Christmas – by McBrolloks




by McBrolloks

It is the season
When we piss away reason
When some celebrate the birth
Of their very own hero

Their Jesus was born, then he had to be murdered
So that they won’t have to burn, for all of  their sin

If you believe in this tale, you will surely enjoy
All the other fables, on the Jesus resume

If you are too young to understand, don’t worry my dear
People will get you going, with all of their cheer
If this doesn’t work, there is nothing to fear
A guy named Santa, will bring you lots of nice gear
Bags full of presents, that will give you much joy
And later they’ll tell you, these presents weren’t free
That it’s all part of remembering why Jesus had died
Because Adam and Eve ate some fruit, and told god a lie
A lie that made him so mad that he started to cry
He made a new place, of fire and hell, where he would put everyone, who would break his heart ever again
He also made a list, of 10 mortal sins, things you have to remember, you can never ever do again
But if you forget, or you just couldn’t stop, don’t worry, because all is not lost
That is why god, sent down his only son, to be tortured and killed by a very angry mob
So that his blood could cleanse you and you can still go to heaven, and there we will all be together forever and ever
If this sound too cruel, and it makes you afraid, don’t worry my child, it’s all very normal, god and Jesus loves you and would never forsake you
Just don’t do what you want, because they can always see you, and they never forget, if you broke any rules and told any lies, be sure they will eventually get you
Remember all that blood didn’t flow just for you, and if you neglect to be sorry, it will flow all over you, in the form of fire and pain, in that place they call hell, for ever and ever and too long to measure

It’s a wonderful time
When we celebrate the season
The gifts and the cheer, it’s all for a good reason
All thanks to a snake, a man and his wife
A god that got pissed and a paradise that they lost
But god’s heart got soft
So he raped a young girl
And sent us their son
To save us from hell
Who he left to be murdered
In a wonderful way
So everyone
Can all be together
In a new paradise
Forever and ever

If this all seems too much
For a young and healthy mind
Don’t worry my child
It will never make sense
Enjoy all your gifts
Enjoy all the fun
But someday you will pay, the price for it all
Someday you will know, what we all know now
That hell is a place, where you don’t want to go
And go there you won’t, because everyone knows
When they nailed Jesus to that cross
He died for your sins
So heaven awaits
As soon as you die
But starting right now
Your brain will start to get fried

Years later, without a doubt
You will do to your kids
What we, the people who love you, are doing to you now
Start of with Santa, and a bag full of gifts
Then move on a bit later
To Jesus and love
To the snake and the garden, and to god and his lust, for a girl in the desert
Whom he allegedly never spread like an eagle, from which Jesus was born
To save us from our sins
His dad sent him to get killed, by a murderous mob
To save us for ever
So when we’re all dead, we’ll all be together

People who doubt, can still get on board
As long as they stop
To be a pain in the arse
And get with the program
And never more doubt
And before they will know it
Their brains will start to rot

Once they are zombies
The fun really starts
You will know it for sure
When they open their mouths
And they spread all their lies
And they don’t want to hear
That their good news is crap
And their god is a cunt
A sick fucking bastard
That you don’t want around
If you don’t believe me, go and read his old book
It is full of murder and many other crimes, things that will scare you, and never make sense, not the deeds of a loving god, rather a monster you would never want as a friend
We don’t talk about it, and we don’t like to hear, anything about it, it will ruin the fun, so keep your mouth shut, and never fear, as long as we all lie, nobody can ruin our cheer

So if you love reason and you still have a brain
warn your children, and warn them all now
That this sickness can spread, and it is everywhere
But as long as you can think, be honest and use reason
There is nothing to fear, and you are safe from them all
Because you have to be bat-shit crazy, and totally mad
To believe all that crap, and all of those lies
Just remember that they, a long time ago
Were once like we are, and nothing was wrong
But they got the sickness, the rotting of the brain
And that’s why they believe in all of this shit, about a man who had died
So that they can all live forever, together in a place in the sky
At the feet of their ghosts, with people singing and angels playing the harp

If you have a brain, and it still works pretty fine
I am sure then you know, about this whole fucking lie
Please spare your children, don’t let them fall in this trap
There’s nothing like gifts, to impress a young mind
Just make sure they don’t think it came from a god
That lives up in the sky, who loves them as long as they never lie

So enjoy all the cheer, for the holidays are fun
But remember that too much
Of this fun can do harm
And leave some with a hangover
They will suffer for life
A brain that rots as the years all go by
Till later they can’t tell, the truth from the lies

Happy Xmis Everbody!!!!


66 thoughts on “Christmas – by McBrolloks

  1. As my spouse and I were both born in western Europe, we don’t give Christmas gifts as it is not a European custom. It is an English custom which spread to South Africa. North America has made an obscenity of Christmas. I make a token gesture of a gift of aftershave from Takealot – which arrives late. I have not bothered with a Christmas tree or Christmas decorations this year – who needs that crap that sheds all over the place?

    The freezer chest is full of chops and boerewors, the turkey needs to be defrosted, stuffed and laced with streaky bacon on the top before it goes into the oven. There’s plenty of beer in the fridge and ingredients for salads. The weather’s great for braaing. As of tomorrow, the holidays are here.


      • Yes, and I got all my major shopping for the next week done today, and there was nothing out of stock. All the ingredients for a lekker week end and delicious Christmas lunch.

        I am happy and relieved that my left leg has stopped hurting and that I can walk a lot better now. It was uphill for three months, and then two days ago the pain just stopped. I still need a walking stick for the time being until the muscles in my left leg strengthen – I couldn’t use my leg properly for a year because of the compressed nerves in my back – but that is a stroll in the park compared to what I’ve been through.

        All thanks to the neurosurgeon who spent many years training and many, many more years gaining practical experience in fixing up backs. He spent four hours operating to remove the stuff that was damaging my spinal nerves. I am a new woman.


  2. Ek het nou nie Mad Mac se krismis kots gelees nie, maar ek kan raai dis vol van haat en nyd en boosgeid. Haat vir ‘n konsep /gelykenis/ gesnede beeld van God wat hy in sy eie kop gemaak het. Dink hy moet eerder ‘n zoll gaan rol.

    Gister het Johan Pienaar sy eie naam so gat gemaak gedurende ‘n onderhoud op RSG. Die verfynde ateïs het beweer dat Helen Zille het hom en sy groep ateïste te nagekom oordat sy getwiet het dat ateïste dink hulle is gode en het al baie mense se dood veroorsaak. (Ek is nou nie op hoogte van sake nie, maar ek dink sy (Zille) het seker verwys na groepe fundamentaliste wat onder die dekmantel van godsdiens goddelooslik “veg” vir wat glo reg is.)

