Knowledge is like acid on the dogma of religion. It exposes religion for what it is, man made idols with batshit crazy ideas and ideology that can’t even get the basic principles of human rights correct.

April 21, 2014 1:19 PM ET


America is less religious than ever before. The number of Americans who reported no religious affiliation has been growing rapidly, doubling since 1990. That kind of rapid change matches another societal trend — growth in Internet use. The percentage of Americans who say they used the Internet went from nearly zero in 1990 to 87 percent this year. Now, a detailed data analysis finds the two trends aren’t just related, but that wider Internet use may actually be leading us to lose our religion.

Knowing that correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, computer scientist Allen Downey, who teaches at Massachusetts’ Olin College of Engineering, set out to further analyze religious disaffiliation.

His statistical analysis asked which variables were factors in our religious disaffiliation, and to what degree. The model found a causal relationship among three factors — a drop in religious upbringing, an increase in college-level education and the increase in Internet use — that together explain about 50 percent of the drop in religious affiliation. Of those, increased Internet use alone can account for about 20 percent of the decline.

The technique Downey used to establish causality is a form of statistical modeling called logistic regression, which lets you look at multiple variables and find which ones are predictive. Downey ran a regression controlling for all the other possible explanations of the religious affiliation drop (like income, home region) and wound up with notably strong associations among the three factors of upbringing, education and Internet use.

The MIT Technology Review dives deeper:

“There is another possibility, of course: that a third unidentified factor causes both increased Internet use and religious disaffiliation. But Downey discounts this possibility. …

“If this third factor exists, it must have specific characteristics. It would have to be something new that was increasing in prevalence during the 1990s and 2000s, just like the Internet. ‘It is hard to imagine what that factor might be,’ says Downey.

“That leaves him in little doubt that his conclusion is reasonable. ‘Internet use decreases the chance of religious affiliation,’ he says.”

The responses to his conclusion have ranged, Downey tells NPR, from “Well, duh,” to outright dismissal.

“So far I haven’t seen anything that is a serious contradiction,” Downey says. And he reminds us that while the three factors of education, upbringing and the Internet can explain only half the drop in religious affiliation, no single factors explain the other 50 percent of the drop.

“So the challenge now is, great, show me the data to prove other associations,” Downey says.

As for what this drop means for the future, Downey predicts the most likely changes between now and 2040 are that the percentage of people without a religious preference reach 25 percent. More predictions based on his data analysis are on Downey’s blog.


88 thoughts on “Knowledge is like acid on the dogma of religion. It exposes religion for what it is, man made idols with batshit crazy ideas and ideology that can’t even get the basic principles of human rights correct.

  1. More and more people are seeing the light. I find it astonishing how many people are closet atheists. They go through the (religion) motions to keep the wife and community happy and in check. They simply do not have the guts to speak out and confront the local dominee on perfectly sensible and justifiable questions/topics. However, can one really blame them? The comments of some of the godiots that post here serve as sufficient proof of the general intolerance of the religious community. In their eyes, the posing of justified questions is sinful. As my dominee told me at the age of 17 – “you must believe like a child” – finish and klaar.

    But, fortunately there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. That light is called knowledge. It is indeed the enemy of religion. The corners in which religion can hide are getting smaller by the day. In the end, only the extremely stupid and uneducated will cling to this farcical concept.


  2. “… to keep the wife and community happy and in check.” There you have it, they do it to keep others in check! Question is, how do you keep stupid people in check without threats of punishment? I just had to “retrench” a maid I caught stealing. The amazed expression the maid had on her face when the bed linen and the cake mix went missing. Jesus must have helped himself when nobody was looking? I sometimes hire god fearing people in the hope that “Thou shalt not steal” might have rubbed off on them. The problem is that most self confessed Christians seldom see the inside of a church. They don’t adhere to the moral codes that kept Christianity respectable. These days they get their ideas from televangelists bragging about their loads and loads of free stuff. The old brainwashing was much better. Omo keeps my innocent soul white and the tokoloshe away, said the god fearing mad.


    • Ugh, I hate having to dismiss someone. I felt it for months, a negative energy directed at me without being able to pinpoint it. I had nightmares about someone trying to get at me, someone jealous of me who wanted to do me harm. I can pick up on a person’s thoughts when they think I can’t, but sometimes I prefer to block it out. Evolution is not about survival of the fittest, it is about adaptation. So is being able to sniff out a person’s intentions. I could have ended up with a fucking axe in my head from that bitch’s husband or brother. And for what? Absolutely nothing other than blood lust.


  3. Wanneer klim die ou bliksem nou uit van waar hy wegkruip. Hy speel ‘n moerse wegkruiperkie game. God! god! Waar is jy? Jy kan nou maar uitkom. Ons almal dink jy is ‘n fokken douchebag! Kom wys nou vir ons waar is jy. Nog steeds stilte. Niks nie, die groot niks.


    • Adriaan, what is actually wrong with you? I saw a movie the other day about a guy who had a non-malignant growth on his brain that caused him to lose his memory, develop severe schizophrenic symptoms and land up on the street. Years after his wife had divorced him in his absence, doctors removed the growth. He suddenly remembered who he was but had no memory of what had happened to him.

      Sometimes people need to believe in a higher power to get them through their struggles. Alcoholics Anonymous do this with great success. It doesn’t matter what higher power you believe in, it could be your spirit, your own soul that you need to get in touch with. And no Johann, I don’t know what the spirit or soul is, but I would think that it is internal, that it is within a person. There is no objective merit in howling at the moon, but sometimes it has a subjective therapeutic value.


      • I am being sarcastic. Ive explained to you what is wrong with me ( I have a personality disorder and depression) why do you ask me that question? What is wrong with Johann? What is wrong with you Shmoly? You clearly have underlying problems also. Few of the other bloggers mentioned it. It is senseless to believe in something that doesn’t exist or even if it did it is completely irrelevant. Yes rather tell me what is wrong with Johann?


        • You didn’t say before what is wrong with you, other than that you said you thought you were the biggest doos under the sun. Personality disorders go hand in hand with depression. Cognitive therapy would help. Crying “God god, kom uit, jou fokken doos” achieves nothing.


        • If your current personality does not work for you, why not create another one? Seriously. Try NOT being yourself. Try being someone totally different! People reinvent themselves all the time. It’s not a big deal.


