Post number 666. This is what happens when christians make laws.

This is what the right-wing war on women looks like.

With some stories, I’m not sure where to begin, because the news has me stunned, and almost speechless. I want to turn away, block it out and find something happy to do, think about, and/or write about. But I can’t. And so I will begin exactly where I am.

A young woman in El Salvador by the alias of ‘Guadalupe’ had high hopes, and was all but assured she would receive a pardon from her 30-year sentence last week. She had already served seven years. Her alleged crime? Fetal homicide. She miscarried, and was charged with murder.

Her pardon didn’t come. She was one vote short and her fate was determined by a Right-Wing congressional vote of 43-42. I can’t write about something like this and not feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach again and again. Guadalupe represents every woman. This is what happens when abortion is illegal. El Salvador is known to be one of the worst countries in the world for women’s reproductive rights.

According to Tim Rogers at

All forms of abortion are illegal in El Salvador. And though there was no indication that Guadalupe, a mother of one, intentionally terminated her pregnancy, the doctors snitched her out to save themselves from any criminal liability.Guadalupe, who never saw the inside of a fifth grade classroom, was interrogated in her hospital bed without a lawyer. The Kafkaesque trial was brutal and swift. Before Guadalupe knew what was happening, she was sentenced to 30 years in jail and thrown behind bars with convicted murders.

If Guadalupe’s story sounds crazy, that’s because it is. Not only does El Salvador have one of the most draconian anti-abortion laws in the world, but authorities there apply the tyrannical law with an aggressiveness that borders on obsessive. Dozens of Salvadoran women — mostly young, and all poor — are behind bars for homicide

At least 29 women are behind bars in El Salvadore for abortion/miscarriage. A group of them called, #Las17, are serving between 12-40 years with the oldest being 29, reports Rogers.
Here is a video by the Center For Reproductive Rights created to expose El Salvador’s atrocious treatment of women. Most victims of the extreme reproductive injustices are from impoverished communities – these are not laws of the rich.

Sadly, American women cannot say, this would never happen to us, because it’s happening.

Currently, at least 38 states have fetal homicide laws.  The states include: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. At least 23 states have fetal homicide laws that apply to the earliest stages of pregnancy (“any state of gestation,” “conception,” “fertilization” or “post-fertilization”); these are indicated below with an asterisk (*). Read more at NCSL.

Here is a diary I previously wrote entailing some of the massive American injustices against pregnant women, via a study reported in the New York times.

DC Judge Forces Woman To Have Cesarean & She Dies – 5 Shocking Injustices Against Pregnant Women

The battle for reproductive freedom is an ongoing struggle that will most likely continue past our lifetimes. We continue this fight for our daughters, and granddaughters, because our mothers, grandmothers, and pro-choice supporters (male and female) did the same for us. There are many ways we can show our support. Here are 10 large/small pro-choice organizations/Facebook pages you can visit/join now. They offer ways to help and be helped.

Planned Parenthood
Emily’s List
NARAL/Pro-Choice America
NAF/National Abortion Federation
Fight Laws Against Women
Pro-Choice Liberals
Abigail Adams Brigade
The Guttmacher Institute is an excellent source of current reproductive rights legislation.

Thanks to Collier Meyerson/Jezebel for sharing the story.

Special thanks to, Kossack ExpatGirl, for reminding me of my previous diary on American injustices towards pregnant women. (The camaraderie in the Daily Kos Community is unique and amazing.)


46 thoughts on “Post number 666. This is what happens when christians make laws.

  1. Here in South Africa, the anti-abortion laws were just as draconian, before the “Anti-Christ ANC” government freed us all from the injustices surrounding such laws.

    I was in my twenties when one of the girls in our friendship circle fell pregnant to her boyfriend. Just an innocent mistake. Boy!, did we all go through hell on her part. I tried everything I could. Another friend of mine who was a doctor tried all he could, to no avail.

    This very lovely young girl just wasn’t ready to have a child, neither to care for one. Her boyfriend had just started an apprenticeship and was earning absolute peanuts. She had just left school (Std. 8) and was job hunting.

    I was sworn at, chased out of doctors’ rooms, threatened with all sorts of legal action, etc. I did know that there were doctors who would perform an abortion, but they were so shit-scared of the law that to find them was near impossible.

    She ended up giving birth to the baby, had to live with her two very neurotic parents who treated her as the worst criminal who ever existed. She ended up as a drug addict and the baby was taken away from her. Sadly, she became a bag-lady on the streets and by that time no-one could help her. I heard later that she had died in some home for alcoholics.

    I still swear and curse at the stupid fucking nationalist party for having destroyed peoples’ lives with their “christian” laws.


    • I agree Verifani, and not surprising that Christians in RSA is quiet about their historical role in this abuse.

      I fail to understand what Christians have against abortion while they admit every child lost to a miscarriage “is God’s will”. They are ok with their gotte aborting, but somehow humans are not allowed? This reeks (as so often is the case with godiots) of dishonesty and hypocrisy.