    Toe hulle hom vra om meer uit te wei oor die “groep” wat nou te na gekom is, soos as mens sê “ek is ‘n christen” dan kan jy aan vele denominasies behoort, watter groep ateïste is nou “offended” deur die twiet. . . .?

    Toe hap hy borrels, want jy kan nie ateïste as ‘n groep definieer nie, hulle is almal op hul eie “ongelooflike, goddelose” reis en dis deel van die ateïste se dogma – dat hulle nie in troppe rond beweeg nie, (Ek dink dis omdat hulle die kerk-mense altyd uitkryt as dom soos ‘n trop skape – dis een van hul leerstellings)

    Toe sê hy hy kan nou nie aan iets dink nie. . . . . .Dit was nogal snaaks.

    Nou wonder ek. . . wat noem mens ‘n klomp ateïste bymekaar? (e-godtjies?)


    • ” ..wat noem mens ‘n klomp ateïste bymekaar?”

      Die korrekte definisie van ateïste is “rasioneel denkende individue wat eksperimentele waarnemings en beskrywings van die Natuur as kern uitgangspunt beskou.” Daarteenoor is die korrekte definisie van godiote: “’n Groep irrasionele mense wat op ‘n tog van illusies en onkunde is.”


      • “rasioneel denkende individue wat eksperimentele waarnemings en beskrywings van die Natuur as kern uitgangspunt beskou.”. . . . . en die rede hoekom hulle dit doen is nou weer. . . . .? Hoekom het atijoote die uitgangspunt. . .?

        (Ok julle weet nie, miskien net so vae gevoel van ergerlikheid van die ego, is al response?)

        Molly het met groot bravade gekoppie en pyst –

        “Atheism is basically the belief that there are no gods that’s it! We don’t worship anyone or anything,” (Wat natuurlik ‘n leun is want hy skryf later hy “glo” aan redeneer en logiese deduksie om sy geloof te vorm)

        Nou lyk dit my daar is verskillende denominasies onder die Atijoote ook.

        Mad Mac is van die anti-RCC ateïstiese denominasie.

        Koel diek is van die pro wetenskap denominasie

        Fanie is van die Janov denominasie.

        Adriaan is van die psigiatriese denominasie.

        Malherpies van die wangkers denominasie.

        Moilly van die geen kastrasie angs brigade

        En Gerhard, . . . hy voel veiliger daar in die donker grot

        On the other hand. . .”here’s the season to be joyfull tralalala lalala. . .
        (Molly het jy so bietjie saam gesing terwyl jy jou “shopping” gedoen het?. . .ek weet dit dryf my na raserny)

        Circular reasoning: A type of reasoning in which the proposition (atijoote glo nie aan God nie) is supported by the premises ( atijoote gebruik rasionele denke, eksperimente ens ), which is supported by the proposition( Wat nie die bestaan van die metafisiese kan bewys nie) , creating a circle in reasoning where no useful information is being shared. This fallacy is often quite humorous.


        • Goeie genugtig, Johann!

          Ek het nie geweet ek is so belangrik nie. Hier besoek ek vir die eerste keer na n paar weke hierdie webblad, en is skoon verbaas dat jy nog steeds oor die “grot” teem. Al gehoor van Plato se grot analogie? Dit is heel lekker buite die grot dankie!

          Ja, daar is nie so iets soos eenvormige ateisme nie. Ons word net deur een eienskap gekenmerk….

          Verder kan n mens n verskeidenheid soort ateiste identifiseer. Ek is bv. n Afrikaner nasionalis met sterk libertynse neigings. Ander is weer sosialiste…

          Nietemin, moet jy kersfees geniet……..


          • Bly jy het weer kom in loer, en ja dis ook hoekom daar soveel verskillende “kerke” is. En dit is juis die grot analogie wat ons al lank terug oor gestry het en dis Malherpies se gunsteling verwysing, – is dit donker in jou grot ? – hy hardloop weer terug na sy grot toe ens ens – tot vervelens toe. . .

            Maar ek kan nie wag om te hoor wat is die storie oor hallusinasies nie, waar eindig realiteit en waar begin hallusinasies, of eintlik sal die die beste wees om te besluit wat is NIE hallusinasies nie, vir ‘n begin!


        • Johannie, as jy “circular reasoning” in die definisie van ateïsme sien, raas jou kop meer as wat waarneembaar is met jou gebrabbel op hierdie blog. Malherbe is reg – jy is en bly poepol nommer 1 hier – selfs nie Kokkerman kon jou kroon afvat nie.


          • Weet jy Savage, die asshole hou aan en aan met praat van ego maar hy is defnitief die persoon met die grootste ego op hierdie blog. Ek weet werklik nie wat hy hier kom doen nie. Hy is uninvited yet here he still is. Dit gaan alles oor hom en hy wat nie wil besgee nie. Niemand kan iets sinvol met sy gebrabbel maak nie.


            • Ja Adriaan, hy noem dit die kotsblad maar sy braaksel stink die meeste van almal sn. Verder het hy vasgasteek by sielkunde 101 en kom nie verder nie. Sy kollege het hom seker al jare terug uitgeskop van al die jare se gedruip.


        • Johannie, even with my rudimentary knowledge of Afrikaans, I know that “glo in” and “glo aan” do not mean the same thing.

          If I don’t do the ghastly Christmas shopping nobody else will, so I might as well might make a virtue of necessity. Having a grouchy old civil engineer husband home for two weeks is not all that easy when I usually have my space to myself. Working in civils for over forty years can turn the most level headed person into a raving, angry alcoholic. Most of these guys are divorced before they are forty. Thankfully I no longer have Biddulphs at my front door every couple of years to cart my furniture (breaking most of it in the process) to some kak place and expected to be grateful for a nominal curtaining allowance thrown in. His firm occasionally ask why I live in another province on my own, but no way do I let myself into their clutches again. A wife with an up to date passport, willing to travel anywhere at short notice, is such an asset to a civil engineer. You can just as easily get kicked out of your company provided accommodation, of course, and sukkel in another rented property while the tenants in your own house sit out the duration of their lease. Not for me.


          • Ja jy’s reg “glo in en “glo aan” het nie dieselfde betekenis nie, maar maak dit regtig saak met al die haat en nyd en egosentrisme op die blad?

