Poepol of the Week Angus Buchan


Angus with a hard-on for god

Angus Buchan is hard at work fighting evil for South Africa in the name of his ghosts, jesus, the lord and the other mighty spirit up there in the sky, against the evil devil that lurks behind every stone waiting for a chance to fuck us all over. These little titbits comes from his website:

Potato seed for the day


Dear Friends,I greet you in Jesus name. Early this morning when I was going out for a jog, I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon me very severely that at this moment our nation is caught in a spirit of uncertainty and fear. We know exactly where it comes from, it comes from the devil himself. I believe, like never before, that there is an urgency not only in this nation but indeed all over the world. On television at the moment, every secular program that we see is speaking about spiritual things. People are seeking the truth.

by Angus Buchan

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Mighty Men will never die because the Holy Spirit lives in the hearts of His men.  This is not an organisation, it is a move of God.  It does not belong to any individual – God orchestrated it and God will see it through. Unfortunately we have had to register the names ‘MMC’, ‘Mighty Men’ and ‘Angus Buchan’, the reason being to protect the integrity of what it stands for.  We have been very concerned over the past while with well-meaning people taking the true meaning of MMC out of context.  We have encouraged all men, and continue to do so, to preach the gospel, but also to get involved in their local churches and minister to the local men themselves. In two months time the release of the feature film ‘Ordinary People’ will take place in this nation.  It is all about Mighty Men and we firmly believe it will touch the world.  We are also in consultation with GOD TV at this moment with regard to Mighty Men (and their families) possibly going to Israel next year for a tour of the Holy Land. There are MMCs taking place in South Africa this year, viz. MMC Bosveld, MMC Karoo and MMC Vaal Dam, not to mention MMC Yorkshire, England where I will be speaking.  There will also be conferences…

sent to Shalom Ministries

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I see Angus has taken my sound financial advise from years ago and started his own tv network, and has made many more dvd’s and trademarked his products. Ker-ching!!!!!!!!!! The lord loves $$$$$$$$, the lord needs $$$$$$$$$, the devil has nothing to do with $$$$$$$$$$$.

Angus Buchan – We are expecting great things from god this year


Poepol van die Week en voorloper vir die Poepol van die Jaar, Angus Buchan, verwag groot dinge van got hierdie jaar. Ek wonder wat hierdie dinge is? Kan hy dalk vir ons ‘n lysie gee sodat ons kan check soos hierdie groot dinge gebeur?

Here Angus “cures” a man with the help of jesus who talked to him directly. Ker-ching!!!!!!!!!

Poepol van die Week prys gaan aan: ……………(Drum Roll…………………)……………… Peter De Villiers


Hier is Peter De Villiers se “Medal”: Die Poepol van die Week prys!

Gepraat van delusional en deur die kak, met jou eie kop in jou gat in opgedruk. Peter De Villiers wen hierdie week se Poepol van die Week prys loshande. Ek wonder of hy by die laaste twee toetse was wat die Bokke gespeel het?

“”He deserves a medal after four years as Springbok coach, Peter de Villiers said on Tuesday. “And a big one too,” the coach boldly stated.””

“He outlined plans for winning the World Cup, as well as some of the team’s weaknesses, strengths and what they see as threats. ”

Wat kan ‘n mens nou se? Hierdie ou sit al lankal op my kortlys, maar nou het hy die prys gewen. Ons is regtig doomed vir die World Cup, met hierdie dom drol wat die show run. Ek wonder hoeveel gesonde brein selle ou Peter nog oor het. Miskien net genoeg om nie op homself te drool die meeste van die tyd nie. Hy dink baie van sy vermoens en van homself. Die einskappe van ‘n regte poepol.

Div says he deserves a medal

2011-08-02 22:30

Peter de Villiers (Gallo Images)
Cape Town – He deserves a medal after four years as Springbok coach, Peter de Villiers said on Tuesday.

“And a big one too,” the coach boldly stated.

According to Die Burger newspaper, De Villiers and SA Rugby Union (SARU) CEO Jurie Roux were in Parliament to inform the portfolio committee on sport and recreation about preparations for next month’s Rugby World Cup tournament.

De Villiers said the coaching team did an excellent job of forging players from different unions with different game patterns into a world-class team within a few weeks – despite some injuries.

He outlined plans for winning the World Cup, as well as some of the team’s weaknesses, strengths and what they see as threats.