      On the point of miscarriage, I read over the weekend that Karlien v Jaarsveld (Bobby’s sister) has lost her child during the 5th month of pregnancy. Very sad and traumatic indeed and let me make it clear that i truly feel empathy for her. However, her comments afterwards are honestly bizarre. Everything from it “was god’s plan”; ” god knows best”; “god lent the child (they named him prior to birth) to us for 5 months – thank you god”; “the child (unborn, remember) taught us about love”; “thank you god”…..and so it goes on. How on sweet mother earth can the above be deemed rational? These are the same people that praised their gotte with regularity for this “gift from god” that they are expecting.

      but Jeebiz, at least they completed Johannie’s geloofsprong. A bit like stating a hobo is better off as an alkoholic because at least he experiences a better world.


      • Here is a most brilliant post by Arthur Janov. A bit long but worth the read.

        Yes, beliefs do kill. They create a zeitgeist for murder.  If there were no zeitgeist for murder in the Middle East it may well be that the murder rate would be far less.  How else to explain how 150 militants decide together to penetrate a children’s school and slaughter over 100 innocent children?  What was in their minds but pure unadulterated murder.  What were they thinking?  They weren’t.  What were they feeling?  Killing, mayhem, massacre.  Why?  Because those children were offspring of military people.  And, as the killers said, “They grow up to be adults who kill us.” This is exactly what the Nazis said when they killed children.  They kill now for possible crimes twenty years hence.

         First the zeitgeist that it is OK to kill women who do not wear veils, cartoonists who do not defer to Allah, those who do not dress according to their standards, and on and on.  The point is to kill; to release all that hate.  And where does that hate come from?  Now the facile answer; lack of love.  No loved child could possibly travel miles to slaughter young children.  Why?  Because when you are loved you feel with and for others.  When you are shut down and your feelings are revenge, it permeates all thinking as deeper brain levels overtake higher levels and replace any semblance of humanity.    What is the revenge about?  Ostensibly for blasphemy against Allah.  In reality for a total lack of love and an atmosphere of death for the infidels.  That is why civilized societies all over the world are eschewing the death penalty.  They do not want to lose their humanity.

         As we see from Al-Qaeda and ISIS we can always find reasons to kill.  But to think about what we are doing and to reject murder because it is murder is the step toward humanness.

         I am not an expert on the Middle East, nor their politics or religions but I have treated killers, not mass killers, but those filled with rage and I know where it comes from and how it gets its start.  For mass killing we need the words of social psychologists who specialize in such matters. But I have experience with individual development into murder and can write on that.

         But in my practice I have seen patients rip up pillows and smash the walls until there are deep holes in them.  I have seen pure fury.  How could that be?  I let it happen under controlled circumstances.  And for almost 50 years of our therapy I have never seen an untoward incident.  On the contrary, expressing rage releases that urge and softens our patients.  But to let it happen means going against the whole background of psychiatry and psychology:  we were warned in our studies about letting feelings get out of control.  And so we suppressed them rather than do what is logical; which is to let feelings out.

         I see the progression of feelings daily in my work with patients.  First they come in mad at this and mad at that. Then get into deep feelings after weeks or months of therapy and are furious with their parents for their indifference and lack of feelings; and then the hard part—begging them for love.  It doesn’t matter that they cannot give it; it is their need for it that counts,  their need that removes the pain and becomes liberating, and above all, removes the fury. This is not a theory I concocted.  It is the progression of feelings in so many patients.  Lacking this primal context there can be pure rage;  a sensation that lives down in the brainstem that has no words and no feelings. As it comes up, and given the right context, those deep feelings can channel his rage against those who blaspheme Allah.  He now has a target far from the real source;  his lack of love.  And worse, that target is accepted by those around him.  They now have congealed feelings and a target.  They will kill, not for Allah, but for lack of love under the sobriquet of Allah.  Meanwhile, the killers in Paris shouted as they killed, “To avenge the Prophet Muhammad.”  Unless they had some word from Muhammad, who told them to do that?

         But in the case of a mass zeitgeist there is a contagion effect, as the feeling gains acceptance and solidifies.  It becomes shameful not to kill those who are not respectful of a specific higher being.  All that rage lives on the deepest and most level of the brain. It becomes socially institutionalized psychosis.  There is a delusionary target; certainly no sane person can imagine that children are a menace and a danger.  And then the rage arises to prompt the killing.  I write “psychosis” advisedly, as it is a phantom enemy joined with murderous impulses with no higher level control.

         Where is the sane zeitgeist?  The same place it was during the Holocaust when Marlene Dietrich’s sister could live across from a death camp.  That zeitgeist rationalizes and makes acceptable the killing of another human being.  Jews, infidels, it is all the same as long as they can release their pent-up rage.  Or if someone can offer a rationale for killing, as we do when we recommend the death penalty.  The first step in the zeitgeist is to dehumanize the ”enemy.”  It is easier to kill a subhuman than a feeling human; that is why we can hunt and kill animals, not understanding that their feeling base is as large as ours.  We don’t believe that they can feel.

         This is all on the personal, individual level; how people can go crazy together and do horrendous things.  Are they thinking? No, they are feeling from deep down in the brain where the shark brain lies in wait. It doesn’t differentiate among targets so long as they look like food.  What are the sharks and the shark brain thinking?  They are not. They act on untrammeled instinct.