            En ek hoop nie jy kla oor die “lewe” nie, wat is dit wat jy eintlik ekspress?


            • Johannnn AKA Siekmond Frot,

              Is jy nog hier met al jou kak? Wanneer gaan jy ‘n geloofsprong vat binne in ‘n long drop in, he?


            • This country is not run by the same people it used to be, and you can tell by the breakdown in business ethics. Cancelling a five year contract with no warning and giving three months notice to an employee and his spouse to get their furniture out of a company provided house, with no excuse other than “rationalisation” is not, in my opinion, ethical behaviour. But the same company having the sheer gall to approach the wife a year to get their grubby hands on her new house to rent out to one of their other employees – one of the other company rentals “didn’t work out” – that’s really adding insult to injury.

              But that’s the new South Africa for you. People try some really weird shit these days. No wonder psychiatrists’ waiting rooms are so full.


  3. Hier is ‘n goeie artikel oor die stryd wat wetenskaplikes teen nie-wetenskaplikes het. (Eintlik is die stryd teen godiote, want alles wat teen hulle boek van fabels gaan, is mos onwetenskaplik.)

    “What Have Climate Scientists Learned from 20-Year Fight with Deniers?”

    Kenneth Miller was een van die hoof getuies in die bekende anti-evolusie hofsaak in die VSA (Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District), waar die regter die godiote as oneerlik en as leuenaars beskuldig het.

    Lees dit met aandag, Johannie, en pass aan na Kokkerman.


    • Ok ek het deur gelees en ‘n paar dinge het in my bewussyn ingekom.
      Jy vat nie die groot “amoral”, “secular” koöperasies aan en verwag hulle gaan vrye teuels gee nie. Dis baie meer ‘n stryd teen Mammon as teen godsdienste (Alhoewel die koöperasies is sekerlik in besit van meestal die jode?, is dit nie waaroor daai Wall street betoging gaan nie?).

      2: Het jy al gehoor van kosmologiese bewussyn?. Sekerlik, maar die saaintis het nog nie bewys dat dit bestaan nie so vir jou is dit dood, maar wat so dit beteken het as die mense op aarde daaraan deelneem – wat hulle inelkgeval onbewustelik doen.

      3. Waarom het die Santer die stelling gemaak. . .? Omdat dit waar is. . .? (as ek dink aan hoeveel voertuie wat deur die wetenskap ontwikkel is, wat elke dag rondskarrel en tonne tonne uitlaatgas die lug inpomp) of het hy miskien die stelling gemaak omdat hy die wêreld wil “red” van die wetenskaplike ontwikkeling? (Nou ly hy aan die gekruisigde messiah sindroom).

      4. Is ek besig om jul kardinale “geloof” aan te val dat julle so reageer met al die haat wat julle kan “muster”?

      (“If we assume that core beliefs are the problem and attack those beliefs, unaware of the culture in which they exist, we will fail,” )

      Julle het nie my kardinale geloof aangeval nie, want al wat julle skryf is dat God net in my kop bestaan en ek weet dis nie waar nie, so ek beskou dit nie as ‘n aanval nie.

      5. Wat het jy nou eintlik my van probeer oortuig met die versoek dat ek nou die blog moes lees? Of wou jy Koel DIek net nog so bietjie van jou kaat en nyd ekspres wat in jou ego opgebou is, (het dit jou laat beter voel of het jy nog baie baaaie haat in jou?).

      6. Waarvan dink jy probeer ek julle oortuig?

      Ek verwag nie dat jy Koel Diek enige vrae sal antwoord nie, maar ek verwag meer van daai haat en nyd en jy’s dom uitsprake waarmee jy jou ego voed en dan hou jy voor dat die wetenskap onafhanklik en so suiwer eenkant afgesonder, onpartydig staan wat die woord “heilig” na verwys.


      • “Het jy al gehoor van kosmologiese bewussyn?”

        As jy bedoel of daar ander lewe op ander planete in die Heelal is, is die antwoord hoogswaarskynlik, “ja”. Daar word bereken dat 100 miljoen “habitable” planete slegs in die Melkweg sterrestelsel bestaan.

        “daai haat en nyd”

        Moet nie my verwerping van jou gotte as haat en nyd beskou nie. Totdat jy vir my bewyse van die bestaan van jou gotte bring, is die logiese reaksie van ‘n rasioneel denkende persoon om jou daaroor aan te vat. Jou gotte raas so in jou kop dat jy hulle/ditte teen alle koste wil beskerm en enige bevraagtekening van hulle bestaan sien jy as “haat en nyd”.


        • Johann has a lot of “haat en nyd” towards Jews, conveniently forgetting that Jesus was a Jew. You are a useful idiot for the Roman Catholic church, Johann, who blamed the crucifixion on the Jews because the old RC church didn’t want the Romans held to blame. You are exactly the same as the churches that persecuted Jews throughout the centuries, culminating in the Lutheran Nazi genocide at Auschwitz and Buchenwald. If there was a hell after death, you would go straight to the fiery pits.


        • Hoekom maak godiote so gereeld die aantyging van “haat en nyd” teenoor ongelowiges? Bloot omdat ons geen respek het vir hul denkbeeldige spookasems nie, tel dit as haat en nyd? Ek haat niemand nie – allermins die godiote. Ek verafsku wel sommige van die dade wat hul in die naam van hul gode pleeg.


          • Christians call others hateful and spiteful because this is what they often are themselves. Their preachers stand to lose their income if they lose their grip over them. So they constantly remind their skapies how sinful they are and in need of redemption, which they can’t achieve on their own. They will behave like total arseholes because this is what they believe themselves to be. Over time they come to believe that everyone else is an arsehole too. I have never seen anyone ascribe bad motives to others quite the way the Christians do it. Be very careful in your dealings with them as they have a lousy self image which they will take out on you or anyone else. Don’t ever fall for their sob stories. They land up in shit because they can’t take responsibility for themselves.


          • Malherpies jy haat niemand nie . . .! Jy is seker van nature ‘n gatkruiper. As ek sê jy en julle ekspres haat en nyd en boosgeid, beteken dit nie teen oor ander mense nie, maar teenoor ‘n konsep en jou eie “koppe” en as jy nog nie weet wat dit beteken nie. . . . vanuit “jouself” ekspres jy haat en nyd uit – teenoor ‘n “konsep in jouself” wat jy self geskep het. So ons praat almal eintlik net met ons”self”, met die verskil dat sommige doen dit “onbewustelik”.

