Religion will make you hate your own children.


This is from the Facebook page of someone I know personally.

This crazy bitch is extremely religious, and always has been. She is the biggest snob in the world. Turns out her daughter is gay. I know her well. Great girl! She got married last week, to another girl, and they are blissfully happy.

Her mother not so much. This is what her own mother posted on Facebook:

Dit is so bitter hartseer dat kondisionering maak dat hierdie tipe gedrag as natuurlik beskou wat nie die waarheid is nie. Hoe meer mens “aanvaar” en mooi woordjies bak, speel ons in die duiwel se hand.
Elke keer wat homoseksuele voor kinders hul soene en drukke uitdeel, verkrag hul elke kind en ander person wat daarna moet kyk.
Meneer die openbare persoon wat sing en so baie op RSG is, vertel hoe lief hy kinders het, maar verkondig andersins van die verhoog af sy homoseksualigteit????? Is dit omgee vir kinders? Om hul koppe deurmekaar te maak en te kondisioneer?
Dit is n uiters klein % van mense wat homoseksualiteit verklaar en wil uitleef, wat werklik so gebore is. Vir hul het ek baie empatie en respek as hul respek vir die Here en mense om hul het.
Vir die meerderheid ander is dit aangeleerde gedrag omdat hul iewers in die lewe gemolesteer is of verkeerde rolmodelle gehad het of gekonsidioneer is deur in die pubs rond te hand en dit te aanskou en later te dink dit is maar reg en normaal.
Kom ons raak pro-adtief en aktiviste om ons geliefde kinders van hierdie wereldse leunagtige gier te vrywaar.


Now how can this be? The answer is: “Religion of course!”


6 thoughts on “Religion will make you hate your own children.

  1. Well, one good outcome is that the daughter won’t be bothered by her mother anymore. If her mother does bother her, she can take out a restraining order and wish the bitch all the best in hell. If you have the bad luck to have a mother like that then you have to make a clean break. Worst scenario is that the old bitch festers around like a decaying tooth.

    Would you believe, the bitch next door, married to the disgusting flasher and “standing up for Jesus” Angus Buchan groupie, is friends with another horrible old hag who sent Casper de Vries an e-mail: “Casper sal kry wat hom toekom! My God laat hom nie beledig nie!” Name of Lettie Munnik of the metropolis of Paulpietersburg. These people are gromming and gissing all because I am not of their Konserwatiewe Afrikaanse Christen (KAC) geloof. These horrible zombies all over the dorpies of South Africa have nothing to do but twitch their curtains and talk kak about people they don’t even know. I am waiting for them to call me a witch because that’s a crime according to the Suppression of Witchcraft Act of 1957. The boere knew witchcraft was ‘n klomp kak way back then already but that you could cause a hell of a lot of grief by calling someone a witch. A pity the boere haven’t legislated that KAC is also ‘n klomp kak. But that would leave the Lettie Munniks of the platteland with nothing to do all day.


  2. This story, and so many similar ones, are incredibly sad. It is not easy to imagine discarding a child for whatever reason. But to discard a child as a result of a doctrine that was concocted by a tribe of goat herders, is totally beyond me. These godbots are happy to accept the results of science discoveries, such as electricity, radio, and many more, but when scientific findings point to a genetic factor in being homosexual, science is thrown out the window. Religion is the most evil invention of humankind. McBrolloks is right: It totally rots the mind.


    • There are of course a whole array of expectations that are frustrated when one’s son or daughter is gay. Number one is no grandchildren. Your line vanishes. I would think that would be even harder for an atheist to accept than a believer. If it’s your daughter, she will be forced to work for a living for the rest of her life. That would all be very well in an equal society, but most women don’t live in Iceland, Finland, Norway or Sweden. Women are forced to live longer on their smaller provision for retirement. Gay men have it better financially, but they can become lonely and vulnerable in old age without familial networks.

      But relationships between straight people aren’t a bed of roses either. If you marry someone outside your gene pool you are bound to get some innate hostility between spouses because of genetic differences. So: marry someone who looks like you and thinks like you. Taking genetic competition to extremes: why do so many children get murdered by their stepfathers? Probably for similar reasons that women get beaten up by their husbands, but the biological children are spared. Anyone for incest?