         So,  as to make my point real, I wrote this at the same time as a group of terrorists in France attacked the offices of a magazine that makes fun of all the great religions and ideologies and killed 12 writers/cartoonists.  Their shouts were “Praise Allah.”  Their pal who also was radicalized in prison with them, went on another killing spree nearby and killed another four people.
         How come he traveled to a Jewish delicatessen to kill?  Because in certain zeitgeists the Jews were already considered sub-human.  We need to be very careful about joining in on the maladaptive zeitgeist which overall makes it easier to discriminate and ultimately to kill.  That is the danger of even the most minuscule insult to any race or belief.  It adds to the background noise of hate.  And the hate accumulates till violence shows its ugly head.  The person; Jew, homosexual, Arab,  are the targets to discharge the hate.  And where should that hate go if anywhere?  Toward their early life, parents who never loved and a family life filled with chaos and violence.  That is what built the hate and need to release; rather, to find a target where they can release.  They killed those who answered back against idolatry; who refused to praise and serve a higher authority.  They killed those who would not share their beliefs.  Was it just beliefs?  No.  Beliefs without the urging of feelings never take on that violent aspect.

         After the terrorists were killed by the police, 3 million Frenchmen took to the streets to protest.  The terrorists seemed to know they were on a death march and did not care. They did their job; releasing rage and rationalizing under the authority of Allah.  And above all,  they felt they belonged.  They shared the hate with others.  Let us not minimize this since those followers of a leader in Waco, Texas  when faced with fleeing and escaping, went back into the building which was on fire.  They chose death instead of feeling there was nowhere for them.  If there is no close family, the need to belong is primordial.

         I have seen it in treating Mexican gang members. They come here not knowing the language, the fathers are struggling to make a living, neglecting the kids and they join a gang to be able to talk to others, to feel that they belong and are wanted.  The price of entry is sometimes killing someone else; often someone from the block down the street.  These kids are family to each other; they need a family and someone who cares about them.  And they fabricate enemies; across the tracks, a different neighborhood.  It doesn’t matter as they need a target, someone they can blame and pin their woes on.  And they do find them.  It is a common enemy that provides cohesion for the group.    That enemy makes the gang or group closer and more bonded.  When there is no enemy they provide them;  manufacture an enemy who is the danger, even those who live 2 blocks away.  What do they have in common?  The enemy.  Take away the enemy and there is less cohesion.  In these situations you are not safe if you are different.

         I have seen several articles on the French massacre and some claim they are not psychotic.  I am not sure what is psychotic if you go to kill a hundred children who have done nothing at all to harm anyone.  These are psychologists writing.  The claim of the terrorists is that they perceive they are victims of injustice.  Maybe true, but one does not slaughter someone who has nothing to do with that injustice.  OK, so they think that there has to be delusions for psychosis to exist.  Isn’t what those killers believed? Pure delusions?  That their God was insulted and that he is the last word for truth? That one has to kill if others disagree with their delusions?  That it is all done in the name of a God or deity.  And that the deity approves of this slaughter and actually insists on it:  the Fatwa.  So “God” does not ask them to love and honor others;  it wants them to be murdered.  Ayayay!  They do not celebrate life; they celebrate death and often ask to be killed.  They give up their life happily to be known as a “martyr.”  For that word they are willing to die.  Imagine, the most precious gift anyone of us have is life.  To throw that away for a word is indeed psychotic.

         So who gets killed? Those who deviate from the zeitgeist.  And who makes the zeitgeist?  All of us. But first those who profit from it.  Capitalists who can make money if we acquiesce. Or those in power who are willing to kill us to remain in power.
         In Cambodia they killed those who wore glasses because they thought it was only the Vietnamese who wear glasses so they can read and have thoughts.  They were the danger.  In fascist societies, the college people are the danger because they might think.  Intellectuals often become the target, even those who read French; hence freedom fries, rather than French fries.

         The powers who reign do not want us to think; they want us to believe, to be engaged in endless studies of the official scripts so as to be further inculcated and more easily led.  It looks like thinking but it actually replaces thought. The spread of ideation has cast a large intellectual net over us so that the powers simply twist and turn the ideation and we follow.  We continue to follow until it envelops us and we do its bidding without any further reflection.  Their control is now internal; we just follow its dictates.  That is the ticket; impregnate ideas until they become part of us, and then we follow them without question.  It is a true principle in advertising: “ Buy this truck and you will be strong.”  It is not said, it is implied.  We fill in the blanks with our deprived needs.

                  Let me explain. When we hurt early on — and that means in utero, in infancy and most importantly in early childhood— we have a defense system that hurries to contain the pain. For every major trauma there seems to be an equal and opposite defensive force to contain the pain. I call this defense system the gating system. Those familiar with my writing understand that defenses are abetted by biochemical means through which neurotransmitters are secreted by the brain into the gap between cells so that the message of pain cannot travel to high centers, enabling us to remain unconscious. We humans usually manage to hold down our most painful feelings by a neurologic system that was built for it, to keep our mental system functioning. It is in the first weeks of life in the womb that life-threatening events occur. The mother is depressed or anxious, takes drugs or drinks alcohol and is not careful with her diet. As her life goes on, there may be a compounding of pain for the developing infant due to her own parental neglect and indifference. Her gates do not function well and she goes on taking drugs to quell her pain. The chemicals that accompany these states spill into the placenta and affect the fetus.
              Sometimes life deals such harsh blows that the gates crack or weaken; the result is that there aren’t enough repressive chemicals such as serotonin in the synapse to keep repression going, and we have a carrying mother in turmoil. Deep in that turmoil lies rage which is sucked up into various targets, rarely parents.  But it can be Socialists, Unitarians, Vegetarians and so on.  Or the unions which we rally against.  Or Wall Street, as another target; choose your poison but the real poison is the deep-lying pain that drives so much of us.  That does not negate the reality of the target but it helps to explain the violent reaction; as those who wear glasses.

