Religion. Where the raping of little children is not a sin or an offence, as long as it is done by an employee of the church. The bar is so low that they don’t get fired for such a vile act, but instead it advances their career.


Catholic priest who repeatedly raped New York woman when she was 14 is REINSTATED by the Church 

  • Roman Catholic church in India lifted suspension of Rev. Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a minor
  • Jeyapaul, 61, was suspended by his local diocese in 2010 after being accused of sexually abusing two teen girls in Minnesota
  • He later pleaded guilty to molesting of the teens, who is not publicly identified, and served time in jail 
  • Megan Peterson, a 26-year-old artist in NY, was 14 when she said the priest raped her in his office and called the decision a ‘slap in the face’
  • Jeyapaul was accused of sexually abusing the teens while serving as priest in Crookston Diocese in Minnesota between 2004 and 2005 

A Catholic priest who was convicted last year by a U.S. court of sexually abusing a minor was reinstated by the church last month.

Indian priest Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul, 61, was suspended for less than a full year by his local diocese in India five years ago after being accused of sexually abusing two girls during a posting to Minnesota.

He later pleaded guilty to molesting one of the teenagers, who has not been identified publicly, and served time in jail. Both of the girls were 14 at the time of the alleged abuse.

The Roman Catholic church in southern India lifted the suspension of Indian priest Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul, 61, convicted last year of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in the United States more than a decade ago

The Roman Catholic church in southern India lifted the suspension of Indian priest Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul, 61, convicted last year of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in the United States more than a decade ago

Megan Peterson, a 26-year-old artist living in New York, (pictured in 2012) accused Jeyapaul of raping her in his office whens he was 14. Jeyapaul pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a different girl in a plea deal in which the charges in his abuse of Peterson were dropped

Megan Peterson, a 26-year-old artist living in New York, (pictured in 2012) accused Jeyapaul of raping her in his office whens he was 14. Jeyapaul pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a different girl in a plea deal in which the charges in his abuse of Peterson were dropped

In January, the Vatican lifted Jeyapaul’s suspension following a recommendation by an Indian bishop.

Megan Peterson, now 26 and living in New York, accused Jeyapaul of raping and sexually assaulting her over the course of a year when she was 14, according to the New York Daily News.

She was shocked after learning the priest had been reinstated by Catholic Church officials.

‘It’s very clear what side the Church is on and it’s not about child protection or about morality,’ Peterson, an artist who resides in Queens, told the New York Daily News.

‘The bottom line is that the Church is not protecting children.’

The suspension of Jeyapaul was lifted last month after the bishop of the Ootacamund Diocese in India’s Tamil Nadu state consulted with church authorities at the Vatican, said Rev. Sebastian Selvanathan, a spokesman for the diocese.

Bishop Arulappan Amalraj of Ootacamund had referred Jeyapaul’s case to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the suspension was lifted on the church body’s advice, according to Selvanathan.

Jeyapaul was accused of sexually abusing Peterson and another teenage girl while serving as a priest in Crookston Diocese in Minnesota between 2004 and 2005.

The priest then fled to southern India following the allegations.

The Diocese of Ooty in southern India’s Tamil Nadu state suspended Jeyapaul in 2010 before he was arrested by Interpol in 2012 and extradited to the U.S. to face trial.

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8 thoughts on “Religion. Where the raping of little children is not a sin or an offence, as long as it is done by an employee of the church. The bar is so low that they don’t get fired for such a vile act, but instead it advances their career.

  1. Yes Holy. Rotten to the core. But, hey, all the priest needs to do according to Kakkerman, is admit his sins to the gotte, tell them he truly believes in them and “presto!”, he ends up in heaven while you and i can look forward to an eternity of torture. Makes perfect sense….and very fair. What a wonderfull, loving god this christian god is!


    • Like this piece of freeloading communist excrement. Adrian Vlok turned my stomach when he washed this corrupt leper’s feet. Shit thrower and professional student Chumani Maxwele has been “studying political science” for ten years now but still hasn’t graduated. Probably because he thinks Marx ought to be taught in Engels, not Afrikaans.

      ‘I prayed for an end to this’ – Chikane on charges being dropped against students

      Cape Town – ANC stalwart and cleric Frank Chikane says he is pleased that his prayers for his son Kgotsi and 28 other students have been answered, after charges were withdrawn against them on Wednesday over #Feesmustfall protests last year.

      Flanked by his wife, Kagiso, at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court, he said he had prayed for the matter to come to an end because it was very disruptive for students’ lives.

      “The point I have made before is that I respect these young people. Most of them are very privileged and their parents could pay for them,” he told News24.