            En die dade wat mense pleeg in die naam van hul gode – wat jy so kastig verafsku – word gepleeg uit haat en nyd en boosgeid wat hulle in hul “selfs” geskep het. Die konstruksie / neurologiese paadjies / patologie in hulle selfs is dieselfde as in julle.

            En as jy net so kol kol verstaan kan jy maar net vra.


        • Kom ons dink rasioneel hieroor, omdat daar geen bewyse is van lewe na die dood of dood na die lewe nie gaan jy vir die “logiese reaksie” dat daar net dood na en natuurlik voor geboorte is. En jou logiese reaksie werk vir jou.. . ?

          Nou kom ons kyk na die “aanname” wat dit moontlik kan beteken as daar geen lewe na die dood is nie. Sommige mense vind dit ‘n motivering om die lewe meer te geniet, miskien hul minder te steur aan sosiale reëls, bou hul eie morele standaarde op oor hoe om ‘n waardige mens te wees, gebruik woorde soos intellek baie en word hierdie koeël sosiale groep wat saam koek deur na ander as “dom” te verwys. En hoe ekspres hulle hulself?. . . .soos julle . . .vol van lewensvreugde en al die lekker dinge in die lewe?

          As daar dan lewe na die dood is, wat sou dit dan beteken? Vir baie mense is die “aanname” dat ons nooit gaan sterf nie nogal ‘n bevryding, jy kan tjill en sonder die dringendheid “ek moet die lewe geniet” “elke oomblik tel” kan ons die die avontuur op aarde ervaar en sonder vrees alle dinge ondersoek, sonder om deur intellek / rasionele denke / konsepte in ons koppe /ego / unreal self / verlede /ens. vasgevang te wees. . . en hoe ekspres ons onsself? . . . vol van lewens vreugde en die lekker dinge in die lewe!


          • ….Johan se Krismis juweeltjie: “……daar geen bewyse is van lewe na die dood of dood na die lewe nie….”

            Bliksem Johannie, geen bewys vir dood na lewe nie? Te veel krismiswyn gedrink? Die bewyse is oral om jou – – of wat laat sak julle christinne daagliks in grate af – zombies? Jou koppie raas Johannie. Kry hulp.


    The first easy answer is that you can never get it back; it is gone forever. And one day when you feel empty and lonely, and “down”, and missing something, you may know where it came from.

    Remember there is critical period for all of our key functions; once gone it is history, and then we play make-up, trying to compensate for it.  Starving in the womb?  A big eater later on. Not eating for today but for when you were starving because that starving is now an imprint, deeply embedded in the brain.

    Not touched as an infant becomes insatiable sex later on; again, trying to make up for the past deprivation.  It becomes insatiable and uncontrollable because being held at the start of life, right after birth is life-giving, survival and the key to normalcy.  We need to make up for that lack so that satyriasis is an attempt at being normal.  

    We are trying to get our past back, a past that should have been normal—fulfilling children’s needs.  Alas, it was not.  So we act out symbolically; we need to be touched now!  And often: we cannot get enough. Remember, we are trying to fill up deprivation.  Get our childhood back.

    And if we all look at our neurotic behavior, our obsessive act-outs, we will find what was missing in history.  Do we eat too much?  Take painkillers?  Hey that means you have pain.  I have an idea: let’s try to find out where it comes from instead of just trying to get rid of it by pushing it down.  “Out of sight very much in the mind.”

    You get mad when your husband won’t help you? Your parents also did not.    You are frustrated because the wife does not listen?  Guess what was missing.

    Worse, once married the husband’s wife becomes his mother; his property.  He can become dangerous and stalk her.  She must now obey and do all of his bidding.  He is living in his past; in his deprivation, and cannot get out of it.  And she is obliged to live out his past with him.  Otherwise, his fury knows little bounds.

    That is the essence of neurosis; living in the present as if it were the past.  No longer able to distinguish the past from the present.  This is what I see all of the time; and this is the primordial cause of divorce.  Unfulfilled need acted out on a partner.  They can’t get along?  Look for the need instead of counseling each of them to try harder.

    It is that past that drives obsession and compulsion because the combination of past and present is often overwhelming.

    Just an aside about not making up for the past:  many studies show the long-lasting effects of early deprivation.  Michael Meaney’s work in Canada, in particular.  One study by Eric Nestler, Friedman from the Brain Institute in New York, reported that when rat pups were deprived of licking early in their lives, they were later vulnerable to stress and were easily damaged.  They had less curiosity and were less adventurous.  Those rat pups who were given lots of love were quite different when they grew up.  They were much more nurturing, whereas those who were deprived were much less loving.  And that lasted.

    We see confirmation of this need for love everywhere we look.  It gives us a foundation, and without it we are weaker, sicker, lead shorter lives.  We are more apt to become both depressed and/or anxious as adults.  Shouldn’t all this “proof” say something to therapists?  We need to examine that foundation and see how strong or weak it was. We need to ask the right questions and look in the right places and at the right time in history.  I should not have to bang on about it. Arthur Janov

    P.S. Ek kan iets byvoeg hier…..

    Need to pray all the time? Read the bible? Walk with your head “up there” in heaven? You are disconnected because your body aches for love every moment of your life, and you never got it, and/or you were so overwhelmed by the indoctrination from your parents that you cannot think for yourself and see any reality at all.

    Need to believe in all sorts of esoteric nonsense like astrology, numerology, fortune telling et al? Same story.

    Plagued by all sorts of maladies? High blood pressure; Anxiety; Depression;
    ADHD; Epilepsy; Alzheimer’s and many more? Lack of having been held and loved since birth, and/or trauma in the womb because mother was crazy and cold and sick and neurotic.


    • Long time ago I did something terribly naughty and set myself up as a fortune teller in my spare time. Want to know where my clients came from? The churches. You can tell “gelowiges” the most unbelievable stuff and they will pay you to listen to it. But this we already know.

      They won’t do it in public though, like go to a fortune teller stall at an esoteric fair. Ever been to one of those fairs and seen the fortune tellers sitting around with no one to read the cards for, not even for R100? They will do it on the sly, in private, and pay a lot more than that.


    • Not just missing love, unexpressed anger! I went to a shrink many years ago and he once injected me with sodium pentothal. Man, did that hit the spot, I felt so much suppressed RAGE, it came bubbling up and pouring out – anger that I’d not been in touch with for a long, long time, the floodgates were opened and I wanted all those feelings to COME OUT. But then he said he wouldn’t do it again because as far as he was concerned I was a bad tempered woman and was going to make someone a shit wife. Little did the stupid bastard realise that I would become a serial killer.


