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Afrikaanse kerk in Oz pos leraar

2013-03-23 23:18

Dr. Jan Grey en sy vrou, Elise.

Julian Jansen

Dr. Jan Grey het vier jaar gelede na Australië geëmigreer met groot planne om ’n kerk vir “honderdduisende Afrikaanssprekendes” te stig.

Hy het ook Suid-Afrikaners wat “Malema en sy uitsprake wou ontvlug” aangemoedig om Australië toe te emigreer.

Verlede maand is dié herder van die Afrikaanse Kerk Gold Coast (ACGC) deur sy kerkraad in die pad gesteek.

Hy is in 2008 beroep na die ACGC, wat met sowat 100 Afrikaanse huisgesinne volgens Australiese standaarde ’n “groot” gemeente is.

Die oud-Pretorianer bestempel Au­straliërs se lewensbeskouing as “sekulêr-humanisties tot ­ateïsties” en sê hulle leef “doodgewoon losbandig” en is uitge­lewer aan ’n “ongebreidelde hedonistiese lewenstyl”.

Sy ore was egter glo doof vir sy lidmate se klagtes oor sy “afskeepwerk” – hy het glo net Sondae gepreek en geen verdere herderlike werk gedoen nie.

Grey se siening van die bediening, die bestuur van geld en die verwagte nederigheid as ’n herder het drasties verskil van die verwagtinge van die gemeente, sê lidmate wat verkies om anoniem te praat.

Sy “styl” en “houding” het glo verdeeldheid gesaai en hy het glo ook meer tyd by sy vrou se geskenk-en-skryfbehoeftewinkel deurgebring as met kerksake.

Daarby het hy glo ’n “dominee-mevrou”-kultuur, wat lid­mate geglo het hulle in Suid-Afrika agtergelaat het, aan hulle opgedwing.

’n Lidmaat sê van die stigterslede van die gemeente het later padgegee.

“Sowat 47 dominees het al na die ooskus gekom en Grey het almal se patroon gevolg: dominee speel, bedank dan (of ons dwing hom om te gaan) en gaan preek daarna vir die Aussies in swak Engels of word hulp-predikers in ’n Aussie-gemeente.

“Daarna word hulle finansiële konsultante, polisverkopers of polisiemanne.

“Grey is gevra om te bedank en doen nou ’n klerklike werkie by ’n Christelike organisasie.”

Grey het aan Rapport gesê: “Ek laat staan wat agter my is en strek my uit na wat voor my lê. Ek sal my eerder op die bediening van die 60% non-churched Australians toespits.

“Ek en my vrou (Elise) het by my ou Suid-Afrikaanse bediening, die Campus Crusade for Christ, aangesluit.

“Ek glo baie Afrikaanssprekendes sal mettertyd met ons saamwerk.”

Volgens ds. Renier van der Klashorst, ’n Afrikaanse predikant by die Pioneer Community Church in Queensland, “sit die kerk met ’n krisis”.

“Sowat 40% van die predikante wat hierheen immigreer, raak soms uitgebrand of beland in ’n ander beroep. Sommige predikante is dalk ontnugter, doen te veel, werk sewe dae, of verval in kerkpolitiek.

“Ek moet egter byvoeg: Om die Aussies geestelik te bearbei, is ’n groot uitdaging.

“Hulle is reëlvaste mense, maar nie lief vir kerk toe gaan nie. Sowat 6% is wel kerkgangers. Baie gewese Suid-Afrikaners hier gaan ook nie kerk toe nie,” sê Van der Klashorst.

Hier is Jan Grey, die Poepol van die Week en jaar in 2011:


Hy het toe nie so lank gehou onder sy gemeente nie, en ons het dit goed voorspel.

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nico_koopmanUndoubtedly, the Poepol of the Weeks Award goes to Professor Nico Koopman, theologian from the University of Stellenbosch, for his comments on physician assisted suicide, from the article published in News24.

“Suffering is simply part and parcel of life on earth,” says Professor Nico Koopman, theologian from the University of Stellenbosch. “But God is with us in our suffering and we are not alone. The suffering person also has a right to life and through suffering we often grow spiritually. God gives knowledge and insight to medical personnel to relieve people’s suffering.”

