trace the connections between Followers members in both states, and a new trail of dead children.

A former member of the Followers of Christ advised him to go to Peaceful Valley and look for two specific names.

He found them. He found many more.

Garrett Dean Eells.

The coroner’s report says Garrett was a 6-day-old baby who died of interstitial pneumonitis. That’s pneumonia, untreated.

Jackson Scott Porter.

Jackson was a baby girl. She lived only 20 minutes. The coroner’s report said she received no pre-natal care.

Her grandfather, Mark Jerome, says she died in his house three months ago after his daughter went into labor.

“Well, when she came over, she was just sick – like a kidney infection or something like that,” Jerome said. “So she just wanted to come to the house for a couple days. And when she had the baby no one expected it, it just happened that quick.”

The coroner used the words “extreme prematurity” to describe the labor.

Jerome said he doesn’t regret the lack of pre-natal care. That gets to the heart of faith-healing.

“That’s the way we believe,” he said. “We believe in God and the way God handles the situation, the way we do things.”

Preston Bowers and Rockwell Sevy.

The Canyon County coroner believes Preston had Down’s Syndrome, and that the 2-year-old died of pneumonia.

KATU reported on his death in 2011, along with that of 14-year-old Rocky.

Rocky isn’t buried in the cemetery, but he lived nearby with his parents, Sally and Dan.

They didn’t want to talk about not getting him treatment.

“What I will talk to you about is the law,” Dan Sevy said. “I would like to remind you this country was founded on religious freedom, and on freedom in general. I would like to say, I picture freedom as a full object. It’s not like you take “a” freedom away. It’s that you chip at the entire thing. Freedom is freedom. Whenever you try to restrict any one person, then you’re chipping away at freedom. Yours and mine.”

That was that. Sevy didn’t want to talk any more about it.

“I told you I’m not going to do that,” he said. “You don’t understand the full story, and I’m not going to stand in front of a camera and give you the whole story. It’s just not going to happen. I see the way these things get edited out.

“All I see is an aggressive campaign against Christianity in general, it’s amazing to me in this day and age where Muslims get soft pedaled and Christians are under attack. It just blows my mind.”

Unfortunately, those weren’t the only names in the cemetery. There are 10 new graves that look as though they belong to children that have appeared since KATU’s last report in 2011.

Arrian Jade Granden.

Arrian was 15 years old. She ran track at Parma Middle School.

In June 2012, she got food poisoning.

She vomited so badly she ruptured her esophagus.

She slipped into unconsciousness and went into cardiac arrest.

She died.

Micah Taylor Eells.

The autopsy says Micah died of “likely an intestinal blockage.”

Micah was four days old.

None of the parents of the children who are buried at Peaceful Valley Cemetery will be prosecuted.Oregon wiped out its laws protecting faith-healers. Idaho did not.

Pamela Jade Eells.

Doctor Charles Garrison performed the autopsy on 16-year-old Pamela. She died of pneumonia.

“If you’ve ever been in a situation where you can’t breathe, it’s pretty desperate.

“You’re drowning in your own fluids.”

Watch: Raw interview with Dr. Charles Garrison:

The coroner’s report says Pamela died after a long chronic battle with an infection in her pelvic bone. 

Garrison hasn’t forgotten.

“It’s inexplicable to me to comprehend how anyone can watch a child die and do nothing,” he said.

Linda Martin has seen it before. She’s a former Followers of Christ who grew up near Boise. She left when she was a teenager, and lives in Oregon now.

She contacted KATU when she realized more children were dying. She said she is related to many of them.

She keeps their obituaries in an album.

“Everybody hears about the Oregon City trials and the Oregon City churches,” she said. “What they don’t understand is the Idaho churches are more rigid, they are unbending, and they are more ruthless then the Oregon churches are.

“It happens one at a time, and the church is so good at covering up that most people don’t even know what’s going on next door to them.”

Jerry Gardener.

Jerry was Linda’s cousin. In 1980, he died from diabetes at the age of 11.

Both Martin and Dr. Garrison are frustrated Idaho hasn’t followed Oregon’s lead.

In Idaho, you can use faith-healing as a defense when it comes to children.

In Oregon, you can’t.

Syble Rossiter.

Syble was 12 when she died in Albany, Ore., last February.

Her parents, Travis and Wenona Rossiter, face manslaughter charges.

They belong to a congregation called “Church of the First Born” in Brownsville, Ore. According to Linda Martin’s family tree and other historical sources, that church is related to the Followers of Christ.

There’s at least one significant difference between the churches: When a child dies in Idaho due to lack of medical care, the parents aren’t breaking any laws.

“The state of Idaho has the religious shield laws to where you can just about murder your child in cold blood and claim religious exemptions and get away with it,” Martin said.

So many more names.

Of the 553 marked graves at Peaceful Valley Cemetery, 144 appear to be children under 18. That’s more than 25 percent.

Those deaths happened primarily in three different counties, which are manned by three different coroners who aren’t bringing the information to the public.

Very few people had a good idea how many children were dying until now. Linda Martin started a Facebook page to keep track of them. That’s still probably not a complete reckoning.

There are four such churches in Idaho, and they don’t get along.

Followers of Christ church in Marsing, Idaho.

“Difference of opinions, difference of religion, different ideas – we follow the word for what it is, what the bible says,” said Mark Jerome, who attends the Followers of Christ Church in Marsing, Idaho.

Followers members use at least two more cemeteries.

The caretaker at Star Cemetery in Star, Idaho said a Followers member recently showed up saying he needed to bury a baby. The baby was in the back seat of his car. The caretaker said he made the church member get a death certificate before he buried the child.

A spokesman for Idaho Governor Butch Otter asked to see the results of this investigation.

The state recently put together a child death review team, which will likely be looking at faith-healing deaths soon.

No significant move to change the laws is underway.