          • That is crap advice. You are over simplifying things by saying that. I never said Im a doos. Your talking complete and utter shit! I used God god kom uit because it is contributing to the site. This is the second time I right something relevant to the blog and you start being a fucking cunt with me. What is your fucking problem smholy? Your a fucking doos! Fuck you! You tell Verifanie he/she should stop picking on you but look what you are doing troll! Don’t put words in my mouth. Im starting to think your a closet Christian.


            • Md Mac is bekend daarvoor dat hy die woorde “so mal soos ‘n haas” gebruik, ek het nog nooit ‘n mal haas gesien nie, so ek kan nie mooi verstaan wat dit beteken nie, maar as ek so na Adriaan se “gees” agter sy woorde luister begin ek ‘n konsep daarvan te vorm.


            • Well you know what Jesus said, love others as you love yourself, which is logical. You hate everybody because you hate yourself. What’s not to understand there. Jesus said you must use what is given to you, even if it is only one talent, you must not waste it. I think Jesus was cool, but I just don’t care for religion. What’s not to understand there?

              If you’re financially dependent on your father and you fight with him because he is a believer, don’t be surprised if he eventually loses patience and kicks you out into the street. As Verifanie correctly said, you can be an atheist and still be an arsehole. A broke arsehole without a roof over his head is not the way to go.


      • Molly ek weet ook nie wat die siel en die gees is nie, en ek weet ook nie wat die doel daarvan is nie, maar algemeen konsensus dat die “siel” bestaan uit drie waarneembare verskynsels in die natuur. Dis die menselike wil, psige (mind) en emosies, niks snaaks omtrent dit nie. Dis waarna verwys word as die siel.
        Die siel verskil heeltemal van die liggaam, alhoewel hulle afhanklik van mekaar is, of kan wees.
        Die “gees” wat weer totaal verskil van die “siel” het weer diepgewortelde “kennis” wat agter alles is en saam met hierdie woorde van my uit gestuur word. Oor die algemeen bestaan die “gees” uit gewete (con-science), intuition en vermoë om met die geestelike werklikheid te kommunikeer.

        Om die verskynsels van mekaar te onderskei is nie maklik as mens nie bewustelik deur die lewe gaan nie en die “mind” is baie slim en slaap nie.


        • Dis nou natuurlik jou manier van daarna kyk. Die menslikke brein is hopeloos te complex om net ‘n paar Freudian teorie te probeer gebruik om menslikke gedrag te verklaar. Die menslikke brein is die enigste organ wat so slim is dat dit instaat is om van ditself te weet. Daar kan baie fout gaan. Ek moet se ek vind dat mense sukkel om my sarkasme altyd te verstaan. Ten minste het ek ‘n sin vir humor, wat gelukkig ‘n goeie teken is.


        • When you go into a state of deep meditation the soul connects with the unlimited consciousness and you experience the unlimited bliss that you are part of. And then the ego jumps in and starts asking questions, “How can this be? What’s happening? What? What? What?” and you come out of this delightful state with a bump. But you know you can always go back there.

          When I was a child my favourite story was about a little girl who had a kite that made the most fantastic journeys and had the most wonderful travels but the little girl was holding the kite on a string so that the kite would always come back.


    • Verbaas jy het al by die “groot stilte” uitgekom, of soos jy dit noem die “groot niks” (het jy weer of al “Never ending story” gekyk?) Dit is nie niks nie (om daar uit te kom nie) dis amper soos om van die eerste mense te wees wat hul refleksie “erken” het in ‘n waterpoel. Gaan dikwels soontoe tot jy “ondek” dat dit wat daar buite is, is wat dit is, maar wat “binne” aangaan is ‘n heel ander storie. Anders gestel as jy by die groot niks uitgekom het dan moet jy weet jy kan nie verder op daai pad loop nie, dis tyd om van rigting te verander.



        Daar was eens ‘n godioot,
        met ‘n gewoonte so simpel:
        Elke tweede woord wat hy skryf,
        is met aanhalingstekens bewimpel.
        Dis die “lewe” daar en die “lig “ hier.
        Dit laat my gryp,
        na die naaste bier.

        Hoekom nie die tekens laat vaar,
        indien dit geen doel dien,
        behalwe om iederelk te vernaar?
        Maar die aap het ‘n dikke vel,
        en verkondig met zero bewyse,
        oor die bestaan van “hemel” en “hel”.
        Sy gotte is almagtig,
        en o-so donners kragtig,
        maar nie magtig genoeg,
        om Johannie te help,
        met sy blinde gegorrel en geswoeg.

        Wat beteken die vele “..” nou eintlik?
        Dat ons dit “oop” kan vertolk?
        “Letterlik” of “figuurlik” of watookal?
        Of perdalks is die ware rede,
        dat Johannie die skyn wil voorhou van ‘n intellektueel,
        om op te maak vir tekort aan grysstof,
        en sodoende sy ego te streel?

        Ek vermoed dis laasgenoemde rede,
        wat Johannie in aanhalingstekens laat skryf,
        Wetenskap te moeilik vir hom,
        so al wat oorbly, Is ‘n godiotiese gekyf.
        (in “aanhalingstekens”)


      • Hey Johann, I told you about my jewellery that was stolen last year by two of the workers who were supposed to be painting the roof here. Well the main skelm can’t get any work, he has been cast out. He’s being hanging around the house of the handyman who fixed up the roof after he left it in a shocking state with loose nails and tiles pulled up and wat nog, looking for what he can steal from that guy’s house. But he has switched over to meths from drugs because he is so broke. He won’t live long on meths and he is also about to be moered solid by the handyman. I have asked the town coroner to watch out for his corpse in the morgue so I can obtain the hands in exchange for a small donation to his widow who is on the bones of her wicked arse herself. The bones can be coated in resin and restrung together as a hand-some display unit for my new jewellery. Creativity is such fun.


        • I think the Muslim in the video below is totally reasonable. If people get their hands chopped off for stealing there won’t be many people in prison and there won’t be many hands chopped off either. Nothing to do with religion. Just common sense.