Now this proves once again how religion rots the brain slowly over time. You have to be bat-shit crazy to believe this dribble. I have no doubt that  Professor Nico Koopman is firmly entrenched in his bronze age beliefs, and will do anything in his power to prevent laws that allow people to get help with ending their suffering with physician assisted suicide.

This is one of many basic human rights that organized religion opposes fiercely.

Professor Nico Koopman truly deserves the coveted Poepol of the Week Award. How the University of Stellenbosch put this moron in charge of theology their gods will only know. But then again, that whole department is built and based on whoo and bullshit, with no credibility in the real world where reason and logic applies.

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Religion forces science teacher to quit

2012-03-06 15:15

Duncan Alfreds

Cape Town – A science teacher at an upmarket Cape Town school has found herself at odds with senior staff over a desire to teach evolution in science lessons.

“I explicitly put teaching natural selection on the syllabus for the year; I made a three week slot; I came with practical experiments they could do. What I discovered was, I was the only person teaching natural selection,” said a science teacher at a Cape Town high school who spoke to News24 on condition of anonymity.

The source said that the teachers in the school’s science department were mainly Christian and that staff issued a reprimand over teaching the scientific concept.

“We’re talking about the head of biology, we’re talking about the longest standing member [of staff] who’s been there for more than 25 years and we’re talking about the most recent member who was trained in a Biology area.

“What he actively does in class is he poo poos the idea [of evolution], he makes kids laugh at the idea of the age of the Earth as proposed by scientists currently. He poo poos the fossil record, he gives what he believes is counter evidence to carbon dating,” the teacher said.


The theory of natural selection by evolution is accepted by science as the method by which species evolved to the ecosystem on the planet today, however, evangelical religious groups in the US have lobbied that creationism is should also be taught as a competing theory in science lessons.

“Sometimes the way science is reported and transmitted to the public may cause confusion. Another thing to bear in mind is that perhaps the world isn’t that simple.

“Sometimes the world is very complicated it is difficult to communicate science to the public and the result is that some people have a negative view of science and then science communicators then bend over backward to try and accommodate people while they on the other hand, they know it is E=mc², it’s not E=mc² plus baby Jesus,” psychohistorian Auke Slotegraaf told News24.

For the teacher, she worried that the lack of competent science education hampers the learning of school students.

“I met a Muslim Biology teacher who refused to teach evolution and I met a Christian Geography teacher who refused to teach plate tectonics.

“They [the children] have no understanding of evolution by natural selection,” said the teacher.

Parents who had been made aware of the teacher’s lesson plans had apparently also told their children to dismiss the teacher’s lessons.

“One kid told me that his dad had already told him that he was to ignore everything that I said about evolution because it was a load of nonsense. The parents are preparing them to reject it.”

Conservative attitudes have forced many in science into being on the defensive and the source said that since leaving the school, the teacher’s lot has not improved.

“So now I find myself out of the frying pan into the fire.”

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– News24

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A good friend of mine from many years ago recently posted on Facebook that he was diagnosed with a growth on his brain of the worst kind. He has since had it removed and now he has to undergo 30 treatments.

He went on to start talking about two verses he read in the bible recently. One that told him he would see his children’s children someday, and another verse told him he would recover according to the lord’s time.

Then he went on as to how much hope the bible has given him etc etc etc

Now back in the day, this man was not religious at all. I remember having that conversation with him. His own words were that “It is a bunch of crap!”

I told my wife today, that if I ever start praising some kind of gods that she better prepare herself for the worst. I probably have a brain tumor.

Or is it maybe that a whole childhood of religious indoctrination gets ingrained so deeply into the brain, that it is hard to shake even for the most rebellious?

I also noticed in his recent Facebook posts, that he hasn’t mentioned his surgical team once, not said a word about his doctors, his medicine and the hope the treatment ahead gives him. Nope, that is nothing compared to the comfort and the hope the bible and god is giving him. Do you think he will put all his faith into the bible and god and forsake the treatment? I don’t think so, he is a very clever and successful man. Not your average brain dead fundie type.

I wonder what happened to him along the way? Was it the tumor that brought him back to god? Or has he been on a steady and constant road to jesus the last couple of years?