         Of course, not every unloved child grows up to be a killer. Some lose love, go into despair and then find God. They have been saved, saved by the idea of God, unless we really think He comes down from out of wherever He is and literally lends a hand. But the reaching out for God represents the hope of being loved, albeit this time only in fantasy. Others may start to feel the pain and reach for the bottle. Still others may reach for the neck of the departing lover and strangle her. But what they all have in common, what makes the act-out obligatory, is the reawakening of early deprivation by a current situation. Amorous rejection is the trigger; parental rejection gives it power.

         Think about this.  The terrorist feels he is loved once he does his terrible deed; life in reverse.  He does it all in the name of God and since many of us have different Gods the permutations are enormous.

         When we follow evolution as I see in my patients there are deep feelings, sometimes overwhelming that force their way up in the idea/belief area of the brain (neo-cortex),  and the belief becomes as obdurate as the feeling itself.  We need to address not only the beliefs but the underlying force behind them.  And indeed, when we get patients to relive very deep feelings the beliefs seem to evaporate, especially the belief in the devil.  With ISIS or Al-Qaeda the force pushing ideas is inordinate; we must not underestimate it.  Those ideas do not make one kill; it is the rage that drive them.

         One thing I fail to understand is that after the killing, the remaining journalist put out another massive issue, stating in effect, on the cover, all is forgiven.  I don’t get it.  Are the religious precepts so strong as to override rational feeling?  What bothers me is the majesty of it all; “when I forgive I am above all that.  I have the power to forgive those lesser beings.”  “I am the great forgiver.”

         Have you noticed?  Terrorists always do their deeds for love.  Mohammad loves me…….and wants me to blow myself up for the cause. Still the need for love dominates.  The recipe is if I kill I will be loved. Still the same need, only taking a lethal turn.

         When hundreds all believe the same thing there is danger.  It becomes unassailable.  The contagion factor gives it more power.  What is the answer?  Love.


        • Islamist women don’t take drugs, drink alcohol or strong coffee, so that’s unlikely to be the reason why their children grow up messed up. It is more likely to be the hatred and rage that Islam expresses towards women. If your mother is considered to be a piece of shit, then you must be a piece of a piece of shit.


        • “do their deeds for love.”
          As ek skryf dat Fanie “act out” oor die liefde wat hy het dan word daar vir my vertel dat haat is nie verwronge liefde nie, maar as Janov dit sê dan is dit ok. . .? Net soos Mad Mac “act out” teenoor sy spermie skenker so “act out” Fanie teenoor sy ouers, wat seker al lankal vergeet het van wat hulle gedoen het, dis net hulle wat dit alles nog saam dra en lewendig hou.

          Ouers se zietgiet het hulle ook net van hul ouers gekry en aan gegaan met die moewie wat hulle ken en nou gaan die 2 maar net aan daarmee.

          Die verlede is net ‘n illusie, get over it!


    • Stem saam Verifanie

      Ons vroue en dogter verdien beter. Iets wat my diep geskok het was n vrou van Indie wat in Ierland gesterf het omdat aborsie blykbaar onwettig daar is.


  2. Mad Mac nou moet jy vir Juliet KKK vra wat is jou volgende ding wat jy moet deur maak om nou ‘n volle satan aanbidder te word, miskien moet jy ‘n swart kat slag en bloed drink en dan iemand vermoor en dan kindertjies bedonder . . . . . . so mooi man en ek het gedink julle het gestagneer nou sien ek daar is vordering!


    • Johann, jou brein is gevrot en almal sien dit behalwe jy.

      Jy is mos teen aborsies en glo mos dis reg om vrouens en dokters toe te sluit en die sleutels weg te gooi.

      Intussen sterf kindertjies daagliks reg oor die wereld aan baie dinge soos hongersnood en geneesbare siektes, maar jou gotte is nie daar om te help nie. Maar jy is maar stil daaroor.

      Jou gotte lewe in jou vrot brein soos wurms wat dit stadig maar seker eet. Jou geloof is ‘n parasiet wat saam met jou gaan sterf.


      • “almal sien dit behalwe jy.” Malherpies het dit ook al verduidelik, net omdat “almal” iets glo of in die geval iets “sien” beteken nie dat dit die bewys daarvan is nie, of baie nulle in ‘n ry bly nog nul, maar nou kom jy om jou uitbraaksel te versterk deur te vertel dat almal sien dit?.

        En jy “glo” mos dat fetusse vermoor mag word, maar moordenaars moet 3 keer per dag gevoed word.

        En hoe weet jy kindertjies sterf elke dag van honger en siektes, werk jy by ‘n lykhuis, of in ‘n hospitaal waar jy al die dinge sien, of het jy dit op die tv gesien of in die joodse beheerde media, miskien is jy lid van Unicef, ‘n organisasie wat maklik deur pedofiel homoseksueles gebruik kan word om jy weet wat. . . . . . . donasies te gee of wat het jy gedink?