      I think we are heading for major shit storms if gay people are allowed to adopt non-related children, but this has absolutely nothing to do with religion.


    • More proof that religion rots the mind and, once the rot sets in, the religious get sicker than others

      Are Your Religious Beliefs Affected by Mania?

      SunburstA reader says: “I was manic a few months back, and I had many weird and strange beliefs. One was it was the end of the world, another that the moon was going to fall, and another it was the rapture and Jesus was coming. I really believed in them all, and now since I’m back to earth and reality, I am really confused about everything I’ve been taught in church. Has anyone felt as I did, leading to confusion about what you’ve been taught?”
      One of the possible symptoms of mania is increased religious zeal and/or involvement. One study of patients with schizophrenia found that 24% of the subjects had religious delusions, and those that did appeared to be more severely ill than those who did not. Another study found that one-third of patients with psychosis, including patients with bipolar disorder, had religious delusions. Still another concluded, “Religious delusion is among the central symptoms of severe psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective, and bipolar disorder at the acute phase.”

      So if you’ve had a religious experience during mania, you’re not alone. Did you, like the reader above, find yourself confused about your beliefs afterward?


  3. Religious Maniac Faces 20 Years For Murdering Baby

    PHILIPSBURG — Witnessed by family members, among them the parents of the deceased infant, the Court handled on Wednesday the case against D.D.LeB. (26) accused of the killing of the two-month-old baby on April 2.
    After the hearing, which revealed many gruesome details of the murder, Prosecutor Karola van Nie requested that the Court sentence the Dominican defendant to 20 years and hospital detention.

    The baby, identified as Mark Anthony Reid Jr., was found dead in the middle of Middle Region Road after LeB. had snatched him from his home, swinging him recklessly and finally dropping him on the ground.

    A police patrol unit was sent to Basseterre Drive for a home break-in around 11:30pm that night. On arrival the officers learned that the defendant had fled the scene, possibly in a vehicle.

    They immediately went to Middle Region Road, from which a loud sound had come, and found a white Toyota vehicle that had struck and destroyed a concrete wall of a house on that road next to a supermarket.

    During the investigation of the traffic accident the police saw a man approaching them who possibly was the driver of the vehicle. The officers also saw that this man was carrying something in his hand, but because of the darkness they could not identify what this object was.

    The object turned out to be the baby, who already was not showing any signs of life. The officers struggled to subdue the man and paramedics arrived on the scene. The baby’s death was pronounced by Dr. Douglas and his body was confiscated for further investigation.


    LeB.’s rampage that night had begun at Defiance Haven Night Club, where he had destroyed a fence.

    Both the defendant and the baby’s father were employed by Sheriff Security, but it was established this was pure coincidence. The defendant did not know the infant or his family member.

    The former employee of Sheriff Security provided the Court with a very detailed statement about what had transpired that night leading up to the incident, but his statement about what exactly had happened inside the baby’s house remained sketchy.

    The defendant, who occasionally let out deep sighs, told Judge Koos van de Ven he had received instructions from God to enter the baby’s house and kill it because it was evil.

    He said he had broken the front door of the house to enter. He said God had told him to take an apple and apple juice from the refrigerator and give it to the baby. He said he had put a piece of apple in the baby’s mouth as he had been told to do and had taken the baby from the bedroom, holding him by the leg, and had taken him outside, where he was arrested.

    The defendant had told a Judge of Instruction on April 5 that he had shown an interest in the Bible and had become a Christian and needed to be anointed.

    “God told me the baby was evil. I had to kill it or else my life would never be right. I stifled the baby. I killed the baby,” he said.

    The child’s mother saw the bare-chested intruder breaking into her darkened house. She hid herself in the bathroom, watching the intruder by the light of the television. She could see him, but he could not see her, as she was obscured by the bathroom curtain.


    He repeatedly muttered “999.” In numerology the number 999 is considered extremely powerful in its symbolism because numerologists believe it combines energies of beginnings and evolution with the sacred power of ancient creation.