            • Usually, but not always. The meths riddled piece of shit who stole my gold jewellery AND fucked up my roof was a white guy. And then the white guy in charge of him threatened to take me to court for not paying them, wtf? So I told him straight, it will cost me R5k to see the whole fucking lot of you gang raped with your throats slit into the bargain, so fuck off out of my life.


  4. Die internet is ‘n euwel in die oë van die gelowiges. Soos Wole Soyinka tereg skryf:
    “Books and all forms of writing are terror to those who wish to suppress the truth.”

    En Anna Quindien:
    “Ideas are only lethal if you suppress and don’t discuss them. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s stupid. Banning books shows you don’t trust your kids to think and you don’t trust yourself to be able to talk to them.”

    Dink aan Connie Mulder wat Brink se “Kennis van de Aand” veban het en hoogdrawend op die koerant se voorblad geposeer het met die veklaring: “My seun sal nie hierdie boek lees nie.” En kyk net hoe tree die seun vandag op.


  5. Holy,
    Sorry but I have to jump in here and defend Adriaan, against the shit you are sprouting. Your ignorance about the human condition is appalling. I can now see clearly just how totally disconnected you are from your real self.

    You are indeed a mental case. You live entirely in your head. You have all these crazy ideas. How the fuck can you tell someone to simply “change his personality”…..???? Fuck! Are you beyond stupid?

    It tells me that you are a psychotic liar. You actually are living a lie every minute of your life. At least Adriaan is being honest about the way he feels and tells it like it is. He is grappling with himself and trying to find an answer, although sadly he is looking in all the wrong places.

    Gaan probeer om vir jou die volgende boeke in die hande te kry. Probeer Amazon.

    Arthur Janov Prisoners of Pain

    Arthur Janov The New Primal Scream

    Arthur Janov Enigeen van sy boeke

    Alice Miller Enigeen van haar boeke

    Jean Liedloff The Continuum Concept.

    A. S. Neill Summerhill

    Of……Google Arthur Janov by

    Of……Google Alice Miller

    In hierdie boeke sal jy lees hoe jy opgefok was deur ouers wat jou nie toegelaat het om jouself te wees nie, deur te preek of te bliksem of te haat of the skree of te ignoreer of te beledig, ens. Selfs as ‘n baba of fetus kon jy beskadig gewees het.

    Daar sit Pyn, baie baie pyn in jou hele liggaam, in elke sel van jou totale wese. Dit is eina wat nooit uitgehuil of uitgeskreeu was nie. Vir ‘n kind om erge woede te kan toon, is baie belangrik, maar onnosle en bang ouers kan
    dit nie toelaat nie.

    En, soos jy nou doen, hou aan om jou nie te steur en nie die kak te vat wat
    kom van die onnosele Schmoly nie.


    • Fanie jy sit soos ‘n kat op ‘n tak en wag net om op Molly te “spring”, het sy iets aan jou gedoen of jou fondasies gerattel?, jy glo inlkegeval net wat jy wil, waarom is dit so belangrik dat ander nie dit waarin en waaraan jy glo moet “afskiet” nie of veroorsaak dit twyvel in “geloof”?
      Molly het ‘n baie sagte plek vir Adriaan en sy probeer hom moederlik beskerm teen, . . . wel teen homself al sien hy dit nie so nie. Soos ek dit sien is Adriaan se pa die groot stressor in sy psige, sy pa is suksesvol en Adriaan het die “cop out” gedoen toe dit vir hom net te veel was om die mas op te kom teenoor sy pa. Nou soek hy ‘n blaampaal om sy besluit te regverdig.
      En jy verkondig tog dat jy van “insanity” na “sanity” verander het en volgens wat ek kon aflei het dit oor ‘n lang tydperk gebeur, verkondig jy dan dat dit net oor ‘n lang tydperk kan gebeur of kan dit ook in ‘n kort tyd gebeur?.
      Adriaan kan onmiddelik verander al is dit ook hoe subtiel as hy net die besluit wil neem.


      • Johannie, ek wil eerlikwaar weet: Hoekom skryf jy die woorde “spring”, “afskiet”, “geloof”, ens in aanhalingstekens? Probeer jy hierdeur ‘n figuurlike interpretasie oordra? ‘n Eenvoudig antwoord sal op prys gestel word.


        • Well I think I can give a partial answer to that. Fanie cannot literally jump me so he would like to do so figuratively. Some sad old sack who can’t get joy out of internet dating sites anymore because he’s too obvious.


        • Malherbe, Johannie en sy aanhalingstekens laat my dink aan ‘n personeelbeampte wat ek saam mee gewerk het lank terug. Terwyl hy gepraat het, het die ou kort-kort sy twee hande opgelig en so oog-hoogte sy wys- en middelvingers twee keer gebuig om nou te demonstreer dat die word wat hy nou-net gesê het, in aanhalingstekens is. Ek vra hom toe wat dit beteken. Hy sê toe dit beteken dat die woord op verskillende maniere geïnterpreteer kan word. Nou met personeel aangeleenthede selfs in die 80s was verskillende interpretasies van werkdissipline (en so meer) vir die arbeidsmag dinamiet om jou mee te skiet. Seker onnodig om te sê die ou het ook nie ver gevorder op die hiërargie leer nie.

          Waar sit jy op Jesus se leer, Johannie, of weet Jesus wat jou aanhalingstekens beteken?


          • You have to be a really pedantic semanticologist with the irony of sawdust to pounce on Johann’s use of quotation marks to emphasise figurative words.


    • Verifanie, you are saying that Adriaan who is in his early thirties, must spend another thirty years blaming his parents for being “opgefok” or else he is living a lie? How constructive a life would that be?


    • Verifanie, you have told us that you have been an aircraft technician, a ballroom dancing instructor and have bedded as many women as Mick Jagger. The comparison with Mick Jagger gives away your age and also your infantile, narcissistic values at your ripe old age. You operate at a visceral level, like a reptile. You haven’t even made it to a cognitive functioning state yet, let alone to any state of wisdom. You beat on Janov’s drum as if your life depended on it, but you don’t give any advice that demonstrates life experience and how to practically apply the benefits of life experience. You find me a very threatening woman because I am not taken in by your infantile rants. There are women in this world who will go to bed with a man because he cries like a baby and they feel sorry for him. I have never been one of these women.