      • Schmoly,
        Back in 1965 when Arthur Janov saw for the first time how a patient had some sort of a connected feeling, the patient had a mixture of need for his mommy and also immense rage. He screamed out loud, hence the title of art’s first book, The Primal Scream. Sadly, the world thought that Art forced his patients to scream – and scream only – for hours on end. It is and never was anything like that at all.

        As you saw in that one video with Art and his patient, there is deep crying, anger, hurt, all sorts of feelings and emotions that come up which had been blocked, and with which most people walk around their entire life.

        Now, 49 years later, the therapy has been honed and perfected and continues to be improved to the point where it has become almost mathematical precision. Art has seen thousands of patients cry deeply and connect with immense hurt from their childhood, enough for him to know beyond any doubt that we are all victims of victims of victims, going back generations.

        As you can now see with Dr. Gabor Mate, the rest of the researchers are only just starting to realise all of this. they still just don’t know how to effect a cure.

        Btw, Arthur Janov and Dr. Gabor Mate have recently connected and are corresponding. Perhaps something positive will come out of that, with information then going to other extremely sceptical doctors who still refuse to simply take a look at what he has achieved. They are intellectuals and that is their defence against their own pain, thus they are in constant and total denial.


      • My back and leg still hurt, I was expecting too much too soon. On top of that I developed a painful gastroenteritis which has kept me running for two weeks already. Most people gain weight over the festive season. I’ve lost 8 kg since I got out of hospital.


    Pleeease watch this video. It is mind-blowing.

    Open up the link and then click on “Watch the video with Dr. Gabor Mate ”

    Remember that you cannot “talk” someone right or straight again, because you are only addressing the thinking brain, or neo-cortex, which is usually quite disconnected from the feeling brain and the reptile brain. Only re-connecting those brains again constitutes a proper cure of an individual.

    Whatever little jesus said (he was just a hippy who had some philosophies about love etc, trying to tell the ignoramuses of those days to quit their hatred and other shit and “love” again. It did not and does not work) Ditto Buddha.

    Malherbe, I think you and Savage will especially enjoy this video.


  6. Xmas gifts opened, money in bank account? Don’t get complacent, there are plenty of uninvited “visitors” lurking around your place and your bank account. Arm the beams in the garden you don’t walk around in. Don’t leave cars in visible driveways, lock them up in the garage or behind high gates. Check your bank and credit card accounts every day and watch out for small, unauthorised debits.


  7. Bottom line god is ‘n poes en ek kan nie glo enige iemand kan van daai bliksemse ding hou nie. Sy wereld is ‘n klomp kak! Kom bewys jouself ou grote! Jy is duidelik een honderd present onvolmaak. Ek weet nog nie wat christene in daai fokken ding sien nie.


    • As mens stjoepit WIL wees moet jy maar safver, maar as jy WIL verander het ek en Fanie jou al vertel wat jy kan doen, maar jy WIL nie so gaan maar voort en skreeu wolf wolf vol van haat en nyd en boosgeid. (Teenoor ‘n deel van jouself – ‘n konsep in jouself – ‘n konstrukise wat jy self geskep het – wat net in jou kop bestaan – kan mens stjoeperter wees as dit?)


      • Ja dis darem ongelooflik slim om stjoepit so te skryf soos jy het ( Moet stupid wees). Maar ja Johann iemand met my siening moet defnitief ‘n geloofsprong maak. Hy moet dit begin liefhe wat hy haat. Dis nie baie logies nie. Hoekom begin jy nie liewers die ANC like nie? Jy kan, dit beteken nie dit is die moeite werd nie.


        • Wat is daai gesegde nou weer. . . .iets van as ‘n stad in homself verdeeld is of is dit koninkryk . . . .
          Markus 24 En as ‘n koninkryk teen homself verdeeld is, kan daardie koninkryk nie bly staan nie;
          Mar_3:25 en as ‘n huis teen homself verdeeld is, kan daardie huis nie bly staan nie;

          Hoe kan mens dit verstaan? Ek meen dis die “dom bokwagters” wat dit geskryf het, duisende jare terug . . . wat beteken dit?

          (Ek kan dit interpreteer soos ek dit kan doen binne my realiteit.: in my “kop” (ego/persona/ens) is dit beter om nie verdeeld te wees nie anders ek gaan “val” (swaar trek /struggle).

          Hoe is ‘n mens verdeeld in jou eie “kop”? Met hierdie sin het jy Adriaan jou verdeeldheid in jou “kop” / ego / persona “gewys”. . . .”Hy moet dit begin liefhê wat hy haat”. . . jy het konsepte in jou “kop” wat teen mekaar “baklei.” en dit neem jou energie weg om te investeer in dinge wat jy van hou, dis hoekom jou lewenslus verminder.

          Kry jou varkies in ‘n ry . . . is nog ‘n ou gesegde, weet nie waar het dit van ontstaan nie, maar ek dink dit beteken dieselfde, moenie dat dit wat in jou kop aangaan teen mekaar werk nie, kry jou konsepte om saam te werk en die rebelse konsepte, kyk daarna en wees net bewus van dit.)


          • Voorspoed aan almal vir die nuwejaar!

            Johannie die nonsens wat jy skryf is absolute twak. Dit is egter niks nuuts nie en ek het al hierdie soort van logika geondervind.

            Laat ek die hele seksie – uit die Bybel (Markus 3:20-30) – waaruit jy jou nonsens preek aanhaal:

            ‘Die laster teen die heilige gees’


            Daarna het Jesus huis toe gegaan. ‘n Menigte mense het weer saamgedrom, sodat daar selfs nie geleentheid was om ‘n stukkie te eet nie.


            Toe sy familie hiervan hoor, het hulle gegaan om Hom te gaan haal, want hulle het gesê: “Hy het van sy kop af geraak.”


            Die skrifgeleerdes wat van Jerusalem af gekom het, het gesê: “Hy is van Beëlsebul besete!” en “Dit is met die hulp van die aanvoerder van die bose geeste dat hy bose geeste uitdrywe.”


            Jesus het hulle nader geroep en hulle met voorbeelde geantwoord: “Hoe kan die Satan die Satan uitdrywe?