    After LeB. entered the bedroom in which the baby was sleeping, the mother managed to leave her house. She called for help with the landlady, but could not prevent the violent attack on her screaming child. She heard loud noises coming from the house as though things were being destroyed.

    Asked by the Judge why the Creator of life and love would have asked him to kill a baby, LeB. said he had felt he was trapped.

    Many traces of violence were found inside the house, such as pieces of broken glass, traces of blood and brain tissue. The defendant claimed he did not know anything about this. He said he had been smoking marijuana and had been drinking “half a glass” that night.

    “I didn’t want to end the baby’s life; I wanted to end the night. I don’t know what happened. It was not normal [what I was doing – Ed.],” he said. But later he admitted he had gone into the house. “Yes, and God told me to drop the baby.”

    The baby-and-child pathologist’s report cited a number of injuries, among which were broken ribs and collarbone, a fractured skull and jawbone. The baby died of brain damage, general damage to the organs and loss of blood caused by violence.

    A psychiatrist diagnosed the defendant, who comes from a family with a history of psychotic disorders, with paranoid schizophrenia. The psychiatrist said the defendant was suffering delusions of a morbid origin and hallucinatory experiences. Because of his mental disease the defendant was to be held less accountable for his acts, the psychiatrist stated. He recommended treatment and medication.


    Prosecutor van Nie described the approximately 15 minutes during which the defendant had been inside the house as a “nightmare.” She said the well-fed and perfectly healthy baby had died of severe violence to the head and body.

    “The child was thrown on the tiled floor or was hit against the wall. The baby was killed by the defendant in a gruesome and violent way. He was also smashed in the alley and in front of the police,” the Prosecutor said.

    She charged the defendant with murder, stating he had deliberately killed the baby “as instructed by God.”

    The defendant has been residing in St. Maarten since 2003. He had been working at Sheriff Security for eight years, but had quit his job three days before the incident.

    “Religious grounds were his only motive,” the Prosecutor said, holding the “delusional, paranoid and schizophrenic” defendant to be of diminished responsibility and less accountable for his acts.

    Walking time bomb

    Van Nie described the defendant as a “walking time bomb on his way to a psychosis” and pointed at the fact that he had never sought help for his mental problems and had refused treatment and medication during his pre-trial detention.

    “The defendant took a precious life,” the Prosecutor said, also pointing at the immense grief imposed on the baby’s parents. “We now have life sentences,” the baby’s father had told the Prosecutor. Both parents are suffering from psychological problems and have sleeping deficiencies.

    In her client’s defence, attorney-at-law Shaira Bommel pointed at his severe mental disturbances and lesser accountability. She said his psychosis had influenced his acts and had limited his freedom of choice. “His morbid disorder explains the excessive violence exerted in this case,” the lawyer stated in recommending treatment in a forensic hospital.


  4. This is the part that gets me the most about this racket, the unacceptable story that sinning is normal, and that if you have prayed to God to forgive you, everyone else – especially the victims of your crimes – should shout hallelujah! for you so you can do the same shit all over again.

    Christian Forgiveness: It’s a Bug, Not a Feature

    Yesterday, I briefly highlighted three cases of ex-convicts who got jobs as Christian pastors. The trust of their flock was the only protective cloak they needed to rape and murder again; so rape and murder they did.

    In the case of Michigan pastor John D. White, who killed a young woman and is believed to have had sex with her dead body, the congregation that hired him knew he had a rap sheet full of violence. But White had embraced Jesus. No more was needed. His conversion and ordainment quelled all suspicion, worry, or second thought. An actual minister would never do anything truly bad, would he?

    Forgiveness is always available from God — damn the consequences.
    Christians think of redemption as a feature of their faith. But what if it’s a bug?

    To the Almighty, nothing is unforgivable. Let that sink in. Nothing. You can be a genocidal maniac who eats crushed-up infants on toast during snack time… and still go to heaven if you eventually repent.