  6. Wat julle almal ook mis gekyk het is dat Adriaan by die groot “niks” uitgekom het en niemand weet wat dit is nie? Dis ‘n mylpaal in alle mense se lewens, al mag dit verskillend ervaar word, is hier niemand wat die belangrikheid daarvan insien nie. . . .?


  7. Ek neem aan daai verandering behels ‘n geloofsprong. Johann ek is groot en uitgevreet genoeg om vir myself op te staan. Ek dink verifanie se wat op sy/haar hart is. Ek begin waarlik waar te dink dat jy hierdie site bitter persoonlik opvat. Onthou hier word gereeld klappe uitgedeel. Ons almal het al ene gekry. Niemand is aan niemand se kant nie. Ons weet nie een hoe lyk die ander nie en weet niks van die ander persone af nie. Ek dink alhoewel dat almal hier ‘n mate van bitterheid en teleurstelling ervaar. Party net meer as ander.


    • The geloofsprong has to be about what you believe to be true about yourself. You need to love yourself 100%, to want everything that is wonderful and great for yourself. Once you get to that point you start seeing wonderful, great things outside yourself.


  8. Johann,
    Ekdink jy en Schmoly moet julle eie “love jesus” kerk begin. sy kan almal vertel hoe hulle liewe jesus se kak moet volg, en jy kan op die preekstoel gaan met jou Freud en ander “sielkundige” maagwerksels van die siel en gees en ander kak wat glad nie bestaan nie.

    Jy moet tog eendag vir ons ‘n siel of ‘n gees wys asb. Ek sal so graag die ding self wil bekyk, en ek se jou wat, dan sal ek jou glo.

    Jy “analiseer” nie ‘n mens om hom te kan help met sy probleme nie. Dit is nou werklik ‘n klomp kak.

    Adriaan, as jy ‘n volwasse man is en jy woon nog saam met een of albei jou ouers, is dit dalk ‘n goeie idee om so ver weg as moontlik te trek. Dan kan jy begin om te fokus op jou gevoelens en emosies en uiting te gee deur die matras te moer of om diep te huil ens.

    Onthou net dat as jy rook of baie drink of dalk baie koffie drink, gaan dit nie werk nie, want daai gewoontes hou jou weg van jou gevoelens. Dit tel natuurlik vir enige drugs ook. Selfs om te ooreet kan dit ook doen.

    Dit is dan ook belangrik om ‘n werk te he. Werks omstandighede bring geweldig baie gevoelens en emosies op. Jy kom dan huistoe na werk en gaan le dadelik op die bed en jy fokus fokus fokus op jou hele liggaam. Jy sal agterkom dat daar iewers in jou wese ‘n pynlike gevoel is. Probeer om daardie pyn in woorde om te skakel en dit dan hardop te praat.

    Al moet jy dan, op jou eie bed, vir jou pa vertel watse groot poes hy is, dis OK.
    Moer sommer die matras stukkend terwyl jy dit doen.

    Dit gaan glad nie oor “reg” of “verkeerd” nie. Dit gaan net oor jou en jouself en jou gevoelens en emosies. Onderkant die woede is daar die sadness, die seer en weerloosheid, die diep gehuil. Laat dit vloei al gaan dit aan vir ‘n uur of twee, jy sal dadelik voel hoe genesend dit is.

    Dit kan wel jare neem voordat jy deur ‘n moerse klomp pyn gewerk het, maar dit is die beste ding wat ‘n mens vir homself kan doen. Sterkte.


  9. Dankie ek sal kyk hoe waar dit is. Johann moet ek se praat van my “down there”obsessies. Dis nou wat hy dink. Ek dink alhoewel hy het ” up there” obsessions. Hy gebruik die woord braak nogal baie. Hoe annaliseer hy homself?


  10. So what do you think of Eskom’s “ongeloofsprong” with their head office mega million splurge on LED lights, back up generators and uninterrupted power supply systems? Makes you feel all warm and ready for winter as you shovel coal into buckets from the bin in your backyard to load into your anthracite heater. Ash disposal is for your own cost, compliments of Eskom. (Not really a good idea to throw the ash into your garden unless you have a designated dump spoil for this purpose. If anyone has tips on how to break that stuff down so it doesn’t harden your soil, please advise.)

    Medupi power station is a disaster that Eskom doesn’t have the expertise to manage, Not even the Chinese would come up with such a mega folly. They stick to smaller, more easily manageable coal-fired power stations – and they have the expertise.


  11. Watch this piece of scum become president of the USA. The Bushes are all bible and woman bashing, war mongering vermin.

    Could Jeb Bush Win Over the Christian Right in ’16?
    By Scott Conroy – April 8, 2014

    In light of Chris Christie’s uncertain political future, some influential Republican figures have shifted their gaze toward Jeb Bush, pegging him as the GOP prospect they believe is best equipped to win the presidency in 2016.

    But contrary to popular perception, it’s not just members of the party’s establishment wing who are urging the former Florida governor to considering running. More quietly, prominent social conservatives are also nudging him toward a White House bid.

    “Jeb Bush is an attractive candidate for evangelicals that adhere to a pro-faith family and religious freedom agenda,” the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who serves as president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, told RealClearPolitics. “He resonates on multiple levels. His optics on faith, his strong narrative as it pertains to his conservative leadership in Florida — those credentials speak for themselves.”

    One of the nation’s most influential Hispanic evangelical leaders, Rodriguez cited Bush’s appeal to religious minority groups that have been “discouraged by the Republican Party” as a particularly enticing prospect for the GOP.

    Mark DeMoss, who spearheaded Mitt Romney’s evangelical outreach during both of the former Massachusetts governor’s presidential runs, in a separate interview spoke equally fondly of Bush’s potential as a candidate. DeMoss said he has personally encouraged Bush to seek the presidency in 2016 and dismissed perceptions that the former governor does not speak the language of the grass-roots religious right as naturally as he does the patois of the boardroom and cocktail party-going set.

    “I think his record will serve him well with conservatives,” DeMoss asserted. “Conservatives fight with conservatives over what’s a conservative and how conservative is conservative enough, and I don’t know how he’ll come out of those intra-party squabbles, but I think his conservative credentials by just about any measure are pretty solid.”