            As ‘n koninkryk onderling verdeeld is, kan daardie koninkryk nie bly staan nie;


            en as ‘n huisgesin onderling verdeeld is, sal daardie huisgesin nie kan bly staan nie.


            As die Satan teen homself in opstand kom en verdeeld is, kan hy nie bly staan nie, maar is dit sy einde.


            “Bowendien kan niemand in ‘n sterk man se huis ingaan en sy goed vat as hy nie vooraf die sterk man vasbind nie. Eers dan sal hy sy huis kan beroof.


            “Dit verseker Ek julle: Alles sal die mense vergewe kan word, al die sondige lastertaal wat hulle praat.


            Wie egter teen die Heilige Gees laster, word tot in ewigheid nie vergewe nie maar bly ewig skuldig aan die sonde.”


            Dit het Hy gesê omdat hulle gesê het: “Hy is van ‘n onrein gees besete.”


            Bron: Die Bybel (Nuwe Vertaling)

            Die konteks gaan natuurlik oor die lastering teen die ‘heilige gees’ en dat sulke gedrag nie ‘vergewe’ sal word nie.

            Ons glo nie in jou demoniese Satan en heilige gees nie – get it!

            Ons glo ook nie in die simpel besete varke nie.

            Hierdie dinge het ook niks met Adriaan uit te waai nie – Get it!

            Die siekte wat Adriaan het niks met liefde en haat te doen nie. Gaan lees na oor die redes, simptome en medikasie van depressie, sosiale angs en APD.

            Waar is jou empatie? Jy is n tipiese moroon! Iemand het eenkeer aan n vriend van my wat ook aan depressie en aan sosiale angs lei, terwyl hy nog n gebrek ook het, die stelling gemaak dat die oorsaak in die verlede gesoek moet word, omdat hy ‘gesondig’ het as kind.

            Dit is heel logies dat koninkryke nie opgewasse teen onderling verdeeldheid is nie. Soms lei hierdie verdeeldheid egter tot chaos wat iets groots voortbring. Ek dink veral hier aan die Amerikaanse burgeroorlog…

            Laat ek nou terugkom na jou menings oor die bestaan van gotte in die koppe. Jy is doodreg, dat ons konsepte van gotte ‘onwaar’ is. Ja, ons gebruik ons verbeelding deur bv. die bybel te lees en dan n konsep te vorm. Die verskil is dat dit nie verder gevat word nie. Ons aanvaar dat die verbeelding in ons koppe nie waar is nie, net soos feetjies en vlieende teepotte nie waar is nie

            Uit jou skrywe kan n mens aflei dat die ‘heilige gees’ n ware konsep (o.a. gevoelens) in n mens se brein vorm oor God waaroor ateiste en natuurlik die nie-Christelike gode nie oor beskik nie. God is mos volgens jou ‘orals’. Alternatiewelik kan n mens seker ook aflei dat die heilige gees niks met n ateis, christen of nie-christen aanbidder se brein te doen het nie, en dat die heilige gees vannuit die hemel – of waar dit ookal is – n telepatiese boodskap stuur wat ‘opgetel’ word. Hierdie is maar net n paar afleidings.

            Rakende Hallusinasies en kondisionering: Daar is baie voorbeelde van siektes waar mense godsdienstige ervaringe het. In ander gevalle is daar selfs ‘drugs’ wat n mens lekker kan laat ‘trip’. Kondisionering het te doen met dinge soos kultuur en sosiale konsepte. Die kans dat n kind in n christen familie ook dieselfde geloof gaan aanvaar is groter as n hindoe in Indie wat die christen geloof gaan aanvaar.

            Indien die ware got dan nie in ons atties se koppe bestaan nie, moet jy aan ons bewys dat die ware got in JOU kop bestaan (Jy is mos ‘besiel’ en kan ons inlig oor wat in jou brein aangaan rakende die goddelike ervaring. Indien jy die brein se rol m.b.t tot alle mense verwerp dan kan jy ons inlig oor hoe presies die heilige gees in ‘mense’ geplant word. Jy kan sommer altwee ook bewys indien jy wil.


            • Gerhard! jy breek toe sommer hier los met baie dinge! Ek sal dit nog aandagtig deurlees, my eerste indrukke is wat jy ekspres is sommer baie arrogansie, wat soortvan nie ongekend is hier op die kots blad nie, maar jy het nou die indruk by my geskep dat jy baie weet, in fact jy weet sommer baie meer as ek, wat goed is want dan sal jy seker nie omgee as ek jou vrae vra nie, jy weet om sin te maak van die lewe, die heelal und alles.

              Jy is die eerste een wat verstaan wat dit is om ‘n “konsep van God” (gesnede beeld /gelykenis ) in jou “kop” te hê, en ek sien jy het die woord illusie verander na verbeelding (as ek nou reg onthou). Jy moet verstaan dat ek nie weet wat is ‘n illusie nie, regtig, maar ek is bereid om daaroor te praat en te redeneer, soos sou ek wou weet wat is “woorde” – is dit NIE hallusinasies nie bv.

              En jy vra of enige empatie het. . . . dis ok by jou dat jy en Adriaan my woorde toevoeg wat nie vleiend is nie. . .?

              En dan nog ‘n indruk wat ek gekry het is dat vir jou is alles daar vêr – doer êrens gaan daar dinge aan -wroegings – buitekant jou. . . .dualisme.

              Maar ek sal later meer uitbrei, dis maar net die eerste indrukke.


            • Gerhard, ek weet eintlik nie waar om te begin nie,
              1. wat is laster teen die heilige gees? (Dink jy Adriaan doen dit en dis hoekom hy so vol pyn/kots/ opbraaksel is? of ervaar hy net pyn in sy “kop”?)

              2. Die koninkryk van Amerika bestaan dit werklik of bestaan dit net in die “koppe” van sy “onderdane”? Kan dit ( amerika ) op ‘n ander plek bestaan behalwe in die koppe van mense?
              3. I.v.m. die nonsens wat twak is (dubbel negatief?) wat ek skryf, die ou King James vertaling verwys na “huis” wat verdeeld is, en nie huisgesin nie.