One thing I know for sure. If I start to believe any of the crap written in the bible I will go for a brain scan right away. I will be convinced that I have a tumor that is growing rapidly.

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Hier is nog ‘n groot poepol, dr. Jac ­Howell, predikant van die Gereformeerde Kerk Heidelberg in Gauteng. Kan iemand asseblief hierdie drol laat weet hy het die geeerde prys gewen hierdie week. Tipies geloof en die kerke. Onderdruk vrouens en diskrimineer vreeslik teenoor andere. Soveel so dat hulle heentemal bereid is om hulle organisasie op te breek. Surprise surprise, nog ‘n drol met ‘n doktors graad in “toordokter spoke wetenskap”.

Dr. J. Howell
Pretoriusst. 12
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‘Los kerk as jy meen vroue hoort in ampte’

2012-02-14 08:48

Neels Jackson

Keer terug na die gereformeerde verstaan van die Skrif sedert 1859 of sluit aan by ’n ander kerkverband.
Dis die raad van dr. Jac ­Howell, predikant van die Gereformeerde Kerk Heidelberg in Gauteng, aan van sy kollegas wat ten gunste is van die toelating van vroue tot die ampte van ouderling en diaken.
Howell skryf in ’n ope brief aan die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika (GKSA) die gereformeerde Bybeluitleg soos dit sedert die stigting van kerkverband in 1859 aanvaar is, bepaal dat vroue nie predikante, ouderlinge of diakens mag wees nie.
Geleidelik het daar egter nuwe sieninge posgevat waarvolgens die omstandighede in Bybelse tye bepalend raak vir die uitleg van die tekste.
Dit lei volgens Howell onvermydelik en uiteindelik tot vrysinnigheid en relativisme in die teologie.
Hy meen diegene wat vroue tot die ampte wil toelaat, het hulle vasgeloop teen gereformeerde teoloë wat van hulle verskil het.
Toe moes hulle subtiel te werk gaan en hul strategie geleidelik deurvoer.
Hy gee toe diégene het indringende Bybeluitleg gedoen, maar sê dit het hulle by ander antwoorde uitgebring as die gereformeerde uitleg wat die Bybel en die Bybel alleen as bron van waarheid beskou.
As ’n mens dié Bybeluitleggers toets deur te vra of daar werklik ’n slang in die paradys was wat met Adam en Eva gepraat het, en hulle brandmerk jou as Biblisis, sal jy weet waar jy met hulle staan, sê Howell.
Hulle gaan ook ander antwoorde hê oor sake soos die maagdelike geboorte van Jesus, die evolusieleer, homoseksualiteit, verassing en sport op Sondae.
Howell vra of daar nie maar nou openlik erken moet word “dat ons onderskeie Skrifbeskouings wesenlik van mekaar verskil nie”.
Deur dit te erken, verketter hulle mekaar nie, maar is hulle ten minste eerlik met mekaar.
Verder wil hy weet of so ’n situasie houdbaar is binne een kerkverband.
Hy het geen twyfel nie dat die GKSA sal skeur as daar besluit word om vroue tot die ampte toe te laat.

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Poepol van die Week en voorloper vir die Poepol van die Jaar, Angus Buchan, verwag groot dinge van got hierdie jaar. Ek wonder wat hierdie dinge is? Kan hy dalk vir ons ‘n lysie gee sodat ons kan check soos hierdie groot dinge gebeur?

Here Angus “cures” a man with the help of jesus who talked to him directly. Ker-ching!!!!!!!!!

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Die self aangewese poepol van god was hierdie week weer in die koerant. Oom Angus Buchan verdien hierdie week se Poepol van die Week prys. Soos altyd wys hy weer vir ons dat hy ‘n regte poepol is. Hy praat nog steeds met got en die ander spoke, en hy volg hulle raad en hulle leiding. Hy glo hy werk direk vir hulle. Ek moet se, hulle betaal hom fokken goed. Of wag, die geld kom mos nie uit die hemel uit nie, of hoe? Dis mos geld van mense af wat hierdie poepol volg en hom glo. Nog ‘n boek deal en ker-ching!!!!!!! Dis mos maar altyd waaroor dit gaan. Die geld.

Buchan: Bly in SA en maak ’n verskil

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