    Despite such positive reinforcement, the potential pitfalls in a Bush candidacy are obvious. In addition to the perception problem that comes with being the third member of his immediate family to seek the nation’s highest office, many of the same factors that have elements of the GOP donor base clamoring for him to run are the very ones that make Bush a problematic prospect in a Republican primary.

    His vocal and longstanding support for immigration reform, in particular, may be a political winner in a general election setting, but it harkens back to the breach in party orthodoxy that helped sink Rick Perry’s White House hopes in 2012.

    But many religious conservative leaders have in recent years become more vocal in supporting the emotionally charged issue of immigration reform. Leading pro-immigration voices on the Christian right such as Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, have drawn explicit comparisons between Jesus’ treatment of foreigners and how the U.S. should welcome outsiders.

    And a Pew Research poll conducted last year found that 62 percent of white evangelical Christians believe unauthorized immigrants should be granted a way to stay in the country.

    Despite this development, however, the overall politics of reform appear difficult for Bush. But he is thus far showing no signs of modifying his stance. Over the weekend, he called the decision of many immigrants to enter the country illegally an “act of love” — a characterization that for many on the right will no doubt evoke a comment Perry made during a 2011 debate. The Texas governor’s poll numbers tanked after he said of those who oppose in-state tuition rates for the children of illegal immigrants, “I don’t think you have a heart.”

    Since leaving office more than seven years ago, Bush has only furthered his reputation as the proverbial voice of reason at a time when the Republican Party has suffered among socially moderate younger voters and women. Bush has said, for instance, that Ronald Reagan and his father, George H.W. Bush, would have a hard time thriving in today’s GOP, due to their penchant for bipartisan problem-solving — not exactly the kind of rhetoric that gets Republican primary voters fired up.

    But pigeonholing Bush as a moderate voice in the potential 2016 presidential field belies his eight-year tenure in Tallahassee. During his governorship, Bush asserted himself frequently on hot-button issues that highlighted his staunch social conservatism, particularly in opposing embryonic stem cell research and abortion rights.

    For example, he signed into law a parental notification measure for teenage girls considering abortion and supported a controversial “choose life” specialty license plate, the proceeds from which benefited organizations serving pregnant women who planned to put their babies up for adoption.

    In 2003, he made headlines by asking a circuit court to appoint a representative for the fetus of a mentally disabled rape victim. That same year, Bush began a nearly two-year fight to keep alive Terri Schiavo, a brain-damaged woman whose family members battled in court over whether to terminate her life support. The case sparked intense interest and a national debate about end-of-life issues.

    It is this record that Bush’s supporters believe will help inoculate him from the “centrist” label that repeatedly threatened to sink Romney during his 2012 primary fight against a weaker field of candidates than the one Bush would likely contend with in two years.

    But it won’t be easy.

    If Bush does run, one of those key primary fights is certain to center on education policy. And his fierce advocacy for the Common Core public educational standards, which have been adopted by 45 states, looms as perhaps a political problem for him that would be equal to his support for immigration reform.

    For many social conservatives, opposition to Common Core has become a rallying cry against what they see as federal infringement on child development. The issue figures to be particularly salient in the nation’s first voting state of Iowa, where evangelicals always turn out in large numbers for the GOP caucuses and home-state Sen. Chuck Grassley is leading an effort in Congress to defund Common Core.

    Unlike most of the other potential Republican hopefuls, Bush has not begun to make the rounds in the early voting states. If and when he does, his support for the education initiative will be among the first topics he will have to address.

    “The concerns that I’ve heard is that he supports Common Core,” said Steve Scheffler, president of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition, an influential socially conservative group in the key state. “So among social issues, I’m sure life and marriage will come up, but right now people want to know where he is on Common Core.”

    Though his ties to the Christian right are extensive, Jeb Bush — who converted to his wife’s Catholicism almost two decades ago — has tended not to wear his personal faith on his sleeve, and certainly not to extent that his elder brother did throughout his political life. Still, according to confidants of the former Florida governor, several religious conservative leaders have nudged Bush privately to seriously consider getting into the race.

    Some observers see history repeating itself in the way Bush is being branded in the media, albeit with a twist. While mulling his own presidential bid in 1998 and 1999, George W. Bush also faced questions about whether he was positioning himself as the “establishment” Republican candidate, in part due to the family name and his moderate record on some key issues as governor of Texas.

    That perception was quickly quashed, however, once Bush entered the race and presented himself as an unabashedly religious social conservative, naming Jesus as his favorite philosopher and citing Antonin Scalia as a model for the kind of Supreme Court justices he would appoint.

    “Those who misapprehended that W. would run as a moderate candidate found out the hard way he was not about to concede social conservatives to other candidates,” one prominent evangelical leader, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said in an email. “If Jeb decides to run (and he is a long way off from making that decision), my sense is that he will be able to make as strong or even a stronger case to the socially conservative grassroots of the GOP.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @RCP_Articles on Twitter


    • In years to come this happyclappy ultra tolerance of over-fecund immigrants will make Obama seem like HF Verwoerd by comparison. Oh the irony. I am happy to live in South Africa instead.


  12. ‘n Sekere groep Amerikaners is darem bitter primitief. Hulle glo werklik die wereld is net 6000 jaar oud. Ek weet nie of die mens voorentoe beweeg nie.


  13. Holy smells,


    Definitely Bi-Polar. Untold anger and hatred towards all things and humans.
    Totally disconnected, living in your head only. No psychiatrist, no medication,
    no witch doctor, pastor or priest can cure you. You are a liar. You have been posing as some sort of atheist whilst you are a totally dedicated jesus freak.

    You are so confused that – to quote an old phrase – “you don’t know whether you want a shit or a haircut”


    • Fanie, I would call you a cunt, but you lack the depth and the warmth.

      I only said there was a point in the saying, “Love others as you love yourself,” and I saw the point of the parable of the son who was rebuked for hiding his one and only talent. It’s not even certain whether Jesus actually said these things or whether someone else thought them up.

      I think you have huge mental issues yourself and you have latched onto this site to try to tell others how well you have overcome these issues when in fact you have not been able to deal with them at all. I suspect you have consulted various mental health professionals who have given up on you because your condition is extremely difficult to treat, especially when the patient is so deluded that he thinks he know better than the person trying to help him. Hence your hostility towards psychologists and psychiatrists.