              Verder aan word daar verwys na ‘n bose gees wat terug gaan na die huis (waar dit uitgeskop is ) wat skoon gemaak en leeg is, jy dink tog nie hulle suggereer dat geeste in “huise, geboue” bly nie. . . ?
              Vir my verwys dit na die “huis” as die “self”, ons elkeen se eie koninkryk, huis, ego, “kop”, ens, dis die ding waarmee ons na die buite/binne wêreld kyk, die ding waarmee ons identifiseer. Die ding waardeur ons die “lewe” gekleurd ervaar. Die ding wat ander mense oordeel, die ding wat baie “wys” wil wees vir dit self. Die ding wat ons probeer gebruik om uit te vind “wat gaan aan”. . . ! die ding wat almal wil vertel dat “ek is reg” en jy/ “julle is verkeerd”, jy weet daai ding wat die stil stem van die heilige gees onderdruk met allerhande slim praatjies en geraas.

              Die ding wat mens verblind, wat soos “Little shop of horrors” jou so stadig oorneem en van jou ‘n slaaf maak, kyk hoe vêr is Adriaan al in die pad af. . . .!

              Ek sou ook graag wou van jou weet wat beteken die woord “sonde” vir jou?


    • As you get older and you realise you have less time left, you appreciate things more. I don’t know how people can get bored, there is so much to find out and experience. I can see the universe in a hibiscus flower. It’s all wonderful to me. Second childhood I suppose.


      • But why? Don’t you know there is a life after death and that you can always get a second chance. Just make that geloofsprong.


          • Nee Molly jy is nie ‘n misgeboorte nie, maar as jy aangaan met sulke stellings dan kan jy daar eindig as jy wil, as jy weergebore uit die gees is en daai persona /mask / ego van jou skouers afgooi sal jy oomblikke hê wat jou stelling nogal na aan die waarheid klink.


  8. It takes a couple of days for humans and apes to get used to someone sharing their space. A large fridge stocked with good food and cold beer makes a difference, as does a large, well stocked library. It’s also nice to have tea and coffee brought to you in bed. I have never understood the craze to read and store everything in e-form. Nothing beats reading a book in hard copy.


  9. Goed ek gaan dit nou vir die laaste keer vir almal verduidelik ( Rakende wat Johann daarbo gesktyf het). Ek lei aan depressie. Depressie is ‘n toestand wat jou oordrag van serotonin affekteer. Mense met depressie het minder serotonin as gewone mense wat nie aan depressie lei nie. Depressie kan veroorsaak word asgevolg van ‘n insident wat trauma kan veroorsaak ( Die dood van ‘n geliefde, geliefde wat jou gelos het vir iemand anders) dit is gewoonlik verbygaande en medikasie kan help maar berading kan ook help. Dan kry jy major depression. Ek het major depression. Dit is chronies, is gewoonlik geneties en dit is baie erg.

    Dit tas veral ‘n mens se wilskrag aan ( Jou lewenslus). Ek het ook ‘n persoonlikheidsversteuring – Avoidant personality disorder. Daai kombinasie is lethal. Avoidant personality disorder gekombineer met sosiale fobie is veral erg. Ek het sosiale fobie gehad toe ek in die hoerskool was ( Was toe besonder erg). Wat ek probeer se is dat enige iemand wat stupid genoeg is om te dink jy gaan maak vir jou net ‘n koppie koffie en gesels bietjie met iemand en dan voel jy weer beter, het die kat maan die gat beet. Verifanie is kompleet en al verkeerd as hy dink mens gaan huil net in ‘n kussing en gaan bly op jou eie dan sal dinge beter gaan. Ek kan duidelik sien nie ‘n enkele een van julle is kundiges op die gebied van psigiatrie nie ( Veral Johann).

    Vir my om te gaan en te gaan ‘n gebetjie se gaan niks help nie. Ek moet my medikasie vat Nuzak 20mg drie van hulle en Solian 50mg net een. Daagliks verkieslik. En dan moet ek cognitive behavioural therapy kry. Nou die dag se ‘n idioot vir my dat ek my medikasie moet weggooi en begin bid. Dis daardie soort moroon wat ons samelewing ‘n knou gee. Besef hy waste helse skade rig hy aan? Moerskont christen, dis wat hy is. Ek vermy mense soveel ek kan want ek hou net eenvoudig nie van die oorgrote meerderheid van mense se geselskap nie. Ek soek mense uit wat dieselfde belangstellings as ek het. Meeste mense het ‘n bitter swak algemene kennis ( Soos Danie en Johann) en daar is werklik bitter min ordentlikke mense in hierdie wereld, veral in Suid – Afrika. Interresant genoeg ‘n klomp verregses het vir my gese ek moet myself gaan doodskiet of ophang of iets soos dit. Nogal ‘n meisiekind wat dit vir my gese het. So dit staan in sterk kontras met ” ruk jou reg”.

    Sogenaamde christene wat sulke goed praat. Ons wereld het ‘n baie ver pad om te stap voor ons gaan begin menslikheid toon en moreel optree. Geloof is defnitief nie ‘n kuur vir hierdie onregverdige wereld nie. Logiese denke is wel.


    • Verregses se vir almal dat hulle hulself liewer maar moet doodskiet want hulle doen dit self. Hulle moor mekaar ook uit wat seker maar ‘n goeie ding is.


    • Interesting that doctors are prescribing fluoxetine for depression again (Nuzak). It works very well, stays in your blood stream the longest and has the least side effects with no known withdrawal symptoms. Solian is for treatment of schizophrenia/schizoid conditions.

      Your high school years were pure hell because of your schizoid avoidant disorder which would have made you very, very depressed to the extent that your brain was affected by this unrelenting depression. I know something about unrelenting depression because I was forced to live with violent parents who made me embarrassed to bring anyone home, and gave me a lot of social anxiety as well. The one time my father caught me chatting in the lounge with a boy I had invited over, he walked in and smacked me hard across the face, and the boy ran for it. Unsurprisingly I had no-one to go to the matric dance with so my mother arranged a partner for me. I hate these prying, disgusting parents beyond the grave where they now both are. On one occasion my mother wanted to inspect my underwear to see if I had been up to something. I physically fought her off.

      So I still take fluoxetine for depression – not a lot, because despite my horrible childhood and adolescence I have not entirely failed in my life, but the brain sometimes gets a bit moody.

      You have my utmost sympathy, Adriaan, for this double affliction you have to live with which has taken away a normal life for you. One can only hope that the schizoid condition, which is the worst, will diminish with continued treatment.


  10. Jy weet shmoly. Ek kyk op een van daai boerekrisis in aksie sites. Daar sien ek hulle wys van die Mozambiekse spoegkobra wat ‘n kind gebyt het. Al die opmerkings is in lyn van – ” Vermorsel die ding se kop!” ” Die bybel se mens moet sy kop vergruis” en al sulke fucking bullshit. Jy weet dit is defnitief nie net die swartmense wat nog uiters backwards is nie. Daai klomp witrubbish is almal so. Dat ‘n mens so ‘n primitiewe mindset kan he.