He described one of the weaknesses as an inability to deliver the knockout punch.

“We need a killer instinct,” said De Villiers.

MPs grilled De Villiers and SARU about the Springboks’ defeats during the Tri-Nations tour of Australia and New Zealand. They repeatedly asked why the best team stayed at home, accusing De Villiers of persisting with players whose game is not up to scratch.

But De Villiers maintained that the team has enough experience and talent to be crowned the best in the world, and Roux insisted that the best available players went on tour. Injured players attended a rehabilitation camp in Rustenburg and SARU has the medical certificates to prove it.

De Villiers stressed that team selections have never been motivated by sentiment and that experience, leadership and “class” were critical. “We first decide what we want before we look at the names. … There has never been a sentimental selection.”

ANC MPs used the opportunity to attack SARU about the lack of transformation.

According to the Beeld newspaper, Committee chairman Mgolodi Dikgacwi said players of colour are disappearing, while the “white laaities” continue to progress. He wanted to know what SARU was doing about it.

“The past two weeks the Sharks and the Cheetahs on the field were 100% white. Is no development taking place in those provinces? If you don’t tell them what the criterion is they will not come right.”

He outlined plans for winning the World Cup, as well as some of the team’s weaknesses, strengths and what they see as threats.

Religion lies about women



Religion lies about women

“The discrimination against women on a global basis is very often attributable to the declaration by religious leaders in Christianity, Islam, and other religions that women are inferior in the eyes of God,” former President Jimmy Carter said last week. Many traditions teach that while both men and women are equal in value, God has ordained specific roles for men and women. Those distinct duties often keep women out of leadership positions in their religious communities. What is religion’s role in gender discrimination?

“Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.”

Here, in Ephesians 5, attributed to St Paul, we have in a nutshell the church’s attitude to the respective positions of man and woman. The man’s role is to be the head, the woman’s to submit to him. The meaning is crystal clear, unmistakable; and yet, despite the fundamentalists who firmly believe such Iron Age prejudices still apply today, there are many liberal Christians who have the decency to cringe at the primitiveness of such instructions and who therefore bend over backwards to pretend they’re not as bad as they quite patently are. “Ah yes,” they say, “but Paul goes on to say that husbands must love their wives. And not just love them, but love them as they love themselves. So clearly this is a reciprocal arrangement, equal in value, imposing constraints of equal weight on both man and wife. All is well with the world and we can continue to pretend that Christianity is the friend of women.” But no. All is not well with the world, and only the deluded or the disingenuous could claim to see equality where there is only subservience.

It is interesting to note the context in which this infamous passage occurs: immediately following the commandment to women to submit to their husbands we find the commandment to children to obey their parents, and to slaves to obey their owners. No amount of instruction to the husbands, parents and owners in question not to ruthlessly exploit their positions of power can alter the fact that women are classed with children and slaves when it comes to their social standing, freedom and self-determination and, like them, are called on to embrace their inferior status with cheerfulness and enthusiasm. In this same sequence of instructions slave-owners are exhorted not to threaten their slaves. Does this make slavery acceptable? Of course not. Only religion could attempt to present such a loathsome idea as though it were not a blot on the dignity of humankind, and the requirement for women always to submit to their menfolk is no less repugnant.

The truth is that the Abrahamic religions fear women and therefore go to extraordinary and sometimes brutal lengths to control them, constrain them, and repress them in every way. Show me a non-religious society that feels so threatened by the thought of female sexuality that it will slice off the clitoris of a young girl to ensure she can never experience sexual pleasure. Show me a non-religious society that feels the need to cloak women from head to toe and force them to experience the outside world through a slit of a few square inches. All three Abrahamic religions share the myth of Adam and Eve, the myth that it was through woman that evil was let loose in the world. They share the heritage of Leviticus, which declared a menstruating woman unclean, to be set aside, untouched, a revulsion that remains even today among some orthodox Jews, who will refuse to shake a woman’s hand for fear she may be menstruating. What kind of lunacy is this? It is the lunacy of a Bronze Age mindset fossilized by the reactionary forces of religion.