      So you’re just a dumb arsehole with nothing worthwhile to say and you can only go on the attack.


  14. My oh my Smelly shit,

    You call me and the others douchebags, and then you say that I am the one who attacked. I had not mentioned you for a long time now.

    Then, out of the blue ….. Wham!, you sock it to all of us.

    I know your type very well. You are built like a very big man, with over-developed torso, arms and shoulders. You are very strong. (Maybe strong smell too?)

    You have latent lesbian tendencies – that is if you are not a fully blown lettie – You are always bedonderd. You probably smoke two packs a day and can drink any man under the table. Any sign of femininity that may have been there many many years ago has now left you and ran away as far as it could. You are also extremely lonely. Just you and your dog.

    Do you ride a Harley? I bet you do.


    • Wrong again. I am not built like a man at all. I wear L’Air du Temps and Aromatics Elixir and am partial to some of the Lalique fragrances. I wear Chanel No, 5 when I wear black clothes with pearls. I am a very pretty, even beautiful, blonde.

      I don’t smoke. I drink red wine, but never rose. The last time I was on the back of a motorbike I was thirteen. I drive an Audi.

      My relationship status is for me to know and for you to exercise your imagination on.

      Eat your heart out, loser.


      • Spieëltjie, spieëltjie aan die wand,
        Wie lieg die meeste in die land?
        Ek vertel vir almal ek is mooi,
        Maar jul dink ek praat skoon strooi.

        Mirror, mirror on the wall,
        I see what I want, so fuck you all.
        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
        From my hair all down to my shoulder.
        Doesn’t matter what you say,
        Eks die mooiste girl in die kontrei.


    • “… you say that I am the one who attacked. I had not mentioned you for a long time now.”

      Another great big lie. You went for me in your typical maniacal style in the comments of this self same post! You jumped down my throat when I suggested to Adriaan that he change his personality if he doesn’t like the one has, which I think is a pretty mild kind of comment.

      As you seem to have memory lapses as well as attention deficit disorder, this is what you said:

      “You are indeed a mental case. You live entirely in your head. You have all these crazy ideas. How the fuck can you tell someone to simply “change his personality”…..???? Fuck! Are you beyond stupid? It tells me that you are a psychotic liar. You actually are living a lie every minute of your life.”

      There is a lack of maturity among the commentators on this website that strongly suggest they are really a couple of twelve year olds with authority issues. Or else, hopelessly immature and incapable of rational debate.


    • And you would know, Adriaan. You’ve had so much experience with women. All those broken hearts you have left behind you.


  15. Ek is single vir die eenvoudige rede dat ek nie toelaat dat mense met onetiese gedrag wegkom nie. Ek is uitgesproke en se my se. Ander mans wees maar altyd nice en ‘n gentleman. Ek kan nie sien hoekom moet ek vir een of ander wild vreemdeling favours doen nie. Ek skuld niemand niks nie. Ek het al tot die punt gekom dat ek nie eers meer vrouens groet tensy hulle my eerste groet nie. Ek kan glad nie sien hoekom sal ek worry wat een of ander gedrog van my dink nie. Mense is gedrogte. Ek is hoogs moreel en vind dat vrouens gaan vir mans wat hulle soos dose gedra. Mans wat kompleet en al immoreel is is vrouens se keuse. Vrouens is net so sleg soos die mans saam met wie hulle is. Hulle wil altyd een of ander trend date, nie ‘n man nie. Kyk wat het met die Oscar Pistorius storie gebeur. Die grootse poephol kry altyd die meisie.

    Melissa Bachman het aan my bewys dat vrouens alles behalwe liefdevolle gevoeligge wesens is. Daar is meer ooreenkomste tussen mans en vrouens as verskille. Mense is ‘n klomp fokken poeholle. Stupid blerrie goed! Ek haat mense! So ek se ek gaan defnitief nie dat een of ander gevoelose monster my laat worry oor wat hy/sy van my dink nie. Wees gerus life vir jou hond, mense is ongevoeligge gedrogte. Soos ek se as daar ‘n ding soos god is hy heelwaarskynlik net so ‘n monster. Dit staan dan in die bybel geskryf dat dit ons na sy ewebeeld geskape het. Jou hond en jyself is al wat probably vir jou omgee. Ek sal ook niks vir charity doen nie want ek voel fokkol vir mense. Ek sal wel vir die SPCA of bewaring iets doen as ek kan.

    Nice mense word uitgeDarwin dis so maklilk soos dit. Dis hoekom die mens is soos hy is.


      • Talking about “gedrogde”, be careful not to pay your maid too much. She will reward you by stealing from you and being insolent to the extent that you will be forced to retrench her. As an example: maid earns R150 a day piece work. She only has to work for you for 48 months to qualify for full benefits for 9 months at a rate of 53% of earnings. So she gets paid R80 a day for 9 months for sitting on her arse instead of working. Added to that is the four weeks notice you will pay her and not ask her to serve for fear of thieving. The madam must also pay a week’s severance for every year worked. For two years that’s two weeks pay, so 6 weeks on full salary before her benefits kick in. So pay minimum wage because if you don’t, you will get uphill and a lot of unplanned expenses after 48 months service. They don’t call it the Iron and Steal industry for nothing. Once her benefits expire she will go to the next madam and tell her the clothing factory closed.


    • Adriaan, Fanie reminds me of a guy I encountered long ago at a public swimming pool. I was reading an interesting book and this guy kept bothering me, demanding my attention. He was one of these hyper muscular guys that look more like apes than humans. He had a stupid face and this irritating, unrelenting way about him. I have met more of these guys in my life. They come up with stupid arguments like, “So what happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?” A big “fuck off”, that’s what happens. So I asked him to please leave me alone. And he went into a furious dance, jumping up and down, in front of me, the guy was chimping out, I expected him to start beating his chest and grabbing me by the hair.

      “That’s why you don’t have any friends!” he shouted before he skulked away.

      I suppose women can be just as irritating around men.


    • Reeva Steenkamp dated guys younger than herself which is usually a sign of desperation in a woman nearing the end of her prime. She was pushing 30 when she starred for the first time in a reality tv show. Modelling is a short term job option for the very young. By the time a model is 30 she is finished. She should have made her money by then and moved on to something else for an income. Reeva was too short to really crack it on the modelling scene and should have packed it in. She never wrote her bar exams for her LLB because she was too busy dating sports stars and chasing the next hot thing.