        En hoe weet jy dat as mens se liggaam ophou funksioneer dat jou bewussyn saam “dood” gaan? jou “priesters” weet nog nie eens wat “bewussyn” is nie, net soos hulle met tyd/gravitasie/ drome / ens. . . sukkel, en dan kom jy, so asof jy “weet”, en verkondig dat daar nie lewe na die “dood” is nie en dat dit ‘n verkil maak. . . ? Waar kom jy aan al die wyshede?

        Rol daai zoll, Mad Mac, rol daai zoll!


        • Tja Johannie ek sien jys nog so onsamehangend soos altyd.Ek neem aan jy het ook n probleem met jou gotte wat Karlien v Jaarsveld se kind op 5 maande geaborteer het?


        • Ek skryf hier vanuit een van daardie winkels met internet so Johannie ek gaan wanneer my private rekenaar reg is jou oor so oor n dag of twee lank en deeglik beantwoord.

          Intussen is jou stelling dat ‘en hoe weet jy kindertjies sterf elke dag van honger?’ nogal lagwekkend. Jy gaan seker ook vra hoe weet ek dat n groot aantal boere elke jaar vermoor word? Ek ‘sien’ dit dan nie elke dag nie? Nou wil jy sommer ook n houtjie na die Jode uitdeel. Jy is n snaakse ou


          • Gerhard ek het ‘n redelikke sterk vermoede die ouens is reg oor Johann. Hy skeer die gek met ons. Alhoewel ek sou nie so ver gaan as om te se Johann put genot uit wat hy doen nie. Hy voel kwaad en teleurgesteld oordat dit wat hy gedink het hy gaan reg kry hier nie gewerk het nie. Hy voel bitter en nou doen hy wat hy doen. Ek het defnitief ‘n senuwee raakgesteek toe ek vir hom gese het van sy ego. Dis hoekom hy nog fikseer op daai woord.

            Wat aanbetref blogs en facebook glo ek dit kan of baie effektief wees of baie frustrerend. Juis oordat mens in die veiligheid van jou eie huis sit en skryf en geweldig beledig voel as iemand met ‘n ” af ” stelling kom. Mens voel juis op jou veiligste en selfversekerd. in jou eie huis. Kenners het al gese die internet is ‘n ekstra “kamer” in jou huis. As mens alhoewel nie regkry wat jy beoog het nie dan frustreer dit jou veral en jy voel vulnerable. Die beste wat ‘n ou kan doen in enige argument is om jou feite reg te kry. Jy kan dalk nie instaat wees om die ander ou jou standpunte te laat insien nie, maar ten minste is jy reg. En enige iemand wat wel oor die nodige kennis beskik sal dit kan insien wat jy se.

            My pa het ook vir my gese dat hy vir die ouens wat hy oplei gese het – There is no such thing as African science or German science. Science is science. Ek se ook as dit nie ware science is nie is dit kwazi science. German science is bloot gewone science wat deur ‘n Duitser ontdek is. Enige ander hoogs intelligente mens kon dit ontdek het. Dit was maar net toevallig ‘n Duitser wat dit ontdek het. Om my terug te bring by die punt van blogs. Baie keer voel ‘n mens juis dat blogs jou last resort is om jou boodskap aan ander oor te dra en as jy nie slaag nie, dan is dit asof jou wereld ineenstort.


            • Adriaan, ek het dit al duidelik gestel ek praat met myself, die dag as jy dit kan insien, dat jy ook met jouself praat, sal dit vir jou duidelik wees dat dit wat jy hierbo geskryf het – jy net vir jouself geskryf het om jou “self” te ekspres en om jou identifisering met jou “self” te “wys”. (En om slim te klink)

              Identifisering met die “self” of “mind” of ego is die kardinale probleem waarmee die mensdom worstel. Kan jy daai stroom van gedagtes wat jy as jouself sien, afskakel? Ek dink nie so nie, jou “self of “mind” of ego is al die tyd besig om dit”self” te verdedig in ‘n poging om nie uit gevang te word as jou vals self nie.


          • Gerhard ek verwag nie van jou om alles te weet nie, maar ek is oop om na alles wat jy skryf te luister, net soos ek van jou verwag om ook na my te luister. ek het nie ‘n verskuilde agenda nie.

            Plaasmoorde = dit is op die nuus, op internet en mense praat daaroor, en dit gebeur in SA, amper daagliks, en mense praat ook oor Mallies se swart boeties wat daarop ingestel is om wit mense uit te moor, dis nie fiksie vir my nie. Kinders wat van honger en geneesbare siektes doodgaan. . . .? Volgens Mad Mac evolueer mense nog (ek dink) en net die sterkstes sal oorleef, maar nou het hy kastig ‘n probleem daarmee.

            Aan die eenkant verkondig hy evolusie as die dryfveer agter die menslike ontwikkeling en dan moun en biets hy dat evolusie van die swakkes ontslae raak. . . . .? Hy het ‘n verskuilde agenda.

            As jy nie weet hoekom so baie mense die Jode wil vervolg nie gaan lees Generaal Manie Maritz se boek “My lewe en my strewe”, ek het van my stoel afgeval!