    • Adriaan, ek is so trots op jou!
      (Ek verwys na jou lang brief rakende jou siekte)

      Ek kan egter vrae of jy dalk ook aan Schizophrenia lei? Dit lyk egter nie so nie gegewe die skrywes wat ek al van jou gelees het.


      • Nee Gerhard, daar was wel op ‘n stadium die vermoede dat ek Schizophrenia gehad het. Maar dit was ‘n verkeerde diagnose. Oordat ek die prodrome stadium van die siekte getoon het ( Isoleer jouself van ander mense, leef binne jouself) het hulle aanvanklik so gedink. Maar daar is soveel oorvleulende simptome met ander toestande. Soos ek se dis eers nadat ek by die vyfde psigiater was dat daai spesifieke psigiater begin vermoed het dat ek ‘n persoonlikheids versteuring het.

        Hy het ook maar sekerlik deur middel van trial en error ( Van die voriges) agtergekom dat medikasie alleen nie gehelp het nie en dat daar wel iets anders ook fout is. Avoidant personality disorder se simptome is gewoonlik – ‘n Swak selfbeeld, oordrewe selfbewustyd, baie sensitief rakende kritiek, baie krities oor mens self, daar is wel ‘n drang om te sosialiseer maar mens kom nie so ver nie asgevolg van jou geweldige teruggetrokke gewoonte. Dit gekombineer met heelwaarskynlik ‘n genetiese tendens tot depressie is baie sleg. Dit het baie jare gevat om die kloutjie by die oor te bring.

        Mense om my was bewus van of die een of die ander, maar nooit is daar gedink dat dit ‘n kombinasie kan wees nie. Eers is daar gese dat ek hipersensitief is vir kritiek, later is daar besef dat ek depressie het maar nooit is daar gedink dat daar so ‘n kombinasie is nie.


      • Baie skade is intussentyd aangerig deur die jare ( Rakende myself sosiaal issoleer van ander mense) en ek het ‘n geweldige agterstand opgebou. My selfbeeld is maar swak.


    • Adriaan, stem saam

      Organisasies soos die AWB en die Isreal-visie het groot skade aangerig. Ek dink veral aan daardie Nazi-agtige vlag hierbo.

      Ek vra omverskoning indien my vraag hierbo n bietjie voorbarig of “pushy” was.



  11. Nee dis alright Gerhard. Ek waardeer dit as mense opreg belangstelling toon in my kondissie. Ek moet vir jou se daar’s al vir my terrible goed gese so ek voel nie meer te liggeraak rakende my toetand, of altans ander mense se gebrekkige insig rakende my toestand nie. Ek dink baie mense leef maar met rooskleurige brille oor hulle oe en vind dit soms skokkend om iemand met donker brille op te ontmoet en so ‘n persoon se lewensuitkyk van te hoor.


    • I am still limping around with the help of a walking stick and a couple of weeks ago I went to a local restaurant in between the Christmas shopping to take a break and a toasted sandwich. There were two old bitches there, sisters, ugly as the day is long, who went “Aaaargh! Still limping like that! You look terrible!” I shrugged it off. Then I got up to go to the loo. “Are you going already? You just got here!” “No, I’m going to the loo.” “Do you really have to? I mean, isn’t it too far?” The burst into laughter, har har har har.

      More remarks followed when I got up to leave. “Don’t fall on your guava, now. Or is it a lemon you have there?”

      Followed by shrieks of old crone laughter. One of these hags is a primary school teacher. They have never progressed emotionally from their high school days when they ganged up on younger pupils.

      You kind of feel sorry for them because they are ignorant about current affairs and have a small town lack of knowledge of what goes on in the rest of the world. They have never set foot outside KZN, let alone South Africa.

      I do not care one flying fuck what these idiots think of anything, in fact I look down on them, and Adriaan I think you should look down on stupid oxygen thieves the same way – if you already don’t.

      Most people are quite sympathetic and helpful, though. It’s just the occasional idiot.


  12. Adriaan,

    Ek het al voorheen geskryf dat ek innige empatie het met jou probleme. Ek weet presies
    waarvan jy praat, want ek was self ‘n slagoffer, en my toestand was baie erg. Ek het ook drasties
    gesoek na hulp en was met verskillende tye op verskillende medikasie. “ I left no stone unturned”

    Soos die oorgrote slagoffers dit bevind, help medikasie tot ‘n mate. Maar mense is geneig om af
    te gaan van hulle medikasie, want hulle se dit maak hulle “dof” voel. Dit is wel waar. Jy sal of
    het dit dalk al ondervind. Jy is ten minste eerlik en ontken nie jou situasie nie.

    ……..Dit is vanselfsprekend dat enige mens op aarde graag totaal genees wil wees, of indien nie, dan so veel genesing ondervind as wat moontlik is. Ongelukkig is medikasie en praat-terapie
    nie naastenby ‘n genesing nie. Dit is ‘n paar krukke wat jy vir die res van jou lewe sal moet gebruik.

    As ek myself moet vergelyk met hoe ek was en hoe ek gevoel het toe ek 20 jaar oud was, dan
    kan ek eerlik se dat ek myself beskou as volkome genees van ‘n baie ernstige neurose. Ek
    sal aanhou om in aanraking te kom met gevoelens van die hede en die verlede, want dit is juis
    wat genesing is: die vermoe om weereens te kan voel, hetsy ‘n mens treurig voel, of bly of kwaad, maak nie saak nie. Die plumbing is nou weer oop en die trane kan vloei en daar kan uiting gegee word aan woede, aan lekker lag en ander emosies.

    Ek is glad nie op enige medikasie nie, en ek het geen dokter nodig nie.

    It has been said that those on medication are living in a twilight zone of “zombiness”, half here
    and half not here. It cannot be otherwise, because depression means that your being has
    “depressed” all those wonderful feelings and emotions that make up a healthy human being.

    Ek wens jou immers voorspoed met die medikasie en ons hoop dat jy ‘n mate van genotvolle bestaan sal geniet. Sterkte.


  13. Reblogged this on McBrolloks and commented:

    The season for greed is upon us once again. People chasing material possessions from shop to shop while pretending it is all about family time and togetherness. A perfect time for the fundies to cheer for their gods. It seems they were all born on this day. What a coincidence!


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