      Her life could have been very different if she had been brought up to have one iota of self respect. It was truly pathetic that her own parents depended on her for a living. Her funeral was.another demonstration of the vulgar circles she moved in. Slutty looking young women with their skirts practically up to their crotches gathered around her coffin.. Her mother could have had the dignity to ask them to cover up and not dress as if they were on their way to a gang bang.


  16. Here we go: Satan did it, not Oscar.

    Oscar Pistorius ‘Controlled by Satan When he Killed Reeva Steenkamp’ Claims Group in Clemency Plea

    Satan himself was controlling Oscar Pistorius when he fired the shots which killed Reeva Steenkamp, a religious group has claimed in an unusual clemency plea to his murder trial.

    According to Action SA, the Olympian and Paralympian was in the grip of forces from hell during the Valentine’s Day 2013 killing. The group claims this means the 27-year-old should not be sent to prison.

    In a letter addressed to trial judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa, the Christian organisation calls upon her to not jail Pistorius – and sentence him to much more lenient community service instead.

    How fallen former national hero will receive this appeal on his behalf can only be guessed at. Intentionally or not, Action SA is saying the track star deserves some form of punishment for a crime he insists he did not commit.

    In the letter handed over outside North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria – where Pistorius is on trial, the group said: “Although Oscar might have wanted answers and seek revenge of some sort of quarrel with Reeva, if that was the case, really he did not intend to kill her.”

    “In the moment of satanic rage he fired the deadly shots into the blank door. Immediately after realising that she had been hit did realisation of his deed shocked him back into reality [sic].”

    “You more than anyone knows that a prison sentence to be of no or little value to the accused, the community, the world or the next criminal.

    “This, the reason for our plea to consider at least partly, if not completely sentencing him to community service.”

    The Pistorius murder trial resumed on Monday and heard Pistorius is “broken man”. It followed a two-week break to allow the prosecution to catch up on other case work neglected because the runner’s trial has overrun so badly.

    The disabled star’s fate rests entirely in Judge Masipa’s hands because there is no jury system in South Africa’s legal system. The judge is required to be above prejudice or influence, which means Action SA’s plea on Pistorius’ behalf is likely to fall on deaf ears – even if it avoided the bin to reach her.


  17. Just after the incident happened in one of the bodybuilding magazines they had an article asking if steroids could have played a role. I really wouldn’t be ammased if Oscar was “kapping sous”. Ive been gyming for 11 years now and I have seen the one after the other after the other wannabe bodybuilder use steroids. The symptoms are classic, when it comes to personality they change into complete assholes. The are extremely irritated, always arguementative, aggressive and in general very anti social. Even the nicest guy turns into an asshole. They definitely make it other peoples problem if they use that stuff.

    I must admit that it is extremely effective ( There might be a bit of a placebo effect involved also). The normal stuff that you buy at Dischem’s supplement section does not come near what that stuff can do. Ive seen guys who struggle to bench press 70kg go up in a matter of months maybe weeks and bench 140kg. The stuff really really works. The problem is that it really messes up your health and then of course your personality. Research has proven that long term use of the stuff can have long term effects on your brain. They are unbelievable liars also. They will rather admit that they abuse their spouse ( Which is quite common) then admit they use steroids.

    Look at that one wrestler who killed his whole family. If your average bloke who just want to put on size uses the stuff can you imagine how likely some competitive athlete must be to be using stuff. One usually hits a platue in your training and that is quite frustrating. The only way you can enhance your performance if a competition is around the corner is by using something. Like I said it gives instant results and really works but at the expense of your health. If Oscar was taking something somewhere along his career it might have affected his brain on the long run. Im not saying he was using something, Im just saying I wouldn’t be surprised at all. And never let people come with that bullshit story of – I train hard, I use clean form, I eat right. If something is to good to be true you can be sure something is going on. Ive seen it over and over again.


    • Definitely not something for me to take, then. I’ll stick to whey protein if I don’t feel inclined to grill a steak or steam fish. I once suggested to my husband I have a couple of testosterone shots because I have heard from other women the stuff makes you incredibly perky. He said if I have testosterone shots he will leave and never come back.


  18. Check this out. Over a five year period, scientists have created a simulation of how the universe was created and all the rest that followed. Fascinating.

    It is titled Illustris. Most amazing virtual simulation. Here is also an education for all of us, and hopefully will answer a lot of the questions that godiots are forever throwing at us .


    • Fassinerend, Verifanie. Hierdie simulasies kan gedoen word want wetenskaplikes verstaan die Natuurwette baie goed. Die vraag kom gereeld op of die natuurwette se konstantes oor tyd verander. Nog geen bewyse kon tot dusver verkry word nie, en dit is baie insiggewend om in die video te sien die verskil in die simulasies en hoe die Heelal vandag lyk weinig is. Maar geen argument sal die godbots van stryk bring nie – hulle buig net die lens op ‘n seker hoek en dan sien hulle al hulle gode in die prentjie.


      • Goes to show you how believing in gods that don’t exist has held back humanity. I met a friend today who was taken in by a psychopath. Christian, of course – I mean the friend. I said I could have told you that so-and-so is a psychopath. But it’s her Christian duty to help a psychopath and in any case, she said, “You’re psychic, one can tell by your eyes, it explains why you see through people.” You have to sigh.


  19. Buddhism and the God-idea
    Do Buddhists believe in a god?

    No, we do not. There are several reasons for this. The Buddha, like modern sociologists and psychologists, believed that religious ideas and especially the god idea have their origins in fear. The Buddha says:

    Gripped by fear people go to sacred mountains, sacred groves, sacred trees and shrines.
    Dp. 188

    Primitive humans found themselves in a dangerous and hostile world, the fear of wild animals, of not being able to find enough food, of injury or disease, and of natural phenomena like thunder, lightning and volcanoes were constantly with them. Finding no security, they created the idea of gods in order to give them comfort in good times, courage in times of danger and consolation when things went wrong. To this day, you will notice that people become more religious at times of crises, you will hear them say that the belief in a god or gods gives them the strength they need to deal with life. You will hear them explain that they believe in a particular god because they prayed in time of need and their prayer was answered. All this seems to support the Buddha’s teaching that the god-idea is a response to fear and frustration. The Buddha taught us to try to understand our fears, to lessen our desires and to calmly and courageously accept the things we cannot change. He replaced fear, not with irrational belief but with rational understanding.