            • Johann, sy is darem lekker dig. As dit moontelik is dat ‘n mens dalk dommer as jy is, dan sal iemand hom twee keer per dag moet nat gooi met water anders vrek hy.

              Ek vra jou waar is jou liefdevolle gotte elke dag terwyl kindertjies reg oor die wereld sterf van gennesbare siektes en hongersnood. Terwyl hulle aan liewe jesus glo en hulle ouers bid vir hulp. Maar hulp kom nie. Jou gotte is stil. Hulle bestaan nie of hulle voel fokkol vir hierdie arme kindertjies nie. Maar jy se mos jou spoke bestaan, so dan kan ons mos aflei hulle voel net mooi fokkol.

              Jy is definitief een van die domste mense wat ek nog in my lewe teegekom het wat kan lees en skryf.


              • Jy vra met groot bravade “waar is God”, nie omdat jy WIL weet nie, eerder om jou haat en nyd boosgeid te ekspress en om ander mense te oortuig dat jou konsep/gelykenis van God – wat net in jou kop bestaan – nie werklik is nie, jy weerspreek jou eie stjoepidetie.

                Maar as jy regtig wil weet en die liefde en vreugde van die lewe self wil ervaar en ekspress is dit so maklik en soo werklik, . . . . . . . .waarom het jy gekies om in die donker in jou eie kots gal te braak, wanneer het jy daai besluit geneem en put jy regtig vreugde daaruit? Is dit vir jou lekker om so met haat en nyd gevul te wees?

                As mens geïdentifiseerd is met jou “self” / “unreal self” / ego is daar een manier (sovêr aan my bekend) om “on-geïdentifiseerd” daarmee te raak en dit is om dit te doen wat absoluut nonsens vir die “self” /ego is.
                Doen dit wat dwaasheid vir die “self” is.
                Doen dit wat die laaste ding is wat die “self” op sy “bucket list” het.
                Daai “self” /ego sal van jou af weg vlug en jy sal vry wees.
                Daai “self” is soos ‘n parasiet wat in jou psige gegroei het en toe “wie jy is” oorgeneem het.

                Hoeveel maniere wil jy dit nog hoor? Adriaan se self het hom so vasgevang dat hy dink hy is nie veel werd nie.
                Die “self” het verdedigings meganismes om dit self te beskerm en sal tot enige lengtes gaan om jou in die donker te hou.
                Die “self” is jou ego trip.

                Die “self” sal nie na die woorde luister nie en dadelik begin om verskonings uit te dink en daai afgode logika en rasionele denke uitpluk om jou te oortuig dat daar nie so iets soos die metafisiese is nie.

                Die “self” sal enigiets doen om nie uitgevang te word nie. Sal dit self opblaas met “wyshede” (Wat dwaasheid by God is – het die “dom bokwagters” geskryf).

                So as enige van die woorde na jou toe deur gedring het, moenie bang wees nie, die “self” /ego is die “vals jy” en het geen mag oor jou nie. Die lewe is werklik en nie net in gedagtes / “kop” nie.

                Ek het darem nou lekker my tyd gemors met die bietjie hoop dat iemand sal verstaan en miskien luister. . . .maar gelukkig praat ek met my “self”. . .?


                • Johann, soos gewoonlik glip jy soos spuitpoep rond sonder om die basiese vraag te beantwoord.

                  Jou gotte staan by terwyl kindertjies daagliks sterf aan geneesbare siektes en hondersnood.

                  Waar is jou gotte terwyl dit daagliks gebeur?

                  Eenvoudige vraag. Gee jou gotte nie om nie?


                  • Komaan Mac, het jy nog nie agtergekom dat Johannie nie vrae beantwoord nie? Hy is nie instaat tot die mees basiese beginsels v debatvoering nie.

                    Kom ek bewys my stelling: Johannie, hoekom aboteer jou gotte daaglik duisende ongebore babas? Eenvoudige vraag.

                    Kom ek voorspel dat Johannie nie bg sal antwoord nie, maar heel voorspelbaar totaal van die punt af sal voort tjommel. Wil jy geld hierop sit Mac?


                    • Mallies jy sê dat jy glo aan “niks bo/on-natuurlik” nie.
                      Is gedagtes bo/on- natuurlik?
                      Is wat die gedagtes in woorde sê bo/on-natuurlik?
                      Is konsepte in jou kop bo/on-natuurlik?
                      Is woorde bo/on-natuurlik?
                      of weet jy nie?


                  • Mad Mac, kan jy dalk die woorde stadig lees. . . jou konsep /gelykenis van God, w a t n e t i n j o u k o p b e s t a a n, is ‘n drogbeeld wat deur jou “self” /ego gevorm is, dit is ‘n mensgemaakte valse God konsep. Self die rigting waarin jy “kyk” is die verkeerde rigting, soos kanker selle wat verkeerd groei so is die mens se “mind”/ego as dit outonomies raak en in beheer kom.

                    As jy ge-identifiseerd is met daai “stemmetjie” of denke in jou kop en glo dis wie jy is, raak jy ‘n slaaf daarvan en raak jou persepsie klein en veroorsaak dat die jode ‘n wêreld oorlog kan begin waarin 22 miljoen Russe gesterf het.

                    Sê my Mad Mac, daar waar jy nou is . . .hoe het jy “hier” uitgekom?