      “The struggle is not about personal interests, but about the majority, so they are really taking a risk for others and this is the spirit of our struggle.”

      His son Kgotsi said he was relieved, happy and excited for what lay ahead.

      The provincial director of public prosecutions had decided it was not in the public interest to prosecute the students for contravening the public gatherings act, public violence and trespassing.

      “This protest outside national Parliament was peaceful and there was no damage caused to property by the protesters. The protest was against the high cost of higher education in this country and enjoyed wide public support,” said National Prosecuting Authority regional spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila.

      At one stage, six of the students had faced the possibility of treason charges, according to initial charge sheets shown to the media.

      Smiling, Chikane said he had told his son to frame the charge sheet.

      “It is a very historical, important piece of information,” he said.

      “When he was kept overnight, I couldn’t understand the treason charge. I thought it was crazy. I wondered how anybody would have thought these young students would be involved in treason. It was a moment of craziness. I think it was panic.”

      He said he was happy that government was dealing with the higher education challenges students had raised.

      Ilan Price, son of UCT Vice Chancellor Max Price, and student activist Chumani Maxwele also expressed their delight at charges being withdrawn against them.

      Price believed there was still a very long way to go and the struggle was far from over.

      “I am obviously relieved, but I think in some ways, I was expecting it. It is the right outcome. It is a just outcome. I can’t imagine what would have come from prosecuting students who were charged with public violence, but were in no way violent at all,” he said.

      Calling it a “beautiful victory”, Maxwele said students would fight until the end against “ridiculously high” fees in higher education institutions.



      • Look at how these liberal run universities pander to these “student activists” – Maxwele is all of 31 years old, by the way – and look at what happens to these universities.

        Alleged death threats against and physical intimidation of female lecture

        On 7 May 2015, Chumani Maxwele was given a provisional suspension order because UCT authorities “considered his continued presence on the campus as being a threat to the maintenance of good order.”

        The suspension related to an incident which is alleged to have occurred on 1 May 2015. According to a statement issued by UCT, “Maxwele insisted on being allowed into the Mathematics building after being informed that as it was a public holiday, all lecture theatres and classrooms were locked.”

        Once inside the building, and after ascertaining that the said rooms were in fact locked, he is alleged to have shouted, screamed and sworn aggressively at a female lecturer and two other witnesses to the incident and to have banged on her door after she locked herself in her office.

        Maxwele allegedly gained entry to her office where he pushed her and proceeded to bang on her desk whilst shouting and screaming at her.

        It is alleged that Maxwele shouted that the lecturer was “a white woman who takes all the rights of the black students,” that “the statue fell, now it’s time for all whites to go,” that he was “not interested in the opinion of whites and that they should be killed” and that “we must not listen to whites, we do not need their apologies, they have to be removed from UCT and have to be killed.”

        Maxwele is alleged to have shouted that: “We must not listen to whites, we do not need their apologies, they have to be removed from UCT and have to be killed.”

        Upon appeal by Maxwele, UCT varied the suspension to allow him to attend classes and use the library. Maxwele successfully challenged his suspension in the Western Cape High Court on the grounds that the presence of the deputy registrar of academic administration, Karen van Heerden, at his suspension hearing tainted the hearing with bias.

        UCT spokesperson Patricia Lucas said while the university would abide by the court’s findings, its decision did not interfere with UCT’s disciplinary process and that disciplinary action in connection with the incident on 1 May 2015 would go ahead. Maxwele had previously failed to attend a disciplinary hearing scheduled for 4 and 5 June 2015 after submitting a medical certificate indicating that he was unwell.


  2. You would think that the practice of trying to control women’s bodies would no longer be prevalent in Northern Ireland, but apparently not.

    Think women seeking abortion in Northern Ireland have other options? Here’s the reality. The sentencing of a 21-year-old woman for inducing an abortion is a disgrace, but typical of a society that looks down on women.

    In June 2015 in Northern Ireland, more than 200 Alliance for Choice activists (including me) challenged the PSNI to arrest us after we admitted we’d broken the law on abortion. Zero arrests were made.

    All of the prurient details of the recent disgraceful case, where a 21-year-old was convicted and given a three-month suspended sentence for taking abortion pills she bought online, have been documented in this newspaper and others, some even going so far as to suggest a 10- to 12-week foetus is a “baby boy”. I’ve had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and what I lost could no more be described as a baby as a ball of wool could seriously be called a jumper.