    The second reason the Buddha did not believe in a god is because there does not seem to be any evidence to support this idea. There are numerous religions, all claiming that they alone have god’s words preserved in their holy book, that they alone understand god’s nature, that their god exists and that the gods of other religions do not. Some claim that god is masculine, some that she is feminine and others that it is neuter. They are all satisfied that there is ample evidence to prove the existence of their god but they laugh in disbelief at the evidence other religions use to prove the existence of another god. It is not surprising that with so many different religions spending so many centuries trying to prove the existence of their gods that still no real, concrete, substantial or irrefutable evidence has been found. Buddhists suspend judgement until such evidence is forthcoming.

    The third reason the Buddha did not believe in a god is that the belief is not necessary. Some claim that the belief in a god is necessary in order to explain the origin of the universe. But this is not so. Science has very convincingly explained how the universe came into being without having to introduce the god-idea. Some claim that belief in god is necessary to have a happy, meaningful life. Again we can see that this is not so. There are millions of atheists and free-thinkers, not to mention many Buddhists, who live useful, happy and meaningful lives without belief in a god. Some claim that belief in god’s power is necessary because humans, being weak, do not have the strength to help themselves. Once again, the evidence indicates the opposite. One often hears of people who have overcome great disabilities and handicaps, enormous odds and difficulties through their own inner resources, through their own efforts and without belief in a god. Some claim that god is necessary in order to give man salvation. But this argument only holds good if you accept the theological concept of salvation and Buddhists do not accept such a concept. Based on his own experience, the Buddha saw that each human being had the capacity to purify the mind, develop infinite love and compassion and perfect understanding. He shifted attention from the heavens to the heart and encouraged us to find solutions to our problems through self-understanding.

    But if there are no gods how did the universe get here?

    All religions have myths and stories which attempt to answer this question. In ancient times, when humankind simply did not know, such myths were adequate, but in the 20th century, in the age of physics, astronomy and geology, such myths have been superseded by scientific fact. Science has explained the origin of the universe without recourse to the god-idea.

    What does the Buddha say about the origin of the universe?

    It is interesting that the Buddha’s explanation of the origin of the universe corresponds very closely to the scientific view. In the Aganna Sutta, the Buddha describes the universe being destroyed and then re-evolving into its present form over a period of countless millions of years. The first life formed on the surface of the water and again, over countless millions of years, evolved from simple into complex organisms. All these processes are without beginning or end and are set in motion by natural causes.

    You say there is no evidence for the existence of a god. But what about miracles?

    There are many who believe that miracles are proof of god’s existence. We hear wild claims that a healing has taken place but we never get an independent testimony from a medical office or a surgeon. We hear second-hand reports that someone was miraculously saved from disaster but we never get an eyewitness account of what is supposed to have happened. We hear rumors that prayer straightened a diseased body or strengthened a withered limb, but we never see X-rays or get comments from doctors or nurses. Wild claims, second-hand reports and rumors are no substitute for solid evidence and solid evidence of miracles is very rare. However, sometimes unexplained things do happen, unexpected events do occur. But our inability to explain such things does not prove the existence of gods. It only proves that our knowledge is as yet incomplete. Before the development of modern medicine, when people didn’t know what caused sickness people believed that god or the gods sent diseases as a punishment. Now we know what causes such things and when we get sick, we take medicine. In time when our knowledge of the world is more complete, we will be able to understand what causes unexplained phenomena, just as we can now understand what causes disease.

    But so many people believe in some form of god, it must be true.

    Not so. There was a time when everyone believed that the world was flat, but they were all wrong. The number of people who believe in an idea is no measure of the truth or falsehood of that idea. The only way we can tell whether an idea is true or not is by looking at the facts and examining the evidence.

    So if Buddhists don’t believe in gods, what do you believe in?

    We don’t believe in a god because we believe in humanity. We believe that each human being is precious and important, that all have the potential to develop into a Buddha – a perfected human being. We believe that humans can outgrow ignorance and irrationality and see things as they really are. We believe that hatred, anger, spite and jealousy can be replaced by love, patience, generosity and kindness. We believe that all this is within the grasp of each person if they make the effort, guided and supported by fellow Buddhists and inspired by the example of the Buddha. As the Buddha says:

    No one saves us but ourselves, No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path, but Buddhas clearly show the way.

    Copyright © 1996-2014, © BDEA/BuddhaNet. All Rights Reserved.
    Home Sitemap Back


  20. Ons is almal gemaak van stardust. Al die elemente in die heelal bestaan op aarde. Ons is carbon based life forms. Gaan kyk gerus hoe vorm sonnestelsels. Baie interresant.


  21. “outgrow ignorance and irrationality and see things as they really are”, hoekom is dit so moeilik? “to face reality” die naaste wat die kotsblad nog daaraan gekom het was om jou derms te hoor kraak met jou poephol wat blom. Lyk my dis makliker om dit te ignoreer en weg te slip in ‘n vloed van kritiek

    “We believe that hatred, anger, spite and jealousy can be replaced by love, patience, generosity and kindness.” – As dit ‘n aanduiding is van of jy op die “regte pad” is om die lewe hier op aarde sinvol te ervaar, dan begin ek bekommerd raak oor die grondboontjie gallery.

    Is hier enige iemand wat weet wat die woord “enlightenment” na verwys? Die boedha het ook volgens oorlewing die natuurwette gebuig en dinge gedoen soos om op water te loop.


  22. “Die boedha het ook volgens oorlewing die natuurwette gebuig en dinge gedoen soos om op water te loop.”

    Buddha denied this. The Christ miracle myth was built on the Buddha miracle myth. Miracles are inventions.


  23. Ha! Ha! Op water loop, yeh right. Mense ( Soos Johann) dink soos hulle dink oordat hulle enige snert glo wat hulle hoor. Hulle is skepties oor die waarheid en floreer op die leun. O Mcbrolloks Johann noem jou site ‘n kotsblad.


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