                    Was dit alles jou keuse om ” hier” te wees waar jy nou is, of was dit ‘n gesamentlike keuse wat deur die mensdom gemaak is? Of was dit meestal jou keuse met ander wat ook invloed gehad het? Of is dit sommer net alles ‘n toevallige gebeurlikheid?

                    Kinders wat sterf aan honger en siektes, was dit hulle keuse om te wees waar hulle “nou” (hier) is, of was dit ‘n gesamentlike keuse deur die mensdom of is dit sommer net toevallig?


                    • Johann, waar is jou liefdevolle jesus terwyl kindertjies suffer en sterf? Of gee hy nie om nie. Of bestaan hy nie? Is dit hulle skuld dat hulle nie gered word nie al bid hulle en hulle ouers elke dag?


                    • Mad Mac vertel my daai stemmetjie in jou kop wat so met jou praat is dit “wie jy is”?, is jy totaal daarmee ge-identifiseer?, het daai stemmetjie jou vertel dat jy die vraag moet vra?

                      Het daai stemmetjie jou “possess”?.
                      Ek vra jou weer hoe het jy “hier” gekom waar jy nou is? Het daai stemmetjie jou gedryf?

                      Al wat jy kan doen is om jouself te on-identifiseer met daai stemmetjie / jou “self” /ego wat net in jou “kop” bestaan, of blyk om te bestaan.

                      Die boeddha het blykbaar gesê “enlightenment is the end of suffering” Wat dit beteken soos ek dit sien is die on-identifisering met die “self”/ ego, maar soos ek jou ken gaan daai stemmetjie nou weer aan en aan in jou kop oor die klomp sjt, sakker! “Gaan jy voort en rol ‘n zoll voor ek naar word van al die ontlasting ” is dit die gefluister in jou oor?


  3. Johann jy stagneer op die vlak van sielkunde 101. Ego, super ego en ID. Jou geveg hier is in vein. Jy is soos ‘n poep in die wind. Na al die jare hang jy maar nog hier rond soos ‘n odour.


      • Ek sal als wed wat ek besit dat ou Long Drop skryf aan ons vanuit ‘n malhuis.

        Hy het gespring en gespring en toe geloofsprong binne die mure van of Weskoppies of Tara hospitaal. Hoe lyk die groendakkies Long Drop?


  4. What a terrible, terrible country. I once had a boyfriend who wanted me to go to South America with him and he also wanted me to fall pregnant. I told him to eff off on both counts. South Africa has its problems, but this shit we don’t have to put up with. (The ex boyfriend: I saw his photo on a social media site and he had become totally gross, a huge fat old pig.)


    • Shmoly did you see the parasites that live in South America? The botfly is a good reason not to go there. All maggots eat dead flesh, not the botfly. It eats living flesh. The eggs are are laid upon another flying insect like a mosquito or other fly. Then when that insect sits on you the eggs hatch because of your body heat. The small larvae start to burrow into your skin and from there grow into adult larvae. In the process of growing it consumes your flesh.


  5. Pastor with 666 tattoo claims to be divine

    But Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is not your typical minister. De Jesus, or “Daddy” as his thousands of followers call him, does not merely pray to God: He says he is God.

    “The spirit that is in me is the same spirit that was in Jesus of Nazareth,” de Jesus says.

    De Jesus’ claims of divinity have angered Christian leaders, who say he is a fake. Religious experts say he may be something much more dangerous, a cult leader who really believes he is God. (Watch followers get 666 tattoos for their leader Video)

    “He’s in their heads, he’s inside the heads of those people,” says Prof. Daniel Alvarez, a religion expert at Florida International University who has debated some of de Jesus’ followers.

    “De Jesus speaks with a kind of conviction that makes me consider him more like David Koresh or Jim Jones.”

    Is de Jesus really a cult leader like David Koresh, who died with more than 70 of his Branch Davidian followers in a fiery end to a standoff with federal authorities, or Jim Jones, the founder of the Peoples Temple who committed mass suicide with 900 followers in 1978?

    Prophets ‘spoke to me’

    De Jesus and his believers say their church — “Creciendo en Gracia,” Spanish for “Growing in grace” — is misunderstood. Followers of the movement say they have proof that their minister is divine and that their church will one day soon be a major faith in the world.

    But even de Jesus concedes that he is an unlikely leader of a church that claims thousands of members in more than 30 countries.

    De Jesus, 61, grew up poor in Puerto Rico. He says he served stints in prison there for petty theft and says he was a heroin addict.

    De Jesus says he learned he was Jesus reincarnate when he was visited in a dream by angels.

    “The prophets, they spoke about me. It took me time to learn that, but I am what they were expecting, what they have been expecting for 2,000 years,” de Jesus says.

    The church that he began building 20 years ago in Miami resembles no other:

    Followers have protested Christian churches in Miami and Latin America, disrupting services and smashing crosses and statues of Jesus.
    De Jesus preaches there is no devil and no sin. His followers, he says, literally can do no wrong in God’s eyes.
    The church calls itself the “Government of God on Earth” and uses a seal similar to the United States.
    Doing God’s work with a Lexus and Rolex

    If Creciendo en Gracia is an atypical religious group, de Jesus also does not fit the mold of the average church leader. De Jesus flouts traditional vows of poverty.