    Which is pretty much exactly the career path chosen by Joshua Milton Blahyi, a Liberian pyscho-warlord-turned-preacher who’s known as General Butt Naked (yeah, for real). Some people call him “the most evil man in the world.” He started his career at age 11 by sacrificing small children to his tribal God: With the help of his followers, he would unclothe them, ritually kill them, and share their flesh during a days-long feast.

    In the early 1990s, he transformed himself into a fighter for the government of Roosevelt Johnson. Blahyi quickly built on his reputation as a ruthless killing machine, earning his peculiar nickname because he and his boy soldiers, hopped up on coke, would storm into battle without wearing anything except for combat boots and weapons; they believed their bare skin magically deflected enemy bullets.

    General Butt Naked says he personally took about 20,000 lives, many by decapitation. He and his soldiers would often play soccer with the severed heads.

    But none of the bloodshed and depravation matters. If any of the rapes, murders, mutilations, or acts of cannibalism ever weighed on the general’s conscience, they don’t anymore. Because today, Joshua Blahyi is a Christian. After bathing in blood for decades, and having “nightly conversations with the devil,” he had an epiphany. He saw Jesus. And the Lord Christ, having died on the cross for sins even as unimaginable as Blahyi’s, forgave him.

    That’s God and his Son for you. They are literally in the forgiveness business, and the desired result is all but guaranteed almost as soon as you ask for it and declare your allegiance to the Darling Duo. Easy-peasy.
    Now General Butt Naked is fully clothed and preaching the gospel, driving around town in a red Mercedes with an improvised vanity plate that says “Be Holy.”

    Isn’t that miraculous?

    This cavalier attitude toward guilt and consequences is everywhere in Christianity. For instance, did you know that con man and whoremonger Rev. Jimmy Swaggart has been making a comeback? After the extent of his shenanigans came to light in 1988, and when blubbering on TV didn’t help, the erstwhile televangelist seemed destined for the same trash heap of history where his equally corrupt rivals Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker ended up. Well, the Lord has blessed Swaggart (rhymes with Haggard) once again. The now-white-haired itinerant preacher draws crowds everywhere he goes.
    [I]n August, he’s scheduled to make a rare crusade appearance in Niagara Falls as part of “Field of Miracles, the Return,” a three-day event in Sal Maglie Stadium sponsored by the Joshua Revolution and a host of area churches. Organizers of the event say they believe God is using Swaggart to spread a message of hope, forgiveness and restoration in a city with desperate needs. … [They] are hoping for at least 10,000 people to attend the event.

    Culpability and shame are washed away with such startling effortlessness in Christianity, it makes me despair sometimes. Evildoers are habitually excused with lines like ”He was possessed by Satan, so it’s not his fault.” The other, only slightly longer path to redemption is for the sinner (let’s say, Pastor Geronimo Aguilar) to claim to have a weakness; and because of his failure to pass the test from God — to which the proper response is a show of remorse, spiced with a dash of humility and a crocodile tear or two — he ends up coming out … a better Christian.

    Just imagine if that’s how it worked in schools — that by flunking, for instance, a math test, you can automatically claim to have become better at math.

    It appears to me that these teflon pastors are just like that — and just like the Atlanta street criminals from this study, who seemed to go out of their way to reconcile their belief in God with their serious predatory offending. They frequently employed elaborate and creative rationalizations in the process and actively exploit religious doctrine to justify their crimes.
    (I wrote more about it here, fleshing out the possibility that a belief in a sin-absolving Jesus makes it easier for people to offend and re-offend.)

    Atheists and agnostics have no confessor or savior to wash away their sins. If they mess up, it’s on them. If they possess even an ounce of conscience, their missteps will haunt them. Their guilt will gnaw at them. No shortcuts to (self-)forgiveness exist. They can’t go to church to pray and tell their chosen deity’s offspring how sorry they are, and then walk out secure in the knowledge that the Master of the Heavens has already forgiven them. They are responsible for what they did.

    That’s a good thing, because it’s a very powerful preventative.

    As unlikely as it may sound to the religious, not believing in an understanding, magnanimous god may be a big part of what keeps atheists on the straight and narrow.

    And if you don’t believe that, I forgive you.


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