And perish the thought that these religions – in their alleged equal valuing of women – should permit them actually to control their own bodies! Women exist for the purposes of reproduction! So let them reproduce! Let them reproduce, whether they wish it or not. Woe unto the woman who dares to engage in sex without being willing to conceive as a result! Woe unto the woman who uses contraception to control her fertility and manage the size of her family! And a hundred times woe unto the woman who actually dares to terminate a pregnancy she does not want! The question of abortion illustrates perfectly the role of women so far as the church is concerned. A woman’s reproductive organs are not her own, and she may not be permitted to decide what happens to them. The Catholic Church would forbid abortion, even when the mother’s life is at risk if she continues with the pregnancy. It would forbid it, even if she has been raped and is carrying the child of her violator. How much clearer could it be that the woman has value only as the carrier of a man’s child and has in herself no intrinsic worth whatsoever?

In the eyes of the Abrahamic religions, the archetypal woman is Eve: disobedient, unreliable, easily led astray, and a seductive temptress of man – man being more noble, yet easy prey to the wiles and seductions of his weaker mate. Woman is the source of danger, the one who corrupts him, the conduit for all that is evil in the world. She is dangerous … yet irresistible; and this very irresistibility makes her more dangerous still. But you will notice that the dangers of sexual temptation are not to be faced equally by men and women: no, religion demands that it is the woman who bears the burden. Solomon, we are told, had 700 wives and 300 concubines, and David had a more modest yet still energy-sapping five wives and 10 concubines, yet neither of these has become a by-word for male insatiability. Jezebel, on the other hand, has become synonymous with sexual excess, despite this not being among the vices attributed to her in the bible story. Fundamentalist Islam, far from requiring its male followers to control their lusts and take responsibility for them, conceals its women in hideous, sexless sacks, depriving them of their beauty and their individuality, literally even their ability to breathe freely – and still permits polygamy, though only for men, of course. And have you ever stopped to wonder what became of the male lover of the woman taken in adultery in the Gospel of John? Why wasn’t he threatened with execution by stoning and hauled before Jesus?

The New Testament is woefully short of significant female characters, and a brief look at those who do make it to the hall of fame will suffice to tell us exactly how they were perceived. On the one hand we have Mary Magdalene – the prostitute. And on the other we have Mary the mother of Jesus – the virgin. To paraphrase the late Dorothy Parker, the New Testament’s view of women runs the full gamut from A to B. Prostitute or virgin: take your pick, ladies. The woman who engages in sex with multiple men is held up as the epitome of fallenness, brokenness, wickedness; as one so corrupt that Jesus’s willingness to forgive her is seen as bordering on the miraculous. And at the same time we are offered as our ideal, our aspiration, our role-model – the eternal virgin: sexless, locked forever in a childlike state; devoid of sexual passion or sensuality; obedient, self-sacrificing, selfless: a woman, in other words, from whom all that would make her fully human, let alone fully woman, has been stripped. Here, finally, is the woman that religion need not fear. This is the highest ideal to which a Christian woman may aspire: a cardboard cut-out of womanhood, a mere handmaid, silent, submissive, a vessel for the production of babies, passively and gratefully accepting her fate.

Religion is one lie after another: the lie of original sin, the lie of eternal life, the lie of hell, the lie of answered prayer, the lie that life can have no meaning without religion, the lie that religion is the source of morality, the lie of creationism, the lie of a spy-in-the-sky who hears your every word and reads your every thought. And to this list we must add the lie that it views men and women as equal. It has got away for so long with the kind of lunatic word-games that allow death-by-torture to be presented as an act of love, and eternal torment in the flames of hell to be seen as a necessary act of justice, that we should perhaps not be surprised that it has also managed to dupe its followers into seeing the systematic suppression and silencing of women as an act of liberation and equality. Nevertheless, it is a lie, like all the others: a cynical and wicked lie. It is time women everywhere woke up to it.

Paula Kirby  | Apr 13, 2011 3:58 PM

Angus Buchan is still at it. The self proclaimed arsehole of god is doing faith healings, revivals and delivarences. Go oom Angus!!!!!!




The Latest…

Paarl_MMC_2011_IMG_3042 I have just returned from Paarl MMC. The people are very hungry for Jesus! I have never in my life seen people sitting outdoors, without a cloud in the sky, no form of shade whatsoever with a raging temperature of approximately 47 degrees, not moving, totally attentive because we are in REVIVAL!!! Whilst preparing for the Bushveld  MMC, ek is baie lus vir die Heilige Gees, Prys die Here almal!!!

Please pray for us, as we are axpeting a huge response!


Oom Angus & Tannie Jill

PS Many, many first time salvations, healings and deliverances took place in the Paarl and I am expecting nothing less from MMC Polokwane!