    He says he has a church-paid salary of $136,000 but lives more lavishly than that. During an interview, he showed off a diamond-encrusted Rolex to a CNN crew and said he has three just like them. He travels in armored Lexuses and BMWs, he says, for his safety. All are gifts from his devoted followers.

    And what about the tattoo of 666 on his arm?

    Although it’s a number usually associated with Satan, not the son of God, de Jesus says that 666 and the Antichrist are, like him, misunderstood.

    The Antichrist is not the devil, de Jesus tells his congregation; he’s the being who replaces Jesus on Earth.

    “Antichrist is the best person in the world,” he says. “Antichrist means don’t put your eyes on Jesus because Jesus of Nazareth wasn’t a Christian. Antichrist means do not put your eyes on Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Put it on Jesus after the cross.”

    And de Jesus says that means him.

    So far, de Jesus says that his flock hasn’t been scared off by his claims of being the Antichrist. In a show of the sway he holds over the group, 30 members of his congregation Tuesday went to a tattoo parlor to have 666 also permanently etched onto their skin.

    He may wield influence over them, but his followers say don’t expect them to go the way of people who believed in David Koresh and Jim Jones. Just by finding de Jesus, they say, they have achieved their purpose.

    “If somebody tells us drink some Kool-Aid and we’ll go to heaven, that’s not true. We are already in heavenly places,” follower Martita Roca told CNN after having 666 tattooed onto her ankle.


    • And you actually read this? How did you find it, did you google “I’ve got my knife in for religions how can I re-enforce my hatred?”

      En jy is ‘n navolger van Mad Mac, wat verkondig hy? Hy’t klaar met sy 666 begin gaan hy een van die dae verklaar hy is toe al die tyd god?


  6. Gerhard skryf hierdie “wyse” woorde op ‘n ander kots blad met verwysing na my:
    “Hy weerspreek homself al so dat hy self nie eers meer lekker weet wat aangaan nie.”

    Nou wonder ek het jy, Gerhard nou weer ‘n illusionêre cliché uitgehaal om nou gat te kruip by die atijoote en om jou ego te herrinder van hoe ongelooflik goed dié is? Of het jy bewyse daarvoor?

    Ek het gedink jy is nog nie so vêr die kots pad af nie, maar lyk my jy is haastig. . .om op te vang met die ander atijoote?


    • Ai Johannie; daar bewys jy Gerhard so pas korrek. Wil jy nie maar iemand aanstel om namens jou te skryf nie? Eerlikwaar ou perd, jy gee nuwe betekenis aan onsamehangendeheid.


      • Malherbe, ek is so ‘n dag of twee terug uit die bos in Afrika (gaan weer vandag terug) en het iets van Johannie agtergekom. (Miskien is ek bossies, maar ek dink nie so nie.) Is die kêrel besig om stelselmatig breinselle te verloor of nie?. Ek slaan nie argiewe na nie maar hy was beter (alhoewel steeds delusional) ‘n paar jaar terug, of verbeel ek my. Die gekletter in sy kop is besig om hom nou totaal onverstaanbaar te maak. Selfs ‘n godioot sal sukkel om sy gedagtegang te volg.


        • Ja Savage, somtyds kry ek die indruk dis meer as een persoon wat sy naam gebruik, want die graad v onsamehangendheid varieer gereeld. Of miskien het hy soms n paar knakke weg? Hoe dit ookal sy, die varke hol beslis rond in die ou se kop.

          Sterkte met die terug bostoe. Neem aan dis mynbou verwant? Enige mynbou aandeel wat jy kan aanbeveel? Hulle lyk deesdae bitter goedkoop.


          • Malherbe, dis moontlik dat ou Long Drop net iemand kan wees wat die gek met ons skeer. Dalk selfs soos jy se, meer as een persoon. Indien dit nie die geval is nie, dan is ek oortuig dat hy iewers in ‘n malhuis is. Dit lyk ook vir my dat sy kommentare by die dag meer sinneloos word.


      • Julle 2 kies het my darem nou sleg gesê, hoor! My ego is nou gekrenk, so mooi man.

        Ek moes afskaal oor dit wat ek skryf toe ek agterkom julle nie ‘n kloe het wat ek julle probeer vertel nie. Al wat julle van weet is die gestryery in jul eie koppe met fiktiewe “gelowiges” en daai “objektiewe realiteits besef” wat so vaag in julle agterkoppe probeer vorm kry is net ‘n triek van jul ego’s wat julle “self-righteous” laat voel.

        Maar Malles wat/ hoe het ek “bewys” dat Gerhard korrek is? waar het ek myself weerspreek? Soos jy en Koel diek wat mekaar weerspreek het?


    • Adriaan daai stemmetjie in jou kop wat jou so treiter, is sommer deur jou ego geskep, om jou te kasty, dis nie “wie jy is nie”, raak ontslae van die ding!

      Die Attijoote verkondig in hulle ateïstiese dogma dat God nie bestaan nie, sonder dat hulle weet waarna die woord “God” verwys en sonder dat hulle enige ondervinding van Goddelikheid gehad het, hulle maak dieselfde fout as “gelowiges” wat met groot oortuiging aankondig dat God so groot is, sonder dat hulle weet of ondervind het wie God regtig is . . .almal sommer op ‘n ego-trip. . . of ego delusie.


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