Manifestation for Basic Human Rights opposed by Organized Religion

Manifestation for Basic Human Rights opposed by Organized Religion

Where ever in the world you find the following human rights opposed, you will find organized religious organizations are in the forefront opposing these human rights as well as justice for the victims. They also try to take away some of these basic human rights in the name of their dogma, even if you do not believe in their religion. Here is a list, in no particular order. There is a lot more to add to this list, so please leave me your suggestions in the comments. This is a work in progress.

1.) The empowerment of women. (long friggin list for that)

2.) A women’s right to a safe abortion.

3.) Freedom from religious prosecutions.

4.) The right for every child to have a proper science education.

5.) The prosecution of child rapists who work for religious organizations.

6.) Gay Rights (long friggin list for that).

7.) Every human’s right to euthanasia.

8.) Every human’s right to criticize religion.

9.) Every person’s right to get a divorce.

10.) Every woman and man’s right to safe birth control and safe sex.

11.) Every child’s right to a religious-free education.

12.) Censorship in media because of religious intolerance.

13.) Religiously motivated wars and violence.

14.) Bodily mutilation to children because of religious dogma.

15.) Any law based of any religious dogma that carries any penalty of any kind to anybody.

16.) Tax advantages given to any religious organizations.

17.) Religious organizations giving medical advice based on their dogma, that hurts and kills people eg. the official stance on condoms and birth control by the RCC,  policies on birth control, faith healing and any other snake poison that they claim will cure or prevent you from getting hurt or ill, and a stance against vaccines.

18.) Violence sponsored by any religion because they believe they were offended.

19.) Religious organizations who serve in any form as an authority of justice under any circumstances, as well as the carrying out and or endorsements of any punishments.

20.) An adult’s right to charge money for sex, always opposed by most religious organizations

21.) Religious organizations having anything to do with sex education for children, teenagers, men, women, or really, to anyone at all, makes no sense and should not be allowed in the public domain. But the religious insist on having a finger in the pie everywhere.

22.) Every woman’s right to refuse to marry into pre-arranged marriages, whether child, teen or adult.


17 thoughts on “Manifestation for Basic Human Rights opposed by Organized Religion

  1. Kan saam stem met 1,3,4,5,10,13,14,18,22. ‘n Maybe op 2 (as dit nie on demand is nie), 6 (hang af van die tipe rights), 7,8, 9 (afhangend van omstandighede). Die res is maar net ‘n klomp snert.


    • Why does Analfa need an explanation for Point no. 2
      Legislation against abortion does not necessarily decrease the number of women who have abortions. Legal abortions enables them to have these procedures safely and not criminalise and endanger themselves by resorting to backstreet practioners.


        • They shouldn’t be having these procedures on demand in the 1st place, as anyone who dislikes the murder of innocent children will tell you. A person who kills an innocent child is a criminal. Abortion is used as a contraceptive these days – absolutely disgusting! Anyone who condones this practice is a criminal himself.


          • “Anyone who condones this practice is a criminal himself.”

            Die alwetende draer van al die kennis, Analfa, aan hom gegee deur sy Almagtige Skepper van Hemel en Aarde, veroordeel ons van sy selfgeskepte Troon.

            (Net jammer hy het nog nooit sy God gesien nie, en kan Hom dus ook nie aan ons openbaar nie.)

            Anyway, welkom terug, Analfa, ek het geweet die versoeking sal te groot wees vir jou om weg te bly.


          • “Anyone who condones this practice is a criminal himself. ” Quite rich coming from someone that somehow likes the idea of a farther sending his son down to earth to be tortured and murdered by himself.

            As a matter of interest, Analfa, Ever heard of the so-called “morning after” pill? Do you view this practice as abortion/murder?


          • Mags, this comment was directly for you – not for anyone else on this blog. In any case, I won’t be speaking to you again either.


  2. Mags, no need to be offended by Analfa’s last statement. Believe me, you are saving yourself a lot of time of pointless debate with this godiot….as his last statement roves. I mean, why does he bother to inform you that he “is not speaking to you again?” Why not just do it? He reminds me a bit of a 5-year-old stating to his piers that they are not his friends anymore because they broke his sandcastle. So whê. Not only moronic, but also infantile, this Analfa. Sticking his head deep up his arse and then informing the world the sun is dead.


  3. Christianity teaches four absolute individual human rights to which all are entitled and all will be held accountable (including the pope, bishops, teachers, politicians, judges, military etc etc):
    1. – the right to the truth,
    2. – the right to life,
    3. – the right to a natural family,
    4.- the right to ownership of property.
    These are to be found in the Mosaic Covenant in negative form in the Ten Commandments.
    Which do you think protect human rights best and last the longest, your 22 or the Church’s four?


    • Ha!!!!!

      “1. – the right to the truth,” And you guys lie and lie for jesus
      “2. – the right to life,” While you have happily slain millions and millions over the ages in the name of your ghosts
      “3. – the right to a natural family,” Is this the part where you get to beat up on the gays?
      “4.- the right to ownership of property.” Like the ownership of your women and children. The ownership of slaves. It’s all your god given right, if you are a man, right?



  4. Republican Congress candidate Richard Mourdock in last Tuesday’s debate with his Democratic opponent, U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly, offered his views on abortion, including his assertion that pregnancy from rape is “something that God intended.” Serves them right for tempting men in the first place. Sort out those bitches who vote Democratic Party with gang rape so they stay the hell in the kitchen.


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