    If the prosecution and the commenting masses are to be listened to (something I am not remotely advocating), there were many other options for this young woman without means, rather than the illegal online DIY remedy she turned to. As an abortion rights activist in Northern Ireland, I have encountered most of these suggestions before, so here I will graciously lay out the brilliant options that are so helpfully offered to people who want an abortion:

    Option 1: adoption
    Because as a society we just ADORE women who give away their babies. And adoption is super easy: nine months of unwilling pregnancy is a riot of exciting emotions and organ-stretching, calcium-draining delight, not to mention the weight of endless bureaucracy. Who doesn’t want to be an incubator for someone else against their will? It’s so hard to understand why millions don’t just go for this simple solution.

    Option 2: keep the baby
    Because babies are a punishment for sex before marriage (God said), but just for women, because men don’t get punished for any kind of sex ever because that is natural law. Also, society adores teenage mums nearly as much as it loves women who give away babies, so prepare for a few years of tabloid shaming. And watch out for welfare cuts, because babies don’t really cost that much to rear, and you should have thought about that before you got pregnant etc.

    Option 3: travel to England
    That way you can combine a holiday and health treatment all in one, but it will cost you more than a fortnight on the Costa del Sol and you won’t even get sunburn. You may also have to lie about where you’re going and not pay your rent to afford the flight, all the thrills of living on the edge, even if you have the Abortion Support Network to help you. Also travelling back while feeling the shakes, cramps and bleeding just adds that extra dangerous frisson to the journey.

    Option 4: don’t have sex in the first place
    Time travel notwithstanding, the option to not have sex is a tricky one, because rape exists in all societies. We also know that abstinence-only sex education actually increases the likelihood of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections due to the large gaps in contraceptive knowledge such an education leaves. We really love creating logical paradoxes in NI because of religion. It’s almost like we’re experts at it.

    Option 5: use contraception
    We all know that contraception never fails; the pills work even if you have a nasty gastric flu, and increasing your body’s intake of hormones is never problematic. This is definitely the best advice, as only 57% of young women accessing abortions were using contraception at the time of conception, so obviously people really need to know this Top Tip™ for non-pregnancy.

    Option 6: form an elaborate underground militia of feminists
    They must be ready to overthrow the patriarchal overlords of the kingdom and replace them with anarcha-feminist replicants, who will force all men to account for every spilled seed and allow women to walk on their own after dark in safety and make abortions free, safe and legal for all! Oh no, wait, that’s just a wild dream I had last night.

    Pregnancies happen through bad timing, good timing, luck, bad judgment, or years of heartache and trying. Some unintended pregnancies become wanted, but for the rest, abortions are necessary, even life-saving. We need to trust women that they know what is best for their own lives. Yet Northern Ireland, a society so bogged down with concerns about equal and fair representation, has no parity of esteem for us. A suspended sentence for safe, self-induced abortion, where a woman’s privacy was so invaded by the police and by the state (not to mention her judgmental flatmates who dobbed her in) is an international disgrace.


  3. Really? 12 Muslims? Why not 12 Christians who are also in fear of their lives in Syria? But no, that would not be attention grabbing.

    This Pope Francis is a shit stirrer and a media whore. First he was looking for shit with the Americans in Mexico, now he is looking for shit in Europe. Why doesn’t he look for shit in Argentina where he came from? Plenty of shit going on in Argentina.


    Pope Francis has taken 12 Syrian migrants back with him to the Vatican after visiting a camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

    The three families, including six children, are all Muslim and had their homes bombed during the Syrian war.

    The Vatican said in a statement that Pope Francis wanted to “make a gesture of welcome” to the refugees.

    Thousands of migrants are now stuck on Lesbos after last month’s EU-Turkey deal to try to ease the flow.

    All of those leaving with the Pope were already living on Lesbos before the deal was implemented, the Vatican said.

    They were reportedly selected from lots drawn, and will be looked after initially by the Sant’Egidio community, known for their charity work.


    • I agree with your view on pope Francis. Perfect guy to start with a clean slate, thus hiding the numerous atrocities the RCC has committed in recent times. But hey, the child molesters just have to believe in jesus and presto!, gone are the sins. However, the molested child who turns his back on the gotte because they failed to protect him/her from their(the gotte) own instruments; this child have to spend an eternity in hell. What a fair, sensible and loving god. Gee whiz – and the likes of Johannie has the audacity and arrogance to throw stones at atheists for not believing the poppycock drivel spewed by him and his ilk?


  4. Ain’t it awful, same story just another date on the calendar.
    Ateist are simply playing the game, reinforcing each other’s moral outrage in a mutual orgy of bitterness.


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